Musleh Khan – Ask Musleh – He’s Broke… Should I still marry him?

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of helping individuals to get on their own feet and start working again. It is important to consider if a person is broke, whether they want to change their ambition or just sit and milk off a good marriage. The segment also emphasizes the potential for better outcomes from breaking a relationship and offers advice on finding help for others.
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Tell them why they come to LA he will better care to have brothers and sisters and welcome to Ask Muslim. So today we're talking about he's broke, should you still marry him? So you're talking about a brother or a sister for that matter who has good Islam good. Allah comes from a good family, but they're just not financially stable. What do you do? The first thing brothers and sisters is always remember the relationship between the prophets I send them and his first wife, how the God of love wanna, here's a woman that was established, she had her own business, when the Prophet size seven was still in that stage where he was trying to figure out himself financially. What happened though,

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is that in that relationship, when they eventually got married Khadija de la Mancha, she helped him out, she tried to support him, she tried to give him a start in his life. So the first thing is for the brother or the sister, whoever it is out there, if you consider somebody who's quote, unquote, broke, doesn't have anything, then the first thing that you might want to think about is have personally been, Think positive. And think about a way that how you can genuinely help that individual get on their own two feet. and sisters, especially for you. This is something that you should take pride in, if you're in a position that you can help the husband start off, you might

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lend him some money, or help him find a job, or even take care of some of the responsibilities for the first year, first six months. This is only the greatest greatest blessings and reward that allies will put on your scale. So it's something for you to think about. At the end of the day, it is your husband, at the end of the day, it is your wife. So at this point here, try to do whatever you can to just simply help each other. So the first thing that I'm saying brothers and sisters is yes, you should consider something like this, don't make money or financial stability be a huge barrier between you and your spouse, it can be a barrier, but it might be one of those smaller

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issues that you can work out together. The second thing that you want to consider if he is broke. Now this is specifically for the brother, there's one thing that you want to really pay attention to, and that is his ambition to want to change that. Is he just simply lazy. Does he want to work? Does he want to do anything in his life? Or is he going to simply just sit back and just milk off of a good situation that he's gotten married into. So you want to look for the signs that this person here is genuinely trying their best to change that situation. If that is there in front of you sisters, then again, you have something great because what that teaches you is the potential for

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something better to come out of that relationship. The only problem is here at this point, that person needs help. The final thing that I want to say brothers and sisters is always remember the man who came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he wanted to marry a woman but he had nothing. All he had was as a result, which was a garment around his waist, and a piece of metal ring that was sitting on his finger. And he said Yato sutala I don't have a Mahara to give this woman. So the prophets I said and asks him a series of questions of things that he can do, till eventually came to the point where he asked him how much Koran Did you memorize, and prophesize sudden allowed

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him to get married with those few soldiers, and that became the mother of the marriage. This Hadeeth here shows you an eye that you can consider this kind of marriage. It's not just about financial stability, even though that's an important important ingredient in the marriage. So having said that, brothers and sisters, may Allah azza wa jal make it easy for all of you, for the sisters or the brothers out there. Just remember just because he or she is broke, it doesn't mean that you write them off in sha Allah there might still be great good with the help of Allah and your help as well. Just like Hello, hydrants that Mr. Lee kumada to law he will about account

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