Ramadan 2021 Boost 24 – Important! Do we Really deserve the day of Eid?

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The speakers discuss the importance of completing the month of period to obtain the full advantage of the period, as it is the consequences of not wishing to do so. They stress the importance of giving food and covering properly during events to enhance one's appearance, and encourage people to give money to charity and cover their clothing properly. The speakers also emphasize the importance of reading the Quran and not giving up on mistakes. They stress the need to read "Ok," and acknowledge the message of the statement, and emphasize the importance of being aware of the message.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, my brothers and sisters who deserves to have eat, it's only those who took the month of Ramadan seriously. Allah says, Well, he took me like that, while he took up below la high Lama hada como la la con disco cone, in order that you complete the entire period, Allah has set down all these rules, regulations, etc. Allah says, To complete the entire duration that's the month from the siting of the moon to the siting of the moon, and to declare the greatness of Allah because of what he has guided you to. And so that you can be thankful. So Allah gives you the day of aid, because he's guided you, he guided you to what to the

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rules and regulations governing what should be done in the month of Ramadan. If you have followed them, you deserve a day of aid. If you have fasted in a way that Allah has asked you to do so I mean, you might have for example, women who may not have fasted because of their men's monthly cycles, or because of postnatal or maybe because they were breastfeeding, or maybe because they were pregnant. You might have men who might not have been well or they may have been traveling. So if you've had the excuse,

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well, hamdulillah that's good. But remember my brothers and sisters, if you did not respect to the month of Ramadan, you don't deserve a day of eight

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people come up on the day of eat, and you know what they do? They

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sin and transgress against Allah thinking that that's the day of sinning. But those are the people who have sinned throughout Ramadan and sometimes they put aside one or two since the month of Ramadan, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make a steadfast and help us to improve. So during this month, we're supposed to have watched our tongues watched our temper, not sworn not lied or deceived, not gossip, not slander, not backbite not abuse. We're supposed to have solved problems tried to solve problems, we're supposed to have prayed a lot. Salah was supposed to have fasted every day, according to what Allah is instructed us were supposed to have given our charities to the best of

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our abilities, were supposed to have declared the greatness of Allah and praise him every morning and evening, were supposed to have read a lot of Quran and our lives should have changed. Now you deserve a day of aid. Definitely Allah says don't fast, and that dates prohibited. And you know what, you must eat something before you go to Salah. And please make sure that you have given your sadhaka to

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make sure that you give it before you go out for Salah to eat. Now, there are many charities collecting sadaqa make sure you give it to a charity that is reliable, that's going to give it out for you at the right time in Sharla. So you may want to give it from now to the charity and the charity will then give it on the day in sha Allah, Allah Aziz. Now, that is in order for the poor to also enjoy the day of eat, to be able to have something to eat a bit of food and so on. That's why it's better to give them food that they're going to eat. If it's food they're not going to eat. It's not a good idea, but food that they're going to eat. And sometimes, we may also give them

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the money to buy that food. You know, the scholars have differing opinion as to exactly what but if we're going to give them the grain nowadays, in some countries, they throw it away some countries they resell it and so on because they no longer use that, you know, they no longer eat that they prefer burgers and pizzas and so on and Subhanallah you might want to just give them the money it's permissible from a permissibility perspective. So whatever you do, make sure you've given the fitrah or the amount for shadowcat will filter as it were, and Subhan Allah, make sure you don't mess up the reward that you've attained throughout the month of Ramadan. When you dressed appropriately. It

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doesn't mean here's the day of eat, I removed my appropriate dress. I covered up so nicely. In Islam clothing is there to cover. In other cultures, sometimes clothing is there to reveal. Ask yourself am I clothing in order to cover when my clothing in order to show and reveal. So Islam teaches you to do the first and sometimes other cultures teach you to do the other. We're taught to cover analysis. When Ramadan ends, don't go back to the old view that was before Milan, but rather maintain that goodness in that balance and understand I need to improve myself. I must do something better than I did before. I'm one after another. I need to make some improvements and in that way i

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will be able to achieve closeness to Allah, learn my brothers and sisters about the art and the song. Because if you don't learn about the Quran and its message, what was the point of your whole life? Imagine spending a lifetime and you don't even know the main book that exists that existed during your time on earth. And then you are going to go back to Allah. When you are asked, Did messengers not read these verses for you? Did people not read these verses? And you don't say, they read them? I never understood them. I didn't know you know, I don't know it. But we had it all over you had plaques in your houses where you put them up on the walls, and

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you read them and you still didn't adhere to them, you didn't even know what they meant. And this is why when we're putting up plaques in our home, some of the scholars say don't put up a verse of the Quran, unless you're going to read that, unless you're going to know its meaning and try to put it into practice and talk to others about it, then you can put it up on the wall. But if it's just for decoration, the arm was never revealed in order to decorate. It's not just a decoration. Yes, it's writing maybe so beautiful sometimes because of calligraphy. And a lot of you might be, you know, calligraphy tests by or calligraphers by hobby or whatever. But that doesn't mean you can just do

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something for decoration alone. You need to read it at least a few times, you need to make sure you look at it, let it move, you let it touch you talk to others about it. And you see that what does it say? It says For example, in Allah Hamas, I believe Allah is with those who bear patients. So my brothers and sisters, let's say patients talk to each other about it, then you have fulfilled it right? So Allah will grant you a day of happiness and joy. When you yourself, have sacrificed for the sake of Allah. What's the joy without a sacrifice in anything in life. In the same way, when you've led your entire life, sacrificing for Allah, Allah will give you the biggest of all aids,

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when you meet with Allah Subhana Allah. And that's why the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salam says listen to me for hotter and if I had to end the February here with our hat on in Delica, your be a person who's fast thing has two times when they will be very happy. The first happiness is when they are breaking the fast. So you break the fast on two occasions. One is when the day ends, and secondly, when the season ends, end of Ramadan, so you have happy a happy time, every fall and a happy time on the day of aid. That's in the February. And the second part is in Delica lb the happiness and the joy the greater joy when he meets his Lord or she meets her Lord Subhana Allah when you go back to

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Allah, and he seen the sacrifice that you made to obey Him to please him one law he you will have such a beautiful day because Allah is the most kind, the most generous, he's the one who recompenses you with so much of goodness when you've done just a little bit. So remember these beautiful words and inshallah I pray that this IED we can have the EAD with a difference. And if you've been disobeying Allah through Ramadan, just stop it, just cut it out these last 10 nights are much more sacred in the sense that it's nearing the end Laila to other is one of these nights SubhanAllah. So we must make sure that we do take these nights seriously, it's not yet finished, like we say when

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the score of the football match is still 00 or one one, we can say there is a few hours a few minutes remaining, you can still score a goal. So we will tell you the same right now a few days remaining, you can still score your goal. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from among those who can have fasted Ramadan in the proper way and have stood at night in Tarawa in a proper way and have obeyed Allah and abstain from his prohibitions in a proper way so that we achieve forgiveness and so that we deserve the eet. May Allah bless you all locally have our Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.