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I want you to go through the whole Quran with me. Join [email protected]

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Alhamdulillah hamdulillah hollyfield God middle Adam

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le nudie mina volum Maharaja subliminal Allah from October to Allah nada Finnish guru who added masala AB Manish guru who Allah

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when Allah Sula hill from the Shara field Shama noodle atom will kitabi mokum waka Molina Bina will harden. So you develop the atom and let the Bashara be here is a new medium for the Alphabet City of Rahim Allah Alayhi Salam Hina. Kenya Furukawa debating la Mohan for sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He hated Oman and Latina Baraka, La Habra him Kapha Tennessee Alabama.

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Al Hamdulillah Allah delimiter his religion William yaku Sherry could fill milk with me hula hula Lumina Julie Okay.

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Well hamdulillah Allah The Angela Allah Abrahim. Kita Voila. Well, hamdulillah Latina who want to stay in who want to stop when we will be here when I talk to LA when I wrote to be let him and truly and fusina woman CTR, Molina Allahu Allah mobila woman you believe Holla Holla when a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa de la sharika when a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah what a solo Allahu Allahu Allah Buddha Medina, Huck the Hara who Allah de Nicola de Vaca fabula he shahida for Salalah alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Catherine kathira Ahmed

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for in the esta casa de que de la vida de Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in Nashville omoni Matata for inoculum La, La La La La La bulleted for now, but Allah azza wa jal Futaba Karim Allah Rosa will let him initiate on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Alif Lam Meem has he been NASA and yusaku and yaku Amanda life tahnoon Wanaka putana Latina macabre him Allah Allah mana la Latina Sadako Allah Allah mandalika Debian and hassy Valentina Luna se yet and yes be una sa Anya comun rubbish silly Emily, Emily Sania Coco de la Hamas Tabitha en de la TV La ilaha illallah wa la la mina Latina Amano amyloidosis sorry, hurt what was the what are some of the sub Amira behind I mean,

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there are a few places in the Quran where Allah elaborates his guidance for trial. Human beings are created in this life and one of the one of the purposes of this life is to be continuously tested. And things that we have been given all of them are actually tests, the good things that we've been given and the bad things that we've been given. And Allah talks about the fact that life is a test constantly. And this is not something that none of you are unfamiliar with. You've heard this all the time. But in one particular place in the Quran, ensuited Anka, Buddha, Allah talks about tests that are difficult meaning not the test of good, but the test of bad when you go through a difficult

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situation, or people are causing you harm, or you're going through duress, then that's a very difficult kind of test. And it's at those points that a lot of people lose their faith. So Allah azza wa jal gave a passage to the civil law sallallahu alayhi wasallam. At an occasion, this was later on in the Macan period, so the prophets lie, Selim was already preaching the message of Islam for nearly a decade now. And things had escalated. So not only were the Muslims being made fun of, or they were being ridiculed or pushed away, or, you know, a, you know, they were they were kicked out of their families and things like that are economically boycotted. If things took the next step.

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Now Muslims were being tortured. So one such Muslim was kebab bin Otto, the Allahu anhu, who they grabbed him, the Michigan grabbed him, and they took coal and the the heated coal on the ground. And then they forced him to lie down on it on his back, and then they stood on him. So his back kept on burning, and he kept screaming, and they wouldn't get off of him. And until his entire back, just melted off. And he was completely like traumatized and burned. And in that state, he came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he cried, and he said, You're so alive. We're, we're the ones that have the truth. Why is Allah letting this happen to us? Why, if you're doing the right thing, why

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should bad things happen to you? Right? And these are the best people. They're the ones that are supporting the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So if they're, they're not just doing some random good deed, they're doing the best of all deeds. And yet these terrible things are happening to them. Now, this is an important question, because a lot of people say I'm trying to do the right thing, then why are bad things happening to me? Right. And before we ask ourselves that question, why is it happening to me, you and I have to remind ourselves, that there were people that came before us that were much better than us profits, people that supported profits, and those

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profits themselves.

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And the people who supported them went through much more difficult things than will ever go through. That's a reality Allah put them through it. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam was publicly humiliated constantly for over a decade. Then there was attempts made that his life, his own family used to abuse him every single day. And that's the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then he had to escape from his own home, that he loves to death, he has to escape from it, because they're trying to kill him. So it's his entire life. Actually, one way of looking at it is his entire life. sallallahu wasallam is a life of pain is a life of extreme pain. And the people

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that were close to him, or decided to follow his way, the pain came with it. You know, sometimes people say, Well, why should I follow Islam? What's it got for me? Like, what do I get? If I follow this religion? Is my life gonna get better? Or my problems gonna get solved? Am I gonna get a job? Am I gonna get healthier? Because you know, people say like, something like, man, I didn't use to pray. And then I had exam season coming. So I started making saliva and stuff, and I made so much too high. And I stopped doing haram things, and I still failed. What's the point? Like, it didn't work? You know? Because the whole idea is, if I turn to religion, it should do something for me. It

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should help me in some way. That's the whole point. Right? So and that's this is actually what many other religions offer, you go to the temple and you go to some church, or you go to some place of worship, and You have some idol in front of you. And you put some things in front of that idol and say, I really need a new car, or you put something in front of us. And man, I really need this problem to go away, can you help this problem go away, because the entire promise is that something in this life will get better if you turn to this religion, right. And then people turn to saints and turn to idols and turn to other forms objects, because they want their worldly problems to be

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solved. But the Quran is painting a completely opposite picture. These people are coming, turning to God, and everything used to be normal before they turn to Islam. And when they turn towards the profits on Islam, their family hates them, they lost all their money, they're being tortured, they're being burned alive. And like the light turned to hell, because they because they accepted Islam. So unlike any other religion, where you could say, you know, you should accept this faith, because things are gonna work out for you. I actually, this is a true story. I went, many of you are familiar with Joel olsteen. And he's a very famous preacher, you know, are in Houston. And I was

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curious about about his popularity, I wanted to know, what is he? What message is he giving to people? Oh, by the way, about the Bible, a lot about the Bible and the Torah, the Torah and the G. Allah does say that in it, there is still some light and some guidance. Allah doesn't reject the previous revelations. So I wanted to see for myself what it's like, when, you know, he preaches and what what, how do people take in what he's saying what his sermon is like. And I actually he was a couple of years ago, on Christmas Eve, actually, he was coming to Dallas at the American Airlines stadium. And I bought tickets, and I went, and I sat up in the bleachers, and I observed the entire

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program for three hours. I watched the program, I wanted to see what they do. What what goes on in there. And I kid you not the entire time. He's him. His mom came, his mom said, I used to have cancer, the doctors told me I had just a year and I said, Jesus, you're gonna give me 15 years.

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And you know what? It's been 30 years and everybody's clapping. And then then he comes on and he says this, this problem got solved. And then, at the end of it all the promise was this year, God's gonna help you with that divorce, he's gonna help you with that lawsuit, you're gonna get a new job, you're gonna get that car, you're gonna get that promotion. This is the year of the do this is the year where things are gonna work out for you. Because, you know, you turn to Jesus things will work out for you. They gave guarantees over the next 12 months, everybody's economic situation and health situation. And cancer diagnosis is gonna turn around. They gave these guarantees of this world for

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three hours. And people are like, yes, yes. It's all going to work out because the promise isn't of anything but a better life here. a better life here. The Quran gives a very harsh reality check. Look at Haleakala in Santa Fe covered, we created the human being drowned in exhausting, painful labor. This life is exhausting. It's difficult. For some people. It's financially exhausting. For other people, it's mentally exhausting. for other people. It's physically exhausting. There are different kinds of exhaustion. Sometimes your problems come from your own body. Sometimes problem comes from the people around you. Sometimes problem come because from the weather, they come from

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all kinds of things. But this life isn't a luxury and it's not suffering either. There are way there are things Allah gave us in this life that can make this a good life. But the Quran definition of a good life is very different from anybody else's definition of a good life. For everybody else. A good life means nobody's giving me a hard time. I have I have decent money in the bank. I have a car. I have a house. I have health. That's a good life. I got it made.

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You know, come pretty close to the American dream. But the current picture of a good life is no matter what storms are happening around you, and outside you, and no matter what people are doing, there's a calm inside you, you're content with Allah. And you know that whatever you're going through, is going to come and go. But the only thing of value, the real treasure you have to protect is actually your Iman inside your faith inside. And everything else can shake, money can come in, money can go, job can come and job can go people can come in your life, and people can go, people you thought will never leave, you will leave you that's fine. And people that you know, you

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dependent on a lot of decide, sometimes people are so connected to their, their their family, their parent, their sibling, their daughter, their son, their spouse, and they die. And they die. And that breaks their heart. It's not an easy thing to cope with death. But you know, what Allah does, allows you to give strength to the heart. And he allows you to pass through those tests. Because no matter what happens, what bad stuff happens outside, the inside is preserved if you if you turn to and if you could do that, then you've succeeded, then you have a good life, then you've succeeded in this life. This is really when when we talk about the greatest successes in history, like take the

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example of Ibrahim alayhi salam, one of the most successful human beings that ever lived. How is it successful to be kicked out of your home? How is it successful to be homeless? How is it successful to be told you have to slaughter your son or you have to leave your family in the middle of the desert? Has it successful to be thrown into a giant fire? Right that that success isn't on the outside? If you look at this man's life, you know you're like he's what what happened in his throne in the fire is kicked out of his house. He was almost killed by a mob. That doesn't look like a good story. You know, when you when you drive by somebody's home, you've got a beautiful mansion you

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allow these people are so successful. But if you see a homeless person you say, Man, this guy's if you know what happened to him, how did they fail it life? Right, because our definition of success. It looks like certain things and our definition of failure looks like certain things. Our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lived in a cave for a couple of years in a cave. He tied rocks to his belly so the stomach wouldn't grow. If you saw another person living in a cave, and they can't eat normal food or eating leaves. You wouldn't call that success. But we are messengers, the greatest success of all sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah says in this passage, and usually when I give a

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hookah I talk about maybe one ayah maybe two out, but today, I'm going to try to talk to you about an entire passage in the few minutes I have left, because I want you to hear what a lie saying about this trial. I won't dive deep into every Ayah I'll just have you hear what a lie is saying. And it's clear enough even if you don't dive deep, the message is clear enough in the last words Alif Lam. Meem has evenness. Have people assumed the lessons after Alif Lam? Meem have people assumed a neutral coup by the way. I have to say this to you. Why? Why does you know Alif Lam is how the surah begins. Nobody knows what Alif Lam me means, right? And unless teaching us something, why would a

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teacher teach you something and you don't know what it means? Ally's starting this little by saying there are some things you will never understand. There are some things you will never get the answer to, like, why is this happening to me? That's an answer. You will not get just like the answer to what question what is an Islamic mean? What do all my difficulties mean? What are all these challenges mean?

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Why are people treating me like this? Why what is it all? Why is Allah doing this? You will not have the answer to those questions yet. No, he says I see but NASA neutre who the people imagine that they're just going to be left alone. And yaku Amina that they just say that they have faith while hula youth are known and they're not going to be put to a burning test. They're not going to be put you know fitna is actually an old Arabic When you take gold and you put it under extreme fire. Because unless you have extreme heat, you cannot melt gold and only then the impurities that are deep inside the gold burn off. You can purify gold with a with a sponge and some you know laundry

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detergent, or some dishwasher soap that's not how you purify gold you have to melt gold under extreme heat a lot compares our trials in life to gold being purified. And that's his way of saying your gold that is wasting your valuable and there are some some some impurities deep inside you and me that cannot come out unless you are put to an extreme test the unless you're put to the extreme test. So he says did people think they're just gonna say they have faith and they're not going to be put to burning tests. When God phenylethylamine complete him. We absolutely tested thoroughly test burning. We gave burning test to those who came a long time before them. I've been doing this you're

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not new. This is not a new story. This is not why is this happening to me. I've been doing this since Adam alayhis salam Allah is telling us when I got to phenylethylamine company him, but what what why is he doing it for a lemon Allahu La Nina Sadako elemental coffee bean. Then Allah will expose those. He will absolutely

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expose those who are truthful when they say they actually have faith in Allah and he will expose those that are liars. This allows way of telling who's who actually says they have human and who doesn't have a man who's actually a liar? Um, has he been Medina, Medina say at the end? Yes mucuna sama Kumar, the people imagine that those that commit sins. Now what is Allah talking about? One person is being burnt. But there are those who are burning him. So one question is, why is this happening to me? The answer to that is, did you think you're just gonna not be tested? That you're just gonna Why? Why would Why should I follow Islam? Look at what it got me Look at my back. Look at

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what it got me. And you have people like Alibaba and others who go through this test, and they have suffered. And even when they cry out, they realize this is a trial from Allah, and their demand only increases. But on the other hand, the question comes, How come these people are getting away with it? Why does analyst strike them down? How come they did so much evil and nothing happened to them? Look at them. They're happy. They're laughing? They have so much money. You know? How come? There's no justice? I don't see justice. I still see them walking around. After everything they did to me, they get to have a happy life. How so? And while I'm suffering and they're happy, Allah doesn't see

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that they're the criminals. And unless as did people who have committed evil acts, did they think they got ahead of us? Yes. mucuna actually, is usually, you know, there's like a chase, and the cops are chasing you, or the authorities are chasing you, but your cars too fast, and it just gets away. Allah says the people who commit crimes and they think they just got ahead of us. They just escaped. So am I a human? What a terrible decision they made. You know, this guy is running from the cops. He can't even see the cops in the background anymore. He goes haha. But actually, there's a entire police patrol right in front. You know, and he's going full speed right into it. You understand the

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losses? What a terrible decision they made. They think they can escape God. They can escape Allah, these criminals. What is Allah doing? He's telling the person who's being tested, this is not your problem, giving them justice. When will I give it? How will I give it? That's not your problem? I'm telling you that I will give them perfect justice, but not on your terms on my terms of life telling us on his terms. We The world doesn't work on our terms. The word total works on a lot of terms, you know, so am I a good man kanayo juliaca, Allah in La Jolla, holla at me,

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he says whoever has been hoping that one day they will meet with a log, well, that meeting is coming.

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Meaning if you never lost hope in Allah, no matter what bad happened, and you knew one day, I'm going to stand in front of Allah, and he will know everything I went through. He will know all of it. He won't dismiss any of it. He knows every every turbulence of every heartbeat that I felt every anxiety that I've he knows it. He says that meeting is coming. And he's hearing everything and he knows everything. He knows he hears everything you and I say, and he hears everything we don't even say we just think even what we feel he knows it. He knows the states of our hearts, woman, yada, yada yada huddling up, see if you hear if you remember nothing else from this football, just I pray

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you and I can nail this, this teaching into our hearts, nail it, dig it into our hearts. He says whoever continues to struggle, what that means is they continue to struggle to do the right thing. They don't abandon their faith. They hold on to what's right. Whoever continues to struggle, no matter what the pain for in number yuja hidden enough, see they're only doing it for themselves. Don't you ever dare think you're doing something for Allah.

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Like it's for, you know, like, you're doing a lot of favor.

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And why should I do this for Allah? No, unless as we when you do the very best you can do when you do jihad. You're only doing it for who? yourself when you kebab and Allah is being told about the Allahu anhu when you lost your back the skin on your back, you did that? Not for Allah, but you did that for yourself. That was a favor to you for yourself. Because when you stand in front of a lot that day, you will say yeah, like, Can you send me back, I want to get burnt again. Because it was so worth now I realized what it was worth.

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When you meet with a lot and that then it changes. He says when we meet with a law, you know, whoever the attacker was Africa, when we come in front of a lot that day, the true believer, you know what's going to happen? Allah is going to make us laugh, and he's going to make us cry.

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Both of those things are going to happen. We're going to the joy will make make us laugh. And just the overwhelming You know, when you sometimes you're missing somebody, you haven't seen them, you've been thinking about them. We've been talking about them and eventually they come over, they fly over. And when you see people that are at the airport relatives meeting each other you see the weirdest thing. They're laughing and they're crying at the same time.

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Because this is a meeting of those the two who love each other deeply. He says what are the ABA ABA says that meaning is coming. And if you've been struggling, you're only doing it for your own benefit in the law. Can you listen to this carefully. He said Allah has no need of any people of all any of the nations

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Allah doesn't need you or me. Allah doesn't need my prayers. Allah doesn't need my doors. Allah doesn't need me to stay away from her on things. Allah doesn't need me to control my tongue. Allah doesn't need me for anything. If I am doing those things, I've only done them for my own benefit for my own self. That is a lot of teaching. And study says when Latina, Amina, Amina Sally hot, new coffee, Rhonda, and who say to him, when a Nigerian accent Allah Deacon, and those who have faith and do good deeds, what that means is, even when they're going through a really hard time, they hold on to their faith, and they don't let go of good things. They don't let go of prayer. For example,

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the first good deed is prayer. Right? Because when people people go through a tough time they stop praying. I don't feel like it. I don't know something stops me from praying. When you when you do that to yourself, you're cutting your connection to a lot of that prayer is what helps you in your life. It would get it's what gives me and you the strength in our hearts to deal with all of our problems. You're cutting off your medication, you're cutting off your own medication, I'm cutting off my own medication, well, we're not praying anymore. Even if you feel like I don't feel anything when I pray, doesn't matter. Just keep just holding, even if it becomes thin, like a thread. It can

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feel like it's barely there. Don't let go of the prayer. It'll become stronger later. It's fine. Don't let go of it. If you barely feel like, at least prayed up, just do some don't skip a prayer. Don't do it. Don't do that to yourself. Because you're harming yourself. Allah says if you can do that, then Luca, Fiona and him say to him, Well,

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he can, we will bury away there since the mistakes they made will be gone will be completely buried. Allah guarantees that and he says we will compensate them with the very best of what they used to do understand this beautiful promise from Allah. We've done some good things in life, we've done some bad things in life. And sometimes we've done some pretty great things. Maybe one day you caught a little cutter, you don't even know. Or maybe one day you did such a remarkable good deed, not every day, but that one day in your life, you did something pretty amazing. If Allah buries away your sins, and you can hold on to his faith, you know what he does? Let me give you my example. You know,

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sometimes I in a class in a semester, in like math class, there are five exams, right? And one exam, you scored a 21 exam, you scored a 61 exam, you scored a 51 exam, you scored 100, miraculously.

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And the teacher says, I will take your highest score, and I will make that your entire grade. I won't average everything, I'll just take your highest score, and that's your grade. Well, that's awesome. That's exactly what a lie saying. A lie saying, if you can survive with your faith. And if you don't abandon your faith, and you do good things, you don't let go of good things, then I will take the very best things you've ever done. And I will give you the reward based on your very best. Like he won't gauge us on every prayer. The bonus here is he will give us reward based on the very best Salah you ever had in your life. And it's as though that was every single salon in your life.

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So hon Allah, that's when when a person holds on to their faith when times are hard. This is what a lot rewards them with. Then Allah talks about the parents, he says also in the insanity valley that he has now, we're in a dark alley to Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley. monferrato Tahoma. We told the parents, we counseled human beings to be good to parents. Why are parents being mentioned because parents can be the biggest trial? The entire passage is about what trial, right? So being good to parents can be a very big trial for any human being. And even if they're struggling against you to do share with Allah, then don't don't obey them. And keep keep keep good company to them. So he

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says, Melissa can be here and fed up to the drama, don't follow them because what happened was sadly, but it will cost for the long run. Who is he was he was with his mom. He lived with his mom. His mom took care of him his whole life she loved he loved her to death. And when he became Muslim, he was a teenager, he became Muslim. And his mom said, How could you hurt me like this? You became Muslim. You you've humiliated me, you've, you've, you know, you've showed me no loyalty, you hurt me so much. And she said, I am not going to eat until you leave your faith.

00:24:18--> 00:24:57

I want you to come back to the way you used to be my son. This is not my son. I don't want this. I don't want this evil religion. And she stopped eating. And sadly, because she is not the only one she is suffering physically. But sad in his heart is going through hell because his mother is suffering. And unless has an if they struggle against you, they fight against you to make you do ship to leave a teaching of your religion. And by parents. A larger principle is being taught doesn't matter who loves you. If they're making you do something out of love for them, that disobeys a lot. don't obey them in the yamaji you're gonna have to come back to me. You will lose those

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people. You won't lose me

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One day all those people will die, and you will die. But when all of you die, you'll come back to me. You're not answerable to people you're answerable to Allah. Allah maruchan. For when a bill can be my quantum terminal, then I will tell you of all the things you used to do. When Latina Amina, Amina Sally had

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almost done now I know I'm over my time, I'll take 30 more minutes. He says, and those of you that have faith and do good deeds, remember the first time he said, I'll pay you based on your best deeds. The second time, he says, I will put I will absolutely put you in the company of good people that not halen down for solid pain, we will absolutely enter them into the company of good people of righteous people. What that means is, when you go through such a trial, and you hold on to your faith, maybe there are some toxic people around you. Maybe there are people that are no good for you, you think they're good for you, because you feel good being around them. But the truth is,

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they're not good for you. Just like some foods are not healthy, but they feel good when you eat them. You know, there are some practices that are not healthy, but they're very, they're they're, they're calming, some people turn to alcohol, because it makes them feel good, but it's toxic for them. It destroys their lives, people turn to drugs, because it gives them a high, it makes them feel good, but it destroys their lives and the lives of those around them. Right? The same way. Sometimes there are people that are like a poison around you. They may you may not see them that way. And you don't get to accuse them of being that way. But there are toxic people around you, you

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may not realize it. Allah says if you continue to hold on to your faith, and do good deeds, I will absolutely bring you into the company of good people. Allah promises in this life, what he doesn't guarantee as money and health and house and now that stuff, but one thing he does guarantee you hold on to me, I will bring you I'll bring people in your life that are good for you, the nuclear non facility and that's not just in this world, but also in heaven. Well, this is the last I'll share with you or last two hours, I'll share with you women a nassima Hello, I'm Anna Bella. And there are some kinds of people who say we have women in a love of course, everything you said I already do

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that hamdulillah inshallah, you know, thank you for reminding me, I already do everything like that I'm already, you know, hold on to my faith, or, you know, confident that you're not the one that this that needs this council or I'm not the one that needs this council. As I'm talking to you. I'm not talking to you thinking, Man, you guys really need to hear this. I'm over it. I already graduated from being tested schools. I need to be told I'm tested to I have my struggles to I'm no different from you. So some people say no, no, no, we already have faith in Allah for either udia for Allah. Listen to this carefully. He says for either ODF Allah He Jalla fitna, nastika de Bella,

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and when in his faith in Allah during his faith in Allah, this person gets pain brought to them. So they're tortured in some way physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially, somehow life became difficult Giada fitness and nastika Villa, then they say, the fitna that the difficulty people are giving me how people are testing me, this must be a lot punishing me. Why does Allah hate me so much?

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So in their head, they have faith in Allah when times are good. I'm praying, I'm hopeful and all of that, when times get tough and they're in a bad mood. They say, yeah, this is this is what God does. This is what he wants to do to me. Why should I pray to him? He's constantly torturing me. So people do wrong to them, and they blame who they blame Allah because Allah didn't stop those people. Allah didn't kill those people. Allah didn't get rid of those people. So Allah let this happen. It's a less fault Giada fitna, nastika de Bella and then he says, whether in Jana Samira Becca, Luna in Morocco in America, and when aid comes from your master, when help comes from Allah, they come back

00:28:39--> 00:28:42

to St. Louis, we were always with you. We are of course I always have faith.

00:28:43--> 00:29:20

One minute I have no faith in Allah. What point what's the point of faith in Allah I'm looking at the pain I'm going through and then the pain subsides a little bit No, no, I always have faith. I'm I'm a believer. What are you talking about? In Northern America? Our laser level we are gonna be Murphy's Law. I mean, a lot is no better. What really lies inside the chests of people. Let us know what's better. When a lemon Allahu Latina amanu, whether elemental Muna 15 This is the last day of the day. He says a level absolutely exposed people who actually have faith and a level of expose people that are hypocritical, whose faith is strong when it's easy, and it disappears when it's not

00:29:20--> 00:29:56

easy. I pray Allah does not make any of us from hypocrites and I pray Eliza just gives us the strength to hold on to our faith no matter what the trials are. One of the best things you can do for yourself, folks, if you can, you know inshallah, over the next week, or a couple of weeks, memorize these out and pray when you pray. You recite these out for yourselves. This is total ankle boot. Surah number 29. And these were IOD from number one to number 10. This is a very short set of IOD. Have your family memorize it, have you guys memorize it, talk about it with each other remember some of these lessons. This is how you build a relationship with Allah by building a relationship

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

with Allah His words. So I pray that you're able to do that Allah makes that easy for all of you. Bye bye

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Hello hello welcome to Coronel Hakeem. When a funny way er can be it would you could hug him