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AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing the importance of fulfilling the duty of the Mah tet or the dowry in Islam. They question whether the dowry can be a materialistic object or a service, and the implications of fulfilling these formalities are discussed. The speaker also mentions a woman who had a difficult time finding a good service, but the conversation focuses on the importance of offering service to her future husband.
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My question is, has the diary got to be material value can include the husband helping the wife memorize the Quran? Hello hiren we come Great question, the Mahatma or the dowry, the gift that the husband gives to his wife when they get married, and we all we all know that the mother or the dowry is actually a pillar of marriage in Islam, you must fulfill that. Now the question here is can the dowry does it actually have to be a materialistic object that is a value? Or can it be a service? It can be a service and this is also based on many Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one in particular, were a men a Sahaba. He wanted to marry a woman but the prophet SAW Selim asked

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him, do you have any gift, anything of value that you can present to her? And the man said, No, yeah, rasulillah All I have is this is odd. All I have is this garment that I wrapped myself with a profit I sell them ask them, Do you not even have a metal ring? And the man says, Yes, I have that. And that's it. I have no other wealth, no food, nothing. So then the prophets I send them said, Do you know any poor men? And the man said, Yes, I know this soda. I know that soda. And soda prophets, I said them allowed this man to provide a service to the woman that he wanted to marry, what was the service The service was to teach her poor and teach her something that he already has. Scholars have

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taken this hadith and said it is permissible to also make the dowry or the Maha a type of service. So you can say to your husband or your future husband, Look, my motto is I want you to cook or cut the grass for one entire year. This is my service or I want you to do the laundry for an entire year, whatever the case is, but it's got to be something that the woman she's content with, and she is pleased with. So absolutely, it can be a service just like hello