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overdo it, but I had to get up.

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Do you

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need to check it out?

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Hello, my

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name is

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Lizzie, we're coming back to

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Salt Lake City from the

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San Tony.

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On this beautiful occasion of he were often reminded that this is a celebration of the legacy and the sacrifices made by the setup.

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But today I want to add something to that conversation. Our messenger is

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his primary objective, his role was to restore the legacy set up. He was his job was to clean up the house that he wanted to set up and built. His job was to restore the worship of the law on the religion and the legacy of it, but he but he set up, which is why with a lot of promise that the capital will be restored, that is actually called. That's the ultimate victory. When that house that was originally made by

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the only people only worship a lot is going to be brought back to its original purpose. But when we celebrate the Hajj, which is actually what we're doing across the oma, we're actually celebrating this ceremony of all of which is tied to the separate places that we want to set up. At the same time, we are also celebrating the sacrifices made by the prophets of Allah and his companions, and I want to bring attention to them. Yes.

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The rituals that we do is tied to one of the sacrifices

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that you make everything from money to food supply, is the sacrifice of his family, doing the walk and building the calories after he passed all of these tests, sacrificing the animal goes back to this, you know, Allah instructing him to the sacrifices, right. So everything goes back to

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the other. But in addition to all of that, in these few moments, I want you to appreciate something. Our messenger

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was given a dream. Just like if I was given a dream, you must give me the dream. Right after soon after the Muslims were almost all killed. in Medina, we were surrounded by every group that could align themselves with the lectins. And they wanted to kill all those sins inside the city of Medina was in for all it was going to be a genocide. This was not going to be a war, a war happens on the battlefield. This was going to happen inside the city in civilian territory. So men, women and children were going to be killed. And the only thing that prevented that from happening, that from happening was a trench that was dug. This is

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the transcript was that that kept me from coming into the city. And then the army of angels approved them, and they weren't able to be successful. But you have to appreciate something.

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We're not just interested in fighting the Muslims now on the battlefield. They were so thirsty for the blood of those who have lost a loved one. And for Africa, they left their home, they spent money, they sacrifice they made a one Alliance and a lot of agencies and that they came together all the way here to the house of the messenger. Some of them are leaving to try to eliminate finish the problem when they were unsuccessful after they work. Now we don't have powerful they are because they can gather everybody and they can come back to us. It is

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After the prophet SAW a dream

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that he's going to go to do hedge.

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Hedge, you're not supposed to know the methods, you don't know for fighting, you go easily. Armenia itself describes

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the dream.

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When the enemy is thirsty for your blood,

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and some direction, say 1800, some say more companions of the messenger will

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be pleased with them, they all said, if the prophet SAW a treatment must be true.

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So they want to know, and they go on their way to the cottage to the enemy that wants to kill them, God is not safe place to go, it's not like it is today, you don't just walk in and start praying. And so as they're pulling the spines of the molecules, they get word to the pizza.

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So they are now getting ready to kill themselves off the road, not even on the road. And the profits of someone have to take a different road, so that they can avoid being slaughtered, and being slaughtered because we have no basis Rambo sacrifice. So we go from a road that is never used by human beings, actually. And when they go through this road, they ended up in the field of good idea. But I want you to know, when they walked on this road, the rock was so hot that it melted their shoes. And the rock was so Jagat that many of them their clothes, were turning red, from blood from scrapes. And they were doing this all the way to fulfill the dream of the profits in the long run

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the use of them. And they make it definitely via an app or maybe as Americans try the second assassins idiom to try to kill the messenger again. So

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this is right before they got it. And even then, the messenger was given to, you know, make their success, make their attempt unsuccessful, he disarmed them and send them back. And now when negotiations started.

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Here, I want to tell you something else, when finally they got there. And they were, the longer the short of it is they were not allowed to be touch. They were not allowed to because they block their miski their way with the messenger.

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Animals, I want you to understand some of those animals are their life savings. That's all they have.

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Some of them don't even have a house, they just have an animal. And they bring that animal to slaughter because they're coming.

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And now the messenger tells them

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we're not giving too much this year, but you're going back home, we're not just going back home, we're going to slaughter the animal. And we're going to send the meat,

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the meat, because then the meat is supposed to be distributed there. They can take me back. This is the first celebration of can you imagine, you know when you sacrifice the animal, the first time it was done, we even get to eat the food. We eat the food. They were so angry. One of the animals that was caught was the camel of Japan from

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Cambodia was calling but you know what the Muslims were so angry, passive aggressive, they cut off his head, put it on a tree and sent that in first. Because they wanted to send a message not happy about this. But the idea was all Muslims were upset. And he was upset every one. And those of you that have studied this this in this event,

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you know that even the Sahaba will always come

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come in Keep Calm and even

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raise his voice to the prophets on some of the stuff that immediately even he didn't stop him when he said we're gonna do GMR as we can sacrifice the animal the chamber has all of the companions that we're listening

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to we hear none of them will be none of them. Not one of them. Listen

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is the first time it's happened in his life. But he says something that's companions that are willing to risk their life for him. And they're not listening. They're the first time that happened. This is the event of the first he

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this is actually what we're celebrating the profit of applause.

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Are the instruction about mother does the sacrifice changes help you they follow suit, but everybody's upset? Everybody's upset. And the reason I brought this up is because a time of celebration. We're supposed to be happy at this time. But when you remember this incident, no happy memories come to mind. It's a pretty stressful event. But a lot of changes in the way of thinking about revealed

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unsuccessful not being able to

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Make us unsuccessful. There's

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need to have the dream is supposed to be revelation from Allah.

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And he

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actually asked the messenger, why not? And he said, I never said this year. But he did ask the follow up question. If it's not this year, are we here when we come here next year, but this was part of the test. And we'll get back along with

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all of it.

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And we'll have some space, I want you to remember this, when he saw the profit space. After the slideshow now he doesn't know what

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it looks at it, he says, I have never seen this before.

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I have never seen his face happier than that moment.

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Those moments of oxys.

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Why? Because in an incident in an event where it was so depressing, and it was defeat, NOC location, and it was a waste of time, money, resources, we risked everything, and we got nothing. The only thing we got that was

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stolen, Kane. And this one I came and it was enough to make a profit.

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And this, this event, if you study it from a historical point of view, we will say this out of victory, but

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we've given you a clear victory and victory. I want you to appreciate the emotional side of this. Some of the people who came to help us to live in lockup, that was their home. Now they were kicked out of their home. And now they're coming back for the first time after many years, they're coming close to their home. And they have these feelings. This is where the childhood was, this is where they were raised, this is where their family is. And now they have they can't go in they have to go back again. And all of that will mess with your heart, your feelings, you have anger, sadness, depression, frustration, confusion, all of those anxiety, all of those feelings will overwhelm you.

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What is the gift that Allah gave believers got a lot of calls the ultimate victory in the show over and over again.

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He sent down Calm, peace, tranquility, and he sent a deep into the hearts of those who believe in deep into the hearts of believers. The reason I shared this story with you today on this occasion that I told you,

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is because the greatest gift that God gave to mom that day, was that he gave us the ability to find peace in ourselves, because of the revolution of God.

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We will not have a stressful situation in our life that will compare to what they went through. We will never compare to what they went through the kind of sacrifice they had to be walking through that he will walk into Texas, he pretended we know what happens. We know what kind of headaches they get. They're walking in

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And there's more conditions, and they're doing it for the sake of a lot too much territory that's bleeding them on the way

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and they're coming back. And yet I'm not getting their hearts calm.

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As a matter of fact, a little

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while as well. Eva, and he sent franconian peace officer and secondarily we gave them victory. Like the victory is less important. This was more important, this peace and tranquility was more important.

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So what I want to just leave you with what I want you to think about is you and I both of us are not created human beings and He created us in labor, stress, difficulty pain, all of you have something in your life. All you have some difficulty in your life. No human being was created without difficulty or without pain. And you know what? any difficulty you have in life will be easy to deal with. If your heart is at ease. If your heart is in need, sometimes people have

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the hardest maladies. Sometimes they have everything on the outside it looks good. The clothes look good, the car looks good, the house looks good, everything looks good, but there's no peace inside. There distressed or sad. There's a hole inside that can be filled

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with something that nobody can feel. No parties can fill clothes can fill that can fill you know when people get stressed out they do stress even people do stress shopping. You know people do stress by people take stress vacation and it doesn't get filled and a lot of Game of something in this full stressful occasion. A lot turn that into a celebration until the day it does. Why? Because we can find peace and tranquility in Bournemouth when it comes to the word of advice seeking calm. When you come to the word it will not just when you think that that can be unbundled. Whoever truly believes in the bottom line guys is hard or

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Her heart, we are supposed to find peace and tranquility in our hearts

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give the last words a chance. The full line is not just there for you, to study to see, and to say something, and to learn some information, or to learn the Arabic language on one of his goals is actually calm our heart down, to calibrate our hearts so that we can deal with everything in life, everything will become easy to deal with. But that's the key that is there. And that's the key outcome except from the sky. And

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when you're sick enough, there is actually the subpoena. So that is that is what we need. And we are in desperate need of finding some comments of peace in our hearts. We are lucky. So that helped us find that peace in our hearts. last quick live advice. I can't help myself to say before I go, eat is a time where a lot of families get together, which also means a lot of fighting happens. So be mindful of that chiffon wants to turn the celebration of him into a celebration of his victory. And the way that will happen is when you see your uncle, your cousin or whoever somebody's going to make a comment, it's going to turn into a thing.

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For next week, forget about them this and that temptation. Use kind words with each other. You know you're thinking of who you're not calling today, or whose text message you're down responding to. So try to fight that feeling and be happy to have calmness in your heart and become a source of comments from others have that stickiness in you and give that stickiness to others. This is one of the things we should take away with us on the celebration of Eve is not just about getting gifts and receiving gifts and giving each other hugs but really the parts to come together hearts to find peace with each other and soften our hearts to one another it's no surprise it's the same slide that

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says well how about

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a person merciful and loving towards one another

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loving respectful and courteous to one another and make this a celebration and a blessing by which our families get together and the feelings we have towards one another are evaporated.

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A lot of

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A lot of money

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come up with money.

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the block

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to give me another

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Okay, welcome again.

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Thank you so much.

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