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Al-Anbiya 51-82 Word Analysis and Tafsir 61-70

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Although they set the people they said to one another, the discussion must have been going on Who did this? Who could have dared to do such an action? So they said amongst themselves, that Sameera now we heard photon, a young boy. We heard a young boy and remember the word father, was it applied to

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someone who was in his teens. So we heard a young boy, yes, Guru whom he mentioned them meaning used to talk about these idols. And remember that yes, it is to praise it is to remember it is to mention positively as well as negatively, just as the people of Makkah said a hacer la de la atoka.

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So similarly, the people of Brahim Hassan said he has Kuru home. He used to talk about them disapprovingly.

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That what did he say about the idols? He said to the people what aleida Aki then cinema converter and to alumawood believe. And you call Allah who it is said to him even on him It will he meaning His name is Ibrahim.

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So what happened? Oh, they said to be he then bring him either our union ness upon the eyes of people, or you is the plural of rain. Bring him before the eyes of people so that everyone can see him. Everyone can witness what is done to him, let alone your shadows so that they may bear witness. They may see how Ibrahim is dealt with, how we deal with him, how we punish him how we execute the punishment. let everyone see. Let this become an exemplary punishment for every single person so that no one dares to do such a thing to our idols ever again.

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And you see, this was the ultimate purpose of Ibrahim Edison, he wanted to convey the message to who to the entire nation.

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And when the people said Bring him before everyone, he had the chance to speak to every single person.

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So now what happened onto the set? When they brought him before everyone they said, and did you fall down? You did Heather this? Did you do this? We actually had dinner with our gods. Yeah. Abraham, Abraham. That Oh, Abraham, did you do this to our gods? Did you break them? Did you destroy them? Did you break them into small pieces? Allah? He said, Abraham Edison replied, but rather fire Allah who can be

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the largest of them. He did it have it this one?

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Meaning the largest of them. This great idol, the biggest idol that you see, he's still standing perfectly fine. He is the one who did it first alone. So ask them as to the broken idols. If this big idol does not speak, then ask these broken idols in Canyon tycoon if they can speak if they can talk.

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Now in reality, the biggest idol did not break the rest of the idols who broke the idols? Ibrahim Ernestina, but he says over here, but farla who Kabira Hamada

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Why does he say that?

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It's not that he is denying that he did anything like that. What he is doing is that he's trying to make the people understand. He's trying to make them use their mind is trying to wake their intellect. It is to wake them out of their heedlessness that Think about it. If you know that this idol cannot talk, if you know that this idol cannot move, then how can you say that it deserves worship?

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So he says belfair Allahu COVID. Home hadda first allume inconveniente home?

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If you notice, he says it's this big idol who did it? Generally what happens? You ask the criminal if the criminal if the guilty one does not give you a straight answer, then who do you ask

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the victim? So he says as this criminal if he does not speak and ask the victims if they can speak for Roger. So they returned ILA and force him to themselves for carlu. So they said in animals on the moon, indeed, all of you are wrongdoers. What does it mean by this follow Jerry, to see him.

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This has been understood in two ways that first of all, they return to themselves meaning to their uncle. They began thinking they began using their mind. They reflected upon what Ibrahim s&m had said, and they saw the unreasonableness of worshipping the lifeless idols. So for Roger Isla and

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For him, they return to themselves to their reason. And they got it. They understood, and they said in antimalware anymore.

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This is so wrong what you've been doing, you worship these idols, the ones that you've made yourself, who cannot even defend themselves, who cannot even save themselves who cannot even speak.

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Secondly, followed your emphasis has been understood as they return to one another to each other, meaning they began discussing this matter amongst themselves.

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And they unanimously agreed that in optimal volume on that in worshipping the idols you have been wrong in setting partners with Allah, in worshipping these lifeless objects, you have certainly been wrong. You're blaming Ibrahim, but you yourself are at fault.

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So we see that they understood when Ibrahim or listen I'm sure to them, they understood. And this was exactly what Ibrahim said I wanted. He compelled them to think he compelled them to use their mind.

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You personally wonder that was it really right, for Ibrahim realism to go and break their idols? Because you would think that if it's somebody else's property, we're not allowed to go and abuse it, we're not allowed to go and destroy it. We're not allowed to go even touch it. So why did Abraham Madison go and break their idols?

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It was because he wanted them to think when he would speak to them, what would they say? This is just what our forefathers have been doing? This is our way this is our practice. We don't do anything else. But this. This is our religion. And we do not question

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Typically, this is what happens, right? People who are following a particular way of life, a particular religion, when their children question, what do they say? Don't question don't ask, just do it. This is what we're supposed to do.

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So over here, I said I wanted them to use the reason he wanted them to use their mind. And he had to do something as drastic as this to compel them to think, to make them realize because otherwise, they weren't willing to think about it. They weren't willing to question their faith.

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So when the idols were laying broken in front of them, and when they realized this cannot talk, this cannot speak, it cannot do anything to itself. They understood that in the animal's life anymore, they realized their mistake.

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But it was only for a little while that they understood their mistake. Very soon, some new keys who are allowed to see him, then they reverse themselves Nuki so I allowed to see him they reversed upon their heads, Newcastle, it's from the reflectors noon calf scene. And next is to turn around.

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What does it mean to turn around and the same route looks with Obama on the noon looks is to be head down and feet up.

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When a person is standing upside down with his head down and his feet up in the air,

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so he has completely turned around. And figuratively this word is used for when someone has lost his mind when someone has lost his senses.

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It is a NACA, saburo cV, or na casa I love to see that he relapsed into the former state, he regressed he suffered from a relapse.

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I for example, a person is improving in his health. And then all of a sudden he eats something and he relapsed into the former state. Instead of progressing, he regresses

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progress has to go forward and regress has to go backwards. So nukus are allowed to see him is used in two ways. First of all, it means to lose one's mind that a person is not using his mind anymore, that a person is not using his reason anymore. He's not thinking straight anymore. Just imagine if your head is down and your feet are up. Are you really using a reason?

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If a person is trying to walk like that, if a person is trying to sit like that is using his reason at all? No, he's not.

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And secondly, it is also used for to regress to go backwards to relapse into the former state. So someone who kisara will see him, they relapsed, they went back to their former state what was your former state schicke belief in the divinity of the idols, love for them, supporting them, adoring them ruku for them.

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And secondly, they lost their minds. They understood the unreasonableness of worshipping idols but then again, they lost their minds. And they said law called certainly they said to Abraham, Lakota Island, you certainly know that Maha Shula Ian deikun these they do not speak

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You know very well that these idols cannot speak. So why are you telling us to ask them? It's certainly you who have broken these idols.

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But this is exactly what Ibrahim ITSM wanted them to admit that these idols do not speak. They do not have any power. So far he said, If I thought buena Abraham on Islam question then do you then worship men don't lie besides Allah Malayan farrakhan, what does not benefit you shayan anything at all? Well, I don't recall nor does it harm me.

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Are you worshiping besides Allah something that cannot benefit you even a little bit and cannot harm you even

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cannot benefit you meaning cannot bring you anything that you want any risk, any provision, knowledge, safety, security,

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life example, even at this point, if you wish to investigate who did this to your idols, then these idols tell you, can they give you any height? Can they give you any knowledge? Know

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when I overcome nor can they harm you? Meaning if you leave these idols broken as they are, can they harm you?

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If you abandon them, if you don't worship them, can they harm you? No, they cannot. So when you know they cannot speak Then why are you still persistent in their worship? Why are you so persistent in their worship? And he says, oh, fella, come look at how harsh in the sense that he becomes so severe in his address towards them.

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That orfila come off to you. While he matar bounnam in dunlea. And do what you worship instead of Allah FLR therapy don't do then you're not reason that what is wrong with you use your mind. Why are you worshipping these idols? Why do you adore them so much?

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Oh, Phil lebeau he says off to you. What does that mean?

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It's a Karima Carolla. It's a word. It's a statement that shows contempt that shows disgust. That when a person wants to express some disgust, or something, that he begins to hate something he's sick or something, he cannot take it anymore. When he cannot handle it anymore. He gets frustrated. What does he say? off? So often? Like what's wrong with you? Oh, felucca? Don't you get it? What's your problem? So it says over here, listen, I was getting frustrated with their behavior with they're not using their mind that don't you get in What's wrong with you? Or Fiddler calm? walima terrible. Don't I mean doing that? And that which you worship besides Flm therapy? Don't? Do you not

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use your mind that these idols do not deserve worship? Do you not use your mind and see the evil the unreasonableness of what you're doing?

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So he questions them. He shows the reality to them. He makes them use their mind. And then he also becomes a bit strict a bit firm in his speech. Because sometimes people don't get it. No matter what you tell them no matter what you show it to them. You have to become extremely direct with them. So Ibrahima has to now he says to them off Silicon Valley matar bounnam and dulay flf.

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Now what was the reaction of the people?

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What did they have left to say after this? Ibrahima Listen, I had so many evidences, he proved to them, they cannot speak, they cannot benefit they cannot harm. He proved to the people. He had so many evidences. But the people they had absolutely no evidence to support their false gods. And because they were defeated, in terms of evidence, this is why they resorted to irrational behavior. And what was that showing anger? threatening Ibrahim medicina, attempting to take his life away.

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This is the way of who the defeated

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those who have failed in terms of evidence.

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Because a person who has evidence a person who has the lel, what will he do? He will use the Delete and he will enjoy doing that.

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If somebody is arguing with you, if somebody is debating with you, and you know how to refute them, what will you enjoy doing yelling at them, slapping them or giving them the evidence, giving them the evidence. So the person who has the evidence that is what he will use, and a person who does not have any evidence who doesn't have any explanation, he resorts to showing anger, he resorts to using his hands, he resorts to displaying God. This is what he does.

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And this is exactly what the people did.

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ALU they set Henry who burn him, burn him, burn him to death. Put him through that by setting

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On fire by throwing him in fire. And this is one of the worst ways of killing someone burning him to death. So that had a clue. And they said, One pseudo early hacker can help your Gods support your gods in control fire alene, if you really want to do, meaning, if you really are going to do anything to support your gods to support your faith, then go ahead and pick up these gods go ahead and fix them help your gods. So they raise the cry of helping their gods. They raise the cry of supporting their faith, of taking retribution for their gods. And they became extremely aggressive in doing so that burned the one who has done this to our gods. And why did they become aggressive,

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because they were defeated. In terms of evidence, they had nothing left to say.

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You see, using aggression, using physical violence is much easier than using evidence in the sense that when you have to defeat someone, by giving them a proof by talking to them, by discussing matters with them, it becomes challenging. You have to use your mind, you have to expand your knowledge, you have to go and reflect you have to go and research.

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And if you just go and slap them, if you go and pick them. That's much easier.

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If you think about it, if you pass by a donkey, even if a donkey is upset, that donkey is angry, it'll take you it'll do that. So using aggression is something very easy. But who uses aggression? The one who does not wish to use his mind? The one who does not use his anger, the one who does not use his brain? This is why who is a person who is stronger. The one who can control his anger, or the one who can defeat the other in a physical fight? Who is the one who is stronger?

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The one who can control his anger, the one who uses his anger. So those who become aggressive are usually those who do not use the reason those who do not use your common sense.

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And this could be at home, this could be at work. This could be at the mall, this could be at the grocery store, this could be in a car accident, when do people become violent? When do people become abusive in their language, when they do not use their mind when they do not use their reason.

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And sometimes we see that on the smallest of things, people lose their temper. People become extremely furious, and they begin yelling at others who have not done any harm to them. Instead of accepting their fault, instead of thinking, Okay, what can we do to solve this problem, they'll become extremely harsh and rude. This is not the way of someone who uses their mind. If you disagree with someone, if you do not understand what they mean. One way is that you become very aggressive towards them, you begin shouting at them, you begin to yell at them. And the other is that you try to understand what they're saying. You try to understand what their problem is. And when you try to

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understand what their problem is, then you'll be able to deal with them in a better way. And if you start yelling, if you become aggressive, then it will not lead to any solution. And sometimes we see that little children, little children, infants, toddlers, even they are being treated with so much aggression. Like sometimes the mother cannot figure out why my child is not eating. He refuses to eat, hear a slap across the face, a little child and the child does not even know why he's being slapped. why he's being hit, why he's being yelled at the child has no idea.

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But a mother who is intelligent, what will she do? She will try to figure out what is the reason? Why is he not eating? Why is he behaving this way?

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So there is a clear difference between a person who becomes aggressive and a person who uses his mind. A person who uses his aka what differentiates the human being from the rest of the creatures is what the use of is.

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It's the use of his mind.

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So the people of Ibrahim medicina when they were defeated, in terms of evidence, when they refuse to use your mind Nuki Serato see you what happened. They became aggressive and they said kill him burn him

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in sorted uncouth, i a 24. We learn from Americana joab Acoma he Illa and calu aku a Henrico. And the answer of Ibrahim irridescent EMS people was not what they said, kill him or burn him. That's the only answer that they had. Just kill him or burn him. And thus, it is said that the people around him are the center. They gathered a lot of firewood

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They laid a huge fire.

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So decide that if a woman was sick, she would make a vow that if she recovered, she would bring wood to burn.

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Every single person participated in collecting firewood in order to have a huge fire in which to burn Ibrahim Reddy center.

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It is said that they made a huge ditch in the ground, a huge ditch and they filled it up with firewood, and then the standard of flame. And you can imagine what a huge fire it must have been. And so in order to throw a brown humanism into that fire, they use the catapult. They put him on the catapult and they launched him into the fire.

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Because imagine going near that fire was also impossible. And it is also said that Ibrahim Edison's father, also he participated in collecting the firewood.

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Just imagine, on one side, one young boy father, a teenager, a young boy, Ibrahim, our listener, he's standing up against his entire nation, telling them what you're doing is wrong. And he has evidence he proves it to them. But still people are not willing to accept does he give up over there? Does he run away from that team? Does he say fine? I won't do it again. Fine. I love your gods. I adore them. I worship them. Did he give up over there? No. Why? Because he was asleep D and remember who was

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the one who remains firm upon the truth, regardless of what opposition he faces. Regardless of what difficult circumstances he faces. He does not give up. So this huge fire. What happened they threw him into the fire we learned and sort of soft fat I remember 97 called a banana who banana and felco hoof injure him. They said construct for him a furnace and throw him into the burning fire. Notice a word that is used jehane burning fire and dream is also one of the names of hellfire. So you can imagine how huge and fierce this fire must have been that they had ignited for him.

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But what happened? They threw him into the fire code and we said yeah, no fire. Cooney you become Bolden coolness wassalam and peace Allah Ibrahim for Abraham a listener

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that look at how the people they raise the cry to help their gods. And we see that a lot of panel data is helping his servant

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This is who God is the one who helps his servant the servant does not need to help his god

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the people around him are listen there is a cry one sudo Alia taco but we see that Allah subhanaw taala is helping even our humanists and and how that he said yeah, now Cooney Bowden was cinammon it for him. What does it mean, when something is cool, but not cool to the point of being annoying. You know, when something becomes extremely cold, it's not comforting anymore, isn't it so like for example, if you open the refrigerator and if you stand in front of it for like five minutes, you won't be comfortable. Similarly, if you go outside in winter, you won't be comfortable. Let's say for instance, these days when it's nice and cool, you step outside, you like the fresh air you like

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the temperature This is what birth is when the coolness is actually a source of comfort, when the coolness is actually a source of comfort.

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So the fire was told you become coolness for him.

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And so it did and it did not burn up on him or the heat went away. The fire remained the light remain but the heat. It wasn't there for a while he medicina and also a Salomon and safety security that he should be able to come out of it free of harm. Allah Ibrahim, so he came out of it safe and unhurt. It has said that the fire only consumed the ropes with which Ibrahim Hassan was died with. And once those ropes were burnt, the fire became extremely cool for Ibrahim.

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Isn't it amazing

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that a person survives a huge fire such as this. And a loss of final data shows us to us even now that there are people who have survived huge fires they come out perfectly fine.

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So Ibrahim in Islam, he was saved by who Allah Subhana Allah says what Allah do bvk Eden and they intended for him evil. They intended to harm him. They made a huge plan in order to harm him in order to burn him. And remember that k is also used for such a plan that is done at a large scale at a huge scale to harm someone.

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So over here, the entire nation was involved.

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entire nation was involved to kill Ibrahim

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or Adobe Kaden for what happened fudger are now home so we made them an offsetting the greatest losers. They became the greatest losers and their purpose how that they were defeated and humiliated terribly. What do we see that they recognize their defeat? They recognize their loss when Ibrahim bredeson improved to them, these idols cannot speak. What did they try to do then? They tried to kill about humanism.

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But what happened to threw him into the fire and he came out of the fire perfectly fine.

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So what a great loss they suffered from what great losers they became. What great humiliation they suffered from that Firstly, they were defeated.

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And secondly, when they tried to kill him even they weren't successful.

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Intro to soft fat is number 98. We learn for our Adobe Kayden for now who is falleen over here we read up serene. Over there we read Ls falleen who are a spelling the lowest ones, the ones who are lowest meaning the ones who are very humiliated

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in a hurry. It has been edited that Ibrahima listener when he was thrown into the fire, he said heslin Allahu winderman. wiki

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ally sufficient for us and what an excellent what an excellent disposer for various he is.

00:26:28--> 00:26:56

We learned that even our boss will determine who said this is reported in a Buhari that Ibrahim nslm said all the hate but are he more are they his solemn Hina oltenia fanatee Ibrahim s&m said the statement when he was thrown into the fire. We'll call her Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he nicolaou in the naza Gemma welcome Fox show home fuzzer the home Amen And we'll call you Hezbollah when airman wiki.

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So this statement, Ibrahim right s&m said when he was thrown into the fire. And also Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said, when the people said that the people have gathered up against you, so you should fear them. But what happened? It increased them in their Eman and they said that Allah is sufficient for us and an excellent Disposer of affairs. He is and one was that after the Battle of word, and this is sort of earlier on I went 73

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so at this situation, Ibrahim, right Sam, he relied on

00:27:28--> 00:27:28

a loss

00:27:30--> 00:27:51

because he called his people to Allah. He stood firm on the truth for the sake of Allah. He didn't give up for the sake of Allah. And he knew that Allah will help him because he was not doing any of this for his own sake. He was doing all that he was doing for whose sake for the sake of Allah.

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And the one who does something for the sake of Allah that Allah will protect him, he will preserve him. He will save him from dangers saved on him right ascend relied upon Allah haspin Allah when you're lucky, and definitely near Manuel kita Allah is that he saved him. He made the fire cool for him. And Salam for him.

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He will listen to the recitation and will continue

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warning me

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boom, you

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To be on,

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we see that

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the rush that he was given in a very young age was that he had the power to speak, he had the ability to speak with confidence. He wasn't afraid of people. And this is something that typically very intelligent children, they have this ability, that they ask questions, they comment on everything. They try to investigate about things. They're very curious and out of their curiosity, they ask questions. Now, one way is that you say that no, don't ask, don't say anything. This is just how it is. And we get irritated by the questions that they ask. But the other is that you answer their questions. You speak them, you tell them, You remember that if a child is asking

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questions, this is a sign of his intelligence. This is a sign of his having a sharp mind. Ibrahima has said I've had rushed, and this is why he was asking. So when children ask, give them a proper answer,

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and we see that he had rushed, and this is why he was able to speak out before people.

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But we see that when it comes to speaking to people, there must also be wisdom involved, that we see that he doesn't, you know, say, right at the beginning, what you're doing is wrong. This is bigger. This is ship. This is Cofer, and this is wrong. This is wrong. What does he say?

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No heavy hitter Matthew until hierarchy one question, make the other person use their mind. Make the other person accept themselves, don't impose your belief on them. don't impose your opinion on them, question them, so that they can use your mind themselves and reach the conclusion. So this is something very important.

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One of the best ways of doing Dawa is questioning asking people for Why are you doing this? And what's the objective behind this? What's the reason behind this? How can people do such and such when you question, then what happens? The other person begins to use his mind as well. Because he has to give you an answer, he has to give you an explanation. And if it doesn't make sense, you will get it himself.

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And one is that we get help from people. And the other is that we get help from Allah, the help that people give, it's not perfect, it's not complete. But the help that Allah subhanaw taala gives that is perfect, because look at the help that Ibrahim released and I was given your nanocone button, but not just both, because if something becomes only birth, then it could be harmful. But also senem and also security and safety for Ibrahim.

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We see that a pro humanism he remained steadfast on the truth. He did not give up regardless of how the people were reacting. Regardless of the threats that he was facing and all the people were collecting firewood. We don't see him moving from his position at all. Because he knew that Allah has sufficient frame has vanilla.

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So whenever we're doing Dawa, whenever we're doing something for the sake of Allah, some difficulty comes our way. What should we remember? I'm doing this for Allah so Allah will take care of me. Why do I have to worry? I really don't need to worry.

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We see

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The way that people reacted to it below humanism it was with a lot of haste that very hastily that burned him. They didn't say, Okay, let's see what he's trying to say. Because they were defeated, they had nothing left to say they were made speechless. And typically those were made speechless, who have pride in them who are not willing to accept their defeat, then they begin to be very aggressive. And in becoming aggressive, they begin shouting or began yelling, they begin to show their anger, and they become physically abusive towards others. And this is all because of hastiness, as well as arrogance.

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We see that Ibrahim Al Assad was a young boy at that time, only in his teens, he was a fighter at this point. But still, he spoke the truth Mater's, what do we say, I'm so young, nobody's gonna listen to me. Nobody's gonna accept what I'm saying. I'm so younger, so many Auntie's over here. So we all do people over here, how can I speak. But the fact is that if you know what the truth is, then you have to tell other people about it. And we must also realize that the truth can also come from someone who is younger than us. That Ibrahima Hassan was young, and was his father on the other side, the entire nation on the other side, but we see that who had the truth who was speaking the

00:36:14--> 00:36:17

truth, someone younger or older in age, younger in age.

00:36:19--> 00:36:47

Yes, we see that the people have gone humaneness and they understood their mistake. They understood the unreasonableness of Schick and when they spoke to one another, they said in the commando parliament, you have been doing wrong, they realize your mistake, but then very soon, so manaka suella will see because sometimes when a person is with those who do not think properly, who do not believe in the right things, then they influence you in the wrong way as well. So the importance of the right companies