A Voice in the Desert #2 – When Abraham Asked for Redress

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After a lot saved Ibrahim it has set up from that fire. And he is walking away from his people little tiny his salon will go to his people, Brahim it. His salon is making his law he's migrating and he has his wife sada. And as he is on his way out, there are a number of dots that he makes as he's walking away. And you can imagine the closeness study had to a loss of habitat in those moments, he just witnessed that great miracle from a loss of habitat.

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And one of the things that he says in those moments is what is he only you bathroom? do not disgrace me on the day that we are all resurrected Yo man, I unfair amount and what I've been doing a day in which wealth nor children will avail a person 11 at a lobby calm and serene, except for the one who comes back to a last panel. It's Anna, with a sound heart and that's all about the money saddam has at this point is returning to Allah subhanaw taala with a sound heart, but it's just really powerful to think about the fact that he just experienced a humiliating, traumatic moment in this life. And as he's calling upon a lot, he's saying, Yeah, Allah, don't let me be disgraced in the next life.

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Don't let me be humiliated. In the next life. There's a narration where the Prophet slicin um, gives us this incident where Ibrahim Isom actually sees his father on the Day of Judgment, and his father is covered in dust and humiliated. And Ibrahim seeing his father, he says to him, why did you disobey me and his father says that I won't disobey you today on my son. And Ibrahim it said on looks to a loss of habitat and he says, didn't you promised me that she wouldn't humiliate me on this day and look at my father and Allah subhanaw taala says Jenna has been forbidden for the idolaters and Ibrahim alayhis salaam, looks down and he sees an animal a slaughtered animal. And

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that animal is grabbed by its legs and thrown into the fire. So Pamela, his father, who had once thrown him into a fire, and I brought him ice and I'm still has empathy and love for his father. And so he doesn't see his father and flesh be thrown into the fire, but an animal that is his father thrown into the fire. And that is a different fire altogether. And so that's a painful thing that Ibrahima Islam has to deal with throughout which is he loved his father, and he still wanted good for his father. And he's still making the art for his father even after his father had done that to him, and even on the Day of Judgment. But there's something particular about the honor of Ibrahim

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Arnie who said, I'm on the day of judgment that I want to speak about his he is more than anything else entering into the fire, right? That's the greatest form of humiliation that a person could encounter on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us. But it's really more than that, right? Ibrahim is saying that the humiliation of this world is nothing. Imagine the gathering in the hereafter where all of the creation of allies gather, and you receive your book in your left hands. And the people mock you and laugh at you and you are humiliated, knowing that your fate has been sealed. May Allah protect us on the other hand, a person who receives their book in their right

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hands going through the gatherings of the people on the Day of Judgment, people they knew and people they didn't know and saying how omokoroa or ketopia everyone read my book, I know where I'm going, I knew this day would come and I know where I'm going. I'm going to Agenda May Allah subhana wa tada make us amongst them. But there's something special about Ibrahim eyes. On that day. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that we will all be resurrected, and we won't have clothes. At least initially we won't have clothes and I shall not be allowed to ask the Prophet sly Salah want the man and the woman be looking at each other and the Prophet slicin him said that the matter is

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too severe for them to even notice as the people are gathered without titles, even without clothes. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Oh, well when you say Yeoman kiama Ibrahim, the first person to have his robe given to him is about a mighty Salah. This is so powerful, so powerful connected to the moment where Ibrahim was just stripped of his clothes and some of the scholars say the fire burnt off his clothes. Some say he was stripped and then thrown into the fire and some say the fire burns off his clothes but not him. But he just witnessed that moment of humiliation. And he asked a lot don't disgrace me on the day of judgment and look what Allah does for him. On the day of

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judgment when no one has their clothes, Ibrahim alayhis salam is clothed with the robes of paradise. Some of the scholars say that's how Allah subhanaw taala makes up for him compensates him for what he suffered for Allah subhana wa tada in these moments, right. His clothes were consumed or his clothes were taken from him in this world for the sake of a lot. And so his clothes are given to him on the Day of Judgment before everyone else by a loss.

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What's on and a lot dresses him first on the Day of Judgment. And I want you to imagine for a moment what this means the honor of that and what this means that when Ibrahim was in that gathering, Ibrahim was the only one undressed and humiliated in front of the people who all had their worldly clothes and their ropes. On the day of judgment, there will be a moment where every single human being that Allah has created is without clothes without robes and it's only Ibrahim it has said I've talked about being distinguished It is only Ibrahim is that is dressed. And so that's how Allah subhanaw taala restores what was wrongfully taken from the one who says hustle and Allah when it men

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will keep and there's a worldly element to this as well as an element of the hereafter as far as the world the element of this look at the profit slice lm in five, right after the profit slice I'm experienced the rejection humiliation of the people of five, soon after Allah facilitated for him, Medina where the people came out from their homes and waited for him for weeks and weeks to see when he would come. And they all surrounded him wanting to embrace him sallallahu wasallam wanting to dedicate themselves to him, but the greatest honor is Elma your iPhone is the day that they would be resurrected on that day when I brought him out of his salon is dressed and honored in a way that no

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one else is dressed and honored. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam who was once rejected and taunted by the people of thought and by the people of Mecca. Every single human being wants the chef or wants the intercession of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhana wa tada gather us around the fountain of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam and honor us on that date and restore for us whatever we lost for his sake in this life.