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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, he was a hobby of mine. But the topic of our hotbar today is how to disagree. And this topic is important because of two main things. And that is we don't know how to disagree. And the second, we don't know when to disagree, and when is a disagreement or a topic of disagreement, important enough, where it warrants a split and a separation in the oma as well. And what is worth disagreeing over what is not worth disagreeing over? Every time there is an issue in the community, or some kind of disagreement or some kind of fit now or scandal, we see some major mistakes. The first, those who insult everyone

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they disagree with, even if they be scholars, or people older than they are, or respected members of the community. And the second, those who inject themselves and insist on chiming in, they inject themselves into the problem or the disagreement. And they take sides. And they even want everyone else to take sides as well. As for the first group, everyone is well mannered when the sun is out, and it's a good day. And when there is no problem, and the weather is fine. Everyone is well mannered. So that's not one, your good manners count.

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Your good manners count, or your manners will count when there's an issue of disagreement or a fitna or some kind of issue in the community. And that's when your true caliber comes out as well. That's when we see your true caliber. And that's when good manners will count. So every time there is some kind of issue or disagreement in the community, we actually we get a gauge of the level of love of the Muslim community and the level of Terabithia, and we see that it is far from where we would like to be as an ideal community. But the solutions are simple, disagree without insulting, and disregarding the individual will always cite the Battle of Safin. And this was a unique battle in

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the history of Earth, there will never be never be another one like it. And there has never been one like it in the Battle of Safina two parties disagreed. So during the day, they're in the battlefield fighting, trying to kill each other. And then when the fighting stops at night, they go into each other's camps. And they have dinner with each other. And they have conversations and they talk and joke and what have you. And then they separate again at night, and they meet in the battlefield.

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So what is unique here is that they recognize a point of disagreement between them and their brothers. And they recognize that that is the only point of disagreement. So I only disagree with you on this one issue to the point that we will fight to the death over it. But outside of this issue, I have no problem with you outside of this issue. I think you are a righteous believer, and if you ask for my sister hand in marriage, I will give it to you. And I think you are righteous and you love Allah and His Messenger sallallahu Sallam the difference between how they disagreed and how we disagree if we disagree with one person today on one issue, we cancel out their life, their

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achievement, we attack their family, their dog, we don't leave anything. We cancel them out as an individual. Whereas before, they only focus on the one issue where they disagreed, and it's beyond that. I think highly of you and every

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regard, but today we go overboard and going overboard. Is that is a bad sign and Nabi sallallahu Sallam he described the hypocrite when the hypocrite has a disagreement with you call us on our solemn we're either how sama fudger. When he has a disagreement, he takes it overboard, he goes overboard. He takes it to another level far beyond where it should go and sign it the hypocrites. Where's the disagreement this believers only take or whereas the believers only take it as far as it needs to go. So never insult anyone. People will always differ and they have always different but different with good manners. And we see the difference between the righteous and the scholars and

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the layman and how they disagree. Mr. Malik Rahim Allah, the Khalifa approached him at Hajj. And he tells him write a thick book. And I will force the entire oma all corners of the oma to follow the fix of that book. And he was giving him a Malik the opportunity to be the *ery of the entire Muslim Omen, everyone will be forced to follow the fix of your book. And what did he do? He refused that offer. He refused the offer from the holiday. He said, then the colleague asked him why and he explained it and look at how he respected everyone's opinion. He said the companions of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, after his death, all of them went and lived in different parts of the oma, some

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people move to Iraq, some people move to Egypt, some people move to a sham. And he says, and every one of them gave footwork in that area based on what he believed to be the truth. So why should I force the entire oma upon what I believe to be the truth? Look at this level of respect for other people's opinions. So he refused.

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Mr. Musharraf, and he has this famous statement that my statement or my statement is correct with the possibility of being wrong as well as my opponents. A statement is wrong with the possibility of being correct. Like he didn't make it 100% wrong. He left room, it's possible that you're right. And there's a chance that I could be wrong. That's the level of the scholars that's how the righteous disagree. But then look at those who the layman look at how they disagree with people. And let's look at the example from the lives of the great imams themselves. Just about every single one of the great scholars had some enemies, someone who disliked them from the common folks. And those people

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found a way to get close to the halifa and the rulers and those in power, and they use that to get them to hate the Imam as well. mm Abu hanifa Rahim Allah was beaten, whipped, and imprisoned and a man like him. Why? Because the people who didn't like him, they got close to the halifa and they got him riled up against him. Mr. Malik, same thing, was beaten and whipped like that, even with his level and respect for in the community. him I'm humbled, imprisoned for years and years to come through the reigns of three different holidays. Why? Because people who disagreed with him, they didn't know how far to take it. To the righteous the scholars, they take it as far as it needs to

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go. Other people and the hypocrites they take it not to say no one's a hypocrite, but generally as the hypocrite was describing the Hadith goes overboard laymen going overboard.

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So always be respectful. Another example from the standards of the scholars. This is Carla Shay tajudeen. A been a sukie fitter, fill,

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fitter shred, this is tajudeen the son of the great scholar as Suki he said going to Yeoman Fie the valleys in the hill easy darina fija ma he says I was one day and the dailies is like a vestibule or need like a vestibule basically or some kind of corridor but going from the outside to the inside. Anyways. He says going to yeomen fi z darina fi Gemma, I was sitting with a group of people in this vestibule of the house for more rabina kelburn yocto Roma and so a dog passed by us dripping wet your car do Emma susiana the witness almost got to read almost touch our clothing for an hour or two. So I yelled at this dog. We're called Cal Cal. So I said you dog You son of a dog in Arabic.

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This is more severe of an insult. And it's a common insult. So he called the dog you dog son of a dog for the Maharajah Jani. This is when his he says they share an Imam his father to Dean a Suki. He says he heard us from the inside. So when he came out he said Why did you insult the dog? For call to mA call to Ella How can I

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Elisa who would be killed in kelp? He said, I only spoke the truth. Isn't he a dog and the son of a dog? The caller who workaholic? He said, Yes, that is the case. But you were lucky in a hostile column and Maharaja shetan when he Hannah, when I am sorry that he says, but you didn't mean to call to refer to him in that way except to insult him. And that is not acceptable. Yanni, you're not calling him the dog, son of a dog, as a reference, an actual reference, you're calling him that as an insult. And that is not acceptable. This is a scholar, and he's teaching his son how to speak and this is to an animal. So look at the level look at where we are today, especially on social media.

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So remember the saying the Arabs used to say your word is your captive, so long as you don't utter it. And as your as long as you don't speak something, it's a prisoner. With you, it's your captive. As long as you don't speak it. Once you utter it, you become its captive. The minute you speak a word, you become the captive of that word, you cannot escape, that that's uttering that statement. Wherever you go, it follows you. So learn, to disagree in simple learn to disagree without calling people names, especially scholars and the leaders because there is no benefit in making people, especially the youth, hate their religious leaders, or learn to be disrespectful simply because they

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disagree. There is a story concerning General Robert E. Lee during the American Civil War. And to ally the story makes me jealous when I hear it. So Jefferson Davis was asking General Robert E. Lee. And why do I use this example? Yeah, and their kuffaar they didn't get ahaadeeth have

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been holding your tongue from an episode seldom. But then look at this high level of manners. So Jefferson Davis Davis asked General Robert E. Lee, about his opinion of this other officer on this other officer. And so General Lee started to praise that other officer. He praised him and spoke very highly of him.

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Another officer who was present, he tells him that man that you're praising to the president, he is one of your worst enemies. And he never misses an opportunity to say anything bad about you. Like why do you praise him? He's telling him, why are you praising that officer? The officer always insults you any chance he gets. So why would you say something good about him?

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So generally, we replanted? He said, he responded, he said, Yes. But the President didn't ask my opinion. He said, But the President asked my opinion of him. And he didn't ask me of his opinion of me. Understand it, look at this level of luck. He said, he didn't ask what that men thought of me all the negative stuff. He asked what I thought of him, even though I know he says bad things about me. That's not what I'm going to say about him. My opinion of him is is good. So I will only say that which is good. Online. It's a shame. It's a shame that the Muslims have some of the worst luck especially online some of the worst of luck you will ever see. The second group where those who

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insist on chiming in, and social media now, so everyone has to chime in. And even if you don't open your mouth about a scandal in the community, people private message you Why aren't you saying something? Because people think the general rule is you have to open your mouth about everything.

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We have Omar Abdullah is rather low when he was asked, What do you say about the two men? Or what do you say about the fitna that happened amongst the companions. So his response he said that his blood that Allah saved my hands from Yanni I wasn't alive. And I didn't take part in shedding that blood. So Allah saved my hands from shedding that blood. So why should I soil my tongue with it? That is blood that Allah saved my hands from so why should I soil my tongue with it? Why do you have to comment? Why is it important? And I know people say that you have to speak your mind. You have to make your voice heard. You have to miss out of speaker for the truth, all this champion talk. But

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who said these statements? And who made this rule that you have to be heard? Make your vote who we hear that all the time? Who is the first person who said that we don't even know but we have something opposite from the greatest man ever sallallahu sallam, he said man can I you know be law he will your mill after failure will hire on Alia Smith, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day he should say that which is good, or he should keep quiet.

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And if something doesn't concern you, then you should stay away from that those are the teachings of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam where these anonymous teach teachings have just opened your mouth wherever you can. Unnecessary, absolutely unnecessary without We ask Allah to make us of those who recognize the truth is clear truth of

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hola hola hola was tougher all lol all the money welcome ninja dunno first off through fire hose Hello Mr. frane ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness indeed those who ask for forgiveness shall prosper

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Hello. I mean, what was mine? Two final pieces of advice. Number one, it's very important for us to know our place. There are many people who believe that they are the defenders of the deen online. They're the gatekeepers of the sooner and all this they're the watch group of fish out of edge. But and it's their duty to expose and to warn the community. No, it's not. It's not your duty to expose anyone, it's not your duty to warn the community of anyone. It's not your duty to be the defender of the sooner online. If people knew their role, we wouldn't have half the problems that we have, right? Most people they don't even know

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the guidelines before warning a community of someone because when you warn the community, you're going to be destroying that person's reputation. And that is something that is very, very serious in Islam very serious. And if you want to look at an example, look at the example of Xena. So when someone commits a crime like Xena, it is in the top four worst crimes ever possible in Islam. And it is something that will harm the community. And it would benefit the community if the zoo not the people who commit Zina are exposed and are punished and would protect the rest of the community from them. So you might think it would be a good thing to expose those who commit Zina. But also the

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default is to always cover the sin of those who commit Zina

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a man by the name of zelle he came to the prophets of Salaam. And he said, yo Rasul Allah in nama isn't khazanah ma as of nomadic was a companion who committed Zina. So he came and told the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the problem in this narration, he struck his thigh. And he said, Yeah, has done it lo cetera who be thora theory de la Cana hiren. luck, if you would have concealed him with the edge of your garment, it would have been better for you not for him, obviously, it would be better for him to not be exposed, it will be better for you to not expose him. And the default is to never expose people since. And then these young people getting online thinking I'm exposing this

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person I'm writing an expose a 40,000 people viewed it, maybe you just got 40,000 sins is what happened. So know your place know your role would save a lot of these problems. And the second thing is, a lot of times we don't know when the disagreement is worth disagreeing over and splitting the oma over. When it comes to issues of the fundamental beliefs of Islam, then it's worth separating. Yeah, in a simple example, if there is a group in the community that believe there is another prophet after Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam hear this if they don't return and repent from this, it's worth them splitting and starting their own Masjid, and starting their own community because they

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left Islam and that's worth splitting the community over. But it's not worth starting your own Masjid because we disagree on a fifth issue, or we disagree on matters of the mother had been so on and so forth. And I'll just conclude with this true story that happened. And

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it's just really indicative of how we don't understand what's important in our religion. This is a true story that happened in a masala actually in Australia. And the Imam he made an announcement and he was kind of rough after the announcement. So I asked him, Why were you so harsh? And he is a nice guy. Why were you so harsh in your announcement when you made the announcement. He said you don't know this community. And basically the amount of problems they cause. He said one time I had a guest Imam giving the Juma hotbar. And a man waited until the middle of the hotbar. Then he stood up in the middle of the masjid. And he yelled out at the top of his lungs, brothers and sisters do not

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pray behind this Imam because I saw him in the bathroom making wudu and he only wiped over his socks and his socks were not made of leather. He made this announcement in the middle of the hotbar. And the worst part is a group of people got up and walked out of the masjid and he complete lack of understanding. They think that praying behind the Imam who wiped over wool or polyester socks is worse than missing Jamal. So they walked out. But I always tell people imagine if that man stood up and he said brothers and sisters do not pray behind this Imam because this Imam does not believe that Allah Subhana Allah is above his throne. And Allah azza wa jal mentioned six times in the Quran

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that he is above his throne and the promiseland mentioned in authentic hadith that Allah

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above his throne and above the world if he said that people told him sit down don't split up the oma these are issues of disagreement, but issues the fifth, they're willing to walk out of the mistake. A big part of it brothers and sisters, like we don't understand our Deen properly and we don't know when it's a legitimate disagreement or dissension or it's legitimate to split up the oma or it's worth bringing up a disagreement. And we just want to create an a ruckus on social media over every little thing. And then everyone has to chime in. And then probably the worst of all the groups are those who are pleased with it, even though they're not taking part they just sit back and they let

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people go out against each other and they will not step in with a word of, of truth to defend or anything like that. So with that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who recognize the truth as a clear truth and follow the best of it. And to make us of those who recognize falsehood as false hood and and abstain from it for long. I don't know how Khan was worried about a lot about what is Oakland cinnabar Aloha, Medina fluc la de la Santa, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to perfect our good manners and to perfect our flock. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to rectify the conditions of this oma and the conditions of the Muslims in Philistine and in Kashmir and in all

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parts of the world the honorable alameen for lahoma Abdullah Hello Matamoros Didn't you I love you as Sophie robotic

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sciatic Murphy hibben maruf Are you unhappy here animoca SME also Allahumma barik alameen wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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wa como la Sakuma Hong Kong la