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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of understanding each other through interfaith publications and meetings to build a dialogue between Muslims and Christians. They stress the need for a miracle to truly overcome perceived differences and speak about the history of Jesus's name. They also discuss the false charges against a woman named Maria complaining about her death and boasting about her secret death. The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of "naive" to describe the message of Islam and the importance of following Mahdi's teachings.
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been laid off another Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala philam Ba will mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah Heidi you it will save you send them to Steven Kathy and cathedra Hamato my brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah we are

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probably going to be able to complete the story, the beautiful story of

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so many of the MBR emsella with the story that is

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Zaccaria Sara Marie Marie CERAM. He said he said Um, and

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yeah, he early said

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absolutely story, a great inspiration. And also an important story because

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Christianity is one of the major religions, if not the major religion in the world today and is

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it has been in a

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antagonistic and

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inimical relationship with Islam for most of its history. But today, at least in America, and in most of the West,

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at least at one level, there is genuine attempt at understanding each other through interfaith councils and meetings and interfaith interfaith gatherings and

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a sincere effort to try to build a dialogue between Muslims and Christians, and I think it's eminently

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medieval thing, which we must encourage. But for that, it is important for both to understand our different positions innovate different positions, in many cases, diametrically opposite, but also learn to

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learn to live with a difference, I think this is this is important for us to understand, we were talking about the, the

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mighty that the

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or what is when the Bible is called The Last Supper? It is, it was the request of the Harare, he now he said it's a request of his companions to ask Allah subhanaw taala to send down food from Jana, for them, so that they may thank Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala in principle, agreed because Allah does not reject the dua of his

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of his embezzling was salam.

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And but Allah subhanaw taala warn them and say that if after that, if you disbelieve, then Allah will punish you in a way that he has never punished anybody before. And that's a severe warning to those who demand

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miracles, and those who will allow miracles. A miracle is a double edged sword. It's, it cuts both ways. So it's something that we can't just take it for granted. And that's why it's very important for us to stick to the basic fundamentals of religion. We do not need miracles to believe in Allah Subhana. Allah subhanaw taala is with us is his he is his power, his actions, his creation, his blessings are visible to us, every moment of our lives. And his the wonders of His creation are visible to us every moment of our lives. We don't need a miracle for us to believe in Allah subhanaw taala.

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So I'm the law.

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Then the people who are against Islam, they,

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the maligned him, and they

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and then they falsely accused him, and orders were passed for his, for him to be crucified. And this is where we have a major departure from the Christian theological position where we believe and we believe and we believe this to be true, that

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that easily Salam was not crucified. But instead of him, another person was, was crucified Allah subhanaw taala made that person resemble the Salish sinner. Because if you think about this, the people who were there at the time around decided Salam with his disciples were only the companions of his Ericeira they have aryan obviously, Sarah, now, at the time, it was during the Roman Empire, Augustus Caesar, and Herod was the within quote, the king of Judea, which was the area of Palestine and and that whole area today and

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when the soul

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the companions of Isa Salam obviously they mean there was just a handful of them so they were in fear of their own life. So they hid. They hid themselves.

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Nobody really the people who are around they're the Roman soldiers and whoever came they really didn't know. They did not know he sorry Sarah Marie. Well, they, maybe they had a big picture of who this man was, but they, he was not very well known to them. So they were they looked at this person who looked like him. And they caught him in one narration says that this was Judas Iscariot, the, the man who

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who betrayed is Ali Salam. Allah knows best. And he was the man who was taken crucified Allah subhanaw taala saved easily Salam, ala Samantha lifted him to himself. He said it's our belief as Muslims is that he said a Salam is with Allah a life as a human being. And that at a point appointed by Allah subhanaw taala at a time that Allah subhanaw taala determines he will come back to Earth

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in a human form, and he will do what He has been said to do. And then he will die here and then he will be buried so everyone could recite their mode, every knifes every living person will die will taste death. And he said it's alive as one was not tested yet death yet. He's alive and when he comes back, the what what the Christians call the second coming of Christ. When he said Islam comes back. He will then be he will then live his life and then he will

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he will die a natural death and then he will be buried and then you will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment.

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On a side note, we do not use the term Christ because Christ means the one who was crucified. And as far as we are concerned, he said he said I was not crucified. The correct way of addressing or talking about him is to use his name, which is Isa Alayhis Salam means peace be upon him. This is the correct way of saying it. Even Jesus is a name that is anglicised, which has been given to him by people. Jesus is not a name that he Salah Salem.

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had ever heard or he will recognize because he is like somebody saying, you know somebody is going to Jesus he might be sighs I will turn around and say Where was Jesus?

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My name is Isa. So it is correct for us to say to call him ASAP because that was his name.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this story and Allah subhanaw taala said will be cool for him call him Allah Marina Batara nazima

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But only him in Katana mercy ie seven Meriam also Allah he will Nakata Lu on our soluble well I can should be alone. Oh in the legend of toffee Luffy Shakyamuni who made me know myeloma him and he left the bar as one. Well, ma Cataldo Yaquina burapha Our la Whoa. La La con la Aziz and Hakima we're in min allyl kita Illa Umina NaVi couple of modes T by Yama, Yama T ko normally him Shahida and because of this, because of their the Jews because all that time they were all Jews that he said to himself was Jewish. And because of their the Jews disbelief and uttering against Maria Malay Salama grave, false charge that she had been unchaste this is the test that was that they were

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tested with and they failed. And and those who accused her of being

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unjust. And Allah said Unto Allah said because of this, and because of their saying they're boasting that we killed Marcia, we kill isa at the Santa Maria, the Messenger of Allah. But Allah says, but they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him. But the resemblance of Isa was put over another man and they killed that man. And those who differ there are full of doubts. They have no certain knowledge, they follow nothing but conjecture. For surely they did not kill him, he saw Santa Maria. Now this is something which is reiterated in his IR twice. So that's our belief, but Allah has raised him is up with his body and soul unto himself and he's in the heavens, and Allah is Ever all

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powerful or wise. And there is none other people of the Scripture, the Jews and the Christians, but must believe in him that he is even a Varium as the son of Maria Marie salaam, and a messenger of Allah and a human being before his death, at the time of the coming of the angel and on the Day of Resurrection. He said, he said, I will be a witness against them. So anyone who claims that he saw his salaam, his son of God or His God himself, or whatever they claim, they have no evidence for this. And if they continue with that claim that on the Day of Judgment, easily Salam himself will be the one to be a witness against these beliefs and he will say I have never been Son of God. I never

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said that.

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Son of God. I never asked anyone to worship anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala

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then Allah says the boy is called on the holy ie seven Amalia, double valen acid feelunique Romei Hey OMYA Illa Haney Milou Neil.

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Call us over her neck, Maya Kunal Lee and Akula Melissa Lee we have called in to Coco Coco vaca. The island. Darla mama VFC wala level Murphy enough sick

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in Khandala MaryLu MARPOL to lomi Lama Mahtani be abodo la hora be water back home. Welcome to Ira him Shay them down to see him. Bala Mata of faith and eco therapy Valley him one Tata Galicia Shahi that

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was the boom vine no Mareeba look why to have it alone vine like that was easy. Hiking. Call. Call the law how Paul Allahu Hyla young we and Varos saw the p&l She took home the home Jana Judy mill that yell and arrow Colleen IV

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all the ALA Anwar, otherwise, that equal voles on Isles the line will Busaba the world order m IV in a while actually Shay Cody, lessons automata. And remember, when Allah subhanaw taala will say on the Day of Judgment, you will ask Oh, he's Santa Maria, did you say unto the people worship Me and my mother, as two gods besides Allah other than Allah, and he is that is the llama Zia glory beat us Ronak it is not for me to say what I had no right to say her I said such a thing, you would surely have known it, you will know what is in my inner self, though I do not know what is in yours. Truly you and only you are the All knower of all that is hidden and unperceivable Never did I say to them,

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ot meaning that except what You Allah Subhana Allah did command me to say, and that is worship Allah, my robe and Europe. And I'm a witness over them. While they I was a witness over them while I dwelt among them. But when you took me up, you were the watcher over them and you are a witness to all things. And this is a great admonition and a warning to those who believe something or claim something other than this. And then he will say if you punish them, they are your slaves. And if you forgive them, Verily you only you are the Almighty and always and Allah will said this is a day on which the truthful will profit from the truth. There are Gardens under which rivers flow in Jana,

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they shall abide they're in forever. A nice pleased with them and they are with Him.

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That is great success

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to Allah subhanho wa Taala belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. And all that is there in and He is Able to do all things.

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Now this is the

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story of Sally Sarah and his mother Marie Bella Sara, on a side note, this I have this particular idea

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into as the womb for in homeopathic. We're in Davila, home for inna Kuntala Xizor Hakeem

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where he said I said I would say that

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if you punish them, they are your slaves. And if you forgive them very easily you are the Almighty and they always this is a there's a beautiful story in the Sierra, where a solar cell Salam one day he was praying the Hadith and there was the Abdullah bin mussels or the Allahu and I think it was also

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on holiday or somebody one of them. One of those have these two stood behind them to try to play the huddle with him. And they found an officer seldom resided this one I enjoyed the movie now Vivado went up along when NACA until Aziz Rakeem this ayat of surah Salam revisited again and again and again and almost literally till it was time for further to do to finish the Salah and finishes. So

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They asked him this he also let you just one I resided in the Salah for the whole night. What was the

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what was the reason for it? As far as Sam said, I was making dua for my Oma. So this is an IRA which came for the followers of Isa etc. But as soon as Sam said, I was deciding this for my Oma.

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So when he said all that they are your slaves, there was just me saying this about us. And this is a way of asking for forgiveness for us on the Day of Judgment, so how Allah, how can we ever thank the Prophet salallahu salam for his hip for his SSR on us, the way he has blessed us the way he has, you know, helped us and the way he will

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make sure that follows Inshallah, the key thing to do is to live our lives according to the method and the way that he taught, which is a sauna, and to

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send as much Salatin Salam on him as we can as as a way of thanking, now Margaret said I was called the sister of our Oh, but this is not the brother of Musa because there are several, there are several 100 years between them.

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Man, mankind needs Ambia all the time.

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Even though they were just like I said, there's no way to success and happiness in this world or Alaska, no way to know the difference between good and evil, to receive the pleasure of Allah, the except by following the MBA was similar

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to the MBA, Sam is the knowledge that the MBA bring, which is a knowledge of Revelation, he is a, an absolutely critical knowledge that all human beings need and they will continue to need until the Day of Judgment, these Ambia they are they are the standards, in their words and action. And without Ambia our spirits and bodies will be dead. The way of the MBL even Salam should be our guidance in this life. The eyes of the Quran, are our only source about the lives of the MBI of Islam. History books have not been returned. The Bible, even the Old Testament has been changed there. So it's full of change things.

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And, and many of them are extremely derogatory things about the ummah. We don't believe this because for example, they in the Old Testament, they say the Prime Minister has sold his wife Sarah, to the king of Egypt in order to get sheep. Now imagine now as we learn all Billa we don't believe these things about about the invaluable, Salam. These are false allegations that were that are placed on them. They say that brutal Islam they accused him of identity and incest. They said that Yeah, well, Islam stole sheep and goats. And doubtless RAM is they accused him of sleeping with the Chiba and then plotting to kill her husband

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Soleimani salaam, they say he had 700 wives and concubines, and they led him astray. And they followed other gods and did evil in the eyes of the gods and and that he died as a martyr. In Allah, He or Nia, Elijah, these are all falsehoods. These are

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very, very bad things, that the people who changed the Old Testament, the Bible, which is the Torah, and who change the Injeel, and who distorted it and completely corrupted it. It is there are there are forks. And may Allah forgive us. And may Allah forgive those who believe these things about them? Well, I mean, the thing that beats me is, why would you even mention somebody as a prophet and as a messenger and as an example, or to follow? Unless that person was perfect, right? Who would want to follow somebody who was in some cases even worse than you are? Right? I mean, I'm I'm sure we are not committing incest. So if you present to me, somebody says, Oh, this is a prophet of God

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and he committed incest Why would I follow him? I mean, completely, This is so insane. But you know, when when shatta and takes over your mind, there is no there is no hope. So it's very important for us to use our intelligence and to and to understand and learn to recognize the truth. The truth is that the MLA was up. This is Araki that the truth is, are all the MBA every single one of the prophets. And Maria, Melissa, even though she is not a prophet, are completely free of sin, they are totally free of sin. They are protected by Allah subhanaw taala their muscle and my foods, they are innocent and completely free of sin and they are my fools they are protected by Allah subhanaw taala

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especially against all sin against committing a sin. So we believe that the NBA was salam are free from sin.

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Even in the case where

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some of them may have done something which can be pointed at which, you know, for example, Ibrahim Ali Salam

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nosewheel I did not sell Sally's the what when the king of Egypt wanted to

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was sent what they asked him who's this one with he said he is my sister by which he meant sister in Islam. And he did that because if he had said this is my wife, they would have killed him. So to save his own life, he said this and then of course all the all the story that happened with her. So even such cases, or for example, take the first one other really Salaam and how la salaam when they ate from the tree, which they were not supposed to eat from. They said organizzato Nanfu Santa Willem de filler Nowata Hamba lacuna Nomicon, Cassidy, they said Allah, we have transgressed against ourselves and if you don't forgive us, then we will be among the losers. And last, we're gonna

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forgive them. So our belief is that 100 Allah, the MBR, he was CERAM are free from sin, they have no sin, and they are therefore examples for the people to follow. And the primary example

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is the Navi of the time for that time. So the people are easily Salama supposed to follow isa Listen, I'm not they're not supposed to follow Musa wherever ma Sarah, right? The people of Busan SLM are supposed to follow musasa they're not supposed to follow what he said I was something. So also we are supposed to follow Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was the last and final of them, not easily salaamu salicylic or anybody else. But having said that, do we believe that the Saudis Allah Musa, he said I Brahma, he said, I'm salah is the other he said, I'm somebody other than his revenue? And he said of all of these people who Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran, and 25 of them or do

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we believe that they were the actual messengers and prophets of Allah? Yes, we believe that to believe that is part of Islam. If I say that he said Islam was not a prophet, then I will cease to be a Muslim, because I am denying what Allah has reiterated and stated very clearly. So therefore, for a Muslim, it is essential to believe number one, that the Gambia the prophets and messengers who Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in the Quran, are actually prophets and messengers of Allah number one, number two, that they are free from sin ALLAH has forgiven them and Allah subhanaw taala has protected them and therefore theory that they are people who are worthy of emulation, worthy of

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being followed and the primary responsibility to follow a particular NaVi was on the people of the time. Therefore for us, the We Are the OMA of the last of the MBL a Muslim after hope there is no one to be our responsibility is to follow our Nabhi Muhammad Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is our responsibility. So, that is the

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the most important thing for us to

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to understand. Now the the idea

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of the people who who distorted the stories in the Bible and so on, is their goal was to degrade the Gambia and to discredit them so that people look will not follow them. So they try the same thing with Reza salah, and they try to discredit him. So that Muslim will lose respect for him and they will stop following the Sunnah. Those people who deny the Hadith or sorcerer salah, and who fall into all kinds of idiotic questions about his blessed life and they deny the fact that his life was perfect. And the best example to be emulated for all mankind are people who are falling into this trap.

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disbelieving in one nubby equal to disbelieving in all of them and Allah subhanaw taala mentioned specifically in many places, I will give you the references. So it is very important for us to understand this. There are sorcerer Salam. This is the last and final of the MBL mo Salaam and the end the soul and the and the Rasul Allah sources of Allah subhanaw taala. And so we believe in him and we therefore we believe in all the available Salah unless around dilla mentioned Gods about AD O'Neill mursaleen the people of ad disbelieved and belied the messengers,

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Kanda tomato, l'amour Sally, the thermo BeLight the messengers, cassava combo Lutheran, Lutheran mursaleen, the people of loathe belied the messengers, normalizing messengers, even though these people belied and they denied the one messenger. The only one person who was the messenger who came to them, but Allah says that they denied

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the messengers because each messenger is representative of all the messages you deny one you denied or Allah subhanaw taala. Therefore Archaea has to believe in all the messengers and we don't make any distinction between them. We don't say this one is big, is higher and lower, because Allah wa salam ala Rasulillah be Moundsville ala Hema Robbie we're moving on colo Rama Bella Eva Malaika teehee we're cool to be here. ruisseau de la no further Kobina I had the middle city, because I'm Anna autonomo Veronica Bana, where la Kumasi in the act of sort of Bukhara the last if we know the sort of last round that said the messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam believes in what has been sent

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down to him

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From his robe, and so do the believers.

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Each one believes in Allah and His and in his Malaika. In his book and his messengers, they say we make no distinction between one or the other of messengers. And they say it's around our autonomy here and we obey, and we seek your forgiveness, our job, and to you is our return. And last round that I said about those who deny some of the message and accept a part of it and those who try to separate Allah from his messengers by saying, After all, this is not the Koran in the Leatherneck foreigner Billahi Barossa D when you read Luna au for re Kobane Allah He was also the way a follow no Minami Bradley, why not? Why not follow me bad? Why would he do and I have yet to buy another

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Lika sebelah like a whole coffee rune a haka artisanal you got a video now that bum Mahina Allah said Verily, in Surah Nisa, Allah said Verily those who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers and wish to make a distinction between Allah and His messengers, by believing Allah and disbelieving in the messengers and saying, We believe in some but reject others, and they were and they wish to adopt a way in between. They are in truth, disbelievers. They are the disbelievers or the losses in truth, they are the disbelievers, and we have prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating torment. So Allah subhanaw taala has clearly mentioned that if anyone separates Allah from his messengers,

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and in our case it means somebody who tries to deny a solar cell or deny his sunnah or deny his message, deny His hobbies is somebody who's falling into this trap, may Allah subhanaw taala keep us safe from all of these games of shatta.

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In brief, the qualities of the Gambia which we need to be clear about one, that the Gambia were human, they were Basha.

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They were not a ray of light from the knower of Allah, they are not the sons and whatever of Allah knows villa, they are not a part of Allah, they are not the incarnation of Allah. They are not God in human form, none of that the Gambia, all the Gambia from otherworldly salaam to Muhammad Salah are all of them are or were

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human, they were Bashar Secondly, the Gambia gateway he from Allah subhanho wa taala. They are the recipients of the revelations why the Gambia do not sleep like we do the eyes sleep but their hearts do not sleep. Number four, the Ambia are infallible, they are Massoud. They never commit sins, and they never conceal knowledge or make a mistake in conveying the message because Allah subhanaw taala has protected their tongues. Number five, Allah subhanaw taala corrects any small mistake they make, they may make so that the message is always pure. And Allah always guides them to the right is the heart. So this is where Allah has made them muffles Allah is doing their their father. Number six,

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their soul is not taken without their permission, as a mark of respect for their status. And like us who molecule mark will come and take our soul, whether we like it or we don't like it, whether it's, you know, there's no, this is not a thing for us. But for the MBA level Santa Monica will come and make Salah and he, with their permission, he takes their soul. This is the honor that Allah has given to them. Number seven, every Nabhi is buried in the place they die. So they don't they're not taken to another cemetery or something, wherever as far as Assam was buried in his own house. Number eight, the Earth does not eat their bodies, their bodies are protected.

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And number nine, they are alive in their graves and they pray in their graves. This is something that we also know about the mayor of Santa

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Rosa has told us that when he was taken on the beautiful journey of Israel our marriage,

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he said he passed by the grave of

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Musa Ali salaam which was at the boundary at the wall of Jerusalem because he musasa had made this dua and he asked multiple modes when he came to take his soul he said take me as close as you can to the board to the wall of Jerusalem because this is what was promised to me but thanks to my people cut out a lot. I did not get to enter it so at least as close to the wall and that is what multiple mob did for him. So he is buried right under the wall of Jerusalem and are also

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And I'm sad I passed by there and I saw him and he was in the in his grave and he was praying ask ALLAH SubhanA telogen Allahu to enable us to learn from the lives of Gambia and to practice those beautiful essence in our own lives and to make this a means of fire and baraka for us. For southern Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was a weird name, but I had to guess what I was allowed to lie about.