Memorise Tabarak #19

Yahya Ibrahim


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The 19th verse of salted milk, the 67th chapter of the Quran, LLM, LLM, Yarrow. LLM Yarrow, Isla de la isla de la jolla de LLM, Yarrow, Isla de LLM, yo Isla polyrey. LLM euro Isla de sol calm and lm euro Isla de refound calm, so calm either LIFO calm. Our lm er o Isla de fel calm, so calm. lm er o Isla de Falco homes off fat or fat him or fat him. I will amuro ella by repo car home sold off fat him fell off fat him soft, fatty, soft fat in our lm euro Isla pyy repo homes off 30 off

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my cabin fell off that way if God didn't Why didn't Why didn't Why didn't why your building fell off fat you

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fell off fat.

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LLM euro LLM euro enough.

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LLM euro illa polyrey fell. fell off fat you

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fell off 30 of

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our lm er Oh in a car home for 30

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or 3960 sequel hoon. My sequel one my young sequel one my sequel one

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man, man.

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Man, my sequel one

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LLM euro illa pyy repo or 30.

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Man SQL one.

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Man, LLM Yarrow. illa pyy Rico combs or

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Maya for the man see cohoon illa Walkman in a home in a home be cool, equally shy. bossy in their home be equally shy. bossy in their home equally shy. bossy. LLM euro Isla de Falco home all 30

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man sicko, one

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man in a hoobie coalition in bossier.

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Our lm er o Illa. Pai repo calm for 430

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COVID ma'am see cohoon rock man in hooby coalition Basim lm euro Illa repo

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30 wire

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in a rock man in Abu Dhabi coalition bossing me around in a Repo

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Man you mariyam siko one

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man in hooby Konishi in Basim LLM euro illa pyy repo calm saw

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COVID man Seiko who's

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in love rock man in a hole in

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him bossing him

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LLM Yarrow in a pirate felco home saw

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man young

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man in the coalition in bossier. LLM era Isla de veau calm saw 39 second rough man in hoobie condition in

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our lm era in a repo calm saw 39 second Illa rough man, in whom equally shy bossy