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One of the said main objectives actually of fasting is the next question.

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what I understand is the fear of Allah or the being aware of Allah. But could you explain this concept the concept of Aqua so the viewers will be able to take maximum benefit from that information that they could fast better as far as the quest concern. Just to give an example. taqwa is like if you're walking in a very narrow lane, which has got a lot of thorns that are plants, and creepers and trees, with a lot of thorns, and you walk in that narrow lane, trying to prevent your clothes from getting stuck in the lawn and getting tone. So how well you do that. That is an action of taqwa.

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linguistically, taqwa comes from the Arabic root word waka, which means forbearance, which means fear, which means abstinence. islamically it means you're of Allah islamically taqwa is the state of the heart

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of a human being.

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And the consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the consciousness of his presence and of his knowledge, which makes him do

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the righteous deeds

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and it prevents him from doing things which are Haram. And mixing bias, that if you translate one word people translate as God consciousness or Allah consciousness is translated as piety. It's translated as righteousness in short, and Pecola.

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Actually, as the blood pressure said, it is a shield.

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And takua is the shield which prevents you from the Hellfire

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and it prevents you from the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And there are various verses Quran

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which speak about taqwa Allah says in the Quran

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in surah elimine.

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Chapter number three was the 102 Yeah, and you can listen or you believe have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala and die not except in the state of Islam. That means the believers should fear Allah subhanaw taala and die not except in the state of Islam. And if no Massoud Bella up the Tim, while giving commentary of the verse, he says, it means that the believers have to obey Allah subhanaw taala should not disobey Him.

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They have to remember him they should not forget him. They should be thankful to him and they should not be ungrateful.

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the criteria for judgment in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala for judging any human being is taqwa. And Allah says in the Quran in surah, chapter number 49 was number 13.

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Yeah, you and nasil in Accra, Ghana, means Akron Sava, Jana schoenbaum acaba de la Lita in Metro Manila, in the La La Mancha B, which means for humankind, we have created you from a single pair of male and female, and have divided you into nations and tribes so that you shall recognize each other not that you shall despise each other, and the most honored

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in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala is the person who has taqwa, the criteria for judgment, in sight of Allah subhanaw taala. It's not sex. It's not color. It's not cast. It's not money. It's not wealth. It's not age, but it is taqwa It is God consciousness, it is piety, it is righteousness. Only way one human being can be superior to the other. It is by law.

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And our beloved prophet masala salam, he's to always encourage the Saba and he always give guidance to his companions that they should increase in tequila. And especially when they went on a military expedition, you always said that fear Allah, have Taqwa and that was followed later on by the sahabas, giving advice and the whole ferocity and we also have added of teratoma and obesity. If you don't listen Abdullah, millipedes of him that have Taqwa

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and fear Allah and he said you fear Allah and he will protect you have Taqwa of Allah and he will protect you. And He further said, that, if you give

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in the will of Allah, Allah will reward you. And if you thank Allah, He will increase. You have realized that there are many verses in the Quran, which Allah gives us guidance about. For example, Allah says that the Kaaba is the criteria

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for a person to acquire he

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And a lot to accept your deeds. Allah says in the Quran in surah Isaiah, chapter 33, verse number 1771. Yeah you listen or you believe

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have Taqwa of Allah,

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Allah and those who obey Allah and His Messenger, they are the people who will achieve a greater award would have reached a higher achievement.

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Unlike a similar message

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instead of either chap number five was number 27. Bella says that Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts the acts of those who do the federal law. That means Allah subhanaw taala accepts the deeds of the people who have Taqwa.

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Point number two, those people who have Taqwa they gained pleasure and love of Allah subhanaw taala.

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As Allah says,

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In Surah whodrug chapter 14 verse number 13.

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That the most honorable in the sight of Allah is the person who has taqwa.

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Allah says in the Quran

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in surah, number one, chapter number three Muslim 76. Whoever fulfills his pledge, and has stuck when Allah subhanaw taala Indeed, Allah loves those to whom Allah loves those who have Taqwa.

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The third point is the quest concern.

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Unless it's in the Quran, that because of taqwa Allah subhanaw taala forgives the sins and increase your award.

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Allah says in the Quran. In surah tala. Chapter number 65 was number five. that anyone who fulfills this duty and has taqwa Allah subhanaw taala forgives the sins, He remits his sins and increases reward.

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The fourth point mentioned the current regarding tech wise, those who have Taqwa Allah keeps them on the state path and prevents them from deviation.

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran

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in surah infile

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chapter number eight was number 49. Yeah, you will as a nominee or you believe have Taqwa and Allah will give you the furqan for God means the criteria to judge right from wrong. And there are various communities given some people said that forgotten here means the straight path. Some people of the community said that for companies paradise.

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So if you have Taqwa, then you will go to Paradise for this mentioned in the Quran, Allah says in the Quran in surah. Haddad chapter 57. Muslims are indeed that those who have Taqwa and those who believe in the messenger Allah subhanaw taala gives them a light by which that guided so taqwa keeps you on the straight path and prevents you from deviation.

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How to achieve this taqwa.

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Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Baqarah. Ciao, chapter number two was number 21. Yeah, humaneness or humankind. Worship thy Lord, who has created you and created those people who came before you so that you may learn.

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So if you worship your Lord was created you and people who came before you, you will learn to Allah. Allah says no Quran in surah baqarah chapter two verse 23. Yeah, you will listen or you believe Kabbalah Sam, fasting has been prescribed to you

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come up with a lesson amicably come, as it was prescribed to people looking before you look at the cone, so that you may learn self restraint, the word yet that akun so that you may learn.

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So here there are two examples given how can you learn the one One example is that worship Allah subhanaw taala and we know Salah is the best pillar. That Muslim is supposed to offer Salah.

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He has to pray to Allah Spano for five times a day.

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And this keeps him on the straight path. And this includes taqwa. And the second thing, one is the daily activity. And Ramadan fasting is the annual activity, like how a body requires overhauling. Once every year, every machine requires servicing, some require once a month, some require quarterly, some require early and if you allow me to call the human being a machine, it is the most complicated machine on the earth. Don't you think requests everything for a man is the overhauling in the sourcing of the human body, body as well as soul once a year during the month of Ramadan. And this increases the taqwa it increases the God consciousness righteousness piety as we discussed in

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all these days, and Allah to give an example.

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There was the Sahaba

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men plan was coming makos to be very hot. So he is traveling towards TIFF just a couple of days before

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None. And there's a Bedouin, who's traveling the opposite direction from death to Makkah to this Sebastian, that aren't too afraid of the heat in Macedonia man. So he says, I am running away from the hellfire. That was taqwa. So that gives an example of taqwa, who is most righteous. Allah says in Surah chapter number 22 was the motto, we will honor the symbols of Allah subhanaw taala. He is the person who

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Allah further says in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was number 204, that you may be dazzled with some people speech. And they may swear by Allah subhanho wa Taala, that the heart is clean. But Allah knows there's these people, they're vicious enemies of humankind. Allah says in the Quran, talking about Ali as the French philosopher note Allah. Allah says in Surah Yunus chapter number 10 was the most 6363 that those people who have Taqwa are the people who are all yours of Allah subhanaw taala, holy needs a friend of Allah subhanaw taala that meet those people who have tocopheryl last minute Allah, Allah Allah subhanaw taala These are the people who are all ears of

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Allah subhanaw taala Allah further says in chapter eight verse number 34, Allah says, but most of them realize not. So these are the few verses and many other verses which Allah mother speaks about.

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Me Allah enabled us to be with full taqwa this Ramadan, Allah, all of us in Sharla