Nouman Ali Khan – Tough Love

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delivers a thought-provoking Khutbah on Prophet Ibrahim AS. He talks about his ability to stand on his commitment to stand for the truth even if an entire society was going against him and the fact that he was a young impressionable man.

This lecture aims to reinforce the fact that even though some of us may be going through struggles in our lives, we must realize that we’re not alone and many are also having far bigger predicaments in their lives. If Allah wishes, He could have erased the troubles of Ibrahim AS, but he had to deal with the adversities.  

So we just have to learn to deal with these situations and develop the guidance and the strength to be able to cope with them in a healthy way. We should cultivate the ability to extract guidance correctly from the Noble Book and to live by that guidance. Thus, we hope to get the reward for the patience that we showed towards one another and forgive the mistakes that we make, especially those towards Allah and those towards each other.