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In this video, Ustadh Nouman revisits the story of Prophet Dawoud (AS) through his reading of a famous incident recounted in Surah Sad. He explains how our correct understanding of the life and character of Dawoud (AS) was tarnished by a false interpretation of this incident in the Hebrew scripture, and that a careful study reveals that Allah sent these ayat to refute the false accusations they made against him regarding his alleged scheme to take the wife of one of his military commanders. Allah reveals that the true story of Dawoud is that he was a deeply faithful prophet who always humbled himself to Allah and, despite his great power, kept going back to Allah in repentance. The moral of his encounter with the two conflicting brothers in this parable is that if we are ever in a position to arbitrate between two people, we must always listen carefully to both sides and never allow our whims to effect our judgment.

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assembly Emily workflow Dr. Tommy lasagna, Cody manera vanilla mean today's goodbyes dedicated to something about Dawood alehissalaam. And something allows me to spend quite a bit of time explaining inside outside. And I think it's an important lesson for all of us to remember for a number of reasons. The first of them is in the huddle Khurana aquasana 11. Era, electoral II was delivered yesterday phone. Koran tells the Israelites a lot of things that they themselves disagreed about. Meaning the Bible says many things about prophets. And the Quran actually sets the record straight. And one of the prophets that the people that have the Hebrew Scripture glorify a lot they really

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look up to him is what they call David, who the Koran calls that the Hebrews called them the we'd call him David.

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And even though they consider him a great leader, and speak very highly of him, they've also said some pretty horrible things about him, and accused him of many immoral acts. And in doing so, a lot of times unfortunately, in the Tafseer literature of the Muslim sometimes we actually made the seat of some ayat. Based on what has been said in the sly Eliot meaning of what they have in their books, we interpreted what we have, and we assume that that's what it's talking about. But a careful study of the Quran actually reveals that Allah azza wa jal is actually correcting what they said about their prophet. So I'd like to start briefly about telling you what they said about their prophet

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that is, so an unacceptable, and then we'll talk about the ayat of the Quran.

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What they essentially said was the doubt Elisa Lam had many wives 99, actually, and was he became interested by other law in this other woman who was already married, he saw her from his palace, he saw her in a balcony, and became interested in her, and he wanted to marry her and that he would have 100 wives now, but he found out that that woman's already married and married to one of his military commanders, because he was the commander, he was the ruler, and one of his generals that was his wife. So he purposely sent him into a battle position where he knew that he would be compromised and he would be killed so he could get killed and he can marry the widow. That's the

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essential story that the Israelites account for on has a completely different picture to this, this scenario. And so inshallah what Allah before we go there, first thing I want to highlight is sometimes it also the loss of Allah Allah He was lm is given examples of previous prophets as also in some way role models, as if Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam is going through a particularly difficult time. And he needs hope Allah might refer to him and say in the beginning about Angela alikum, coronelli touchbar. We didn't give you cron to make you miserable. And then further down, we'll say hello, adeq takahito Musa, have you seen Have you experienced a news of Musa did that news

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reach you? In other words, you'll find inspiration and Musashi ceram similarly, in this passage, and sort of saw the law as a witch hunt gives our Prophet inspiration by making him remember the legacy of doubt. Allah says Be patient over whatever they say. It's better. annamaya Kowloon was good. I've done a doubt and make mention of our slave code. Allah didn't just say that these are gonna die with our slave out and in calling him out. It's already an indication that he's an obedient, subservient slave of Allah, and a great honor. That ad then he had mentioned that doubt Ali Salam was a person possessing great might he was, he was powerful. And then he adds into who he is, and he's certainly

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someone that keeps coming on back to a lot meet keeps making Toba. In other words, his power did not get to his head. His power did not become an arrogant human being has power. Despite his power, he kept going back to a line repenting to him. Now that's a level now described. How is he powerful? in NASA Hernando de Varela, who you Sabina Bella she will shock what para Masha Ratan kulula, who Allah.

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Allah says that he made mountains humble along with him, that when he would make the praise of Allah the mountains would do that along with him in the daytime and in the evenings or on the data in the velocity in the nighttime and also in the daytime. And birds would gather around kulula who awaba and all of them would come back to him and he had this deep profound connection with nature and actually when he would praise of law of nature along with him would actually praise Allah azza wa jal. Then he says Portia de Malka, who will artina Hc Mata or festivals a pub, and we gave him very powerful kingdom. And we granted him a great deal of wisdom that already is a defense that what he

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does is full of wisdom and wisdom that is granted by Allah. So any such story which definitely contradicts even the least sense of wisdom and justice can't be true about his setup. And then he says, Well, first of all, he thought that he made him very articulate in making his point. He was a phenomenal speaker and a phenomenal

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Judging an arbiter if people came to him with disputes, he would know how to convince both sides and set the matter straight. This is part of the meaning of hostile HIPAA. But now the story itself, this is the current version of the story I mentioned to you in the beginning that is quite, quite honestly offensive to a believer. But on the other hand, what Allah azza wa jal describes, is actually quite remarkable and beautiful. He says, what what I talked about when he asked me, if the sub world may Rob, and has the news of the two arguing sides, move up, everybody, there's no room in the back, move up

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and attack. And above all, he asked me if there's our old man, Rob has the news of those who are arguing with each other meaning two factions, two groups, they have an argument among each other, have their has the story of them reached you. But that ally says, here's where the story begins. If there's a world we have now the word to someone who comes from the word surah, which is also like the surah of the Quran, but actually originally means from sued, or the giant wall outside of a castle, or the giant wall outside of an ancient city. They made these walls so long, and so large, so that enemies could not scale on top of them. This was the old defense of ancient Cities and

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Castles and forts. So those kinds of walls are called sewer. If somebody's scaling those walls, because there's no normal way to scale those walls, you have to grapple, or you have to do some crazy measures to get up there. And of course, anybody that's getting up or over those walls is someone who means to do the inhabitants of the castle some harm. This is some enemy force that's trying to penetrate and overcome this wall. Now love begins by saying, did you ever hear the news of the two sides that were arguing? As they climbed up the scale this massive wall and entered and maharal macabre the inner quarters, the private quarters of doubt, La Silla, meaning doubt, Elisa

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Lam is the king of the time, he's the ruler of the time, up on top of this castle way high up in the most secure area of the castle, he's got his private quarters, and now all of a sudden, inside his private chambers, these these strangers that apparently have a case to bring to him have scaled the wall and come into his private, private space. So his first impression is going to be these people are here to assassinate me or to kill me. Because why wouldn't they come through the proper channels, and why not just, you know, make an appeal to see the judge and have a court date and all of that, right, these people have clearly made a military move to come and see the elderly, his

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setup is done. Hello Allah diode. When they came into the company of doubt, when they entered into his company, for fuzzy, fuzzy, I'm in home for answers, then, as a result of that, he became terrified of them. Now further in Arabic is one of the one of the words for fear. But it's particularly a word for fear, that the kind of fear that throws you off your senses, you panic, and you become reactionary. And you just act on impulse. That's fuzzer. You know, there's a fear where it's kind of slowly brewing, there's a fear, you heard a crash, and all of a sudden your body jerk react, you know, that's, that's a reactionary move. Similarly, you heard something like I have to do

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something, I have to do something, and you immediately take an action and then later realize, maybe I acted too quickly. I shouldn't have been so prone and quick to make a reaction. I should have thought through this and not have jumped the gun. Right. So the kind of fear that makes you react without thinking, that's actually fuzzer. So when he says the ISS for fuzzy, our main home, this is important to note. It's not just that he was terrified of them. He's kind of thrown off balance. This is important to remember, on the latter half. They said, No, no, we're not here to kill you. Don't be afraid. In other words, now they're saying, I know we scaled over this wall and have

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breached this these quarters. And yes, we have trespassed. But no, we're not here to kill you. Don't be afraid, has money. Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, look, we just have a case of two people that have

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argued against each other. We've got one of them has violated the other's rights, we actually have a criminal case we wanted to, for you to discuss because you're the judge. You're not just the ruler. You're the Supreme Court judge. We wanted to discuss a criminal case. It's ironic they're committed crime, and they want to discuss a criminal case. But the important thing here is they said there are two parties that have had an argument with each other. The IR however, did not say if that's a word Ah, l mclubbe. It said if there's a word in the plural form was used. In other words, it's two people that have an issue, but there is a legion with them. So they all came together. But they want

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to discuss the case of these two people now. So I've combined and I will have, so make judgment between us rightfully be just be just truthful, in the way you're going to do judgment when I touched it, and don't overpower us. And don't use your position to learn karma sharp sharp is also to learn karma. Don't use your position to dismiss us. Like we came all the way here. As if to say that if they came the proper channels you wouldn't have considered them

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Get out of my sight, I don't have time for you. So don't do that. Don't dismiss us now and now they're in a position almost to kill him. First they said don't, you know don't be afraid another thing that Shaka also means actually, that the job was filled by like, if you overprice something unfair pricing. So it's actually a means of look, be fair and judgment. And don't be unfair, and don't be biased towards one side against the other. Okay? Because I, you know, you're, and the idea is, look, you live in a castle, one of the people that is going to present the case is going to be poor, the other one's going to be rich. And because you're rich yourself, you might be siding

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towards the rich party. You know, a judge who's a business owner may feel more sympathy before a plaintiff who's also a business owner. And you know, a judge who's a husband who went through a divorce may feel more sympathy through towards the husband in front of him who went through a divorce, a woman may feel more sympathetic towards a woman. So whoever you side with, or you know, a Republican judge might find out that the one of the parties is republican and from his party or whatever else and the donor, there might be something in his heart to say, I'm going to go easier on this guy. And harder on that one, maybe there could be a bias in you. So lotto state also means

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don't be biased. What Nina Eliza is solid, and guidance to the most even of all paths. In other words, be fair be clean, and down the middle. So now the case itself, what is this case that they have to climb over a wall to discuss in the hierarchy? This right here for sure. This actually is my brother. So the two people that have a case against each other are siblings, law, who dis own what is Runa Naja, he owns 99 sheep. Now you remember the word 99 came up again, in the Israelite tradition about him having 99 wives. We're not talking about 99 wives. Now we're talking about 99 sheep, my brother's got 99 sheep, when he told wahida I only have one. He's got 99. I only own one

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for Carla XL, Neha, and he says, Just give it to me, let me have my 100 my brother says to me, give me 100 well as any fail HIPAA, and he's very authoritative and mean, and bullying. When he talks to me, he's intimidating me, and forcing me to give up my one sheep and add to his 99 already. Now, this on the side is a commentary also on how big business can intimidate small businesses and takeover. Right and, and they can use the authorities. They can use government, they can use their lawyers, they can use lobbyists to run small businesses out of you know, small practices out of business. But anyway, that's a side issue. He says, and of course, the one speaking is the one who

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only owns one sheep.

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And he says, I've got one he's got 99 and he's mean to me, he keeps telling me to give mine up to him. Allah and now doubt Ali Salam speaks and he says look at Viola mcebisi Alina jotika energy. He has done wrong to you. Your brother has certainly luckily and he says so he certainly has done wrong to you by asking for your one sheep to add to his sheep. Mr. Allen energetica Ilana energy. Well inaka Thiele Amina la isla de Babu, mala Bob, and it happens a lot quite a bit that people that are very close together, meaning family members that are close together business partners that are close together coworkers that are close together, people that you interact with a lot are colorful apart.

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Color highlighter literally means to mix. So the people you spend a lot of time with our whole lotta so it's not just a reference to business partners, but family relations, friendship relations, coworkers, things like that. It happens quite a bit that people that are so close to each other end up doing wrong to one another more. So Level II bow lahoma and about and so this happens quite a bit, though he sort of says Illallah Xena Amanullah, Amira Swati had accepted those who truly believe and do good deeds in our lives teaching us that belief and good deeds is not just prayer, and da but it's actually good deeds are the people that are closest to you that you have a lot of

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interaction with, that you don't do wrong by them, that you don't oppress them and things like that celebrity Barack Obama about Ella Latina, Amina Mohammed assadi, hard worker de la ma home and how few those people are, how few of the people are that realize that their faith should inspire them not to wrong, the people closest to them?

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Well under the hoodoo Anima Fatah who, and at that very moment that would realized that Allah was only testing meaning they disappeared. This entire punch, poof, they just disappeared. And he realized that he was just being put to the test. And this was a very difficult trial test for him. Now some interpreted this to mean that would realize under his Salaam, this wasn't about 99 sheep. This was about 99 wives and that extra wife and by the sheep example he was being taught a lesson that if you think this is unfair, what do you how do you think what you're doing is unfair, which I'm humbly suggesting to you is absolutely incorrect.

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way of looking at these ions, let's try to understand what's actually happened in the story. Now the alarm was by himself in his quarters, the strangers jumped in, kind of ambushed him. Then they said, Don't be afraid, but it's already been said, fuzzy, I'm in home, he's off his game. He's a little thrown off. He's reactionary at this point. They're also intimidating him and telling him, we've got a case, you better be fair. And you better give us the right judgment, and you better not be biased. And they've already kind of made him reactionary and also defensive, because they're almost accusing him that he might be this way. And then on top of that, they give him this case, and the victim

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sleep speaks, and the victims only got one poor sheep. And now the Elisa Lam also doesn't want to be seen as the one who sides with the wealthy one. And when the one speaks, the other Elisa immediately says this one has done wrong to you. But the problem with that is, when you're a judge, you have to hear both sides. You have to hear both sides before you pass any judgment. This one said, I only have one sheep, and they're trying to take it away in all of that. But well, let's hear your side of the story. What do you have to say about this? That didn't happen? Did it? He didn't ask the second side, what their what their version of it is. And he quickly pass judgment, and actually even gave a

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sermon about how this happens quite a bit. Like a lot of times. And of course, the idea is, a lot of times those that are more wealthy or more powerful, tend to take advantage of those that are not. But does that mean that that's always the case? Is it possible that someone who's not wealthy or not in a position of power may be doing wrong also, is that possible? Certainly. Like, for instance, in the case of Musa alayhis salam, from a distance, he saw two people fighting.

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And he saw one one was a member of Venezuela. And the other was from the Egyptian rulers. And the Israelites were slaves. They were mistreated all the time. So when he sees an Egyptian, you know, soldier, beating up a slave, he says, Look, this is here again, you see the same volume that you see 1000 Other times, all the time they beat up these poor Muslims, those were the Muslims of the time. They oppress them, they beat them, they torture them. And here it's happening again, he went and he tried to help the situation, he punched the soldier, the soldier died. Long story short, it turns out that the one the Muslim brother that he helped was a crook.

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He was a crook. In other words, you have this impression, oh, these go far. They're always trying to do wrong to these poor believers, or these wealthy people. They're always trying to take advantage of poor people, or these leaders, they're always trying to take advantage of their followers, etc, et cetera, et cetera, you've got this impression in your head, because you've seen it 1000 times. So it must be true to true the 1000 and first time, so you don't even bother hearing the other side. And that's exactly what happened with Musa alayhis salam. And now that's exactly what's happening with those are they set up and that he was quick to pass judgment. And as soon as they disappeared,

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he realized he should have been, he shouldn't have been thrown off. He shouldn't have been reactionary. He should have taken his time Calm down, listen to both sides and not be intimidated by what he's hearing. Because when they already told him, you're probably going to be biased anyway. Then he's a well, no, no, no, I'm not I'm gonna be with the poor guy. But that's not the right way to go. So now the reason I'm realized that that test was one to make him realize this role of leadership is not an easy one. He has to side with the truth, whether it's popular or not, populist or not. And so here we find out on a Salaam festival, Allah who then he made a step farther apart.

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The last part of this ayah is of such that, I'll skip that a little bit. And I'll tell you what, what happens next. Yeah, that will do it. Nigel Naka, Halliburton fill out the download, we have made you a leader left behind on the earth, we have put you in charge on the earth. And he says fast comb. But in a nasty bill Huck, judge between people rightfully, if this ayah was about himself,

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then allow us origin what he said what he said, you'll be fair yourself. If this ayah was the sheep are being used as a reference to his own personal life, then a lot of what I've said, If you you have been made a Khalifa, you should be an example of justice first before anybody else. That's not what's said, Unless as from here on, make sure when you pass judgments between people do so with justice. Do so rightfully hear both sides out. By the way, we also learned here that a judge, if he's in a position of being intimidated or scared or shocked, in any of those situations, a judge needs to recuse himself and say this is not the time, I'm not going to be able to pass this

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judgment. He has to be able to say I'm not qualified at this time. Or you know, what happens in many corrupt societies. There are you know, like, for example, there's all these news about what's happening in some parts of South America or whatever. You have judges that are you know, there's some drug dealers or whatever they're on trial. And then the judges families called if you're if you want to, or the judges call if you want to, you know your family to be okay, we know your child goes to school or this or that. If you don't pass the judgment the right way. If you don't let this guy go, then you're not going to see your kids again, and this is they get intimidated.

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If you get intimidated, you're not going to be able to pass judgment. If you carry a bias, you're not going to be able to pass judgment. If you have any kind of fuzzy impacting judgment, judgment itself is not going to be fair. That's not just about the courtroom. Now, it's actually about all situations, you have a situation in your family, there's a dispute inside of your family, and you're in a position to pass judgment. But you're afraid that if you go against this person, even though they're wrong, they're going to come after you, or they're going to be angry with you. And you don't want to deal with that. So you either stay quiet, or you don't do anything, because now you're

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you're a victim of fuzzer, you're not standing up for the right thing, because you don't want to speak out against somebody who's, you know, more and more influential than you are, or that they have something holding over you. And as a result of that you're holding back from justice. So this isn't just about a ruler, this is actually about the principle of justice, as it applies across life. So those are the cylinders, then told judge between people, rightfully, one hour for your little liquor on sebelah. Don't follow empty, vain desires, don't become a person of whim and whim here suggests that don't become impulsive. That's the idea behind the law here for you the liquor

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and CBD law. And if you do so, then it will take you away, it'll mislead you from a less correct path in the levina eluna answer vilella he lahoma da Vinci Don't be manasu Yo, man, Hassan. What a profound ending to the story. He says no doubt those who have been who have gone away and have become lost from the path of Allah, they're going to have pretty intense punishment, because of what they forgot. Be manasu because of what they forgot, in other words, they forgot that they are a judge right now. And they're not being fair as a judge, when a time is coming, when there's going to be a judge over them. And they're going to be standing before Allah Yeoman hisab the day on which

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the accounting is being done of them, you know, they've forgotten about the court date that they have, they forgotten about the judgment that they must face. And so Allah azza wa jal ties all of that together for all people in the lithonia, Luna and Sabina LA, generally. And so in doing so Allah azza wa jal has preserved the remarkable dignity of a great prophet, and has reminded us that we have to maintain the integrity of prophets. But in doing so, he's also reminded us that we are We shouldn't be quick to pass judgment, we should hear both sides. And we should be calm when we pass judgment. And we should remember that our judgments are actually our judgments themselves are going

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to be evaluated before Allah. We should also remember that partners when partners wronged each other and you know, the statement still holds true in Canada, but you know, lovely bamboo Mad About You know, so many holida so many people that interact closely with each other and up wronging each other that we have to be mindful of that that are we on the wrong Are we being wronged which which one is it and we have to you know, make a large surgeon because conscious of that, because that is a matter of our emotion. And that is actually part of our society when Allah says lilina, a monomial sorry, hottie waka waka Luma home, how few those people are, who understand that their Eman and their good

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deeds tied to that is their sense of justice to those that are closest to them. May Allah azza wa jal make us people that are just and people that do right by those that are closest to us. barakallahu li walakum wa Hakim when I finally what el camino de 20

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hamdu lillahi Wa Wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, Latina Safa Hussain, Al Abdullah Mohammed Nabi Muhammad in a meanwhile early he was running yakou La Creme de la Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. In de la Vela eketahuna lunarlon Abby, yeah you Hello Tina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Moses Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Camus Allah tala Ibrahim Ibrahim al al amin in the Gambia Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin in Dhaka Hamid Majeed Riva de la la akima qumola. It took a lot in the La Jolla evaluation.

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Well, and in fact it will mooncup

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la la Motta stone, Allah in LA salata, Canada, mini Nikita nakota