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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi recaps for us the previous lectures in the series and in particular we reacquaint ourselves with some of the benefits that can be extracted from the battle of Hunayn and the siege of Ta’if:

  • Trust in Allah should be at the forefront and the basis of every victory about which the Muslims had a brief lapse.
  • Being drawn towards worldly desires, power, ambition and wealth is a given with mankind as was even shown in the case of the Ansar when the Ghaneema was being distributed.
  • The mode of action that should be adopted when dealing with past offences.
  • Thorough understanding of the human psychology is paramount as was also exhibited by the Prophet ﷺ.
  • The topic of the prisoners of war and subsequently the issue of slavery in Islam.
  • The conversion of Ka’b ibn Zuhair to Islam after the battle of Hunayn.

Very clear laws have been stated with regards to slavery such as:

  • Islam only allowed one source of slaves – prisoners of wars who weren’t ransomed.
  • Legislated proper treatment of the slaves.

What was the impact of the battle of Hunayn and Ta’if?

  • A clear victory in hijaz with the entire tribe converting to Islam.
  • Complete abolishment of Idolatry such that it resulted in the annihilation of shirk completely from Arabia and within 22 years of the Prophethood of the Prophet ﷺ.
  • Conversion of the entire tribe to Islam.


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Mr Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marine Amar. So in our resuming our Syrah after a break of around how much three and a half months now, just about three and a half months. So inshallah we're resuming, and we have to recap. And we're actually going to basically go a little bit back because I feel that we were rushed through when we did the bottle of lemonade and thought if, and I didn't really talk about some of the main points of benefit. And if we remember we had talked about at least six lessons about the conquest of Makkah. And this occurred in which month in which year everybody should know without

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looking at any notes says general knowledge. Which month in which year did the conquest of Makkah take place? Ramadan of

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eighth year of the hedgerow Ramadan of the eighth year of the hedgerow, we mentioned that of the most important products are the most important. Our progression is the conquest is that the entirety of the Quran by and large, eventually converted to Makkah, some of them immediately. Others it took a while, such as Abu sufian such as Swahili, banana, recriminate, be gentle, but eventually basically all of the elite of the courage eventually accepted Islam. And after the conquest of Mecca, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also destroyed the neighboring idols that that were in the neighboring cities around Mecca. And he then heard offensive by the largest tribe after the

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correlation that was prestigious tribe after the orange that is a tribal thief in thought if the tribal thief in thought if decided to attack the Muslims when they were in Mecca. And the process of heard that the thief had allied with their cousins of how wasn't to pay for the people living in the city of thought if he wasn't are their cousins biologically basically going back a few generations around the neighboring of thought, if so. So cliff and housing are the two tribes that are rivaling koresh and Mk. And they decided that they're going to launch an offensive against the Muslims, over 20,000 people, and the profitsystem decided to then engage with them in war. And so the unsought and

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then we'll Hi, June, along with the new Excuse me.

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Along with the new converts from Makkah, they engage in the Battle of what is the battle called the Battle of her name, they engage in the Battle of her name. And the Quran mentions how many battles by name, quiz, two battles by name, two battles by name, and then a large zildjian mentions the Confederates, Isaiah and we call it the Battle of Isaiah, but it's not called the Battle of the Koran, Allah says that loudness war cannot be better in a love helped you get better. And then Allah says, Well, my remaining on the date of her name. So Allah mentions two battles in the Koran better and her name. And we learned when we talked about the Battle of her name, that initially the

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Muslims, especially the new converts, they fled, and they ran away. And the processor and the SR sahabah remained, until eventually the counter offensive was launched. And the Battle of humane was a resounding success. The Battle of her name was a resounding success. And the tribe of how was in what happened with them. What happened with the tribe of houses, it reminds remind me

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the men fled, the men fled, and they left the women and the property and the belongings. And so the entire tribe of housing and also large segments of families, because if you remember what happened from the tribe of 530, what happened was that the younger, the younger, overzealous commander said, What?

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Leave the castle and forth and bring all the women and children with them. Right. And the elder said, That's foolish, but the younger, said, No, we're going to go ahead and bring our women and children, our properties, everything, put them on the battlefield. This was a very, very foolish move for them. It turned out to be obviously a lot better and an advantage for the Muslims. And the entire property was then confiscated by the Muslims as a NEMA. And this was the largest lemma in the history of the Sierra, nothing was larger than the honeymoon of her name, because the tribe of how was it and se their properties, their women, their children, their the the camels, everything there

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was then conquered by the Muslims. Now. I want to now go back and derive some benefits from the Battle of Hernan and the siege of Aleppo. We also mentioned the process of them camped outside

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The city of thought if and it was not success at that point in time and the process and eventually then returned to Medina and he said, Allah will guide them to Islam. He said Allah will bring them sooner or later and we'll talk about one day converted, that will be in the ninth year of the hindrance. So in two three weeks, we get to the conversion of the people of life. Now, what are some of the main benefits from the Battle of her name? First and foremost,

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neglecting the primary cause of victory.

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What was what is the primary cause of victory trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. That's the primary cause of victory. As Allah says that Indian Sakuma Longfellow Holly Bella, come if Allah helps you, nobody can conquer you. What does Allah say that the Quran put their trust in on the day of her name?

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Their numbers? Well, yo ma Hernan is our job at comcastro to come on that day, they had a confidence and therefore a talk good in other than a law, they put their trust in other than a law. And what was this trust that they put in other than the law, they put it in the number in the quantity that they had. And this shows us a very important point of al Qaeda of theology of tawheed.

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Our tawakkol has to be in Musab bibble, a suburb and not in the suburb.

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Let me repeat that. Our tawakkol must be in Musab double as well, that's Allah, that means the one who causes the cause, and not in the suburb or the cause itself. If our telework code is put into the cause, rather than the one who causes the cause, then this is a type of shift. It's called a minor shift generally. And there are many examples that are given. So if you

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have an alarm system in your house, and you turn it on, and you'll feel helpless, the alarm system will protect me. This is not shikaka that will make you a wish. And if you're not worshipping the alarm system, right, I hope we're not nobody in the world of worship the alarm system, right? But we say this is hidden schilke or minor schicke that your tawakkol becomes in the alarm? Does that mean you don't turn the alarm on? Obviously not, you turn the alarm on. But then what's your thought call in Allah subhanho wa Taala it's like when you're sick and going to the doctor, you know, what could isn't a law, but then you realize Allah has given this doctor, the tools, the mechanism, the

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knowledge that I don't have, I have to go to the doctor, but it is a law who will bring the Shiva and not the doctor or the medicine that will itself in and of itself cause the Shiva so if you put your to what called in the suburb, this is not going to get you to the end result. This is a very important point in all of our affairs of life, your job, your degree, your education, your qualifications, all of this is a sub of Allah has given it to you, you put your tawakkol in that, then this is a type of * it could be major shift, if you deny Allah subhana wa tada and this is inshallah not possible amongst the Muslims, right? But if the person denies Allah, a non Muslim, and

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he says, Oh, this is all from me. So for example, the story of the man in the two gardens, right? When his brother said to him, this is from Allah, what did the guy say? This is for me, Koran, what did he say? This is from me, in Nima, what due to either ailment, Andy, I was the businessman who managed to get this money, right. And so he's a cafe, that he's neglected Allah, he's basically gotten rid of the most of the Buddhist vibe in his mind, and he makes himself the cause, you understand here. So the one who eliminates perceptible as Bob completely, and he makes the sub, he makes it the ultimate cause. This is when it becomes shirk and kufr Is that clear? Right, inshallah,

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in the mind of the Muslim, this is not possible. Therefore, it's not going to be major shuriken Cofer. But it is still a problem or a sin, and it will not bring us success. And that's exactly what happened on the day of her name, on the day of her name, their put their tawakkol in the cause, and therefore what happened, they did not get to the end result. Now, by the way, I have to mention here, there are two types of causes. There's a physical cause and there's a spiritual cause. What is a physical what is a spiritual? A physical cause is a cause that humanity understands and believes in regardless of religion.

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For example, in medicine, for example, job and education, for example, strength, for example, the alarm system, do you have to believe be of a particular belief, to practice medicine, everybody practices medicine, this is a physical cause. A spiritual cause is a cause that is supernatural. It's not a natural cause. It's Supernatural. And therefore, you have to believe in a certain methodology, ideology, culture, religion in order to do that. So if you are in a certain part of the world, you will go to the shaman. Right, the North American Indians have their shamans right or if you are a Hindu, you will go to the pundit and you will he will read something over you. This is

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This isn't medicine, right? This is a spiritual cause you understand this point here, right? We as Muslims have our spiritual causes, for example, what do our Koran mean? All of these are spiritual causes. Now, the reason I say this, a spiritual Cause if it is legitimate, can you put your trust in the spiritual cause?

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Can your heart be attached that look to the spiritual cause? We said your heart should not be attached to a natural cause. Is that clear? Everybody Exactly. This athlete is not even seen. I know. This is the ology, your heart should not have tawakkol look with us with the physical cause. You go to the doctor, you realize I have to go to the doctor, but your heart is attached. Up there. Okay? Can your heart be attached to a spiritual? Cause? That's my question.

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So why is it allowed?

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Because the spiritual cause, by definition is what is connected with Allah subhana wa, Tada. Okay, so to have your heart that I look with the spiritual cause is to hate to have your heart with dialogue with with, with Talk, talk to a physical cause, it goes against it. Is that clear here? Right. So we learned this from the incident of her name, that we don't put our trust in physical causes. Now, of course, physical causes are necessary, in that Allah created them to be causes, right? With the famous hadith of Thai, the camel, and then put your trust in Allah. This is the basis This is the basis of clearly how water works. We do the physical causes. We go to the doctor,

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we put the alarm system on, we do a degree education, we find our job, but then the heart is attached with a law. Yeah, clean law, whatever can memorize this simple editor, the processor, and you will understand. So we put our token in a lot while we do the physical causes. Okay, that's one point we learned about from the Battle of grenade. Another very important point of theology of al Qaeda, and I glossed over it and I want to just mention this a little bit more in detail, and that is, we excuse people, even for major shirk and kufr.

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out of ignorance. If a person is genuinely ignorant, but they say they're a Muslim, they believe they're a Muslim, and then they fall into blatant shirk and kufr and they don't even know it should can cover it is possible Allah will forgive them because they're jarhead they're ignorant. This is a very important theological point. And we learn this from the hadith of a walker, the lady that on when they were exiting from Makkah on the way to her name, they saw that good luck tree that used to be an idol. And they would hang their weapons on that idle tree. It was a tree that was an idol, right there was a beautiful majestic tree with branches hanging out and they would hang their

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weapons on those branches. And they would think that with these now weapons, we will now win in the battle. So a walker the lazy he's just converted yesterday, conquest of Makkah took place today he's on his way to her name, doesn't know anything he hasn't memorized Koran hasn't studied. I plead the fifth nothing. He goes and he says yada sutala Can't you make for us this type of idol to Can't you make for us not to unwashed we used to have one in the days of jelly. Why don't you make another idol for us? Another he didn't say idol. But he said good luck charm that to unwashed. So this is major Cofer. You're asking for another idol. And our Prophet system said it is major shift. He said,

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I swear by a law you have asked me exactly what Bernie is like. He asked Moosa when they were saved from drowning and frown and they went on to the shore and they saw an idol being worshipped, they said, almost a Jelena inang. Kamala Alia, make for us God like they have a god. Right? So the problem said, well, law here you have said exactly this, and that's major shift. But did he say, Oh, I will walk that repeat your Shahada again, you just became a coffee, repent and accept Islam again. Did he say that? No. Why? Because he's a brand new Muslim. He doesn't know any better. So this is very important because we are now living in a time when we hear such strange views amongst even

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Muslims that are born into Islam, but they're raised in this land or whatever land and they don't know even the basics of the religion, and they come forward sometimes with blatant gopher, and there are so many examples. The most obvious example is the notion of anybody who is good will be going to heaven. Doesn't matter what you believe. Right? You can be agnostic atheist idol worshiper, you can be an advocate of anything. If you're a good person, all paths lead to gender. This is a common notion of our times. And to say this is Kufa Akbar.

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It goes against La ilaha illAllah

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Because you are saying there are gods that can be worshipped besides Allah you understand it goes against the kalama. It goes against Muhammad Rasul Allah because you're saying somebody who denies Muhammad Rasulullah saw some will go to Jenna. Right? It goes against both the calamus you have negated your Kadima, when you say, all paths lead to gender. And yet, if you were to ask and do a survey,

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even May Allah protect us in our own community of teenagers will lie even not just teenagers do a survey of many. And they will say, Oh, yes, if you're good. Now in Islam, you have to be good, theologically and action wise in the Medina and what I mean, right, so instead of saying, Oh, these are all caffeine, no, the person who says this is an ignorant Muslim, he doesn't know any better. And inshallah he might be forgiven, he will be the Muslim who says this right? He'll be forgiven because there is a man in his heart meaning what is often a man he wants to submit to Allah and His messenger. Is that that clear? That is a slowly man, you want to submit to Allah and His Messenger,

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what is a saloon Cofer. You don't want to submit like a beliefs about what stuck but you don't want to submit that is the arsenal, Arsenal a man you want to submit, but you don't know what you have to submit to? You don't know that you cannot have that to unwalled you don't know that only one path leads to gender. So such a person who believes himself to be a Muslim then commits a major mistake. Even a coffer even ship and their ignorance, that person will not be held accountable for their ignorance. Rather, they must be taught and must be educated. These days, we have again, so many issues, gender orientation, for example, many of our second juniors just saying what's the big deal

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if somebody has this orientation or that it's okay, let them do that. This is a very common thing now, and we say no, to say this is okay. It's like saying it's okay to drink alcohol. To say it's okay to drink alcohol to schofer. To drink alcohol is not cool. But to say it's okay to drink alcohol is cool for you see the different right to legitimize? How long is Cofer to commit? How long is how long it won't be careful. And now we have a lot of these trends, especially in our second generation, to the elders and to those would we say calm down? Yes, it is Cofer, but just like a blocker, the lazy, we have to deal with them in a gentle manner. They don't just make blanket, you

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know, oh, this says you're not a Muslim anymore. No, you have said something that is an Islamic, but you will be corrected insha Allah with wisdom and manners, like our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did. Another point of benefit from the Battle of her name

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is that even the best of people can be swayed by worldly desires, by power, by ambition, by desire for wealth, it is not in and of itself, a sign of lack of a man to have desires of this world and to be swayed by those desires. But the true demand comes, when you are reminded, or you kept in check, when somebody reminds you, when you are shown the truth, can you put yourself in check. And this is we see it in the Prophet use of Allah His setup, that the Quran explicitly says he desired her.

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It is not in and of itself, how long to have that natural inclination you want. Now, where do I go? By the way? Where am I getting this from? From her name? What happened in the Battle of her name, that clearly showed that even some of the Sahaba they had a natural urgent desire and they said something that was not appropriate, who remembers going back three and a half months?

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When the very good one, the unsought felt somehow that the process and had not done justice,

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when all the money was given to the new converts, when all the money was given to Abu sufian. And, and I've been habits and all of these new converts, and the unsolved said their statement that really demonstrated how disappointed they were in the pseudo losses and in of itself, that's very dangerous, to be disappointed in resources. And I'm actually it is a type of gopher, but they're human beings in the end of the day, what did they say? They said, when it comes to the call for war, we are the first on the line to be called when it comes to money being given, he gives it to his relatives and family the quarter.

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You understand this point that when happened, what happened in the name, that money was given to the new converts? And how much money by the millions? Right 100,000 Campbell here 10,000 dinars there. This is like a massive amount from being a pauper, you will become the 1% elite, quite literally, you will become the 1% elite, the people that were given these, I was a fan and and the elite of the kurush they became in our, in our vernacular millionaires overnight. That's how much money was given to them. Well, like any one of us, we would have lost our minds over there. That these people

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have opposed us fought us tried to kill us for 20 years, we have defended our solar system. Now when the money is given, where are we not even called not even one penny was given to the unsought Think about it. Not even one penny was given to the unsought. What do you think is gonna happen? Well, like they said one word, what would we have done? Put yourself in those shoes? Right? And so they said their statement? And what does this demonstrate? The Sahaba are humans. And I say this because we have a problem. Many of the ignorant Muslims, we make the Sahaba into angels. And when we make the Sahaba into angels, they cannot be role models for us anymore. Because they're not human

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anymore. The Sahaba are the best generation of human beings, Quantum hieromartyr, origin Lindas, they're human beings. They wanted money, like I want money, and you want money, all of us want money. They wanted it like all of us wanted, but they were kept in check when the Prophet system heard, he then call them into the tent. And he said, make sure nobody is there other than you get rid of all of the non unsought I'm going to speak only to you speak, frankly. And he gave that moving lecture that moved them all to tears. And he said that, are you not happy that people are going back to their homes with gold and silver in their hands? And you're going back to your home

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with Rasulullah? saw some amongst you? Are you not happy? Isn't that better than golden silver? And he said, I am one of you. I'm not one of them. Because they their claim was he remembers his family. And he says, a number of minute on Sorry, I am an unsightly, and were it not for my birth and lineage minute, I can't help I was born there. Right, I would have been of the unsought. And if all of mankind went one direction and the unsolved went the other, I would go with the unsought What beautiful words what law he will imagine, right, and the unsoldered. That was what they needed to hear. They were sobbing and crying, and they begged Rasulullah for forgiveness, this is a man. The

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fact that they had the worst wasa doesn't mean that they don't have email, we can all have westworth, we can all have shaytaan give us those thoughts, in and of itself to have an inclination. That's not that's not a sign of lack of faith or weak faith, but to control the inclination to be reminded and then remember, right, that's what our process to them said that the moment he can be life, but the moment either that cannot occur. When he's reminded, he remembers when he's given some admonition, he opens his eyes and sees, and this is what we see of the Sahaba as well. They were human beings, they were swayed, like all humans would be swayed, but then they tempered that they

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controlled it. And this is the role model that we have with the onslaught, also of the benefits of the Battle of her name of the benefits of the Battle of her name.

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We see over and over again, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is dealing with people according to their backgrounds and their personalities and their levels. He's dealing with people according to their backgrounds and personalities and levels. Look at how he dealt with the unsolved, he didn't give them a penny. And he gave all of them to the new Congress of the harsh look at how he dealt with the courage in the battlefield. When the courage fled, when the Horace fled, he used a war slogan that he had never used before or after that, what was the worst slogan that he used on the battlefield of her name in Arabic?

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I just want you I saw your hand that just an Arabic Just kidding, okay, in English or in order to go ahead.

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He called upon his lineage. And he had never done this in any previous battle. In fact, not what was this what was the worst logon, and then the Wii U Khatib and up and up no Abdulmutallab, I am the Prophet there is no denying that. I am the son of Abdulmutallab. Now, this is what you call the master of human psychology.

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The notion of who your father and grandfather is, what does our religion teach us? It has the potential to become major sin, maybe even Cofer

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Kippur, it has the potential to become something of Jamelia when you and that's what our processing them said that four things of Jamelia will always remain from my own number one of these four, alpha horrible and sad, being proud of your nessip. Now what is happening right now in her name

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istockphoto our process of is not disobeying himself. He can't use that as sort of law. So what's he doing then? He's not being proud of his nessip. But is it wrong to say who your father and grandfather is true? Is he not the grandson of Abdulmutallab? Yes. So he's using something on that battlefield that needs to be used with these new converts from the crush, the one person that would bring that memory back Who is your leader? He's not a foreigner. He's not a stranger. This is the grandson of your legendary chieftain.

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And he says, I never know the sun because you can call the sun the grandson. You can call the grandson the sun, excuse me, you can call the grandson, the son said I am the son of Abdul Kalam. So the same thing can be applied in our times for for example, nationalism. Right? For example, nationalism. Oh, isn't it tomorrow a pox on National Day, right? Tomorrow, right? Yes. Okay. Mashallah. So, and the day after that is India as well? Mashallah, right? Not too much happy faces there. Okay.

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So the issue of nationalism, exactly what we're talking about here. It's a new concept. I've said this many times. But is there anything inherently wrong with ascribing yourself to a geographic region, you are from a certain land, have a certain culture have a certain cuisine, whatnot. So if it is used improperly, it can become coffered or it can become sin, but if it is used within, and that's why the word slogan was number one, and then maybe you look at it, that goes first. I am the Prophet. There's no denying that. And then after that, I am the son of Abdullah, so ascribing himself and this again shows us psychology now. So he's dealing with the unsought in this way. He's

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dealing with the new Congress. In this way, he's dealing with the veterans in a different way, the veterans after the Battle of Penang when the Bedouins came begging for money, he did not give the average veterans what he gave the chieftains of kurush.

00:26:23--> 00:27:02

The chieftains Of course got fortunes. Do you think these veterans got fortunes? No, he just gave them you know, tokens here and there, whatever it was, until everything was finished. The the millions and millions that he had, you know, probably probably 10 million estimate, I mean, rough ballpark figure that much amount of money. All of it was distributed in one day, one day, and he didn't keep one penny for himself. Or for the elite of the Mahajan. None of them got anything, all of it was given. Now the the the better ones that came, they got whatever was there until finally, all of this 10 million was finished. And the better ones continued to come in free money coming in.

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Until, as the Hadith mentions the process and was surrounded by a group of veterans. And they were demanding money, money, money, give us money, and all of the throng forced him back into there was a group of trees with thorns over there, the bed, the desert shrubs, and they pushed him back to the desert shrubs. And of course, because these are Muslims, I mean, they're saying they're Muslims, and we're not supposed to test you know, their hearts and whatnot. So the Sahaba are not acting like bodyguards now, because these are Muslims demanding money. And they pushed our process in the back into the the shrubbery, so much so that his upper shawl was basically caught in that and fell down

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onto the floor. And the profitsystem said, hand me my cloak back, give me my is my readout my upper garment back for well, law, he if I had coins or gold, as much as the thorns of all of these shrubs, I would have distributed to the last of you, and you would not have found me stingy or miserly. Now he's obviously frustrated. So he certainly has every right to be he has every right to be with this group. But they're not being treated the way that the elite of the horatia being treated. Right. So our religion teaches us common sense. We treat people according to their backgrounds. And I say this because once again, many innocent Muslims have a naive notion that, oh, we treat everybody the exact

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same way. No, you treat a dignitary, you treat a VIP in a manner that is that is conducive to that and you treat the veteran who's treating the processes rudely, you treat him differently. Nothing wrong with that. There's an added the first idea to assign Muslim in the myocardium. And the introduction, that Arusha says, Mr. Ana Rasulullah sallallahu. I said, I'm a new NASA NASA man azido our process and commanded us to treat with people according to their own level. So look at how he's dealing with different people in a different way. Also, of the benefits of the Battle of her name

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is the issue of making drive for versus against people, for versus against people. And again, I want to clear up a number of misconceptions because as you know, from my talks, inshallah, from the Seattle I'm not an apologist, I don't sugarcoat I don't paint the picture that I inshallah, the point is, I want to be faithful to our tradition, because I always believe honesty is the best policy, you tell the truth as it is. And then if somebody does not like it, that's not our business to to, to change it. And if we have a false understanding of the Sierra, this is going to cause us harm in the long run. If we have an image of the Sahaba, or even of the process of that's not true,

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then we discover something in the books. And in our tradition, this will lead to a crisis of faith. It is better we just be open about it and teach the people the reality. So another common misconception, you are never ever allowed to be harsh with anybody and you're never allowed to make against somebody. This is completely wrong.

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When the Sahaba finished the siege of five and they gave up and they wanted to leave

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They begged the processor to make da against the thief. Is that not true? Right? They begged the process of him he had a pseudo law make against the thief. Why? Because the thief was so stubborn because they have been here for two weeks now according to some reports, and Muslims have died and the thief were the ones who set the trap up, you know, with the help of housing and you know, the Muslims are an all time high after the conquest of moko, all these big highs se brings it all down. So they said Yasuda la make against the thief. Now, let me ask you, What year are we in right now?

00:30:37--> 00:30:58

eighth year, do you think the Sahaba are asking something new? They've never they're never heard the process of make do against somebody they know this is possible. They know that sometimes you make against a person. And and they have seen this in previous incidents. Can anybody give me an example from this hero that the processor made against somebody?

00:31:00--> 00:31:04

When the answer prayer was delayed, he made against the eyes up what else

00:31:06--> 00:31:18

against the group that put the the carcass on him by name, and every one of them was killed in butter, which tribes which incidents took place where the entire tribe Quran was revealed?

00:31:22--> 00:32:05

with Tara and Marina, and Raja, all of these incidents are the Sahaba all of this, the the Quran was revealed, and for one month, the process that I may draw against groups of people, and I say this because parallel sometimes when we hear a diary a scholarship made against one of the halls, he is one of the problems of our time, right? Somebody who comes to Don't you know, it's against Islam to make dua, you know, against somebody. So badolato Koran is full of this did not move semuc against Pharaoh did not know make dua against his own people. Now one can say, but the opposite is also mentioned that Ibrahim and Teresa made there are four other peoples that were misguided, right,

00:32:05--> 00:32:49

Abraham and Isa, and if you look at the history of I mean, the, the personalities of the of the, of the MBR. Ibrahim and Isa were the tender hearted ones. No Han Moosa were the more stricter ones like Abu Bakr and Omar, right, like iboco type of personalities, which shows us Yes, both are there, no doubt the general rule you make do are for, but sometimes it is healthy and necessary to make dua against and therefore in our times, there are many tyrants the tyrant of Syria, the modern, the modern Pharaoh, is it not Islamic to make against him? Well, it is. Now if somebody were to say, oh, law guide this person to Islam, Is that wrong? No, that's not wrong. It's okay. You can also say,

00:32:49--> 00:33:01

oh, Allah, guide this person to Islam, and make him a good Muslim stop his tyranny and enjoy tyranny and injustice. Yes, it is. But the one who makes the against after all that he's done.

00:33:02--> 00:33:42

That's also is and in fact, that is the more logical thing to do. In any case. The point is that it's not an Islamic, right. And I want to just make that that point over there. Because we have again, this notion that we can never make dua against the tyrant or avoid him. In fact, what are all of the ideas of doubt in Muslim, and this is against a Muslim? If a Muslim has done volunteer you, if a Muslim has stolen your money, confiscated, embezzled, if a Muslim has dishonored you that spread slanders and lies knowing it's a slander in life islamically or unluckily, you are allowed to make dua against this person, by name, by name, you can make their arguments and our Prophet system

00:33:42--> 00:34:21

said that doubt will monami you stepped out the door of the one who has done wrong, that laser vein obeying the law his job, there is no hijab there is no barrier between that person and Allah His da and Allah subhanho wa Taala which means what you can make dua even against a Muslim How about a Bollea? A fit out of our times of course, we can make dua against such people. So if some people make there are four such people that Allah makes them better and guides them that is fine and permissible, and if somebody makes against them that Oh Allah destroy these people who are killing and murdering, or I'll show them show us your power through their destruction. This too is john is

00:34:21--> 00:34:35

and it is from the Sunnah. Now, what did our processes do? We thought if they make dua for them or against them, for them, so it shows that yes, the general rule Yes, you should be merciful, and especially one

00:34:36--> 00:34:51

that people have thought if I've already done what they've done and he forgave them in the past. Why should he not forgive them again? So that's another benefit from the incident of her name. Yet another benefit from the incident of her name, his wisdom in

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

dealing with past offensive should you punish people for past offenses or forgive them we have in the Battle of her name.

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

A major crime that took place the new Muslims fled the battlefield. This is a major crime, a major sin. In fact, our Prophet system said, seven are the deadly sins extended was available because seven are the deadly sins. One of them is what to what Lee, your Messiah to turn away and flee on the battlefield, the day of the battlefield. And these groups of new Muslims, what did they do? They fled the battlefield. That's a major sin, one of the seven deadly sins, and therefore Mr. Lamb, and No, Mr. Lamb, of course, is one of the famous Sahaba yet, or Mr. Lane when they all fled. She, in fact, jumped off of her animal and she's in the women's section, and she runs to the process of

00:35:41--> 00:36:13

them. And she pulls out she's a woman, she doesn't have the sword, she pulls out a hand dagger, right? So amongst a small group of men, you have Omitsu lamb and the process and looks at her and the Sahaba thing goes, What is this dagger? What is this? And she says, if anybody comes, I'm going to shove it in his stomach, see what anybody can do. This is the bravery of when we're sitting. So when everything calms down, the battle is won Ole Miss Williams, she's angry now, because she's the one that had to run from the woman section to the processor. And she says Yasuda law, execute all of those cowards. Who is she talking about?

00:36:15--> 00:36:54

The ones who fled again execute them, they deserve the death penalty. They were the ones who the How are they? They they betrayed you? Right execute all of them. And the process of them said that, Oh, I'm Muslim, Allah azza wa jal, Attica, weisen. He took care of us. He defended us and and handled everything is fine and done with meaning. Yeah, they did a sin and crime. But now we're we're going to kill 1000 people now. We're going to execute all of them. So here we find wisdom in dealing This is a major offense. But now the Done deal is a done deal. What will you gain by, by retribution by criminal offense, let it be move on. The past is the past as the saying goes, and no use crying over

00:36:54--> 00:37:32

spilt milk. And this shows us the wisdom of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, also of the benefits of the Battle of her name. And we see this over and over again, the process of abuse is not just physical means not just spiritual means he uses psychological means as well. He uses psychological means as well, which shows us that so panela you need to understand the human psyche to get your stuff done. A leader cannot be a leader unless he knows how to deal with the human situation or the human psyche. And there are so many examples for this. And in the Battle of terrain. Two examples come to mind as well. That one of the longer one will mention that now is that

00:37:33--> 00:37:47

the the tribe of the tribe of housing, what happened to them eventually they accepted Islam remember, right? If you remember the story, the tribe of houses in the Profit System had their women and their children now the tribe of filthy Where did they go? Where do they run

00:37:49--> 00:38:31

back to their castles back to their camp? But how wasn't does not have the camp? So how was it fled Helter Skelter? How was it just ran away. So setif they're in their castles and fortresses. Many of the women and children are saved. But how was in all of their women and children are captured, all of their property is gone. So the Prophet system was hopeful that they're going to have to come back to negotiate. So he did not distribute the spoils of war. He just left them to care of them in jail Ronna in a valley, he basically guarded them put to 200 people, they're guarded that and went to thought if five did not work out, came back to jarana waited, they didn't come, how long are you

00:38:31--> 00:38:45

going to keep it? So eventually, he distributed all of the property, all of the people who distributed them amongst the Sahaba. then lo and behold, the next few days, he was in comes and says, We're sorry, we're Muslims. Okay, can we get our stuff back?

00:38:46--> 00:39:17

That's what they did. So what did the process of them do? Human sexual situation? Every person who now has a property a slave money, he's not just gonna hand it back. Somebody just got handed $10,000 you're gonna come to the next day? Oh, you know, can I have it back? You feel now an attachment? Right? And this is expensive property. This is hundreds of Campbell's hundreds of you know, and then you have the the slaves as well, which is very expensive at the time, and so many people

00:39:18--> 00:39:39

became wealthy in this battle. So what to be done, here's what you call human psychology. So how was it came to the process of them? He said, As for what I have, and the family of Abdulmutallab, I can speak for them all of this back to you. Because before he before he said that, sorry, he said, which is more beloved to you, your families or your wealth.

00:39:40--> 00:39:41

What Will anybody say?

00:39:42--> 00:39:59

They said, Is that even a question of course, our families, why? Because he knows he cannot give everything back to them. You cannot return everything you're gonna have to sacrifice. You came late. And I can't take everything from their hands, but I can take a little bit

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

So which is more beloved to your families or your property? They said of course our families so he said okay, help me out then tomorrow after selectable when we pray the Salah, or it doesn't say after the Salah most likely is the harasser after the Salah tomorrow, stand up

00:40:18--> 00:40:50

and make this speech, tell the people you converted to Islam and tell them that you're Rasul Allah, we ask you to be our shaffir our intercessor with the rest of the Muslims to give our property back and all Muslims, we asked you to intercede with the Prophet system to give us our property back. I mean, not our property but our families back. Okay, so notice the psychology here. When everybody prays How do you feel after Salah

00:40:54--> 00:41:14

it's really just right, you're all praying together. There must have been 10,000 people behind the Prophet system Salah so you choose the right time the right place, right after Salah you feeling peace, right? You feel in connection with Allah subhana wa Tada. And then emotional appeal. Because the process of does not want to command them. Why does he not want to commander tell me?

00:41:21--> 00:41:23

It's not fair. It's there, right?

00:41:24--> 00:42:04

It's there, right? They just got handed a lot of wealth, which is their prerogative. And then to tell them sorry, tough luck handed back is going to be painful. So what does he want to do? He wants them to be generous. He wants them to follow suit with what he's going to do. So he brings about the psychological situation, the tenderheartedness. Right, the right time, the right place, the right emotional appeal. And so they stood up after the Sunnah. They gave their speech immediately the process of them stood up again, there's emotional, there's, there's you're playing with the the the the, the psychology of these new converts, because as for the elite of the Sahaba, who could have

00:42:04--> 00:42:44

commanded them, no problem. How about these new Congress? What's gonna happen with them, we will see what happens with them. So he stands up and he says, As for what I have in my family, the art of Abdulmutallab now out of Abu Dhabi, he knows exactly who they are, then they are back years no problem. Right As for the rest of you all Muslims, then you see your the situation of your brothers, he just calls them your brothers. You see what their situation they're asking for their own wives and children back right. So whoever can give it from the goodness of his heart Let him do so have the law law will reward him and whoever is not able to do so then we will try our best to to free

00:42:44--> 00:43:25

them with the next amount of money that comes right now. He's Colossus all gone. He's given everything he doesn't have anything to give now. So he says the next batch of minima or fate that will come then will you will be the first recipients by purchased by higher basically to free the slaves. So immediately, the Mahajan said Yasuo de la, Sol, Sabina, after the Maha Judo who's gonna stand up the unsought all of them stood up and said, feasibility law. So the elite of the Sahaba, the righteous of the Sahaba, they all gave it up. But then the new converts many of them, they said no, only with money, only with money. And some of them said, he said Be that as well. So the point

00:43:25--> 00:44:02

is that hamdulillah a large percentage, there was no money involved. So it makes it easier for the Islamic Treasury. Right. And then those that wanted the money, it's there hack is there, right. And this shows us that even the ruler cannot just confiscate property, this was their legitimate right, they fought a battle, they earned that right of wealth, and now they're given their share. Now, they can't just give it they cannot just be forced to give it up. So the profitsystem then said, Whoever you know, wants to to be basically with the with the money back, the next time we get any money, you will be the first recipients and therefore, eventually all of the family members of the House were

00:44:02--> 00:44:31

reunited. And somehow Isn't this amazing as well, that these were the same people that set the trap. These were the same people that attempted to kill the Muslims just a few weeks ago. These were mortal enemies. Now they come as Muslims and there is no doubt that the main motivation for them to accept Islam is what defeat and family right there's no denying this. But the process of does not call us your Muslim Brothers not understory because and we say this over and over again.

00:44:32--> 00:44:38

Islam is true. So however you accept it, eventually it will come into your heart.

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

Islam is the truth. And these people now their Eman might be weak there in mind might not even be existent. Like Allah says in the Quran. So while I'm hollymount if you do become a man has not even entered your heart yet. It's not even entered your heart yet, but it will enter your hearts because after all, where are there? Where are their descendants? Now all the righteous Muslims have

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

The world, right? That's what happens. Demand comes in to the heart. And therefore, what this new group of Sahaba were treated with the type of generosity that we expect from our processes. And that of course helps them accept Islam as well. And another story we did not I did not mention this last time because we did not have time that when they accepted Islam, our Prophet system said Where is your leader, medic urban, alongside nomadic urban alpha and Sati was the same one who insisted to bring the women and children against the advice of the elders remember that was mighty Cubana openocd, where his mighty cube now pronounce it that was the the main leader who instigated the

00:45:39--> 00:46:10

attack who led the attack. Who had the tactic of of you know, the the the the bypass the sorry, the the overpass that was all family given outfit on sorry. So he said Where is Maliki been out of they said he managed to get into thought if so he is now in life. So the profitsystem said, Go tell him that if he comes to me as a Muslim, I shall return his family and property. Plus give him 100 Campbell's blatant price.

00:46:11--> 00:46:32

Come get your women back, get your children back, get 100 camels. And so when Malik heard this is a no brainer. He's lost everything. He's lost his tribe. He's lost his family, he's lost as well. Now he's being told if he comes back to the process of them as a Muslim, then not only will he get everything back, he'll become a multimillionaire.

00:46:33--> 00:46:59

It's a no brainer. What do you what else you're gonna do? There's no life to live without your family without your your your children without your property without without your tribe. He's the chieftain. Without your tribe, what are you going to do? So he has no choice. He comes to the Prophet system, he accepts Islam, and the process of them reinstates him as the tribal leaders from Panama, the very person who instigated the whole and this isn't the first time this has happened, who can remind me of another time this has happened,

00:47:03--> 00:47:09

where the whole tribe fights, and then they embrace Islam, and then the leader goes back to the same leader, but know how to

00:47:10--> 00:47:12

write the Hadith of the wife of the process of

00:47:13--> 00:47:14

the main water.

00:47:15--> 00:47:54

The her father in law was the chieftain, and the same thing, they're all prisoners of war. And then instantaneously, they're all freed, they become Muslim, they get their property back, they go back, basically to the same land, the same people everything. And this isn't the first time and we're like, what an amazing stories we have of our serum, what other civilization can say this, what other civilization can say this, that the same person who fought against the Muslims. Now he goes back with his tribe, with his family, with his property, and everything is status quo, except that idolatry is gone. And they're Muslims. And in fact, Malik, Alvin Ansari, he then diversified some

00:47:54--> 00:48:08

lines of poetry, basically saying that the Prophet system truly is a prophet because he didn't have to do this. yet. He fulfilled his promise, and he gifted and he was generous. So this is what money does to people, right?

00:48:09--> 00:48:48

This is the reality, when you see the Profit System giving millions of dollars, the equivalent millions and not taking one thing in his own pocket. What does that demonstrate? That's what outcome even have is the other chieftain said, when he went back to his people, what did he say? said, Come what he said, voila, he, this man is a nebby. For no king would do what he has done. No King would give all of his money. I have just come from a man. He doesn't care about football. He doesn't care about *ing what man doesn't care about. I care about soccer, you care about soccer, right? Everybody's worried about poverty, I have just come from a man is no concern of him how much money

00:48:48--> 00:49:26

he has doesn't have. This is only out of school, only be somebody of that level. So when you're so generous, and you're so good to the people, you are going to bring their hearts to Islam. And that's exactly what happened with the tribe of how was it and this was the general rule of the process of is to try to find another benefit here, you can add another benefit, try to find local leaders rather than put leaders from other look at what he did with medic, the same leader of the tribe becomes the leader of housing. Why? Because it is human nature. You will respect somebody from within your own ranks as a leader, you're not going to respect somebody from outside. It's human

00:49:26--> 00:49:59

nature, that somebody of your own ranks, you can take him as a leader, if he knows you, you know his lineage. If you have another ethnicity, another person come in is difficult to accept as a leader. Also, who better to rule than somebody who's already ruled. Maliki been Alf knows how to rule his own people. He knows the people in charge. He knows the elites he will need. So he's handed back his basically his power and he's told to now become the chieftain of the same tribe that he was the chieftain of in the days of Jackie Lee. Another point that we talked about in the Battle of

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

And I've been delaying this point for a very, very long time. And some questions have even come up in the last how long three years, I've been teaching zero hamdulillah here. So we've kind of delayed this, I just want to give a brief talk about this now. And maybe maybe someday we'll can give a longer lecture about this. But the issue of the prisoners of war brings up the very, very controversial issue of slavery in early Islam and Islamic law. And this is a very hot topic that obviously, critics of Islam, and even Muslims that don't know the idea that well, they always bring questions, one of the questions I always get asked about from our, you know, a young men and women

00:50:40--> 00:51:23

is, what does our religion say about this? How do we read these books of the Sierra of the Quran even, which mentions Melaka, a man who come to the right hand positions, what do we say about all of these things? Now, this is a very long topic in and of itself, and it is a very controversial topic. And the first thing is, I don't like using the term slavery, because the English term slavery comes with a connotation in western Western history, that the Arabic term and Islamic terms never had. The very term slavery is historically loaded. And when we use the term instantaneously, we get images of Hollywood movies and whatnot, American slavery, which was honestly historically speaking, one of the

00:51:23--> 00:52:03

worst manifestations of this institution in human history. Even the ancient Romans treated their slaves better than what we saw in this land 200 years ago. And this is a historic fact with everybody acknowledges that the way slavery existed, especially in this country, was really the worst manifestation of that institution in human history. So when we use the term slavery, automatically, that type of image and scenario comes up, whereas that never existed ever, in the history of Islam. Even in the history of many other cultures, that version did not exist. So I don't mean like, I don't even like using the English term, rather, we can use or Buddha or Rick or

00:52:03--> 00:52:20

something of this nature, which is the Arabic connotation. Now, we need to look at the issue of rhetoric from two angles, firstly, within the context of their times, and what Islam do, and then secondly, within the context of our social, political, ethical, the ethical laws and and

00:52:21--> 00:52:43

the banning of the institution of slavery in the modern world. So firstly, within the context of their times, within the context of their times, we need to understand that slavery or rip or a Buddha was a universal practice, no culture or society had banded ever, in that period in the, in the Middle Ages, early in the pre

00:52:44--> 00:53:40

Roman societies, Greek societies, Chinese societies, Indian society, it was rampant around the whole globe. And Islam was the only and the first to institute laws for Buddha. There were no laws for a Buddha for Rick, before the coming of Islam. And Islam was the only civilization to come and give a set of laws about dealing with Rick and have those laws work to limit the to have checks and balances put into place by number one restricting Where do ABS come from, and Islam restricted to one and only one source, prisoners of war, who are not ransomed. Every civilization in the world allowed ABS to be basically captured and other lands who were free, and then capture them as a free

00:53:40--> 00:54:23

man and then sell them as what happened over here. You just go into a land and you just take somebody force him into it, and then bring him as a as an as a prisoner as as a slave. Whereas in Islam, there was only one source of legitimate war that is fought, and a state fights another state, you have these 510 1000 prisoners, and there's no ransom to be paid. nobody's paying the ransom, what is to be done, you cannot just set them free, they're gonna come back to right what is to be done, you take them as, as, as in the institution of law, so that's the only source of getting ripped in Islam. The second law that was done is to legislate proper treatment, which again was

00:54:23--> 00:54:39

unheard of in any other civilization and culture. There are numerous ahaadeeth about treating Arabs treating llamas in a humane manner about quite literally a hadith in Bahati says that your slaves are your brother's a whiner.

00:54:41--> 00:54:58

Right, they are your brothers feed them from what you eat, and give them and give them to wear from what you wear. And that is why in Islam, there are many instances of you can't tell from the master. You cannot tell that and in Islam leads me to the third point as well. And that is that Islam

00:55:00--> 00:55:43

legislated the freeing of slaves through multiple avenues so many penalties of false author testimony breaking your fast and Ramadan so many things. What is the penalty in the Quran? The How do you recover to the freest slave. In fact, it legislated Zakat money, one of the eight categories of zecca were filled with a cop. Imagine the highest institution of money, which is a car, one of the eight is freeing a slave. That's not something to be taken lightly. So Allah azza wa jal said, you can use your car for freeing a slave. And in fact, not just the cat and penalty. It is one of the highest virtues of Islam, there are chapters even in the book we are reading on a daily basis,

00:55:43--> 00:56:30

which is a mama knows yada yada hain, there are chapters the virtue of freeing a riff or an AMA, there are chapters that you are told that one of the ways to free yourself from Jana is to free a slave. And that's why I and others, they will be hunting for a duck to free. So it's a virtue in our religion to actually free an app or an AMA, and fifthly, we can say that of the interesting things of our law is that it created a legal framework that incorporates treatment of risks and Emmas. But it doesn't require their existence. So if we eliminate the whole institution of ABS and Emmas, the Islamic Sharia is still valid and intact. There is no legislation that requires an act. There's no

00:56:30--> 00:56:34

legislation that requires the existence of this institution. And therefore,

00:56:35--> 00:57:18

in our times, when there is no such institution of slavery, Islamic law is full and valid, and it doesn't need their existence. And this is an amazing point, in my opinion, that clearly demonstrates that Allah azza wa jal intended for this institution to be something that is not necessary and required. If it's there, there are laws that govern it for 1112 centuries, now that it's gone, we don't need, those institutions don't need to be brought back. And that's why I don't know of any scholar in our times that is calling for this institution to come back. So looking at now, of course, there's also the issue of having conjugal relations with the Emma's or the female slaves.

00:57:20--> 00:57:45

And this is obviously, as usual, a very sensitive topic that many people find problematic Muslims and non Muslims. But once again, all societies and cultures had the exact same rule. It's not something that Islam came with. It's not something that Islam was new about. Every society and culture had the same rule. In fact, there's plenty of references in the Old and New Testament. And are we forgetting our own father, Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, what was hotjar. And

00:57:47--> 00:58:29

the lineage of the process goes back to hajra is something that even the Old Testament and the New Testament talks about, but previous civilizations and cultures, they did not have any rules. And in many cultures, including pre Islamic Arabian culture, your ama, couldn't, didn't just have to be yours. You could lend her to other people that suffered a lot. And of course, what happened was, you would then hire her out to other people. And this was the common practice, that your ama, you would hire her out for a night. You understand what I'm saying here. And the Quran References This fact that this is how long the Quran references that you cannot do this. So the Quran came and legislated

00:58:30--> 00:58:51

things even in this regard, that if you have such an AMA, then she must be only yours. And children born in Jamelia days are considered to be sometimes slaves, whereas in Islam, the child born from such a union will always be exactly 100%, the same as

00:58:52--> 00:59:28

a child from a marriage. And that's why his smile in his heart are both equal in the eyes of the Sharia of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It was married and his How are both equal? And in fact, if we look at our own history, the majority of the whole urfa were born of slaves, the majority. And that's a huge thing to say, and go back and check it. The majority of their buses and the earth magnets, the majority of their buses and the recommander Yun were actually children of slaves and what does that indicate that their lineage that from the mother's side was not something that brought a stigma to them. It was something that brought no stigma to them. And also if a child was

00:59:28--> 01:00:00

born of such a union, immediately the Emma was upgraded a free upgrade is given to her. She's no longer and Emma. She's called a mobile wallet. This is the books of Philip COVID chapter called the chapter of Omen wallet. What is Omen wallet? omal wallet is a special category of ama, in that you cannot after this child is born, sell her to anybody else. She's only yours. Because now that she's a mother of a child, that's almost what at the mother of the child. She's no longer treated like anyone else should be.

01:00:00--> 01:00:41

coms mobile wallet. And she cannot be transferred ownership or sold or, or anything of this nature, and she becomes free on the death of the child's father. So as soon as the child's father dies, then she becomes automatically with his death, she becomes free. Now, that's a very interesting law that did not exist in any other civilization and culture. The point being that, yes, I understand this is a difficult topic for many of us, especially our, our young minds to to grasp. And the fact of the matter is, we don't have to deal with this in the modern world a lot is the origin legislated something that for the time and the context was the most humane, possible, and everything seemed to

01:00:41--> 01:01:09

work towards eliminating this institution. Now that it is eliminated Hamdulillah, we don't have to recall for it to be brought back or whatnot, it is now gone from and by the way, the UK was abolished in Muslim lands from 1870 onwards. So it was recent, not like in Europe or whatnot. In Muslim lands, you had ABS for a little bit longer. And in the 1870s 80s 90s, and then 1910 2030s.

01:01:10--> 01:01:48

There were abolition movements, as they were in Europe as well. And there was opposition to them, just like there was in Europe as well. And many Muslim clerics opposed the opposition, right, oppose the abolishment of rec, because they said it is Islamic. And some forward thinkers said, No, we're modern times we don't need it. And so eventually, at Hamdulillah, as we know, it has all now been eliminated. At least we can say it doesn't exist in the form of juice to some can say some of the workers that are in some countries, they're treated likely that says something else. Right. But the institution of or Buddha, it has now gone. The bottom line. Yes, well, law here is a very difficult

01:01:48--> 01:02:01

issue to wrap our minds around. But it needs to be said and unexplained because we've talked about this so many times. And this was the reality of the situation throughout the world. And our religion came and legislated it made it

01:02:03--> 01:02:45

far more humane, if you like than any other civilization. In fact, no other civilization had laws about these matters, and are shady I've just summarized some of the laws, obviously, every book of filk, by the way, every book of classical filk, there's a chapter on a camel, camel, camel, ama, there's chapters about this, and you can go and read about those chapters. For historical value if you want to, in our times, as we know it is now gone. And nonetheless, even in this era of the process of notice how many times were the the slaves freed, and our Prophet system himself never had a personal slave caught him. He never had a slave caught him that he would be any every slave that

01:02:45--> 01:02:48

he had as a servant or whatnot, he would free and

01:02:50--> 01:03:01

a number of the slaves that he had, when he freed them, they attach themselves with him, and they just volunteered their service was to him, Sal, Allahu Allah, he was sending them. The Of course there was Mario,

01:03:02--> 01:03:41

and Mario completely. There is a difference of opinion about her Islam. Did she remain a copter? Does she accept Islam or not? and mighty? LEAH was not a servant, as you know of the process of I said, he did not have a slave servant. He did not have a servant that was a slave. As for my little clip to then there was there was an extra lab, did she accept Islam or not, and we'll get to her later on. But in any case, he did not solicit him ever have a personal slave servant of his own. And then the final point we'll mention about the benefits of the story of her name and thought if, if you remember we talked about the conversion of the single most famous poet Who was he?

01:03:43--> 01:03:46

The conversion of the most famous poet of all of Arabia.

01:03:50--> 01:03:52

Gibbons, who had his son was the poet of Medina.

01:03:54--> 01:03:59

Gibbons, O'Hara converted to Islam for us did not convert to Islam. Correct.

01:04:01--> 01:04:08

For us, doctors, yes. What do you what am I saying stuff was a big mistake for us doctors oma, we, the one I'm thinking of is

01:04:10--> 01:04:11

Who is the one

01:04:12--> 01:04:20

in the north quarter I forgot the name now. Yes. First up is way after the most famous poet alive at the time of the process of his

01:04:22--> 01:04:38

cabins, cabins. And after the Battle of her name, he accepted Islam. After a few weeks after that, he came to Medina and he accepted Islam. So this is not on the plains of her name. We talked about his conversion story. And his point is called

01:04:39--> 01:04:59

bandits rod, right. So ad appeared. And so that is, of course, the female figure. Right? There's now this is a little bit of a deep point, and I hope it's not misunderstood. But it needs to be said briefly and maybe in some discussion, we can go more in detail into this, but what I wanted to say

01:05:01--> 01:05:50

Pre Arabic poetry had certain motifs and mannerisms and styles. And some of those motifs and mannerisms and styles are awkward to say the least. For example, every famous Arab point, pre Islamic point always has a love story. Dare I say, every poem in our times is about love, right? rap. What is it all about? Every single famous Arabic point by and large, right has some type of In fact, I should not even Arab poetry. What is poetry and drama and whatnot, except that usually there's some love things involved? Correct. This is the reality of our human situation. And pre Islamic poetry is no exception. I mean, what is what is the beginning of the wild? lockets? Should I

01:05:50--> 01:05:54

quiz our eldership? Here? What's the first line of emotional place?

01:05:55--> 01:05:57

first line of interface

01:05:58--> 01:06:29

they find up key they find up came in the crock have a been woman silly, right? They find out Give me the right. So let us stand here and weep. Looking at the place where our beloved used to be. So he's weeping. Looking at the tent and the walls that the Habib used to live in? Okay. The what? Yeah, so just looking at the ruins. Looking at the ruins, right? You remember your grade 12 poetry Now coming back to you, it's all connected.

01:06:30--> 01:06:44

So, and this is all of the mylocker Designer Why did I bring all of this up? Because in this point of dinette suad the poem bandits who I mean remember the the Asif have to ask you what's the most famous line in this point? You in particular?

01:06:46--> 01:06:49

The one that the Hindi that's all I remember. What is it?

01:06:51--> 01:06:52

Is this famous to some people?

01:06:54--> 01:06:55

That's a very valid point.

01:06:57--> 01:07:37

I would say it is the most famous line of the poem, but not because of the one that is the first part for us. We'll take the second part of the couplets, right yeah. In Solana neuron usaba OBE in Rasulullah. neurone so that will be Mohan nadelman Sufi law, he must Loulou that. The Prophet system is a light that people seek the light from. And he is the Indian sword one that, that so Mohammed is the the most the highest quality sword, the sword from Hindu Mohammed. And we talked about this and the pride that every Indian should feel now about the term 100 of the swords of Allah. Now, why am I bringing all of this up? Because if you actually read this poem,

01:07:38--> 01:07:51

as is typical, there are paragraphs about swag. And the love that this man basically has four swag, right? gab has four swag, and descriptions of the beauty of swag.

01:07:52--> 01:08:34

Now, this type of terminology, we wouldn't think when we think about poetry of the process of correct, but God is a brand new Muslim. And he's writing one of his most famous poems. In fact, this was his most of this became his most famous one bandit so I so I became visible. So it is now gone from us like so he's talking about the the pain and anguish of SWAT. And there are lines in this poem that some of the more conservative Muslims that are ignorant of Arabic literature, which is I think the most of us conservative Muslims would find problematic. You understand what I'm talking about? You have a love poem here. Right? What am I trying to get at? So Pamela, there are styles and

01:08:34--> 01:08:35

techniques and

01:08:36--> 01:09:00

what sealers that are used? Sometimes there are things present in those casinos that you don't necessarily like are processed. Some did not correct him. Don't have this delete that he did correct. Just let it be. It's not the time and place to do this. Right. And this is a bit controversial because other poetry he did correct. Other poetry our processing did correct when the poetry was

01:09:02--> 01:09:09

incorrect was Cooper sometimes right? Or too much of an exaggeration. So the the poem inside Bahati

01:09:10--> 01:09:30

that some young girls came to the process of on the day of eat and they began playing the Duff and singing and the banging the Duff, and one of the lines of the poetry was what fee Nana v. Yun yeah Lambo mafia buddy. We have a prophet who knows what's going to happen tomorrow. No, that's going too far. That

01:09:31--> 01:09:33

is a theological deviation.

01:09:34--> 01:09:39

Our process of them said to these young girls get rid of this line, and the rest of it is fine.

01:09:41--> 01:10:00

Isn't it by the way, right? Well, fiend nmbu and Yama filati we have a prophet who knows who knows what's gonna happen tomorrow. Now, what am I saying here? is problematic because I'm not going into detail what isn't what is not allowed. And that really requires some filter discussion. All I'm saying is, sometimes in some places, you can't have 100

01:10:00--> 01:10:38

A sanitized version. And we have to especially keep this in mind, in the modern world that we live in. When things are being done, people are doing that way in ways. Maybe I wouldn't do it, maybe I wouldn't even approve of it. But they have their ways of doing that. And there's got to be some issues that have problems in them. And again, this is not an open life for all types of Dawa. It's case by case basis, and there's going to be a difference of opinion. All I'm trying to say is bring highlight to is, if you read this poetry, I can guarantee you almost any conservative Muslim who has never studied classical Arabic poetry, as for those who have studied, they understand this genre,

01:10:39--> 01:11:15

they understand this is how classic herbivore always has a woman, you know, beautiful lady descriptions love. This is the way poetry works, right? But for most of us who have never studied that type of stuff, if you were to actually read this poem, then you realize our processing was it was being recited to him, we would just balk Oh my god, how is this even a lot, even though the poem is very famous, because it eventually leads to the Prophet sesamin, praising him. So you always begin with the love of poetry, you work your way to the subject matter. That's what gab did as well. And we conclude now, what were the results of Grenada thought if and then inshallah we're done for

01:11:15--> 01:11:56

today, the results of Grenada and thought, if we're number one, a clear victory in the Hejaz, the entire region of the Hijaz of our profits of the law party who was setting them, even though thought if, even though thought it was still not Muslim, it was a small island of shark in the ocean of tawheed. The entire Hejaz region had now converted to Islam. idolatry had been eliminated publicly, there's no idolatry publicly anymore. Yes, life is still pagan within their castle, it's only a matter of few months, they will also embrace Islam. And therefore, the Battle of her name was the very last battle between Islam and shirk.

01:11:58--> 01:12:46

That's it, it's gone. After the Battle of her name, never did the Prophet system and the Sahaba fight against the wall shikun of Arabia was gone now. The next battles are now Rome, Persia, you know, others this, the conquest will begin Egypt. As for shidduch, in the Arabian Peninsula, her name was the final Domino helaas conquest of Makkah, and then her name, and that's it, Arab idolatry cease to exist within less than a year. And this is one of the biggest miracles of the series itself. Arabia was a land of idolatry. And within 22 years, idolatry per there are no more Arab idolaters they're gone, Hamas completely gone. This was a miracle that no human could bring about

01:12:46--> 01:13:27

our Lord brought about complete wiping of shift in Jersey to the Arab. And of course, the and of course, the final benefit is the tribe of kurush. in totality, having embraced Islam, there are references, by the way should know as a footnote, perhaps one or two or three of the kurush fled to Rome or other places, and they died obscure debts, and that's it, and the story, but all of the elites that remained had to convert to Islam, and that is exactly what happened, what are at NASA yet Haruna de de la he of wotja. And with that central Arabia had been conquered, the only major province of Arabia that was left was the northern province, as far south they are not idolaters they

01:13:27--> 01:13:56

are the people of Yemen, and eventually they will be conquered in a peaceful way as well. Not much bloodshed, the major battle left will be with the people of North and allow will that they will not actually fight us the Battle of the book will happen there that there's not actually going to be bloodshed taking place, and that people will feel the power of Islam and realize they cannot fight it. That will be the Battle of the book and inshallah we'll begin talking about the Battle of the book inshallah, to Allah from our next Wednesday's halaqaat