The Chosen Ten #07 Umar R.A Accepts Islam

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The mere mention of his name would evoke fear in the heart of every devil wrongdoer and oppressor.

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He effortlessly balanced power and humility, dominance and justice, decisiveness and compassion. Superpowers fell to their knees before Him and the splendors of the world were at his feet yet he shunned it all and continued his voyage to Allah subhanho wa Taala His name is second only to Abu Bakr in the golden list of the 10 Guaranteed paradise. He is of course none other than honorable kebab or the Allahu Allah.

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Once a camel escaped the Muslim treasury and rather than summon a stableboy to retrieve the camel Omar without a moment's hesitation chased after the camel under the scorching blaze of an Arabian sun, he understood he was ultimately responsible for the Muslim treasury and he would be answerable before Allah for it. It was said to him, you have humbled the leaders who will come after you of Alma that is to say his action was not common practice for a leader and that in doing so he had set a difficult precedent of humility for future Muslim leaders. Almost reply however, was wonderful. They demonstrated his or inspiring level of consciousness. He said, Yeah, abolhassan father of

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Hassane let alone me Don't blame me for Lady batha Mohammed bin booboo, I swear by the one who sent Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with prophethood lo Anna Anna and okay that we shall play in ferrati law. Okay, Debbie, how Maruyama Kiana if an animal was to be taken by any harm next to the river Euphrates, ie miles away from Medina. He said, Oh, you wouldn't be accountable for it on the Day of Judgment. Despite leading an empire that stretched across the known world, Allah did not consider it beneath him to personally tend to his flock.

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He was once seen with his head close to the ground, kindling a fire for a hungry family in the middle of the night as its smoke passed through his beard, the head of state then fed the children with his own hands until they were satiated and they fell asleep. The children's mother looked with appreciation at this friendly stranger and she found no way to express her admiration other than by saying Jazak Allahu Hayyan and that will be handled Amrit Mina Omar May Allah reward you with goodness You are worthy of being the Caliph than Omar not knowing that her visited that evening was in fact Ahmad, the Caliph himself.

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When discussing this giant of a man, where should a person begin? Should one start with listing his conquests or his sheer consciousness of Allah? Or should we describe his justice and equity? Should we recall his command and courage? Should we recall his rejection of this material world or his knowledge and Eman? Let us perhaps begin with his first tentative steps to Islam.

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It all began with dua, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once called upon Allah saying Allahumma ISOCELL Islam we are happy Hi, Dania Raju li like oh Allah I asked you to bring honor and dignity to Islam by guiding one of the two men whom you love more Omar Al Khattab and Abuja who ignore Omar who is the narrator of this narration he said the most beloved of these two men to Allah was ALLAH.

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Omar described his journey to Islam when he said before I became a Muslim, I was a man who loved wine, I would drink it regularly. There was a particular place in Mecca where the man of Qureshi would gather to drink together.

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On one particular night, I went looking for my friends so that we could drink together as usual, but I did not find any of them. So I said to myself, perhaps I should go and see so and so he may have wine with him. I went to him but he was not around either. I then said to myself, well, I might as well pay the card that I received and circumambulate around it seven times. So I went and upon arriving I saw the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praying facing Palestine. Of course, this was before the direction of the prayer was changed, but he had kept the cabinet ahead of him. So I said to myself, why not listen to what he is saying in his prayer, but I knew that if I

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was to go near him, this would alarm him. So I stealthily sneaked up to the Kaaba from the opposite side, and I hid myself under its guide almost says now that I was beneath the curtain, I gradually started to make my way around Canada until I was face to face with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as he prayed, with the curtain of the Canada being the only barrier between me and him, at that moment, the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam was reciting surah. To help from the Quran. Omar says, I said to myself, this must be poetry, just like the people of Christ said it was just as this thought came to me the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam happened to recite the verse where

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Allah says Ma Ma Hua militia I call Elam to me No, this is not the word of a poet but literally you believe as if struck by a Thunderbolt or fro

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in his tracks, he thought then this must be the word of a soothsayer. And the Prophet continued with the next verses, whether it be called Lika in Cali, la mata karoun. Nor is it the word of a soothsayer. Literal. Do you remember dunsey Lomira been al Amin it is a revelation from the Lord of the world, or more than said, alumna Samia to Quran Allah Allah who can be Verba que tu other colonial Islam. When I heard these words, my heart softened and I began to cry and the love of Islam fell into my heart. Ahmed said I stayed exactly where I was until he finished praying and left but I followed him he heard my footsteps so he turned in recognize me, he thought that I had come to harm

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him. So he addressed me with firmness and he said, what brings you here at this time of the night Omar almost response was to let me know Binda. He will be honest with you he won't be mad Yeah, I mean, I have come to believe in Allah and His messenger and that which has come from Allah, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praised Allah and made you out for him and he asked Allah to keep him steadfast and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam patted him gently on his chest three times and he said each time Allahumma Aclidinium Murphy Saudi Rahim in the Hindi noir Abdullah who email or Allah I asked you to remove any ill feelings from his heart and replace it with the man

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from this day forth are dropped his whip along with every other evil sentiment that he had previously harbored towards Islam.

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Omar is acceptance of Islam immediately benefited the Dawa in Mecca a personality like his was not to be taken lightly.

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And this is why Sahiba Romi one of the earliest companions who embraced Islam he said lemma Aslam Omar when Omar became a Muslim Vahagn Islam Islam increased in prevalence. What do I lay here Hyla Ania and we would call towards it now publicly. We're jealous now hold at Haleakala and we would sit in circles around the Kaaba and we would circumambulate around it and we would retaliate when spoken to nastily.

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Omar's conversion to Islam was transformative from a hedonistic man chasing the fleeting pleasures of endless socializing, binge drinking and idle talking on I became the legend we all know and celebrate today. History serves as a reminder that it is not people who make Islam great, but it is Islam that carves out greatness and people