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AI: Summary © A speaker discusses two recent examples of people embracing Islam, one of which is a famous chef and the other is a Christian heaven. They encourage people to share their experiences and ways of helping their neighbors, particularly those living in the West. They also ask people to reach out to their neighbors to find ways to serve the community and share the message of Islam.
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hamdulillah brothers and sisters,

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recently, I just heard about two people who recently embraced Islam, who were quite high profile figures. One is the son of a famous celebrity chef, here in Britain, who happened to be in prison. And then hamdulillah while he was in prison, he, he learned about Islam, Mashallah. And another is actually a

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Christian priest in America, who recently embraced Islam, and he talked about it on the internet, you know, about his journey. And subhanAllah, it really got me thinking Subhan, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala has given us such a great opportunity here, especially those of us who are living in the West, to share the message of Islam with people. And there are people out there crying out to hear that message. So I wanted to ask you, and I wanted to reflect within myself as well. Are we doing everything we can to reach out to our neighbors to be the embodiment, and the role model that we should be the embodiment of our deen, that we should be? Do we even know what our neighbors are

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doing? Are they okay? So I wanted to encourage you and remind myself that Subhan Allah, we have a huge responsibility as Muslims in the West, as Western Muslims, British Muslims, to reach out to know what our neighbors are suffering from what's going on in their lives, to find causes and things that we could help out in, in our communities, right? Because these communities are our communities, whatever affects the wider community affects us affects our children. So Let's all make more of an effort to not be in our own little echo chambers, to not just, you know, be happy with our own little homes and our own little communities and families, but to actually reach out and find ways of

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serving the community, and also of sharing the message of Islam. When was the last time you shared some information, some beautiful aspects of Islam with somebody else? So these are some of the reflections that I was having and I wanted to share with you