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A treasure box for you in Jannah!

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Hasan Ali

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Guys Ramadan is approaching fast to an end. So I want to give you something to say which prompts the lesson said to say this, you will get a treasure box in JAMA full of treasures, law How will allow poeta in learning

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how Allah Allah

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which means I've got no way to do any good and no way to rescue myself from any evil or any bad or any sin, no way to avert any sin except through Allah. Or some have said it means that Allah is in charge of me. And he's the only one that can make me do good. La hawla wala quwata in

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there I will

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say that you get 70 treasure boxes in Jannah in Ramadan is everything standard 70 Hurry up