Wisdom Ties It All Together Ep 4 – Hikmah in the Quran Dhul Hijjah Series

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AI: Summary © The importance of following the truth in Islam is discussed, including the use of hikma, a belief in the afterlife of Islam, and the pursuit of hikma, which is the fruit of teachings from Jesus Christ. The pursuit of hikma is part of the pursuit of spiritual and moral principles, including the belief in the afterlife of Islam. The difficulty of understanding non-M pizzas and the potential for dogs to become hot are also discussed, and students are encouraged to join a journey on the Bible to learn the principles and end their day.
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This is the opposite of what we're told nowadays. Follow your heart. Follow your feelings, your follow your truth, your truth changes from one hour to the next, depending on whether the aircon is working or not. Right so, so but follow your truth is the opposite of following hikma. hikma means I've made a decision to follow something whether it gets easier, it gets difficult, I'm sticking with it.

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This new short series is based on the findings of Dr. Zakir Hussain in his PhD thesis wisdom in the Quran, which was summarized and presented by iostat doorman in front of a live audience, the link to the full paper is in the description.

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I want to start by saying I felt the need to do this lecture series because I think this is one of the most fundamental teachings of Islam that is not focused on. We're not We're not emphasizing this teaching. And by the end of this program tonight, I'm hoping you realize the value and the importance of hikma and why it's like I said at the beginning yesterday, why it's not some additional nice to have kind of thing, some additional, extra curricular thing in the study of Islam. It's actually something that binds all of the teachings of Islam together. The word hikma is associated as a verb with gum gum means stitching together, or tightening together. Remember, I told

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you about the jawbone yesterday, that holds the face together. This is the same way Allah says about the Quran, or keymaps IR two from the same origin, the ayat of the Quran were stitched together. So you have to look at the ayat of the Quran is bound together in common Arabic means you take a rope and you tighten it, you tighten it and something that is well secure is something that is more stuck gum. It's more stack gun. And from it comes the idea of even the word hokum which means to make a verdict that's very well thought out. And from it comes the idea also of wisdom, which is based on knowledge and thinking that is secure it's well thought through. It's not just a feeling you had and

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you just decided to do it. This is the opposite of what we're told nowadays. Follow your heart. Follow your feelings, your follow your truth, your truth changes from one hour to the next, depending on whether the aircon is working or not. Right so so but follow your truth is the opposite of following hikma. hikma means I've made a decision to follow something whether it gets easier, it gets difficult, I'm sticking with it, because I have this secure mind made up to follow through. The reason I'm bringing this up in the introduction again, is in the Quran. Something I won't get to talk to you about in detail, but it's there in my lectures on Soto Juma is that 1000s of years ago,

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Ibrahim alayhis salam finished building the Kaaba. And when he finished building the Kaaba, he made a dua alongside his son is smile. And he prayed that people should come to this house, and they should worship this house that's been built for the worship of one true God. And then he prayed that from their children meaning the children of Ibrahim and his smiling, Ya Allah raise one Messenger from among our children from the line of a smarty because Ibrahim Ali Salam has another child also is Huck and he has his heart because yaku br goob has Yousuf and so on and so on and so on profits, profits, profits, profits. On the other side, he has Ibrahim has a son named Smiley's Sudan and he

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says Ya Allah send one messenger among these my children from this line. What will he do? Yet lo Allah him i Attica, he will read your Ayat on to you, while you Ali Mohammed Al Kitab al Hikmah, and he will teach them the book. And what did you hear? And wisdom and hikma? Ibrahim alayhi salam 1000s of years ago, after going through all the tests that he went through every test of the will and Allah told him, I am making you an imam over people. I'm making you a leader. He passes the hardest test at any prophet has ever given. And then Allah rewards him by giving him the responsibility of building the Kaaba. Then he asked Allah Ya Allah make this a place where everybody can come, the

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people that live here, make them safe, provide for them. Allah says No, I won't. Some of your children will not be believers and I'm not gonna give them I'm not guaranteeing anything for your bad kids. Now you can do it the volume in then Abraham Ellison, even though he did so much. Now he asked Allah DUA and Allah said, I'm only accepting it partially, not fully. Then Ibrahim alayhi salam makes another doll. Right. And so he quote, he changes his dog a little bit, right? And he as he adjusts his da, he finally gets to the final version of that dog which Allah then accepts

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And that accepted to I was ya allah among my children. Give them a messenger who will read your ayat, teach them the Book and the wisdom and He will purify them. And he 1000s of years ago, Allah accepted that door for him that finally a prophet will come, that will teach his people the book and wisdom. The reason Ibrahim either his Salam is important to us than wisdom is important to us. You understand? This is a religion of the book and the Wisdom. It's what it's what's carried from that time that that die is echoed and then it's coming to our messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam. And Allah says Allah did a favor on the believers naka de mon Allah Who are the meaning is Bertha fie him

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Rasool Amin and fusi him when he raised a Messenger from among them yet no either him it will use a key him or you Ali Mohammed githaba While hikma he recites the ayat to them, he purifies them, he teaches them the law, he teaches them wisdom, meaning Allah answered the prayer of Ibrahim alayhi salam by sending Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam Okay, so the reason I wanted to tell you that is there's four things the prophet does yet Luanda, he Marathi, he recites the ayat will use a key me purifies them when you are leaving home. Well, Kitabi teaches the law. Well, well, heck mine he teaches wisdom. What's the last item? What's the fourth item? Wisdom. It's as if wisdom is

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the thing that ties everything else together. It's like, you know, you put bricks together, but the bricks cannot stay together until you put cement in between the cement that holds the entire religion together is actually hikma. hikma is the thing that binds in its meaning is to secure something and bind something. And if we don't pay attention to hikma than the other parts of our religion, they start falling apart. And some people hold on to this brick. Some people hold on to that and brick some people hold on to that brick you understand? And what happens in the religion then some people just recite the ayat. They just recite the ayat. They don't have anything else to

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do with the religion. Other people say no, I just want to purify myself. I want to purify my heart. That's all I care about. I don't care about anything else. My heart, my heart and my heart. Other people say no, you have to learn Fick, you have to learn the law. That's all this religion all it is, is the rules. You just have to know the rules. So what happens people pick one piece, people think another piece people think another piece and what is hiccup I do, it

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brings them together and it binds them and you you create the perfect balance between all of the teachings of the religion. That's why Heckman is so important. And you can feel if you observe what's happening in the way that we carried out our religion, the way you observe their Islam around the world, may Allah protect all of the Muslims and guide all of us. You know, you can feel how disconnected the religion became how we started holding on to pieces of it. Some people this peace some people that piece, some people that piece, and it became this disjointed thing. And then you start realizing maybe the thing missing is a is a conversation and a re revived awareness of hikma.

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Now, that's the introductory comment. Now I'm gonna get to something that I talked to you about yesterday. Without it, he said um, and briefly would look mine will be Allahu Anhu. I'm not going to go into detail about them. Because my plan is when I do a deeper look, study of sort of dogma and deeper look, study of solid solid. When I talk about hikma when I talk about, you know, look, Mandel the law, and then I'll talk about them in more detail. But the things I want you to know for this discussion are as follows. From the old we learned, and I said, um, that you have to think about life experience seriously, you have to learn from what happened in your life. And you have to

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observe the world, you have to know what's going on in the world. If he didn't observe what was going on in the world, he would never have been able to say we're in NACA, Philomela Culatta Yummly Brambleton. Baba, he wouldn't be able to say that it's his observation of the world around him. So we the what does that mean for us? It's not really when somebody says I take my Islam very seriously. It doesn't just mean I'm gonna pick up Islamic books and learn Islamic books are I'm gonna study Tajweed I'm gonna memorize the Quran. That's Islam too. That's a pursuit of wisdom also, but you know, what's equally a pursuit of wisdom together with that sociology, political science,

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history, anthropology, global economics, international relations, all that stuff, law, ethics, all the psychology counseling. All these fields now become part of the pursuit of hikma. You see that? So this is pretty serious because people say, oh, I want to study Dean, I don't want to study duniya that statement is lacking in hikma and is lacking in an understanding of the definition of hikma in the Quran. Okay, so that's one. The second is contemplating spiritual and moral principles. That's in the teachings of Lookman. What Allah has taught us

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through the story of Lachman, a person can think deeply, and they will realize there is such a thing as a god. And one must be grateful to that God, there is such a thing as an afterlife. And everything I do has consequences, and I should treat people the right way. These basic ideas are not coming from Revelation. It's such a truth that is inside every human being. And if they really deeply look within themselves and the world around them and contemplate, spiritually contemplate, they will arrive at that conclusion. You know, a lot of times there are Muslims or non Muslims who arrive at these conclusions. Like look, man did, he wasn't exposed to Revelation, and he arrived at

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these conclusions. This look man is almost like Allah celebrating people that are officially non Muslim, but they have refigured Islam out without ever meeting a prophet. Right? That's what the Quran has done here. It's pretty amazing. So Allah is saying, there are people in the world that can find out about Allah, they can find out that there is something called a judgement a, I know I need to be treating people the right way. They've reached that basic level of wisdom on their own, without any revelation. And a lot of those people, you know what happens with them, we find out about them that when they heard about Islam, or they read the Quran, or they studied a little bit,

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they become Muslim. And when they become Muslim, if you serve in interview hundreds of them, 1000s of them one of the common things you will find among them as they say it felt like something I already knew.

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They say it felt like it's that it wasn't something new, it was already something inside me. And it just like, oh, this is what I believed all along. You know, in the Quran literally says about some Christians who when they heard about Islam, and they started crying, they heard the Quran and they started crying, and they became Muslim. But what they said is so fascinating. They said in condemning, probably he Muslim mean, we will already Muslim before this, we just, it's as if they're saying we didn't even know that, that we were Muslim before this. And this is a pretty important fact of the Quran because now I don't look at everybody in the world. As Oh, you see a Muslim Oh,

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Jana people, gender people, gender people. And then you see non Muslims in the grocery store or Janome, Janome Janome. Right. This guy is ready for the barbecue.

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I don't see that because I don't know where they are inside in their journey. I don't know where they are. That's with them and with Allah. So my concern about what's going to happen with this person or that person cuz a lot of people say that the man what's going to happen to all the non Muslims? Really, because on judgement day before Allah starts judging you, you can be like, exactly, exactly. What about all the non Muslims?

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Can you help me with that first, because I know it's pretty serious right now. And the mountains have melted and the oceans are boiling over and all that stuff, but I'm really concerned. This is my question. Can you help me with that? Also, I was wondering about dogs, what happens to dogs?

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Are they going to be hot

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dogs and anyway.

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So the point is, what is the Quran teaching us you don't know who's on a journey towards the wisdom that is actually endorsed by Allah Himself. You don't know that. So our religion made us humble to the journey of those who haven't outwardly accepted Islam yet. We don't even know about them. And it it made us humble towards them and even acknowledge that Allah can give them wisdom also, they can have wisdom also. And that's, that's kind of captured and encapsulated in the story of logline. Okay. I hope you guys enjoyed that video clip. My team and I have been working tirelessly to try to create as many resources for Muslims to give them first steps in understanding the Quran all the way

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