Adnan Rajeh – In Preparation for the Season of Hajj #7

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The central periodic 30-minute solid yada yada yada is the most important aspect of the fall, with a specific Angel for the fall. The speaker discusses a potential call for a woman named Holly, who is supposed to be a woman in her own body, and a woman named Ronnie Muslim who is supposed to be a woman in her own body. The importance of finding a balance between wealth and community is emphasized. A woman named Holly told them she wanted to be a Muhammad in a photo shoot, but the speaker emphasizes finding a balance between the value of one's wealth and community.
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by the central periodic 30 minute solid yada yada yada yada Sula. While early he was so heavy on call, you know solid native German eyes busted night native films Baraka tonight where you are encouraged to increase your salah upon the profile of your site to seven old deeds and adding to that is one of the nights or of the 10 first days of the hijab. So it has two blessings to it the night of Jamal the night one of the nights so the first 10 days of the Ledger was definitely very close at night.

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Yo email Muslim, the Sahaba here and so forth. Now Allah Himself one what kind of Doctor Who even have to be Dr. Khan. So the Hadith tonight's lecture is in the collection of Muslim narrators by one of the TV in his name is top one bin Abdullah himself one. And his father was also hobby and he's attributing and he was married to the daughter of a Buddha sahabi, the nasolabial, the Allahu Anhu. That would go to that, as you know, he's special to me specifically because he lived. He was the first scholar of this as a hobbit to go to Damascus. And he the first member was built for him and the first brand ambassador was given by him. So he has a little bit of a soft spot for people who

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come from that part of the of the world. So and he was someone who was kind of a clue that many people would come specifically what they would leave, they would leave their countries and go to visit with their dad to learn from him because he was very knowledgeable. So Javi Rosa Hado spent most of his time just learning from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is how you get to dunya was very little he lived in he came into this world and left it with very little or the Allahu Anhu and the stories regarding that are quite well known and quite well documented there for them and so forth and who was his son in law basically called me to Shermer. But I did all beta I'd been dubbed the

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debate I didn't even imagined he came to the house that would have that when it came to Damascus to visit and I came he wasn't but he had to OMA dadada and I found his wife to call it ugly. But we do the Hijjah that um Do you want to perform Hajj this year of course we're still in the theme of hydrogen we'll continue to the theme Hydra until

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next week until until it's paid and I'll let you know about the

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timing it's going towards me once one salah and the bigger Western University field, but we'll figure I'll give you the details once I have them I don't even have them yet. And I think Gabor ID is the one who's gonna know so he'll let me know as you want everyone has this year the call to Nam to call at least I said yes acurately hola Holly make dua for me but in the Nadia said Allah Allah Allah Maka because the Prophet Allah is that our to remember in Mussolini the Iraqi we have a lady that our twin Mr. Job Lucha mela couldn't work alone be her either I'll murder will Muslim Paula mean we're lucky to be mythical.

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So he she said I heard the Prophet Allah is awesome say that the DUA that is made by a Muslim for their Muslim brothers and sisters believe meaning without telling them or without doing it in front of the mean they're doing it in building it's unseen, meaning you're making your sujood or after your Salah and make dua for for Fulani somebody that you know a friend of yours or a relative or a family member that may Allah subhanaw taala increase them or help them guide them. You don't go and say by the way today, I mean, it's three times now. So tomorrow, you just you're doing it as as something that's for their sake. And if you do that, it's okay because it does increase love. But I

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mean, the idea here is not to pull a fever every time it's just for the sake of Allah, that there is a malloc there is one of the angels that his job is to just sit around and whenever you make dua for someone that's not yourself because Allah Subhana Allah sees this to be an extremely selfless act. Allah subhanaw taala sees that this is a very selfless act of you. You're speaking to Allah, you can ask for anything and you're going to take a moment and instead of asking for yourself, you're gonna ask for somebody else. So as simple as it is, like for us it was it a couple of seconds, Allah subhanaw taala ceases to be extremely selfless and very beautiful. And he has a specific Angel, his

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job is just to wait for someone to do it. And then that angel says, I mean to whatever you said, and it says, Yeah, Allah grant him exactly what he's asking for his brother. I mean, whatever good thing is, he's asked for that person to grant him the equivalent of it within his story within his life. So the concept obviously extremely beautiful. So going without that I'd heard this from the Prophet Alia. So it was I'm sitting here telling her son in law has a right nice hammer, Michelle, software and so his dad told him, Go for your edge and make dua for me, because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said this taco tuna and he said yes, to maharaj to eat or salty. I left the house I was

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looking for lucky to Abba and I found that somewhere in the market, about Ronnie Muslim about acne. And he told me the exact same thing his wife did,

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what our Valley can and in the use of Allah, Allah has lifted him and he narrated the Hadith to the Prophet Ali's. I mean, he told me exactly what my mother Allah told me and he narrated it to the Prophet of the assassins not that he had heard this from the Prophet make dua for me. And this is just to encourage you not to just to do it for other people, but if you know someone who's going to Hajj Yes, it's okay. Give them a little bit of a nudge that it's a beautiful parts of our community of our communal existence that we make dua for one another as well, even spiritually, we'll take a moment out of our lives for each other, even spiritually, and that's a big deal, because it's one

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thing to find out

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actually put your wealth to support community members and help people who are in need. And that's what you do with a behind you give you a second and you give yourself but also to do it something a little bit more spiritual we actually make dua for them for them to ask for it.

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They're telling me that they have a hadith and the Hadith said I do goofy Himachal meaning there's some controversy on the authenticity of the Hadith. One of my issue I'm spent done his district is Master's dissertation, just in Dalian and Hadith, and he handles the Hydra host media lady and he came to the conclusion that is a reasonable shade of narration based on other narration so he was comfortable narrating and so I'm also comfortable comfortable narrating it as well and it's narrated by Buddha with intermediate and I'm gonna hop into the value of Saudi Arabia first then to hold your camera and get to the value so as I said, I want to go perform Amara these are obviously within the

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last two or three years of his life so I want to go perform I'm gonna I'm gonna leave Medina they will not leave Medina without taking the permission of the prophets of Allah highest they wouldn't leave the light to go ask him first is okay if I go so done today I'm Rafa Adina Lee Ricardo he said yes go ahead and they said they are 1070 Min dua Italia okay. Don't forget me to do oh brother of mine, a full of Allah he had the hill Colima and D with dunya ma od Dooby had dunya this word that he told me Allah you saw to us I would not want the whole dunya and not have that word from him where he told me all my brother Don't forget me and your DUA, Salah Hadees it was so beautiful is a

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beautiful concept and I think it's it's worth remembering make dua for those who are going to Hajj and may Allah subhanaw taala grant them the memory to make dua for us when they when they have gone to Hajj and we will

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be in their door and shower go benefit from that and they'll benefit from that inshallah Tada inshallah we will all be granted the chance to perform Hajj inshallah as a group in the late Yahoo email Muslim official history and so forth yeah bIllahi min so far and what kind of Doctor Who even have to edit the order file according to Shama for day to day it I mean, there there is a God hook or to my garden currently to read Will Hijjah the landfill to Nan Sakala to Allah Holly Finley Samaritan the videos on Allah Allah He was telling me that I was ill Muslim et Cie he below headed away with our to Mr. Java Malecon working on via indica lmao ADA Allah. He parrallel mela couldn't

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work I mean wellacre The missile buckle tuna and the courage to eat a suit if you're lucky to have a dog for October Ronnie Muslim, aka botany what our Lika and in the use of Allah Allah Simon salaam sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallahu wa salam O Allah, Allah and Allah you know, have you been a Muhammad in one early he was so happy here

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