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One of the other animals that I wanted to cover in this in this piece is that when the Soula Salallahu Alaihe Salam he gave us he presented the manual to us. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam did something brilliant, which most of us miss out and we miss out on specifically with our Tallinn and our education

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mishap specifically on this promesa what is that?

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When Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he taught salah, he taught how to do the Salah, he taught the demonstration of Salah he taught the words of Salah and he taught the devotion of Salah all in one package.

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The Sunnah allah sallallahu Sallam never differentiated between one and the other. He didn't teach the Sahaba okay, just learn the learn how to raise your hands, learn how to do recall that separately teach them and another time learn the words or something and then some other time teach them how to have the devotion in their Salah know the Promise of Allah some gave them as an entire package.

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Those old ones when they learn from the first lesson they let everything together they let the devotion has worked together. There is no such thing as getting your Salah down to just get you Salah done and there's no devotion no the prophets of Allah somebody he saw one day a man came into his Masjid he prayed and that man he prayed as he was walking out he said salaam to those who lost and Allah Azza parcela is something again gave the answer of the salon and he said to him it's a Sunday for a nickel him to solicit gold break and you haven't prayed. So the man went over again he prayed as he prayed which was in a quick form. And then as you will pass the profit and loss in the

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game salon process and said somebody for a nickel and suddenly gone pray again, you haven't failed. And the third time the process got up. I mean, he demonstrated for him how to pray because that person didn't have the devotion or he didn't have the steadiness in Salah that you need as a process mentor because then the process isn't taught he didn't teach anyone how to pray fast. He didn't teach anyone how to pray for us. It was just one form of prayer.

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When any of the rulings of Islam came the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam gave them as a package