A Voice in the Desert #1 – When Abraham was Catapulted Into a Fire

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Loneliness is of two types, you have the loneliness when you are physically away from people. And you have another type of loneliness which is a lot harder to cope with, which is when you are surrounded by people, but you really are alone.

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I want you to imagine what Ibrahim it has said um, felt like, as his people, his own people, not an external enemy, his own people have kindled a fire for days and days and days and days that none of them could even come close to, and they were prepared to throw him into that fire. Not only that, but his own family was complicit. And not only his own family, but his father in particular who Ibrahim Isom love so much and had called to allow with the most beautiful of manners for so many years. Now, the prophets lie Selim experienced something like this in life, when he went out to LA and he said it was the worst day of his life when he was made to walk through this narrow line where

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people threw things at him, cursed him, spit at him, punched him and salted him, and he only has a Debian howdy fettle the low tide is in front of him as far as human support in those moments and it was the worst day of his life. So a lot of it was set up, but thought if was a town outside of Mecca, these were not his people. And he has a Debian haritha with him sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, the Brahim it has said I'm the scholar say imagine the pain where it's his own people, his own family, his own father. And as Ibrahim looks out to the crowd, as he is stripped and put into this catapult to be thrown into this fire, he doesn't even see a sympathizer. He doesn't see someone who

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has told him privately that I've got your back. He doesn't see anyone that really supports him or that loves him or believes in him. He sees complete abandonment, complete humiliation. And those moments some of the books of tough seed. They narrate that jabril Ronnie Hassan went to Ibrahim alayhis salaam and asked him if he wanted help and Ibrahim is not upset if it's from you then No, but if it is from Allah subhana wa tada then yes, and those narrations are not in any book of Hadith or found with any certain authenticity. There's a powerful narration of bassel the law of town and Homer, he says has spoon Allah when they're lucky. Allah is sufficient for us and he has the best

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Disposer of our affairs. He said it was a word, a phrase that Ibrahim alayhis salaam said hey and if not when he was thrown into the fire, and it was the word that Mohammed sallallahu wasallam said, when the disbelievers in Medina surrounded the prophets lie settlement his companions as they were about to be massacred in the Battle of 100 duck. And they said to them in the NASA pajama hula confex showhome these armies are coming from all over Arabia to eat shoo they will consume you you should fear them and increase the profit slice alone. And the companions and faith will call who has trouble and Allah when they're lucky Lee said the same thing that Ibrahim it is and I'm sad as he

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was thrown into the fire and the fire did not hurt Ibrahim it has said on because Allah removed the heat of the fire and the army did not hurt the profit slice on him and the companions because Allah subhana wa tada removed the strength of that army. All it came down to was haspel and Allah whenever Milwaukee, Allah is the best, Allah is sufficient for me. And he is the best protector he's the best one to dispose of my affairs, my Monica him hola Tada. We actually had these words inscribed on his ring heslin allow an airman look cute. Some of the companions in my medical Kamala they asked him he said, How come you only have heslin Allah when he said because what follows High School allow an

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airman Joaquin is fun, Allah will be near Mateen mean Allah who offered the lamium system so that they returned with the favor from Allah Subhana Allah and His bounty having no harm touch them no harm had touched them. And so not only did a lot protect them Allah gave them more Allah increase them as he did with Ibrahim it his Salaam as he did with Mohammed science on him as he did with the companions, as he does with anyone who really calls out to Him and who affirms that Allah is the best protector and a lot of sufficient for them. And Allah is the best Disposer of our affairs. And a lot of times we don't really realize this until we're in a situation where we feel like we've hit

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our lowest point where we feel like we have no choice but to turn back to Allah. When all of the above when all of the means of this world are taken away from us and we have no choice but to turn to Allah. Allah had Allah the one. And it's really poetic because a lot of times, you don't realize what Allah has given you in himself until everything else has been taken away from you.

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That's why a lot of times, it takes time for us to really appreciate the power of hospital law means you have no one but a lot. Even if you have others Allah sufficient for you, a lot sufficient for you. nierman Joaquin, Allah is the best Disposer of our affairs. What that means is that even if you have others to support you, in your affairs, even if you had no one to dispose of your affairs, even if you had no one to advocate for you, even if you had no one but Allah subhana wa tada what kept fabula keila he is sufficient subhanho wa Taala as a Disposer of your affairs you have to affirm with certainty that Allah is the best and Allah sufficient. Even if you are distracted by the

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plentiful means around you. Or you are desperate because you have no means around you a lot is sufficient for me a lot is enough. And this is particularly powerful. By the way, when you are in the room when you are the oppressed one day I will turn them over on the profit side Some said the cry of the oppressed there is no hay job there is no veil between it and Allah subhana wa tada even if that person was a disbeliever if they were calling upon Allah alone without attributing any partners to him, Allah subhanaw taala responds, I will support you the unseren Nikki I will support you will obey the hain even if it comes after some time, but that's usually when we find ourselves

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falling into a place where we get to discover a loss of Hannah Montana in a powerful way. And this is something we train ourselves with that when we feel the hardship of this world, whether it is the crushing power of an oppressor or the crushing tongue of a slander. We go right back to has to be a low and middle key. I shall hold the level on how we see when she was slandered and Medina and she looked around and she didn't find anyone to support her. She didn't find anyone advocating for her. Instinctively she said hello and everyone will keep she immediately remembered this remembrance hospital loaned me lucky, a lot sufficient for me. And he's the best Disposer of my affairs. And

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just as a lot did not let it bother him it is so down down, did not let Mohammed slice him down. He didn't let it settle the law and head down either Allah subhana wa tada revealed yet in her support and elevated her as a result of that slander. Your brothers and sisters, there's a narration that's mo poof, that stops it without a doubt about the law of town. No, it's very powerful about making this part of our daily lives. And that's probably one of the things that we can interrogate ourselves with with these two ads with these remembrances is that sometimes we wait for an extraordinary situation to make these extraordinary to us that could transform our ordinary lives if

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we do them on a daily basis. That will be a long time and who said Whoever says seven times in the morning and in the evening, has to be Allah. Either Allahu alayhi to akin to a horrible or slobbing has to be Allah. Allah sufficient for me La Ilaha Illa who there is no god but him and he took Celt upon him I have placed my trust will have caught up with him and he is the Lord of the mighty throne. That if a person says the seven times in the morning seven times in the evening, Allah subhanaw taala will remove all that distresses them, and you'll find in you know, mental health books and classes that to deal with anxiety they tell you to repeat certain phrases. So I've had a

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lot here you have this guidance. To repeat this phrase seven times in the morning, seven times in the evening, has to be Allah La Ilaha Illa who la Hito Cal to option loudly