Nouman Ali Khan – Jinns and Humans

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the challenges faced by humans on the planet to escape from dangerous sky and find a safe place. The speakers discuss the capabilities of gyms and human beings in creating language output and the importance of learning to separate letters and creating something similar to a book. They also touch on the challenges of obtaining knowledge from past generations and the success of humans in producing language. The conversation concludes with a reminder to do their best to see how long they will learn.
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Hello. Just just

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noticed, while the other he was very slow Monica. Ricardo here with you again with another episode of insights from Dr. Simon is wonderful book a tavita qurani. Today I'm going to talk to you about something rather easy sequence, but not sequence that was technical like yesterday, but sequence sequences, simple things like skies and earth gins and humans things like that, right? So we're actually going to take one of those, which is the order of mention of the word genes and the word humans in sentence.

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The thing is, these are items inside of a sentence. So like for example, if your mom sends you to the groceries and says, get milk and bread, or get bread and milk, you don't really think too much about that. It's just either you said milk and bread, bread and milk, same thing. What difference does it make, right? But to Koran, especially the Quran because it wasn't given to the Prophet slice on written, it was given to him in speech. And in speech, you especially don't think long term about the order in which you placed items inside of a sentence. But the Quran still seems to be remarkably accurate and precise in its choice of even the small matters of sequence, which you would think are

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insignificant so I'll show you a few examples of that when it comes to the comparison of the order of dimension of gyms and human beings.

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First example we'll look at is sort of zodiac sign number 51. And this is iron number 56. Well mahato Jinnah while INSA Illa the abalone and no i did not create the gyms nor the human beings except that they should worship me so the act here the fit in here is what

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I look to what do you remember what kind of domains you created? Yeah, I love to write I created and Marcel up to I didn't create it all. So the transition once again is no i did not create the genes nor the human beings except that they should worship me okay. Our except for the purpose that they worship me. Because Allah mentions creation here. It makes sense to mention the creation that was created first and then the creation that was created second, and we are all no jeans were created first. And if that's not clear to someone in social hedger, he already told us well, john na, Haleakala, Hoban, cabello, we nourish Simone and James. We had created it the virgin species, we

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created it from much before from fire. Okay, from a fire of as you know, a hot breeze

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or hot, you know, what's the what's the word for like the hot

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gush of the flame? Like when you're close to a fire, you can feel the air being really hot. That's some actually the breeze. Yeah, well, breeze sounds cool, right? But you know, when you get too close uncomfortably close to a fire, that it's unbearable heat. Yeah, in the air. That's what some can refer to. Anyway, so now my favorite part, and this is about this, this is the part I'd like you to remember. And that's about challenge.

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So Allah put that here. Allah challenges both jinns and humans twice.

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Okay, all the challenges both gensan humans twice.

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So what together you mean? So one of those I artists in sort of Manya marshadow genuine NC and the other one is sort of slots for a number 17 folder in which the marital in soldier no alania to meet the Quran. So let's, let's look at that for a moment. Let me talk to you about what happens is sorta when I was describing Judgment Day,

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and you know how actually you don't have to focus on the text right now. Let me just explain it to you so you can put the camera back on us.

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So Allah is describing the scene on judgment day. And in order to help you understand the scene, you know, I like to use ridiculous examples. So here's today's ridiculous examples. Example. Of course, you've never seen a movie because you're like Islamic and stuff and religious and you know, anybody who can be heard in the background who some people call the lady.

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So Libby also said yeah, doesn't watch movies, because they're like, so Islamic. But, you know, for those of you that still live in Jamelia, and have seen a movie or two,

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I suffered a lot on you.

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There's a scene where the cops are chasing the criminal, right? This guy's jumping over fences and running around, you know, and the cops are trying to run after him catch him, whatever. And the cops you know, they've had one too many donuts.

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And this guy's just getting away, getting away getting away. But there's another kind of scene where the cops have the guy surrounded. In other words, he's running down the alley and

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On the other end, the cops already waiting for him. Yeah. And on this side, the cops already waiting for him. So he's got nowhere to go. And he doesn't even know that he's about to run into the cops. Right? When the cops are not toying with him, this criminal, they're toying with them. And they're like, Hey, come on, put some legs into it.

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You call that a jump? No, seriously right now, go ahead, knock yourself out. Why are they so comfortable talking like that? Because they already have in what? Like friends and surrounded otherwise it's a freeze.

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With a very nasal voice

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holder right there. I said, Stop. Please come up. Oh, you know, but the the fact that they're joking about it or actually saying no, no, no, come on. No, please. No, please go ahead. No, no, no, no, you run, run, run, run. I mean, because they already know, you ain't got nowhere to go. I wanted to share that scene with you not because I want to talk about movies, but because on judgment day, when judgment day begins, there's gonna be some pretty crazy things that are going to happen. And some of those things are going to be

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human beings when the earth starts shaking, want to get away from you know, get get to safety, get to open land, buildings are collapsing, mountains are falling apart. People are running one way or the other. They're stampeding right, and gathering towards safety. And so people are trying to get to safety and Jim's judgment begins. jinns are terrified. They're trying to get to safety. But human beings are trying to find a safe place on the earth. But since the earth is going so crazy, it's acting so crazy. The jinns are like we got to get off this planet right now. So they're trying to go where? into the sky. Allah then issues a challenge when the scene judgment day begins, he says,

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Yeah, my shadow genuine is gathering of gems and human beings. And it's thought out, if you're capable, and done, follow minakari somehow it will have the photo. If you are capable of crossing through the borders, the boundaries of the skies and the earth Then why don't you go ahead.

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You know, I told you what to call Go ahead. No, no, knock yourself out. A lot literally sighs gathering the entire species of Jane and humanity. If you're capable of escaping today and crossing some boundaries, some borders where you're in safe zone, either in the skies or in the earth. Go ahead. Latin foon I love this Hold on. You are not crossing any boundaries except with authority. But you can try you're free to try right? The How come he says you salute Allah Kuma Shu Alva Menard one Hassan for that and also Iran. Actually, if you hear gunfire, or cannon fire or rocket fire, etc. What is the safe thing to do run towards the gunfire or run away from the gunfire run away?

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Yeah, so Well, here's what's happening. meteors are falling from the sky. meteors are landing on the earth like bombs, right. So wherever they land, human beings got to run the other way. So the humans aren't finding any safe space in the world. What's happening in the sky jinns are trying to run into the sky, guess where the meteors are coming from? They can't escape into the sky. Because that's where the firepower is coming from. Right? Now. What are the is a gathering of jinsan human beings if you're capable of crossing the boundaries of the skies and the earth, who what's what's probably a better place to be safe, usually the sky much bigger, much easier to get away. And who has more

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capability of hiding and finding a place to hide and getting safe. The genes are the gyms are more capable than humans to escape, right? Because they can't just travel on the earth, they are also capable of getting to the moon or going wherever, right? They can go into the oceans, but the oceans are boiling, so they can't even go there. Right? So when Allah issued the challenge of escape,

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right, he put gyms first. And then he put human beings and that makes sense because gyms are far more capable of escape, then human beings are and even the more capable one who has the option to hide on Earth, but even before then, even has the option to hide into the sky. can't do any of it. So if the more capable one isn't even, is become unable than what to speak of the ones that aren't as capable you get it? Yeah, so that's, and that's highlighted with the order of gins first and human beings. Second, this was challenge number one. challenge number one was find

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find escape on judgment day.

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here's the second challenge. This is a different one that was so the rock man, this is so true. So number 17. Listen carefully to the challenge. Pull in each time it will ensue Elgin nor Allah and yet to be mayfly hurdle or Ernie lie to not be Miss Lee will oka and about boom live out then the hero

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Tell them, even if all of humanity and all of the jinn were to be united for the single purpose of producing something like this Koran, they would not be able to produce anything equivalent of it. Even if they were each supporting one another. Even if this was a giant, collaborated group project, they would not be able to produce the likes of this one. Is this a challenge about escaping on Judgement Day? No, what's this challenge? produce aka Ron? Yep.

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Come up with a foreign equivalent.

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Right? That's the challenge.

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Now, what is the Quran? If you were to describe the Quran to somebody, other than being the word of Allah, what is it nature? Is it a? Is it an object? Is it a book, it's a book, its words, its words,

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which of these two species was given a special capability more than the other, in fact, more than any other creature of producing words of producing literature, poetry, books, libraries, humans, Allah holobiont He says, He taught the human being speech. He taught the human being, you know, the the ability to be eloquent. You know, I want you to think about language in a deep way, always. The what are the words for language in Arabic is Bian Bian comm By the way, it's from the same letters comes the name of this institute bayona, which is the name of a surah, right. But the word Bian actually comes from banner, and banner means to separate by that means to work separate. Now, let me

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tell you, when I wrote the word equivalent,

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count how many letters there are EQQU, i, v, a, l, e, and T, how many letters 1010 letters. Now, if you didn't learn the alphabet, and learn to separate each letter and how it sounds, you wouldn't be able to say this word. So in language, first of all, you have to be able to separate each each letter, right. And then you have to be able to put those letters in a certain order. If I said he was equivalent,

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rover make any sense, it'd be the same letters, but they have to be in an exact DNA sequence for it to mean equivalent, right. And then you take a word, and then you put it inside of a sentence, and you have to put it in a certain order. And then you take a sentence, and you have to put it next to another sentence in a certain order. And then those certain sentences become a paragraph like in your essay in school. And those essays, the paragraphs have to be in a certain order, you can't put the introduction at the end, you got to put it in the beginning. And once you have enough essays, they can turn into a chapter. And the chapters in a book have to be a certain what order. And that's

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that book has to go into library in a certain section in a certain order. What am I saying? All of language is order, Order, order, organization, organization, organization. speech is all about organization right? From the beginning, from the letters to words to sentences to paragraphs, to chapters, two books, to libraries, to genres, right. It's all about organization. That's what human beings are capable of doing. No other species has been able to compile knowledge the way we have in any subject history, medicine, sight, you know, people that talked about, you know, the way human beings are right now, we take technology for granted the microphone we're using right now, or the

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camera we're using right now, the web that we're using right now, think about it. 800 years ago, people had certain technologies, they didn't have this. But they had maybe 1,000% less than this. But someone came after them their next generation. And based on what they learned from their father's generation, they made a little bit of an improve 1% improvement, then somebody else came. And if they hadn't had the first two generations, they wouldn't be able to add that 1% on top of that, and then the 1% on top of that. So what we have right now is because previous people before us, gave us knowledge from language, they died, but their knowledge stayed because they had

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language, right? And then we were able to improve on top of that, and then improving to the point where we got here. Right? If there weren't medical advances in the third century, and the fifth century or eighth century, then we wouldn't have the medical advances that we have now. Because everything we have is built on what came before us. It didn't just come out of nowhere, right? But birds don't have this. Squirrels definitely don't have the ancient squirrel told us how to gather nuts and then so they haven't made any progress in their ability to gather nuts. They're still gathering that's the same way. Birds are still getting, you know, they don't set up worm traps.

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They're still going out and getting birds you know, worms.

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Same way they haven't, they haven't learned from previous generations and adapted and advanced and furthered. However, human beings even though biologically, we're the same as we were 1000 years ago, we have advanced in every way, the way we live, the way we sleep, the way we comfort ourselves, the way we make our clothes, the way we make our food, everything has advanced, hasn't it, because we keep keep passing knowledge down. So a knowledge is captured by words. And Quran is at the end of the day words and knowledge. So if there's a species that's capable of producing incredible knowledge, that's actually the human species. So this challenge of producing something like the

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Quran, just like jinns are more capable of escape, human beings are more capable of producing knowledge producing words. So they're far more capable of this challenge. Even if they were to gather some information from the jinn about the unseen, to try to add to their knowledge, the ones to compile it would be the human beings, the ones to author it would be human beings. So they're put on top because this challenge meets them. And so let's, let's not go ahead.

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Like, you know, the initial mitogens, who will ensue, Elgin alanya to miss the haddow Corolla to and obviously, they're not going to be able to produce it well Oh, kind of ardently rather than the hero. So, Bob, and this is a pretty heavy thing to say, across making this claim, you can't produce something like doctrine. And you know, people say, Well, you can't produce grammar like it, or you can't produce language like it, but you can't produce beauty like, Yeah, but that's kind of you know, how to say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you could say that it's arbitrary, somebody can produce something like it. But you know, there are other ways to think about the Quran that are

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just irrefutable. What the Quran did to the world.

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How this one set of words transformed the earth. First of all, transformed the region, the Arabian Peninsula, right, the Seal of the Prophets, I said, is actually the story of the Quran, and then what the Quran did for the to the world, and what it continues to do and the way it continues to transform humanity, and transform people's lives, there's nothing like it, produce something that makes a change like this, produce something that's celebrated the way it is, recited the way it is memorize the way it is, like, in so many ways, you can you can come up with something, you can come up with the most popular song, and that's got a few 100 million views or a billion views or

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whatever. Right? But

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30 years from now. 50 years from now, it is still going to be number one. Yeah, that's an oldie. Yeah. Like, who cares? The Quran is a millennium and a half.

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You know, and people are reciting Fatiha. Like, it's still fresh in the hearts.

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And they're still like, I want to learn more about the fight. Yeah, right. So all we got to learn more about No, cuz it's so amazing. Because it speaks in more and more ways.

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I don't know enough about it. I want to learn more can you imagine like, people want to learn about the newest thing and here you are 1000s of you wanting to learn about something that's this old

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that then with such enthusiasm from different walks of life, children, adults, doctors, taxi drivers, farmers, business people, retired teachers, students, can you imagine like produce something that creates this kind of a thirst across cultures across nations across you know age, across intellectual levels across psychological level and they're all just they just want to get to the crop

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produce something that gets captured that many hearts and they all want it and they all want to commit themselves and go through whatever difficulty they can and hard work to acquire that knowledge produce something like that.

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No, go ahead please

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go to law school the initial module into Virginia Florida and yeah to be with you have look around so I wanted to highlight that just from the way Allah sequences jinsan humans humans engine, okay, just another dimension of how beautiful and perfect the Quran is. So with that, I'll conclude today barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So guys, remember, do your best and I will do the rest lady do the hand again so we can see how long Yeah, there you go, lady.

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