15 Rewards for Voluntary Fasting

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of fasting, including increasing productivity and achieving a sense of peace. They also emphasize the importance of the use of fasting for achieving personal and professional goals, including achieving a sense of spiritual health. The speakers emphasize the benefits of fasting, including the ability to achieve personal and professional goals without sacrificing physical health.
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As salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi to cats everyone, I hope you all are well Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while Eddie he was like me he woman wala so I know that we are all getting into the habit of fasting during the night and after Ramadan And subhanAllah there are two times in which you can really make this habit a part of your life it is right after Ramadan and it is in the winter after Ramadan obviously because your body is used to it and inshallah Tada you're trying to get the reward of fasting some days of Shabbat in the winter because Allah subhanaw taala has made it that the days are short and the nights are long and that's why the Companions used to

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call the winter the spoils of the believers because you have easy fasting easy beyond the light and and the reward is just the same in sha Allah to Allah. So these are two timings in which a person can really pick up this habit and I wanted to capitalize on this particular timing bid in the night data and I wanted to compile 15 benefits 15 rewards for Nephal cm for voluntary fasting and inshallah Tada I'm going to try to run through these in a way that hopefully you all can benefit from within Atana and will encourage you to really keep on going inshallah Tada. So number one is that it's sunnah, and that should be enough. It is the way of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam, and the way of the righteous that came before us, when ALLAH SubhanA wa says in the Quran cootie Beranek mausoleum Oh, can I put Eva Anna Lavina in publikum la isla Cortez upon fasting has been prescribed upon you the way it was prescribed on those who came before you so that you may gain God consciousness piety, Taqwa. And the beauty of that is that Allah subhanaw taala made it federal on the OMA made it mandatory for the OMA just as he made it fuddled, mandatory for the owners that came before so that you could have this bare minimum of piety, but as their element say, the mark of the righteousness of the of the prophets that came before the prophets of those nations, and the

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best of those nations was their slum and their PM, their fasting and their prayer. And so you want to go to the next level and not just be amongst those who have Taqwa. But those who have axon, those who have excellence, and the prophets of Allah who are used to them, describe to us there with it his Salam, and of the marks of his righteousness. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that the best fasting is the fasting of the Buddha. And he said, I'm counting assumable, Yeoman. Well, you'll Fleagle yolmer He used to fast one day and then break his fast the next day, so use the fast alternate days it his thoughts was set up, and our beloved messenger Salallahu Salam used to fast

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Mondays and Thursdays. And he used to fast the middle three days of the month that are known as a yam and below the white days because the moon is fullest on the 13th 14th and 15th of every lunar month, or whatever, all the allotted time and who says I will sign the Halevi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on behalf that my beloved one advised me with three things sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said Bisley Amirtha 30 Am and when Cooley SHA two fast three days of every month, what are karte aloha and to pray the to rock as of Doha, we're an otira cobbler an adequate and for me to pray Witter before I sleep so the Prophet slice that I'm used to advise the companions to increase their

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fasting. Some of the companions like Bhutan handled the low on who would fast everyday even except for the two reads and that is the exception. Otherwise the prophets like Selim said, the best fasting is up to the fasting of the Buddha and he has Salam, a fasting alternate days And subhanAllah I've actually met people in my own life, that practice practice this May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to aspire the way that these amazing people aspire. So that's the first benefit the first reward. It's sunnah you're following the way of the prophets like Selim, and you're following the way of the prophets and the most righteous of the nations that came before you, all of whom had

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some level of prescribed fasting. Number two, your day starts with Allah and the angel sending their prayers upon you. And subhanAllah This is a beautiful narration because it's before you even start your fasting. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in hola hola Mala aka to hold your Salah Luna eyelid mateesah headin that Verily, Allah and His angels prey upon those who eat So who are those people of Soho? So imagine Subhanallah you're starting your day and before you've even started your fast, Allah and the angels are sending prayers upon you as you are eating to prepare yourself for the day of fasting. So your day starts off with Allah and the angels preying upon you. That's

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number two. Number three, your date ends with an accent

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Do the prophets of Allah it was mentioned that of the categories of people that have their Darat answered, He said the fasting person until they break their fast. And in one NARRATION The Prophets by sunset in Allah saw me are in the filthy, he led our turn not to write, that Verily, the fasting person at the time of breaking their fast has a drought that will not be rejected. And there's so much beauty in this narration Subhanallah of them is that, you know, usually when you look at the times in which drought is answered, it has to do with things that are completely out of your control, like the rain, for example, you can't control when it rains, but it's a time in which that

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I'm at the mercy of Allah is descending. And so the prophets lie some advises us to make sure at that time, travel is somewhat in your control, but it's not something that you do for the sake of it. Fasting is a condition that you choose when you want to choose. And at that time your draft is answered and particularly the Prophet spice I mentioned. At the end of the day, when you are most tired, when you are most broken, when you're most vulnerable. And you've made that greatest sacrifice for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala your day ends with an accepted draft. So it starts with Allah and the angels preying upon you. And then it ends with you praying to Allah subhanaw

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taala within accepted prayer. Number four, even your breath is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala now we want to be in a state in which everything that we do and that we say is Lulu is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and when the breath of the fasting person is described as being pleasing to Allah, that's without vicar even without the remembrance of Allah. What then of the One Who beautifies their breath with vicar, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Well, let enough so Mohammed and Salallahu Alaihe Salam be a de la Hulu femicide out via war in the law, human reality and real risk, he says all along so now I swear by the one in whose hand is my soul, the smell that comes

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from the mouth of the fasting person is more pleasant in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala on the day of judgment than the scent of musk. So if your breath is pleasing to Allah, what about the rest of you Subhanallah number five,

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you meet Allah with a lifetime of fasting, a lifetime of pleasing Him. The Prophet SAW Selim mentioned to us famously, obviously, that whoever fastened on the lawn and then follows it with six days of show what it says if they fasted the entire year, and he gave us the logic sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that, you know, fasting one month is like 10 months because the minimum of a good deed is times 10. And so adding six days to that is like fasting two months, and a person will have two months with Allah subhanaw taala. So two plus 10 gives them an entire year. So in another narration, the prophesy some said whoever fast three days of the month Kanika Slee AMI data, it says if they

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have fasted an entire lifetime, the logic of that that the scholars mentioned here is that this is any three days, any three days, so you could choose to fast, the three days in the middle of the month, and that's the best, or you could choose to fast Monday and Thursday and that is blessed and beautiful. Or you could choose to fast any three days of the month. And that is something in short, lots out of that will yield you incredible rewards with ALLAH SubhanA what's at and you meet Allah as if you fasted your entire life. So not only is your breath pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala Imagine meeting ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and your entire lifetime has a fasting tag on it. So your

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entire lifetime is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. Number six, fasting is good for your health. There's the famous narration sumo plus the hill, fast and you will be healthy. Now the Hadith has a weakness in it in terms of its chain, but its meaning its Sahara, its meaning is certainly authentic, that the prophets lie Selim, anything He tells us to do is good for us in every single way. And so a person who fast also does what is good for their health and you think about the things that are coming out now about intermittent fasting and people that slow down their appetite and discipline their appetite, and how you lose gratitude, for blessings in front of you the blessing of

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your food in front of you, as well as the blessing of your health when you're constantly in consumption mode and the prophets I seldom used to warn us against over consumption. So when we fast we discipline our diets and inshallah to add our health improves as well. And this is a benefit number seven fasting disciplines your desires, the prophets I sent him when he said Oh young people if you're able to get married, then do so. And if you're not able to get married, then he said a person should fast men numb your stutter for either Hebrew song for inner hula hula Weijia

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because if you fast it will certainly restrain your desires, it will discipline your desires. And so the scholars say that fasting teaches us cool what to Iraida the strength of willpower, the strength of disciplining our desires. And if we're able to discipline our desires, then we're able to channel them in ways that are pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala rather than have them go towards that which is displeasing, and leads us to destruction. So a person learns willpower and they learn to discipline their desires. Number eight, fasting protects you from sin. There's a reason why takla is mentioned as the yield of fasting. Taqwa is an awareness of Allah subhanaw taala that prevents you

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from getting stuck in into sin or getting pricked by sin. Fact The Sahaba described it as a person walking between thorns and making sure that they're not correct. Taqwa comes from the word we hire, which means armor. So some people's telkwa is thin, sometimes it's thick, but it puts a barrier between you and sin. Now fasting in particular, the prophets license at a sawmill junuh. Fasting is an added layer of protection. So if you think of it, it's an added coat of armor. Taqwa is instinctive. It's something that gives you a sense of awareness of Allah subhanaw taala. Whether you have an extra layer of armor on or not, fasting is that extra layer of armor that allows you to

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become so protected from the sin that even when the armor is not there, the Tuckwell will protect you instead. And in one NARRATION The Prophet sighs I mentioned a psalm Juna that fasting is an added shield. And he said for either Canada Yom or sold me a hottie calm so if one of you as fasting fellow, your fourth Yama, even what yes have done do not use obscene language, Do not raise your voice. And if someone approaches you in a way that is not good, then say I'm fasting a person should say I'm fasting. Here's Subhanallah fasting becomes a shield from the sins of the tongue, because the tongue leads a person to hellfire more than anything else. So when fasting makes you more aware

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of what you are saying, the sins of the tongue, then it's a protective barrier from that. It's also a protective barrier, a shield from your arrogance because when the Prophet sighs I was talking about how to respond to someone that approaches you in a harmful way. The messenger sign some is giving you a protective barrier from your arrogance and so if it protects you from the sins of the tongue, and it protects you from the sins of the ego, what is fasting not a shield from and so the scholars say it's a shield from your sins. It's a protection from your sentence number nine, it's a shield from the fire itself from the fire itself. In terms of the reward that it yields, the profit

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slice and I'm sad Asli I'm Jun Neto Mina na K Jun naughty hottie communal kita that fasting is a shield from the hellfire, just like you carry a shield in battle. So it protects you from the sins that lead you to the fire and it protects you from the fire itself. Number 10. It puts a distance between you and the hellfire. This is Subhanallah one of the most powerful a hadith in this regard caught us on the law when he was salam. Min sama Yeoman visa vie de la he isodiol Barra de la Hajj Holman, Johanna Sabrina, whoever fast one day for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Allah removes their face from the Hellfire by 70 years he said another narration said they're in a hurry for 70

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Falls and another narration the Prophet slice and I'm said by 100 Duck, the distance of witches 100 years so a ditch is put between you and hellfire the distance of 100 years and what does Allah tell us in the Quran from and Zurich is Johan and naughty, will O'Donnell Jennifer Cathars whoever is dragged away from the hellfire and entered into paradise. That person has succeeded. Imagine every single time you fast every day you fast a ditch between you and hellfire have a journey of 100 years So what then have a person that fast? Three days a month are fast Mondays and Thursdays and even more than that? Number 11. It is an intercessor for you on the Day of Judgment, the profit slice and

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I'm set Asli Yama will Quran Yeshua needle Abdi Yeoman, Kiana your chorus Liam a rugby manner to Tom was shouty but now Pasha fair and aefi The Prophet size to them said that fasting and the Quran are intercessors for the servant of Allah for the slave of Allah on the Day of Judgment. Fasting says, Oh my lord, I prohibited him from food and from his desires during the day. So allow me to intercede for him and the Quran says manner to Noma be late for suffer any fee. I start

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have Tim from sleeping at night. So let me be an intercessor for him. And Allah subhanaw taala allows both of them to intercede on your behalf. So it comes Subhanallah in the form of a person an intercessor when would you need an intercessor more than that day Subhan Allah in the form of a beautiful person and argues on your behalf with ALLAH SubhanA hota out of the Most Merciful number 12 A special gate in Jannah for you. And I know we've spoken about this, but I want you to pay attention to the narration and specific here and look at how beautiful it is particularly for the fasting person. The prophets license that ineffable Jannetty bourbon you can't do the whole Rayyan

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yet Holloman Husa Emona, Yeoman ki Amity la yet Hulu marathon ahead on viral home that there is a gate of paradise that is for the fasting people known as Allah Yan endless drinks, waterfalls, rivers, for those that used to prohibit themselves from drinking during the day. And the prophets lie. Some said no one will enter into that gate of paradise except for those who distinguished themselves by fasting, you will call Aner saw him on an assignment, it will be called out on the Day of Judgment, where are the fasting people where are the fasting people, and then they will be escorted to this gate, they will enter into it and no one will enter after them. These are not the

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people of just Ramadan. These are the people that were distinguished by their Seon distinguished by their fasting, both in terms of quantity, as well as quality may Allah make us amongst them and may Allah allow us to be called not just from a raeanne but from all of the gates of paradise on the day of judgment Allah him I mean, number 13 Your deeds are presented to Allah while he is pleased with you. The Prophet slicin said that on Mondays and Thursdays the deeds are presented to Allah and in the middle of the month. And he said that will hibel and your other family will aniseh And I love that my deeds are presented to Allah, while I am in a state of fasting Subhan Allah, imagine as your

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deeds are going up to Allah, you're in the most blessed state that is known to him. And Allah is pleased with your breath, one of the deeds that are ascending to Allah subhanaw taala while you're in a state of fasting, so that's number 13. Number 14. This is the deed that Allah rewards more than 700 times. And before we get to the specific narration here, you know, Allah refers to fasting in the Quran as a sub was the you know, the summary was salah, seek help with your patients and with your prayer. And the word sober here is referring to fasting. So fasting is literally called the practice of patients and what does the law say about the patient in the mail you offer sabe to an

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agile home, the lady hisab Verily, Allah will reward the patient without any calculation without any restriction. The reward for the patient is vast, and it is expensive. And Allah subhanaw taala says in the Hadith kotse about fasting Kulu Amma Livni, Adam, you waffle, Al Hassan a to Asheville and 30 ha de la severini At birth, that every one of the good deeds of the child of Adam is going to be rewarded by 10 up to 700. God Allah who is diligent in last song, Allah then said except for fasting for inner who Lee, what Anna, Zb, that verily fasting is for me, and I reward accordingly. So Subhanallah fasting is a special deed that is rewarded beyond 700 times Allah says this one is for

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me to specifically reward you on the Day of Judgment. Lastly, the Hadith of the Prophet slice alum. This saw me far Hatton, Farhatullah and the fifth three or four headstone and the reply, rob the, you break your fast with Allah for the you know, subhanAllah if you think about this benefit, it's greater than all the other benefits. You break your fast with Allah number 15. For the fasting person, the Prophet's life and I'm sad is to Joy's the joy when you break your fast and the joy when you meet your LORD with the fast what better than to meet Allah with the deed that is so pleasing to Him, that He has not even quantified it for you yet, and we are so afraid of meeting Allah subhanaw

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taala while he's displeased with us, what about a person who remains in that state of pleasing Allah with this deed, and looks forward to meeting Allah subhanaw taala with a meeting that has been described with joy by the prophets, I send them What better way to break the fast of this dunya with Allah subhanaw taala and the aphylla What better way to meet Allah subhanaw taala so these are 15 benefits tremendous rewards your brothers and sisters hold fast to this habit of fasting and encourage others to do so as well in sha Allah to Anna just like in Ramadan you know we look around and others are fasting, try to get other people involved as well inshallah Tada and fast if you can

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Even if it's just three days a month, and it says if you fasted a lifetime, does that mean oh Hydra was salam? Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh