Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 06 – L068F

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The legal matter of the event McKinsey and the animals that are considered unlawful includes the "by itself" label for animals killed by other animals, the "by itself" label for animals slaughtered for the sake of idlers, and the "by itself" label for animals that have been slaughtered for the purposes of idlers. The importance of legality is discussed, along with the difference between the two terms for the culture of the island and the "by itself" label for animals that have been slaughtered for the purposes of idlers and the "by itself" label for animals that have been slaughtered for the purposes of idlers. The segment also touches on the fruit of Islam, the meaning of "interest" in Islam, and how it can be achieved through achieving a project.
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We were studying I am number three.

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Holy metal a common Mater to

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the Mater has been made unlawful To You By who?

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Who has made it unlawful?

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Allah soprano.

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And what about the maker has been made unlawful?

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eating it. So how do we move to our legal matter? What does matter? First of all,

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an animal that has died by itself a natural death

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or by some other animal?

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And secondly might also applies to that animal which has not been slaughtered properly.

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So how do we met our Laker will meet the two what are the two exceptions from the Mater which are lawful?

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The fish and the locusts?

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What demo and the blood the blood is also unlawful for consumption, what type of blood

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the flowing blood, which means that after slaughtering the animal properly, if any blood comes out, when you're cooking, or when you're eating, that blood is okay.

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The blood that is unlawful for consumption is the one that flows out of the animal when slaughtering the animal. So if there's any blood that comes out of the meat, when you're cooking, or when you're eating, then that blood is permissible. And what are the two exceptions I've done that are hella

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the liver and the spleen?

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Well, that Mackenzie, and the flesh of the swine doesn't mean only the meat and nothing else besides the meat.

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Everything, everything for the lakmal frenzy.

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Now, why is the frenzy? How long was it unlawful?

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What's the hikma behind it?

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What you eat

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affects you? Which is why if you think of it, animals that are predatory, that catch other animals and they eat those animals are unlawful for us. And the animals that are permissible for our state, including the birds, which ones are they?

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They're like very docile.

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So this is why those animals are permissible for us to eat, that are gentle in its nature, because whatever a human being eats, it affects him.

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So that will concede that McKinsey is also forbidden.

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Well, he led elated Let it be, and that which was slaughtered in the name of other than Allah? Does it mean somebody else other than Allah, his name was pronounced only? What else does it include?

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If any one's name, or no one's name is mentioned, besides that of a loss of panel data, then that animal is forbidden. So if for example, at the time of slaughtering, a person says bismi, debris, or maybe, or mercy, even if that person is a Muslim, or even if that person is the advocate that if he slaughters an animal and at the time of slaughtering, he dedicates it to restart Islam, or he dedicates it to a saint, or a prophet or an angel,

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then that meat is unlawful for consumption, because many times inshallah we will do the ayah today, in which it has been said that the food of the People of the Book is lawful for you. But if someone from the people of the book also slaughters an animal, and he dedicates it to somebody other than Allah, then that meat is not lawful for us.

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Because if it was lawful, then there was no point of mentioning all of this detail.

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So when we let the lady let heavy

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one 101 that is strangled to death. What does that refer to?

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The animal joke's by itself, or it has been strangled by someone else. So whether that animal has chocolate that by itself, or it has been strangled by another animal, intentionally or unintentionally,

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remember that

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and remember that the 100 como CUDA, all of these animals that I mentioned over here, it doesn't just refer to behemoth of an arm. It doesn't just refer to the four legged animals, but it also applies to birds. Right? It also applies to birds.

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So if, for example, there is a chicken and somebody has strangles that you can do that, even that chicken is not lawful for consumption. Why? Because for birds, even they have to be slaughtered properly.

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Only the fish there are different.

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So, one 100 Pato one makuta. Two, what is the makuta

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if an animal dies because of a very severe blow, a fatal blow, whether that blow is

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Bullet or whether it is a stone or it is a stick or anything like that, if the animal has been hit and as a result of that blow the animal dies, then that animal is unlawful for consumption

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while mythology idea what is the motor idea

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that falls and as a result of that fall it dies. So that angle is also unlawful when not knowing how to

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basically an animal that has been killed by another by its horns.

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What am I going to say suburb, and that which has been eaten by the predatory animal?

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It has over here woman aka Sabu

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what the predatory animal has already eaten it's in its stomach, isn't it?

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Matt XLS Sabu. What this means is that what the predatory animal has killed in order to eat

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what the predatory animal has killed what he has hunted in order to eat. That's why he killed it.

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So even that animal is unlawful for you.

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Then Allah says, a llama the Cato, except for that which you have made fit for consumption. What's the meaning of that Cato?

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Is to legally slaughter an animal and what does that include? That the blood is drained out of the corpse. It's drained out of the body. The Katyn what's the root

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so the meaning is not you cleansed, or you purified? Okay, that's that's clear. This is what that you slaughtered.

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The word that you see over here is then the cat and the cat not zakat. The cat is legal slaughter, to slaughter an animal properly to make it fit for consumption.

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So a llama the Cato. So what does it mean by lm advocaten? What does it refer to?

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Is it an exception only from a sample? No, it is an exception beginning from wellmune konnyaku.

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It's an exception, beginning from when konica makuta Mottola Deanna, aka Sabu

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it cannot apply to the Mater because Muay Thai is already dead. You can't do the cat of an animal that is already dead.

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Similarly, it cannot apply to finzi. Okay, you cannot make the NZ fit for consumption by legal slaughter even.

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Similarly, it does not apply to men when they divided up, because that animal has also been already slaughtered. So when it has already been slaughtered, you can't slaughter it again.

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So the exception begins from where mon kanuka.

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All the way up to my accessible?

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And how do you know that you've been successful in doing the cat of the animal?

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You've got the jugular vein. But what's the sign that this animal is fit for consumption? Now? What's the sign? How do you know that you have been able to do the cat of the animal?

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That when you cut the vein, blood flows out if the blood has already clotted inside, and even when you slaughter, no blood comes out, what does that mean? The animal is dead. You can't do the cat have it now. So what's the sign that when you cut the vein, blood flows out, and the blood is bright red in its color. And it's also warm.

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Because it's possible that when you find the animal, the animal is not moving anymore.

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It's possible if the animal is not moving, what does that mean? The animal is dead. But you can quickly cut the vein. And if blood flows out and the blood is still warm, and it's bright red in its color. It's not clutching, then what does that mean? That the animal was still alive even though it wasn't moving.

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So if you manage to flow warm blood out of the animal you have been successful in doing the guts of the animal so enjoy it now.

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Why am I to be happy island? No, sir. And that which was slaughtered at the stone altars, hombre. What does it mean by that?

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First of all, an animal that has been slaughtered for the sake of idols.

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And the idols are what the most of why they called Muslim because there were some idols that the Arabs had fixed in certain places.

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They had fixed them in certain places, some inside the car, some outside the car.

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So over there, they would go and slaughter the animal. So for the sake of the idle

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Now, is this different from we let the lady leg up? How is it different?

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What's the point of mentioning? If you say its theme? What's the point of mentioning twice? Marina, the lady lady also means watching for the items. Well, maybe heroine knows of ultimate slaughtering for the islands. So what's the difference between the two?

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The first meaning is that it's dedicated to the idols. And secondly, no sub refers to the stone altar where the animal is slaughtered.

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So if, for example, even at that place, if the animal is being slaughtered, and the person pronounces the name of Allah,

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still, that animal is forbidden. Why?

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Because that place, it's a place of performing a particular ritual.

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But there's one more difference.

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Basically, when the lady lined up is not just idols.

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It includes anything else, anyone else but the idols. Could be a person could be a prophet and Angel.

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But my looby, Harlan nossob is specifically either specifically ritual slaughter, ritual slaughter of a mushrik.

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That is forbidden. So we'll be here and no, so this is something that is forbidden.

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Well, and the stock symbol Islam, and that you seek to divide with the arrows.

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What does it mean by that?

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And the stock symbol as then what are the two meanings?

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The first meaning is with regards to meat, gambling,

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meaning, even if the animal was slaughtered properly, but you take the meat and you go and gamble, there's betting

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and if a person wins some meat through gambling, that meat is unlawful. Why?

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Because the way he acquired it is unlawful, just like money. If he acquires it through the same procedure, that money would be unlawful as well, even if a person acquires an apple, that Apple will be unlawful for him because the way of earning that meat is unlawful.

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So untestable Islam, first of all, refers to gambling. And secondly, what does it mean? That he has also forbidden to you that you seek your fortune through using arrows. And there is something that the Arabs would do that, when they were confused about something, they would draw arrows at the arrow would say, if they would do it, if it's at letter five, they wouldn't do it. If it said nothing, they will try again.

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Similarly, there was another set, which said, Mr. Ronnie, Robbie, Nahanni Robbie,

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that my Lord commanded me and my lord forbade me. And the third one, again, was empty, didn't say anything. So basically, when they're confused about something, when they have to decide about something, that's what they would do.

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What have we been taught?

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istikhara and istikhara does not mean you're going to have a dream. What you're doing is that you're only asking Allah subhanaw taala for claim

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that whatever is good for me make that easy for me.

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So and desktops, mobile as ram This is also something that is forbidden to you.

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That he confessed that his fist What is this?

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First of all, eating of that which has been prohibited. So all of the animals that have been mentioned over here, if a person eats from them, that is what it's the same. A person is getting out of the bounds of obedience.

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He's committing an act of disobedience. And secondly, that he can What does it refer to specifically?

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And does that symbol Islam that you try to seek your faith through? arrows?

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Aloma is alladhina cafaro mendini calm today, the disbelievers have despaired from your religion. What does it mean by that?

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What does it mean by the fact that they have despaired about your religion?

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They have given up hope, about what

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that you will ever leave your religion, that you will ever abandon your religion and revert to disbelief.

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Secondly, has been said that earlier My name is Alina cafaro minicamp, what this means is that they have the spirit that your religion will ever be defeated now.

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And this is especially in the case of the Muslim King.

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But otherwise as well, not just in the tangible sense but in a tangible sense when it comes to her Joe when it comes to evidence. Who is victorious. The Muslim

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which day is this alley oma?

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This is yom out of this day, meaning the day

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If out of when this ayah was revealed,

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when this I was revealed that had settled whether the farewell pilgrimage on the day of ratified this I was revealed and it was the night of the hedger and it was a Friday.

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So, this day meaning the day when this I was revealed, Allah subhanaw taala says yeah is a Latina capital mendini meaning you have become victorious.

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Others have said that what it means by Aloma is not this particular day, but it means now, what does it mean? Now, meaning not this very moment, not this very day, but what this means is that now, you have reached that stage you have reached this level, because this is something that is common in the Arabic language. Like for example, people say that are going to feel of Latin I used to be in ruffler polyoma is too close to and today I have woken up. What does it mean by today I woke up? No. Now, I have realized it doesn't mean today literally I woke up. But what does it mean? That now I have realized? So aleo Maya is alladhina cafaro. It refers to, according to the first opinion the

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day of October. The ninth of the hedger had this over there, and others have said that doesn't refer to that particular day, but what it means is now, when this has happened,

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phonetic shomo shoni. So do not fear them, but rather fear me. Why is this been said?

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That don't fear them when it comes to following the commands of Allah?

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When it comes to obeying the instructions of the last panel data, especially concerning highlighting?

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And what happens to us many times?

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That if we say that no, I cannot have this? Or is this halal meat? Is this kosher? Like sometimes we ask, we are afraid of asking. We're fearful.

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But what does Allah say don't fear them? Who should you fear you should fear me You should fear a loss of primal

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Aloma at melta lacantina calm today, I have perfected your religion for you, what does it mean by command

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when something is complete, it has been perfected. So that whatever purpose you want it to achieve you achieve that.

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So, basically command is to reach the completion and perfection of something that has already been started and you fulfill the purpose

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purpose, the objective for which you started that particular project, you fulfill you achieve, you acquire that purpose.

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So elliana equal to lacantina comm What does it mean that he has perfected and completed the deen for you?

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Meaning, all of the laws, all of the rulings concerning what is held and what is held on what is lawful, and what is prohibited all of the rules of the shittier all of the obligations all of the prohibitions, they have been completed, meaning you have been given all of those teachings now,

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which is why it has been said that after this verse, nothing about what is lawful and what is unlawful, it was revealed that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam died soon after this it was revealed.

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So [email protected] Dena con, well, it's not too early come near Mati, and I have completed my blessing upon you which blessing,

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the blessing of the deed. So how has this blessing been completed?

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By the perfection of

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what led to local Islam Medina and I have approved for you Islam as religion, what does it mean?

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That the only religion I have chosen for you I like for you, I will accept from you is what? Islam. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has taught this religion to us.

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