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right now and you got to sit at home that is a great, that's a six already find that much longer than you

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got to do with your smaller brother. When you see his sister be something you look, you look at them and you see right through them. You say I know what to do. I think I've done it before. I know what you're trying to get away with. Right? I have an older boy, he sometimes oops and his younger brother and he says he says when's your iPad?

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To give in your your lifetime? So you see right through it. Now why is that is because you were there once you and I can go along?

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Today you think you know everything but no, the people who are 20 years old, know better than you. And when you're 20 You'll see that the people who are 25 or 30 more experienced than you and you will become a lot more smarter with yourself. When you get to that age. The people who are 1450 They've got a lot more experience. So please, always listen and try and learn from the experience of your parents, your guardians, your extended family and from your teachers.

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