Adnan Rashid – The British Raj #3

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The history of India, including the rise of the British, the Dutch, and the American nationalists, is discussed. The loss of pride from the British during the strategic war with the Mughals, the rise of the nationalists, and struggles with protecting their factories and their own interests are also mentioned. The history of Pakistan and Bangladesh, including the rise of Islam, conflict with the Afghan government, and the loss of power from the British, lead to political unrest and crisis.
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Although today in India, they are, you know,

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hailed as us, some sort of historic heroes and movies are being made about them, but they were the most destructive force India has ever seen. They did not discriminate between Hindus and Muslims, when they committed atrocities, they were known for the destruction and wanton looting and * and pillaging.

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No one could look at India, in fact, the British East India Company had a small dispute with the Mughals when Orangevale and he was the emperor. They tried to mess with the Mughals. And then Ortonville taught them a lesson. He sent an army

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and the army taught the East India Company a good lesson. And then they all came down to the knees, and they said, Please forgive us. Let us continue trading. This is well documented historically. So they didn't they didn't mess with the models again, until they found the chance 50 years later, 50 years later, right. So these posts were established. And the British were biding their time they were doing the trading spices close. And they were getting richer and richer by the day. They had a good system going, right. But then there were rivals as well. They were the Dutch, the Portuguese had taken go up on western coast of India. And the Dutch were also around the French had also taken

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some spots in India. So there was rivalry between European powers and they continued to fight each other for a very long time.

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But why did the British come on top is because the British managed to get their hands on Bengal, they got the richest province in India. So after the Mughal empire, lots lost its its influence mainly because of a Persian invasion in 1739, when the Persian ruler at the time Nadia Shah invaded in Mughal India and devastated the city of Delhi. So the spine of the Mughals was broken. Unfortunately, they lost their prestige, they lost their role on the last day influence. And since then, from 1739 onwards, the models went down very, very fast. To the extent that nearly 20 years later,

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many rebellions happened many territories in India were lost from you know, the Mughals lost his territories. Murata has in central India, they started to take territories Murata has were a group of Hindus, very destructive, very very destructive, although today in India, they are you know,

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hailed as heroes, some sort of historic heroes and movies are being made about them, but they were the most destructive force India has ever seen. They did not discriminate between Hindus and Muslims. When they committed atrocities. They were known for the destruction and wanton looting and * and pillaging. They did not ask questions before the raid women they raped Muslim and Hindu women equally. Murata has who are hailed as heroes today in the movies BJP, you know the current ruling party in India is trying to create heroes while they don't exist well, where they don't exist. You know, they're trying to create heroes because the heroes don't exist. They're trying to

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fake heroes. They recently made another movie called pre three Rajmohan all based upon fictional accounts, fictional accounts, no history, there is no history there. Even the movie they made on the Murata has an armature of Dolly Barney but is full of you know, it makes you any historian who is serious student of history it will make his blood boil. When you watch a movie like that. So Murata has they started to rise.

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So long as Oregon was alive, they did not succeed in taking territories, they were fighting a guerrilla war against the models, no doubt they caused a lot of damage to the models, but they could not take territory so long as orange zone was alive or Xav die. His children could not hold on to power for whatever reason, another topic, but then the Murata has in the mid 18th century start to come up as a huge power and a destructive power. Then the sixth start to take the Punjab a lot of the territory in the Punjab region is taken by the Sikhs, okay, which is another history in itself what happened in the Punjab, then we have the jots, but jobs are taking again another Hindu entity

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taking a lot of territory. This is all happening in the mid 18th century. So

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1950s 1740s 50s 60s Okay, these two decades very, very important A lot happened in these two decades, right.

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And then the British looking at all this in Calcutta and Madras in surah. They think Hold on a second, India is

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fair game,

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India's free for all all of these groups are taking territory, why the * are we waiting? What are we waiting for? So, under the guise of, I mean, then basically the pretext of

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creating a private military to protect their own factories and or their own interests, they started to hire a private militia and they started to train this military mostly consisting of Indians, right. So, they had a private military, while in India, a lot was happening at that time shower you love Delhi in Delhi was watching all of this a scholar of Islam, a very, very big scholar of Islam. Shaohua Leo loved lb, he saw the mulatos are doing Murata is a devastating Muslim territories, they were destroying Muslim villages, Muslim cities, Muslim, you know, they were invading, and they were charging joke. Joke was a tax they were charging joke literally means 1/4 1/4. Right. So they will

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come into your territory and they will say, Okay, where is that joke? Joke? Literally basically Jota from the word Jota. Chuck from the word for right. So they were basically charging 25% tax on anything. And if you didn't pay, they would come and kill everyone burn everything, rate everything. Okay? So, sha Allah looking at the situation, he wrote letters to the king of Afghanistan majali. And he asked him to come and rescue the Muslims of India. Long story short, okay. Plus, Sharia law had his own people

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pushing for this conflict because he wanted a conflict with the monarch does. He want you to break the Mirages once and for all, and they succeeded. So in 1761, there was a battle battle called the Battle of party but in a place called Pawnee, but the mulatos were decimated in this battle by the Afghan coalition. These have gone rulers within India, and from without India from Afghanistan. So the ruler of Afghanistan at the time, a child Dali, he came to India with his military, and then local Afghan rulers from northern India, such as the Nawab or the ruler of royal Khan and Nawab Najib dollar, the ruler of najiba oak. He was also the Prime Minister, the Mughal Prime Minister at

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the time, all of these people, they joined hands and the wild shootout dola, who was actually here, who was from the Persian stock, but the Afghans somehow convinced him to join them, because the Afghans told we told him that if you don't join us, you will have to join the morass. And if we win the war, you will not be spared. But if you join us, okay, and if we win, then you will be safe. So he had to make his calculations despite the fact that he was a Shia and he didn't want to join the Sunni branch, but he joined for his own survival. And this was a huge, you can say a Muslim coalition that fought the Murata has and the Murata has a completely decimated in 1751. This is what

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happened on the other side in in Bengal, when moguls had lost power at center a lot of these Nevada governors Mughal rulers, they announced their independence from the center, they announced their own states and this is why princely states in India came about you hear the names of the states today, you know, bow will put the state of Bahawalpur in currently Pakistan or the state of Bhopal. Okay, oh, the state of Hyderabad in Southern India, one of the richest states in the world. Okay. The richest man in the world was mudras man who was the ruler of Hyderabad in the 1940s. Okay, so these states princely states came about as a result of the decline and the fall of the Mughal empire. So

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the Mughals had declined at the center. The Mughal emperor had lost his power, many sat on the throne, and were either killed or moved from the throne by force.

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So, this young Mughal Prince came to the throne his name was Ali Gohar, also known as Shah, Harlem, the second Shah alum, the second right, and I cannot tell his entire story here, because that will be that will be another lecture in itself, but I will mention him just passingly he was the Mughal emperor on the throne when the British took

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the land of Bengal

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And he himself was struggling to come to power, he could not handle the situation around him, and he could not consolidate the Mughal power to his benefit. Rather, he was losing more and more to all these factions who were arising in different regions at different times. So the British, they to defend the interests in Bengal. The Nawab, at the time was a young man who was very corrupt.

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I mean, for I don't know why, for some reason, in the histories of Pakistan, and Bangladesh, he is seen as a hero Nawab Siraj UD daulah, he was actually a villain. He was actually a villain, he was not a good person, he was not a good man. In fact, he's one of the reasons why Bengal was lost to the British. Right? So he had a Vizio called mere Jaffa. So move Java was disgruntled, it was not happy with the Nawab the young Nawab who was a dead spot. So he pressed for taxes from the British. So the British said okay, no taxes.

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