A Conversation Between Allah and Shaytan about Istighfar – Reminder

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The history of Islam has impacted people, including a recent incident where a woman was killed by a man who claimed to be the Prophet. The use of headaches to express anger and weakness is discussed, along with the importance of seeking forgiveness from individuals who have not done enough for their good deeds. The practical benefits of forgiveness are discussed, including the ability to walk away from negative behavior and the importance of avoiding distraction from negative behavior.

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Santa Monica Welcome to Lima cats.

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Snap and Adele slotless Cinema anomalously low and he will suck the heat woman wanna your brothers and sisters last week last week of Ramadan Allah subhanaw taala allow us to finish it strong man last outside allow us to be amongst those who observe data loss parents accept our Milan, our selenium, our PM, our cheat outs and everything that we put forth and May Allah forgive us for any shortcomings a lot. I mean, I know that some of us might feel sometimes I didn't do enough. And every night, Spencer starts to come in, you start to remember and you start to say I wish I would have done more DRM. I wish I would have read more. I wish I would have done this. I wish I would

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have done that. And then that hopelessness might start to kick in as you're getting close to the end of Ramadan. Like, was it in amongst those that caught late into the public or not? was a amongst those that caught the last two nights or not? So I wanted to remind actually with a powerful, heavy and before I even mentioned the Hadeeth from the prophets of Allah when he was setting them, does Allah have the flood read the verse boiler, the roto baton anybody? Allah is the one who accepts the repentance of his servants, while you are for honesty, and Allah pardons all of their sins. Well, yeah, no amounts of haggling. And Allah knows that what you do, as Pamela if you're reading the

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verse, it says if Allah subhanaw taala is answering the secondary whispers that you might have. Yep, but a Toba turn anybody? Allah accepts the repentance of his servants. Okay, but But what about those sins? Well, yeah, flying to see all of them are gone. But Allah knows I'm not like those people that do so much and that worship so much below.

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Allah knows what you do. Allah knows who you are. Allah knows how He created you. And remember the Hadith yesterday, about the conversation between Allah and the angels about us, about us. Right? Who remembers what Allah subhanaw taala tells the angels about forgiving the servant that continues to commit the same sin, but tries over and over again to quit it and ask Allah for forgiveness. Who remembers what Allah tells the angels?

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Anyone other than checking us? she asked her please don't answer like

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what is it?

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Yes, Allah says to the angels, bear witness any cut that offer to law hope that I have forgiven this person. Why? idema anila? Who? Robin Yes.

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Because he knew that he had a Lord that forgive since his knowledge of Allah as a Lord that is forgiving caused me to forgive him. That's why he keeps on calling onto me. That's why he doesn't despair like I'm too shy to call upon Allah at this point. Because I haven't done enough. That's between Allah and the angels. Now the headache I'm going to share with you tonight. It's an amazing headache that's short and simple, but it is a powerful headache snared by I was sorry that three or the alongside I know we spoke about a few nights ago, who narrated to us the incident of Layla to cuddle with the Prophet sly Southern. This Hadith is an authentic hadith and Muslim Imam Ahmed. He

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said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam set by the shavon shavon said to Allah,

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whereas zety can Yeah, Rob, by your might Oh Lord, la abre who as we Reba ma dammit Ottawa home fee outside the him.

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I will not give up on leading your slaves astray. As long as their souls are still in their bodies to handle. I look at that challenge. And this is a conversation he's telling Allah subhana wa Tada. And shavon consumes himself in his anger, in his jealousy, in his hatred, in his despair. He's constantly literally burning up on the inside. So he says to Allah, Allah, oh, Allah, know that I will not give up leading them astray. As long as their souls are still in their bodies, meaning to the last moment when the soul leaves the body. I'm going to lead them astray. I'm never going to give up on them. I'm never going to give up on them. Right? What does this mean? You know, we've

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heard so many stories, you know, my mother hemo lots at the time of his death and shape on appearing to him in a dream and saying to him, I'm with you escaped. I could never get you

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an email. Without him. Allah said Don't even think about it. Not yet. They said that Not yet. Not until I leave from this world will I put my guard down from you? But he's telling Allah I will never give up on that meaning what I don't care how religious he is. shavon has seen some pretty religious people fall. He's been able to whisper into the hearts of scholars into the hearts of people that were on their way to being murdered.

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into generous people, he has been able to whisper into the hearts and cause the destruction of some pretty great people. And he of course came from a very high position to the lowest of low but I will never give up on them. I don't care how religious they are, I will never give up on them. What was the answer of Allah? Does anyone know?

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I want someone to what do you think Allah responded to shape on with?

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Allah responded to shape on where is it what Jelani

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Zanu pf your home must affirm.

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bear witness, oh devil, by my might by My majesty, I will never stop forgiving them as long as they keep asking me for my forgiveness.

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What kind of what are you dealing with? What kind of, I mean some kind of law if you could, you know the people made idols because they wanted to make their gods and own them and the poor and tells us you could not fashion a lord better than Allah for you. What kind of up? Are you calling upon? What kind of a merciful Lord Are you calling upon? Now here's the thing about this heavy, you could walk away from and say, mercy and hamdulillah Allah could have responded to shape on and a lot could have said to the shape on I will keep on calling them to good until they die. Right? Meaning it still goes back to them, how they're going to end up at the end of the day. But Allah subhanaw taala put

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it back on him so long as they are seeking forgiveness. Whether it's major or minor, whether it is a relapse, or it's the first time so long as they are in a state of is too far so long as they are in a state of seeking forgiveness. I will forgive them. Their brothers and sisters forgiveness, the seeking of forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala comes at the end of everything that we do. The end of Salah stuck for Allah, or stuck or Allah or stuck at Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says about the believers will be at home. Yes. kurunegala

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know at the end of the night at the sakura time homeopathic furon they're seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala How does Allah find them? It's the father is the father is the Father. And so Fianna thodi Rahim Allah said at the end of the night Subhana Allah, the believers, those that spent a good portion of the night praying, and those that spent the majority of its sleeping. Yep, semi on fee after they leave they meet at the end of the night. Right right before fudger. And the people that prayed a lot. Yes, stuffy, Runa eco sodium. They're seeking forgiveness because they feel like they didn't do enough for the deficiencies in their good deeds. And the people that slept a lot and

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that didn't do much stuff. You don't wanna be the newbie him. They're seeking forgiveness for their sins. They're seeking forgiveness, because they slept too much of the night and they wanted to do more panela but the point is at the time of school, right before budget home, yes, Iran, they are seeking forgiveness. What's the practical benefit of this in Ramadan, no matter what you did during the night.

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Those last moments before budget, you know, we're staying up most of the night these nights anyway. Instead of trying to gulp down all your water make sure you leave some time.

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At the end of every single night. That is the practical benefit the most immediate benefit we can take normal blonde every night at the time of support right before budget a stuff that a lot of stuff for a lot of stuff. It'll put it back to Allah Subhana Allah Tada. That's the practical benefit in Ramadan outside of Ramadan. When we talk about the continuation of habits There is nothing like it's different. It's different far in the morning and in the evening, you know, you might not be able to do all of us got a Slovak one massage, you might forget some of the morning remembrances and some of the evening remembrances. But don't forget to say that it's default. If you

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you know, Allah and Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and holux anyone abduch until the end of it the very famous chief of seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala the best answer see forgiveness. What if you don't get to read all of them at least say that one in the morning and in the evening between Austin and mother, as mclubbe is about to come in. If you forget the earth God during the day, remember that the prophets lie Some said I seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala at least 100 times every single day than lettuce that is the Far be at the top of your list. And remember, is the far is the preventer the great preventer of harm coming to us in this life and the next Allah

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Subhana hoods Allah tells us in the poor and that he will not punish us what enta Fie him while the prophets lie some is amongst us, or while homea stuff futile and while they're in a place of seeking forgiveness from Allah, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu and he was sudden

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them has been taken away from us. He passed away I need his slot was set up as soon as with us but he passed away. But we still have his default to prevent harm from coming to us in this life but good stuff Europe back home in noho, Canada Farah Yudhisthira summer and eco Mirada. We did combi unwired in Lebanon we I like him Jeanette and we I love them and harbor know how to his set are mentioning to his people seek forgiveness from a lot and good things will happen to you in this life. And on the Day of Judgment, nothing purges the sense from the records like his default. We are for honesty.

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And a lot overlooks them and pardons them. Allah in a careful one to hibel f of x one Allah and neck alpha one to head with alpha Fox one alarm in the careful when to hibou laugh with our foreign seek forgiveness from Allah subhana wa tada every day and every night and remember before you before you pray, budget, the last part of the night stuff for Allah stuff for Allah a stuff that Allah and how can you lose hope in a Lord that has not lost hope? And you may we never be amongst those that despair, nor those who are diluted by their complacency or by their good May Allah subhanaw taala always find us in a place of seeking His forgiveness and striving to be better Allah Ameen. desikan

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la Fado, Santa Monica Mohan sonicate.