Nouman Ali Khan – Practical Advice After The Election

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of protecting one's safety and security during upcoming political cycles, emphasizing the need for a book of Islam and people to go to the book of Islam to find protection. They stress the need for strong personalities and privacy, while also acknowledging the danger of political chaos and the importance of protecting one's safety and security. The speakers also emphasize the need for people to not become afraid of politicians and not let fear dominate political decisions. They stress the importance of building community and educating oneself to strengthen one's body.
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therapy lashonda Newlin.

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Welcome. Welcome. Welcome Allah.

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Allah de Mashallah Maria de la belleza de la sala Haleakala Furukawa De La Habra for Salalah alayhi wa salam wa expert, he faded Omen, Allah Xena barakallahu li him Kapha national agenda at hamdulillah.

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Al Hamdulillah. Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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Allah. Allah Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah Allah. Woman you believe fella howdy Allah, when Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah Mohammed Al hamdu lillahi wa rasuluh Allahu la junta Allah, Buddha Latina.

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de Vaca favela he shahida for summer la hora. He was seldom at the Sleeman kathira Cassie Allah

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for in a circle howdy Hickey tabula rasa. Howdy, howdy Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we're in Nashville.

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We're in the Kula

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Bakula with Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah azza wa jal Kitab, Nakula rubella Rajiv, and Latina Kala munez in the NASA Khadija Morocco show who

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has been a lot when a member key from Colombia near Medina, LA, Lyn lemon sauce from Su, whatever, la la la, la la dee da Metallica. How

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many? rubbish? Silly mid?

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Tony, la La,

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la, la, la la, la la, la la dee da.

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hard water was always what was the subject? I mean, yeah, I mean, on this occasion of Friday, I feel like the Muslim community feels the need for a concession speech more than Hillary Clinton. But what I wanted to share with you this week, our thoughts and some reminders and some reflection for myself. Clearly what's happened in the elections is on everybody's minds, a lot of people are very concerned, very scared, very nervous about what's happening. And many of you know that the Canadian website for immigration crashed as soon as the election polls came out. And so a lot of people are thinking about moving out of the country, or whether this is our home anymore. And of course, some

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of the most bigoted things that we met, never imagined would be surfacing and becoming mainstream in this country are now becoming, you know, they're surfacing. Just recently at the airport, somebody even cracked a joke, a friend of mine, the crack a joke, hey, go back to your country. And that was in Los Angeles, go back to your country. And he said, That's not funny. as *, I'm just kidding. You're one of the good ones. Now, that kind of thing, which was a completely unacceptable kind of comment has now become mainstream, right? So there's reason to be concerned. But what I wanted to do is take a step back and remind ourselves that Muslims, we have been in this situation before, this

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is not the first time we're facing this kind of a, you know, perceived hostile situation, it's not the end of the world. As a matter of fact, in the bush years, these kinds of concerns were also over, overshadowing in the minds of the listeners, and the second term of President Bush, probably similar photos were being given. So I want to begin first and foremost, with a reminder, from the one place that gives us comfort and the one place that gives us protection. The Book of Allah isn't just a place that we find hope and guidance in. It's also our multihead Well, and

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tada, it's the place we find refuge in the place we find protection. So when you and I are feeling that we don't have protection, we go to the book of Allah. Allah says about our people, this was actually revealed after the Muslims had suffered terrible losses and they were weak. They couldn't even stand up straight. And the prophet SAW Selim said, after the enemy had left and the Prophet himself so his gun was almost killed. So this is a pretty bad situation for the Muslims. They were almost killed, and the kofod have talked trash as we were heading up the mountain. You know, if

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you're climbing up the mountain, you wouldn't even turn back to look at anybody. What was

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some of the Muslims were so scared the Sahaba so scared, they're running up and the prophets are still on the battlefield, calling them from behind

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And then they came back and they rescued him and they got up the mountain. And then you know, back then the leaders of the enemies of Islam, they spoke in this talking trash kind of way to the Muslims from the bottom of the mountain,

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you know, praising their gods because their gods have won this time, and their association and responded to them, they left. But about halfway through and had left, a thought came to the enemy. Hey, man, they're weak right now. And they're injured, we let them live, we should just go back and finish the job. We just kill them off. Now it's our opportunity is the first time we've got them. Now, they got us pretty bad at budget. But now we've dumped him a pretty serious load. Let's go back and get that. So thought was coming to them to turn around and finish what they started. And the intelligence report came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that they're coming back. And

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when that report came to the prophets, I saw them instead of saying, Oh, my God, we're not ready to fight them. We need to run the problems. I said, Who's gonna get up with me, let's go before they come here, we should go after them. We should go after them. And the Sahaba they actually many of them injured, can't even get up, got up and started walking towards the enemy. And they just they just responded to the Messenger of Allah, Allah loves him and others that What are you doing, you're gonna get killed, you're not equipped. Even when we were equipped, we couldn't fight them? How are you going to fight them now. And in response alone revealed a number of ions. This is just a few of

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them. And

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in the NASA

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when people said to them, people, others the enemy has gathered against you, folks, oh, you should be afraid of them.

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They were making sense. People have ganged up against you. They hate you, they want to kill you. I mean, this is far more extreme than what we're going through. This is just an election cycle, guys. This is the Battle of weapons. This is far more extreme, and they have more reason to be scared than we ever may not protect this FOMO. But these people have far more reason to be terrified. They're literally bleeding. And then what do they say? They say hospital love, and everybody will kill

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everybody looking out for us, he'll be enough to take care of our situation. He'll be enough. That is the risk when when you hear that response. Now when you Muslims nervous man, what's gonna happen with us, I don't know, I'm afraid to even go to the grocery store, maybe we should tell our daughters and our wives, our mothers to kind of take the hijab off or maybe, you know, not go to Walmart, I don't recommend Walmart anyway. But you know, go there, don't go there. Because somebody might say something or do something and just be vigilant. And by the way, vigilance is important.

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But on a side note, our first response is supposed to be hustlin. Allah,

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Allah is enough for us. He's enough to take care of our situation. This situation happened now in 2016, who's kept the situation from happening for the last 50 years, who's kept the Muslims who's kept you safe in your home and me safe in my home for all this time, who's provided for us for all this time, you think that that protection just got lifted, because an election happened? that that that security is not there anymore, politics will come and go, rulers will come and go, parties will come and go, but the protection of the law for the believer is always there. It's always there, it doesn't go away. And you cannot let that go. And the moment you let you forget about the law, the

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woman you think this is a bigger situation for us to handle and you forget that you have the rope of a lion, your hands then don't become like the people. You know, Allah says Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah is so beautiful. Allah said, Don't be like people who forgot Allah. And Allah made them forget themselves. You know, the the reciprocal statement should have been. Don't be like the people who forget a lot and a lot forgot about them. He didn't say that. He didn't say like, he doesn't forget about you, even when you forget about it. Even when you forget about even when you and I don't pray, even when you and I sit, even when you and I disregard His commands. He's still protection. He still takes care. He doesn't forget you. You forget him. He doesn't forget you. He says when you forget a lot of what happens that what's the reaction to that for unsavoury. He makes them forget who they

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are, themselves. The Muslim start fearing other than Allah, and then they started losing their

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jobs started coming up. This is not the first time I've had this conversation. The week after 911 I remember giving the football because the conversation was we should leave this country. We should not be here anymore. They're gonna kill all of us, put us in concentration camps. Remember special registration. I went for a special registration. I started 1516 hours. And someone was spoken to like nada, not a human being. I remember those experiences. A lot was still vague. Allah still protected us. And there were people then who got scared and took a step back from their Islam. And the only protection they had was a law and they lost that protection. They walked away from the

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protection of alone. Don't become like those people and don't let that happen to your families. We do not have fear of people. We have fear of Allah.

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There's a reason we call it the fear of the law. Because once you have that fear, nothing else scares. Nothing else terrifies it, that's just not going to happen. Even when we stand at our deaths, when the angel comes to the believer, and he's dying, everybody else around the believer is crying. They're afraid that his loved one is leaving this world, the angels come and say that not only

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we will be when you're protected friends in this life, and in the next life, unless you have security guards for you, from the sky.

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For each and every one of you will see like who he sends security guards for you. That's what he said, Every time you get in the car, there's security around the front of law, you know, so don't don't panic over what's happened. This is not the end of the world. And now let's take a step back. I'd like to not only give you a reminder from the book of Allah. And incidentally, in that story, when the Muslims got up and said, Fine, we will preempt, we will go on the offensive instead of being on the defensive. What happened when he heard that the Muslims even though they're injured got up. So they said, I don't think we can handle this. They ran away. They ran off and

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they came back with the favor of a law and a great additional favor, the blessings of Atlanta green missional, favorite no harm, touchdown. When does no harm touch you according to the formula.

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There's a formula here, no harm touches you when you grow a spine and learn to stand up for yourself. When you stop being scared for Natasha home of Sony enquanto Mini, don't be afraid of them. Be afraid of me if you're in fact, this is one third of my message to you, who scares us. It's not actually people. Allah describes himself in shape on how we feel.

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It is no one other than tripod. In fact, he's the one putting fear of his friends into you.

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shape on his using his friends to scare you. The other thing we love this is another module you can be taken as well it will meet in Simple English is the only people who get scared our friends have shed light. So don't be afraid of shadow and don't get scared. Don't be afraid, we have to become strong. The second thing I want to mention to you is about a simple comment about the nature of politics and its relationship with you and I as Muslims, as each individual Muslim citizens. I'd like you to understand something, let's go into the Muslim world first, if somebody lives in Pakistan, or Malaysia, or Bangladesh or turkey or somewhere else, and they have elections going on,

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and they have their politics, and they have universities, and there are Muslims on both sides of the election.

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This this candidate is Muslim, that candidate this person This party is what seems odd that party's missiles. And every Muslim in that country has a political opinion, every one, but they don't all have the same opinion. They don't share the same opinion. They pray at the same time. Some of them are equally religious. They're developed to Allah, they recycle the Kabbalah, they pray five times a day, they pay there's a car, you know, they fulfill all of their rituals. But politically, they're completely different from each other. One has this opinion one has that opinion, one agrees with this economic policy, the other leaves with a completely different economic policy. Why? Why am I

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mentioning this, we have assumed that it's more Islamic to vote for one candidate than the other candidate is more Islamic to be a member of one party than the other party looked at Muslims are stuck. We are people, the only thing permanent for us is our principles. And when it comes to some of our principles, they're very conservative. They are we have very conservative family values. We have very conservative religious values, social values, that's a fact of life. That is what Muslims are, when you think of conservative in America, I don't have to tell you which party you think.

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On the other hand, there are certain values like civil liberties, rights, you know, protection of minorities and things like that these are also very important to us. And that's not really associated with a certain party. It's associated with another one. And we're caught in between, do you have to be loyal to your principles and give up on your civil liberties? And, you know, take on this hateful rhetoric or do you hold on to these civil liberties, rhetoric, rhetoric of what rights for all and then also agree with some of the principles that that party endorses that we have nothing to do with and we will never have anything to do? We're caught in between. Why am I

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mentioning this team? Because politics and Islam are two separate things. These are two different things. Don't confuse them with each other. A lot of people that voted in this election, and they voted for the winning president.

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They didn't vote because they hate Muslims.

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A lot of these people have nothing to do with Muslims. They never seen a Muslim. They couldn't care less. They're just angry. They don't have jobs. Their towns have been you know, there's been a mass migration out of their towns and they're just mad that a democratic government for eight years change nothing about their economic situation. So you know what? Yeah, the guy said pretty racist things. He said some pretty hateful things he spoke. Ill of the

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Hispanic community, he's made derogatory comments about women. So what, at least, they're all corrupt anyway. So who cares about that, and maybe he'll bring some change. So for us to think it's all about they hate Muslims, this is wrong. Just like our political opinions are complicated. The people who voted in this election, the rest of our country, their political opinions are also public. They're not they cannot be oversimplified. As everybody hates Muslims, that wouldn't be a mistake on our part. As a matter of fact, now what I want to share with you is what? How are we supposed to then, though, think about the nation that we live in, there's going to be a loud, but a

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very small minority of bigoted people. hateful people that are that have now become very happy with so much. It's they feel like they're the ones that have won. And they're going to be very, very loud, they're going to pay put offensive bumper stickers on their cars, they're going to make comments that you when you go to the grocery store, when when you're at the airport, or even at the office, they're going to be there, some of their internal swipe will come out. But that is not the conscience of this nation. There are good people here, you have good neighbors, you have good teachers in your schools, you have good police officers, too. There are good people in this country,

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and we will not just like they, you know, stereotype all Muslims, we're not going to do that. You will not be guilty of the same crime that you were a victim that you cannot allow yourself to do. So don't confuse religion and politics with each other in this way. The only thing constant in our being is principles. And on that note, I want to leave you in this football with practical advice. What are we supposed to do? We Muslims are supposed to recognize something about the nature of politics. And in our country. This is our country. When you vote, for instance, when you get involved in politics, or you endorse the candidate or not endorse the candidate, what's on what

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principle we supposed to do. So we have in Amman, wherever the Muslim lives, if you were the only Muslim living in the village, you were the only Muslim living in an island. And you were asked about picking attendance in that island, or making a decision in that moment, you wouldn't think what's best for the online, when I picked this candidate, you know how we think we're gonna vote because this guy's gonna be good for the Muslims, we're gonna vote for that one, because that's gonna be better for the Muslims, or these are we don't even say veterans when we say this one's gonna kill the least. Right? That's how we think that this one's gonna do the least damage to the Muslim. So

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we'll vote for this one. This is, in my humble opinion, you are free to disagree. This is the incorrect way of thinking for any citizens voting or participating in any way, because you're passing your opinion, isn't a man, whatever land you live, whatever society you live in, you and I are responsible to think what is best for the people of this land, including myself, we are citizens, we play the role of Muslims, but of citizens in this land that happened to me Muslim, that meant by their faith, and we have to fulfill our duty. Just like at the office, if somebody asked you who should be the manager, you don't say who's which manager is going to be best for the Muslims

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in the company, who's the most qualified, who's gonna be best for the company, who's gonna be best for the job, who's got the best experience, you will make these decisions based on justice and principles, not based on your biases, Muslims, your our loyalty to Islam should not take on our loyalty to justice, Justice itself, because the candidate being chosen is supposed to be one that was good for all people. All of it, not just for ourselves. We are not another lobby group. We are not just because the Hispanics have a certain lobby, and there's a Hispanic Hispanic voting bloc. And there's a you know, there's a Jewish voting bloc, you know, and there's an Irish voting versus a

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white voting bloc, there's a conservative voting bloc, people think there's a Muslim voting bloc, there is there are Muslim principles. It may be that in some County, somebody recognizes that the Republican candidate is better for the community, it may happen. And they have to vote their conscience, not you know, considering global politics because they are going to go in a certain direction, no matter what you do, no matter what you and I do. So my practical advice to you that we need to now grow was fine. Many of you have jobs, you have school, you have responsibilities at home, you come to the machine, you have a religious life, you have a spiritual life, you have a you

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know, you have responsibilities of this time, but now we cannot afford except to be at townhall meetings in our local communities. We need to be involved and we need to show our face locally and be you know, our kids are being bullied at schools. Muslim kids are being daily daily. They're being bullied at public schools, who's going to townhall meetings and making this an issue about that about our schools, who's Raising * saying these teachers who make these kinds of comments in our our school classrooms that we pay taxes for are now discriminating against our own children off of our money. This is not acceptable. That is not something you take to the President of the United

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States. You take it to your local talent. And when we show ourselves up, men and women, beards, jobs, koozies, you name it, they're your top I don't care. Go there. Show yourself then

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Have them speak bigoted when they see you in the face. When they see you walking alone in a mall somewhere, then they can make their comments. But when you and I show up 2030 4050 100 strong every single week in every town that we are, we may be a minority, but we can become a very powerful minority. We can we can become a very powerful. And I would argue this is a civic responsibility, we have to speak to the issues, not just that contain the Muslims, but what's better for our community, what roads need to be fixed, what schools need to be improved, what liquor stores need to be shut down, or increasing crime in the neighborhood? How are we dealing with the offenders in our

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neighborhood? What's happening with the arrest rates? Where's the crime rate? Who's gonna hold government accountable? You know, we think when we go in so many of you voted when you went to vote for the President. And there was a ballot, there's, we know those two top candidates, you don't know anybody else. You're like, I just checked mark this line.

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This guy, this name, I don't know what this name is. We don't know who people are involved in actually, you know, that are actually concerned with our local politics. And that's the one that affects your day to day life. That's the people that are that are living here in Irving, we're in ulis, or some small town in Wisconsin, we're in Chicago, some suburbs of Chicago. Get involved locally, you don't have to become a politician. But you have to become now an active citizen. And we have to teach our children to become active citizens. Because until we show up and grow a spine, we will remain invisible. No matter how many chauffeured

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they won't matter how many are here. We have to be there. And we have to show up. You have to find this out, educate yourself and become part of that society, to take some time out of your busy day. And your busy lives because this is how we're going to build a future. We can build our homes here. We can buy cars here, we can get jobs here. But discrimination will get worse and worse and worse. If we're not involved in the mainstream society. If we just keep bubbling ourselves off, we can no longer afford to do so. My final message to you in Sharla as I close

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is about Mousavi

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Mousavi. Islam is supposed to stand up to phenomena, we don't have to get much worse. I mean, maybe not that much worse, but still much worse. And musasa has to go along.

00:22:12 --> 00:22:17

And he asked a lot for support. And what support did he asked for? He asked for his brother.

00:22:18 --> 00:22:54

And what did you say about his brother who should be sad? Well, actually Koofi me strengthen my back by means that you know what it means to strengthen your back, you're being pushed, you're being hit, you're falling back. And somebody behind you to keep you from falling. That means strengthen my back, you understand, which means musar listener knows he's going to be on the defensive. And he needs someone to hold off the defense better, because he alone will not be able to withstand the push. So he needs somebody that can push his back. And later on was with us one of the less Hayden said I should do.

00:22:57 --> 00:23:17

I will strengthen your muscles, your your forearm with your brother. When do you use your forearm when you're pushing back on when you're going forward? When you're going forward? Meaning allies who just said I will not just give you defense I will give you off it will give me the strength to speak up for you know, and move forward. And what was the great strength of

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recognize what was the weapon this Alexa was going to bring? What sphere? What sword? Was he going to bring? It's on the tongue of Musa himself who are upset with me Neela Santa.

00:23:30 --> 00:23:54

He's better spoken than I am. He speaks well. This is the age of speaking level. This is the age when our voice needs to be heard. And that is the best office. We if we remain silent, we're giving up the weapon allies difference. We're just giving up. We now this is the time to be proud as Muslims to be to be confident as believers. I know I said that's the last thing I'll take 15 more seconds, I promise.

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I want to share with you that little loss on the long running seldom had one of the toughest lives ever lived. Those 23 years of his mission are some of the toughest in human history. There are problems in every single year. There's not a year where there's no problems. It's issue and after. And they're big issues too. There are life threatening issues. There are issues that can end the career of Islam itself. Every single year and what do you see the Sahaba say? We never saw him except he was smiling. You know that right?

00:24:28 --> 00:24:44

All the time, they would see that he has a smile on his face. That is the consistent sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu. If you tell me when you are buried under problems, you're buried under issues and no one has more you don't you and I are not under pressure, but also the last

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column satilla we're gonna put a heavy word on top of them. When somebody is under a lot of pressure. The last thing you see them do is smile and also the loss of a loved one and even send them leaves off the Sunnah of being buried under pressure with all

00:25:00 --> 00:25:06

eyes have, you know enemy forces at us and yet there's a smile on our face. Follow us on our possible love.

00:25:07 --> 00:25:41

be hungry, not be optimistic. Allah will see us through this. This is nothing. This is not an issue. It will only become a big deal for you and your family if you let it and you the heads of households, the men that are sitting here, you're not supposed to instill fear fear into your children and your spouse's over what's happening. You're supposed to instill hope and confidence and strength. This is only a test from a lot and you will come out stronger as a result. May Allah azza wa jal protect us from and give us the ability to lead our communities the way that we were charged to me. Mail letters are just make us committed to our timeless principles and not sway when

00:25:41 --> 00:25:46

situations go one way or the other. barakallahu li Welcome to Karani Hakeem, when finally we are coming.

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At hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Tina Safa, Susannah Susana has been hammered in

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Osaka, Japan, Yoku la hora

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la la la la la luna Elena de

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la salle de muchos Nima, Allahumma salli, ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed

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Ali Ibrahim al al amin in Dhaka, Hamid Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad, Muhammad

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Ali Ibrahim al Ameen in the middle Majeed

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rahima como la Tacoma in the La Jolla

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manufacture melodic hula hula, hula hula

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mini Nikita makuta.

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Mako Mako shawanna namo.

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Namo Hamada rasuluh long. Haryana Sana.

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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan’s thoughts, reminders, and reflections on the effect of the election polls.

We need to remind ourselves that we have been such hostile situations before and hence, we should be ably prepared for the same.

The Ustadh now gives an example of the Battle of Uhud. Surah Ale Imran demonstrates the happenings of the Battle of Uhud. the main point of interest is centered around the neglect made by the Sahabas in the Battle of Uhud which caused an injury and wounding of the Prophet ﷺ.

Even the Muslims found themselves in the doldrums were they not for once reprimanded by the Prophet SAW. instead, the Prophet ﷺ brought his epitome of mercy and kindness forth to calm down the Sahabas who were mortified with guilt.

A lesson to imbibe and inculcate from these happenings is that we too need to keep a brave front in the face of trials and adversities and not be overwhelmed by them. Everything good or bad is from Allah and He alone is the All-Knowing. We should take comfort in the fact that Allah will never abandon us and will never burden us with trials more than what we can bear. We should take solace in the fact that Allah is always watching us and His Rahmah will always encompass us if we stay steadfast on the path of Islam.

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