Nouman Ali Khan – Practical Advice After The Election

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan’s thoughts, reminders, and reflections on the effect of the election polls.

We need to remind ourselves that we have been such hostile situations before and hence, we should be ably prepared for the same.

The Ustadh now gives an example of the Battle of Uhud. Surah Ale Imran demonstrates the happenings of the Battle of Uhud. the main point of interest is centered around the neglect made by the Sahabas in the Battle of Uhud which caused an injury and wounding of the Prophet ﷺ.

Even the Muslims found themselves in the doldrums were they not for once reprimanded by the Prophet SAW. instead, the Prophet ﷺ brought his epitome of mercy and kindness forth to calm down the Sahabas who were mortified with guilt.

A lesson to imbibe and inculcate from these happenings is that we too need to keep a brave front in the face of trials and adversities and not be overwhelmed by them. Everything good or bad is from Allah and He alone is the All-Knowing. We should take comfort in the fact that Allah will never abandon us and will never burden us with trials more than what we can bear. We should take solace in the fact that Allah is always watching us and His Rahmah will always encompass us if we stay steadfast on the path of Islam.