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Al-A’raf V. 191

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In line with hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He or sahbihi wa Salaam Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Allah azzawajal protect you and preserve you, and guide you and me to what pleases in Japan over to Allah and continue to give us the strength to do what he loves. And to stay away from what he hates. And to me because of the people of Jenna, I mean insha Allah, today, we are going to explain one area. But it's an important area, especially for those of us who have trouble dealing with other people. As we can say that this has the golden rule in dealing with other people, how you treat others, what do you expect from them, and how you

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distinguish between different types of people, all in very in a very small and short area insha Allah, this is a 199 in salt olara i 199. In sort of the law in case you want to go back to it in sha Allah later and look at it. So this is what who the law for what motivated or fee were added analgesia healing, it says three things, who they love for what mobile or if you added a ninja healing, the first one is who they love for, take what is easy, what is easiest, from people, and don't burden them and don't demand too much from them. That is an apple is what comes easy from people without you going and expecting too much from them beyond what they can give. So somebody

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exists at this capacity, they can only do this much. And you may be expecting that much from them. That I says don't expect more than what they can give. Expect as much as they can give, take it be appreciative. overlook their mistakes, overlook their faults and move on and don't be too attached to your expectations. So say for instance, you call somebody all the time, and he calls you back at hamdulillah. But for somebody else, you call them but they never call you back. They are that type of person. They are of that type of character.

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They are quick to be angry, they don't have a lot of patience. They're not very generous, whatever, whatever they are, if they are that person, know who they are, understand their nature. And don't expect too much from them. When you don't expect too much. You're not going to be angry, you're not going to be frustrated, and you're going to be happy. And you'll be able to focus on one benefits new rather than dwell on Well, I visited him, why did he not visit me? I called him Why didn't he call me I gave him Why doesn't he give me a lot as dogen says in the speaking year to his prophets a lot he was sentiment to all of us who the last word takes take what comes easy from people don't

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expect much. This is what they can give, take that only and move on.

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That will keep you happy in sha Allah, but it takes training of course, the second part is

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who they are for what motivated or fee and command or now orphism out of meaning.

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What you want is to continuously ask and command righteousness. So whenever you go, what's your sort of imagine yourself producing, you're always giving out something there's always an output we take but we give what is your output wherever you can, well motivated UrFi command righteousness command what Allah loves, this is what it means. So things that Allah loves things that the prophets of Allah Ceylon loves anything that is good, you're always commanding it, you're always suggesting it, you're always you know, practicing it. So by example, you're asking people to do it. So this is how you are. So when it comes to what you take from people take what they can give and ignore the rest

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and forgive it and overlook their mistakes. But in terms of what you give, always give the best. Now on the path when you're doing this, they say you must encounter those who are ignorant and foolish. Right? So what do you do with them? Well, I did a ninja healing turn away from the ignorant.

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So if somebody is going to insult you, talk bad things about you attack you though you're doing good things.

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fabricate things against you. Even if that's the case, what does Allah say? don't reply with ignorance. Don't lie about those who have lied about you. Don't be quick to angry because the other person is angry. Don't hit somebody just because they hit you says don't act foolishly and with ignorance, but do what without it turn away from a turn away from the ignorant

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and in a sense Also, don't

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Act ignorantly. So if you say something, let's say for instance, you know, it could be family, it could be friends, or it could be public, you give advice, and they don't take it. And they may be mere make fun of you, and they ridicule you because of it, they just turn away, you've done your job, your job was what it is not to argue, you can force them to do the right thing. Your job is simply to do it, give them good advice. And then if they don't want to follow it, say it hamdulillah and then turn away. Your job is to convey not to compel people. So if you apply this one, two, and three, the first one was what could they love for, don't expect too much, don't demand too much.

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Take what they can give you and ask the rest from Allah not from humanity. Because if you expect too much from people, they will always disappoint you expecting way too much from people, someone is going to make me happy, someone who's gonna bet them or buy me a present somebody who's going to do this to me and that to me, Well, someone is going to disappoint you and that is going to make you sad, rather take what they can give, and the rest as a law surgeon for it. But in terms of what you are giving give the best all the time. And if you meet the foolish and the ignorant, what should you do? Turn away from them and don't act like them now, is the shaytaan gonna let you do all of that?

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You think about it. If you want to do what a lot one says the shake up time loving. Gonna let go of go have you and let you just go ahead be the best that you can be. No. So what do you do? That's why a lot is the de ven says right after we're in millions of Anak Amina shaytani and has his own festa villa. In no semi on it. It says in one of the show Ethan whispers to you and Nestle here it means the slightest whisper. As soon as the shaitaan wants to whisper to you, I used to just feel it. immediately ask Allah for protection immediately. Because Allah hears all and knows all. So this Allah told you how to deal with humanity. Now Allah is telling you how to deal with it the shaytaan

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who is trying to ruin your relationship with humanity. So what do you do? As soon as you hear that whisper, say, oh, that we let him in a shift on energy. So that whisper could be or you should be angry, or you should be envious, or could be doubts or fasting. Why should Why do I do it fast? Why do I have too fast? It's too hard. The car is too expensive. Why do I have to give out too much money. Salah is just a burden. Why do I do this? As soon as right? That's the first line of defense that we have as soon as you hear and you sense that attack from the sheath on you immediately say and reply with that, oh, the bill tamina shaytani r rajim. Realizing that Allah is right there

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listening, and he's aware and he's going to protect and when you do this, you will repel the attack of the *less immediately, he won't be able to penetrate and go into your heart and into your mind and corrupt them. So this is our first and most effective line of defense. We're in millions of in as soon as you hear it. As soon as you begin to feel not right on the inside. As soon as you start to feel doubts about Allah and His Prophet and his religion and all of that immediately you say oh the Billahi min ash shaytaan the regime and mean it when you say it, I'm seeking a loss protection from the assault of the shape on the curse of shaytani. Allah protect me from the shape and the

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shape and when he knows that you have brought a lot into your heart he will run away he will flee, there will be in Shaolin no more doubts and no more burden and you will feel either immediately insha Allah or if you keep repeating that shortly, that you are better, you will feel better that that thing that was bothering you, whether it is you know you want to just hit someone or lash out at someone or you want to you know avenge yourself or you're angry that someone has something and you don't. And you see oh the Billahi min, Ash shaytani r Rajim and you keep saying it and you keep saying it and you keep saying it and they're asking Allah for protection, you'll find that what

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Allah will do is that he will remove the whispers of the shade fun. Now sometimes sometimes what happens is that we neglect to see this.

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Then Allah as the Justice This is the second thing. Allah says the third area in the levina taco, either Miss Southern pa if Amina Shivani to that girl for either home up soon, he says those who have Taqwa when the share plan circles them, this is the second attack of the eighth on this is a deeper attack, especially on circles then that Kuru they remember. And then they can see what do they remember. They remember Allah they remember his love. They remember his punishment they remember his rewards they remember the reality of the sheath on the remember the evil that they are doing. So with the sheath on now with a second attack, he's circling. It's not just a slight

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whisper, but he's around you. I circling

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Want to use circling what he blinds you? He can't, you can't see. So you're doing bad things. You're so enraged, you don't see that what you're doing is wrong. What you're saying is wrong. You're so envious. You're so arrogant, that what you're saying and doing is wrong, but you at that moment you can see that it is wrong. But then if you have a depository of taqwa, this is why taqwa is so important because a lot of those who have Taqwa will be able to do this. No, the shaitaan is circling. But they have the power. What do they do they remember, it must come back, because their temple will bring them back to Allah. they'll remember all of this is haram, I shouldn't be doing

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it. This is wrong, I shouldn't be doing it. A lot doesn't like this. So I'm not going to do it. dedicado. So do remember when they remember, it's as if they could see again, and they should return we'll run away. So this is how you deal with the shape on without Billahi min, Ash shaytani r rajim. And we have a lot to remember him when the shaytaan wants to wants to do the opposite, but how to do it deal with people. Don't expect too much from them, take what they can give you an overlook the rest. As far as you're concerned, give all the best things that Allah loves. And if you encounter in your life, the foolish and the ignorant, don't let them Don't be like them.

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But rather avoid their foolishness, avoid their ignorance, maybe they'll change later, give advice and leave if people do not accept it. So as a last though, just to help us remember these rules, because they are, they'll be incredibly effective in dealing with people we are going to forget them. We are going to forget them. But the more we read the Quran, and every time we read sawtell are off, the more time the more and the many times we read this ayah will keep remembering how to deal with people. So now in sha Allah that you roughly know what the ayah means try to share it with others. Try to apply it in sha Allah and the next time you will be reading salt allowed off, you'll

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come to Iowa 99. Remember that and try to apply it and the more that you keep applying it, the easier inshallah will be to be that type of person that Allah wants us to be. And so you'll be happier. And you will be like closer to the character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who will do good but not expect something back from people. Right, he will do good, but expect something back back from people he expected from Allah xojo whatever people give is great. But if they don't, that's fine because I wasn't waiting for it. I waiting for the good to come from Allah azza wa jal alone.

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And so we ask Allah, to make us of those who are who act generously act graciously with people, to make us of those who teach the good that they know to everybody else in the best and wisest of manners to make us of those who turn away from the ignorant and not be among and part of the ignorant was Allah Zoda to make us alert to the whispers of the shavon to seek His refuge immediately when we sense the advances of the shade lon, and to make us of those who wake up and remember who he is supernova to Allah so we can escape the plots of the shaytaan. We asked him to pan over to Allah to accept all the good that we are doing in this month, and to forgive our

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shortcomings and weaknesses in it. We asked him to give us more strength so that we do what pleases Him. So panda was the Allah and that he would send this forgiveness upon us that if we are doing something wrong, or we are not doing something that we're not, we're supposed to do that he forgives us and gives us the energy and the power in sha Allah to do what pleases Him. sapan or what Allah we ask him to help us follow the Sunnah of his prophets, a lot of us in them were to make our final home, we asked him to pan over to add it to bless us And forgive us and our families and the Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Again, like I announced yesterday, if you have questions and

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you would like me to answer them, I'm thinking I'm sure I love collecting all these questions together and maybe having a session whether it's a live session or a recorded one we'll see in sha Allah but I'll try to answer all your questions. So if you have something in sha Allah, message me and I'll try to collect all of that and answer them by email as well if Allah helps us, I will see you tomorrow with a story coming from over a civil lace a lottery or send them But until then, may Allah preserve you and protect you and accept the good that you're doing. Just like I'm a law hero for joining me. And we'll see you tomorrow. So panic alarm or be handed a shadow Illa Illa Illa and

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stir Furukawa tubo la hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh