Nouman Ali Khan – The Vastness of Heaven

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The history of the sky and skies discussion touches on the " rid yourself" and " rid yourself" concepts, as well as the " rid yourself" and " rid yourself" concepts. The speakers emphasize the importance of forgiveness and the use of words like " ridden," " ridden," and " ridden" in relation to past experiences and future generations. They also discuss the mentality of achieving an A in a race, the importance of learning from the sun, and being more sensitive to how we share the message of our religion.
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You just look like you're telling me American

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Islam in the West

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Nile salatu salam ala rasulillah Hon Allah he was on his mind Somalia Cora to lay down okay everybody Today we're going to do another episode of insights from Dr. Simon rice. I believe this is still the first chapter where he talks about nouns and verbs and he talks about singular and plural. We talked about sky and skies yesterday if you recall. So I'm going to pick up on the sky and skies discussion which one is bigger when the word single summer is used? Or summer word skies? Do you remember? Summer? summer, summer is bigger, right? Because it's everything that lies above, right? So we're going to keep that in mind as we talk about the IR today. And these these are two places in

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the thrombolysis something similar. He talks about the vastness of heaven, the vastness of Gemini. Okay. One of those belongs to sort of Iran and the other belongs to suit and headed sword number 57. Give her Baba SoTL hurried this last week. So anyway, so let's look at the yacht and I'll show you where the comparison lies. So can you show the screen show on

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our other Billahi min ash shaytaan Gmail translate rather quickly this is iron number 133 onwards of the third surah I do not know what Sadie Allah McPhee Latina rubycon and rush this word is one rush

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to forgiveness because Surah Surah means rushing quickness, so rush to forgiveness from your master. Well, Jen nuttin and towards the heaven out of Buddha somato while after who's who sighs who sighs is the skies in the earth combined. So Jana is the size of all seven heavens and the earth combined. That's how big Jana is. Alright, that little motor pane which has been prepared for people that are cautious, that protect themselves, the people who protect themselves who who are these people who protect themselves, they are the ones who spend on you if you're on fissara eva Dora, when things are easy, and when things get difficult, so they're charitable, when things are easy, and they're

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charitable when things are difficult. When Kathy Mina Lila and they are the ones suppressing anger. And there's You can also say swallowing anger,

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also saying, you know, reach handling and anger. Well I feel and a nurse and these are people that are pardoning others, pardoning people meaning forgiving them lovingly without holding the grudge. Allahu hibel Marcin and Allah loves those who excel and those who meaning those who meaning the 13, who Jana has been prepared. For so far, there are three qualities they spend when it's easy to spend when they got money. And they're also spending in charity when it's hard for them to spend. Yeah, that was the first thing. The second thing was they're able to control their anger and channel it in a healthy way. The third was their forgiving of people. And then he adds, and those who, when they

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have done something shameless, or they have wronged themselves in any other way, they immediately remember a lot. And they asked forgiveness for their sins. And who's going to seek for who's going to forgive sins? If not, Allah will, if it doesn't obey the law, well, then you'll still rule Allah for Allah and they don't insist on what they had done, meaning they don't keep going back on what they did, for me alone, and they while they do so knowingly, so there's a few qualities of people who will make it to judge it says, first of all, rush towards it to this forgiveness, it's been prepared for the pain and who are these ones talking? They're charitable, they control their anger,

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they're forgiving of people. They immediately recognize when they do something wrong, they ask for less forgiveness and they lose, don't lose hope and have less forgiveness, and they don't become addicted to making the same mistake over and over again. It's quite a few qualities. If you have these qualities, then you are rushing towards heaven. Right. So that's one place. This is sort of headed this is number 57. Something similar is being said, but instead of Saturday through we what do we find here? Beco sabich? wolf comes from South Africa and South Africa. You saw because Ivana moussaka had a family beautiful Giada family by the way, this actually means race. It doesn't mean

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rush it means race, race to forgiveness from your master and race to a heaven similar to the other one except that one was what rush to it and this one is a race to it. Who sighs this one also talked about the size of heaven. And what did it say about the size of having this time? Jonathan outdo her as somehow to win or do I go How was the Matata and a Samoa duel outdoors the harbor, right who's it's whose size is the skies and the earth here, instead of out aloha Samoa.

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Without the help article ha QA out of this summer you will out who saw the guy is about a calf llama it's a half jharia so this becomes a metallic bill a hover

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out to his Matata the first refer and this is the metallic copper. Right? So it's a little bit different. Let me translate for those of you that are not technical. I know we geek out a little bit because these kids are put a few hours into them. Okay. So, our size is something like the size of the sky and the earth. Something like the size of the sky

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and the earth. Okay. All right that Leila Deena amanu Bella, he was he

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the only already noticed a difference. So the first difference was race. The second difference is like because the like wasn't used before. The third difference is instead of skies. Sky is a sky. Then he says it has been prepared. This will also says read that it has been prepared, but it has been prepared for holding with 13 with a bunch of qualities. This time it's already deadly. levena Manu Billa he also he has been prepared for those who believed in Allah and His messengers that he can follow the law that is the favor of Allah eudaemonia he gives it to whoever he wants will law who will further alim and Allah is the possessor of the ultimate favor. Okay, so there are some

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interesting differences. So let's make a note of those differences. So there's an earlier Emraan will let me make a table

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so we can observe these differences.

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So this is slide number three, and this is slide number 57.

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And I don't know why the table is okay, they got normal. Okay. So this one says we'll make it a little smaller.

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This one says Sadie

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which means rush.

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Which is let me format the whole thing to a font that's today's

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normal 26 should be okay.

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Okay, this should be good. Okay. sadio

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this one said sabko.

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Which is race. Okay, this one said some art

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Well, what does that mean?

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The skies and the earth the skies and earth? I'm being briefed on Let's skip that. So we can write reef skies and worse

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earth the Google

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or the G okay. And this one says what

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a summer or actually

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out of this summer?

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which beans sky like the sky and earth?

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So there's a like added that wasn't there.

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And like the size of

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like the

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Yeah, this is

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Yeah, like the size we should we should add here size of Skype. Okay, so it's a little bit different. Then here he said.

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I looked okay.

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And so the

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the cautious

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and self protective.

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And what were some qualities you remember? The people who forgive others without? later? Ah.

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Oh, who given charity when times are? Good give when easy or hard? Yeah. Right. That was one. Okay. What else?

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Yeah, against this all of the angle? Yeah. By temporary temporary control also.

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And once they're able to control their temper, they're able to work with people. Oh, forgive me forgive people. But you're so you're still with us? Are you in this guy's in the earth? Okay.

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And then when they do something wrong,

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oh, they seek forgiveness and they don't insist on the bad action that when they when they when they mess up.

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They immediately

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remember a lot.

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Don't insist

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on the same pattern

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of behavior.

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Right, quite a few descriptions.

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On this side, he said

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I live in a mono

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villa. He was really Oh

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Those who believe in Allah so believe messenger in Allah and,

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and his messengers. That's the favor of Allah, He gives it to no further descriptions. Okay, so I'm gonna make this a little smaller so we get a bird's eye view.

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This is better. Okay. So

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let's first talk about the difference between rushing and racing.

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I'm rushing to work.

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I'm rushing to brush my teeth. I'm rushing to get changed. I'm rushing to get to the car rush, rush, rush. Yeah. I'm racing to work. So somebody's rushing on the highway, and somebody's race racing on the highway. Who do you imagine is driving faster? Someone who's rushing clearly driving fast. But somebody who's racing racing? Definitely. Because when you're racing, you're trying to outdo each other. Yeah. Right. So what we're then saying is, this one

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more intense.

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Right. Yeah. This is more intense.

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Right. It gets you Wherever you're getting to. Pastor.

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Got it? Yeah, that's one difference. Okay.

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The skies and the earth.

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Skies is plural. We talked about that yesterday. And sky singular means all that lies above. Yeah. Which one do you think is?

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broader? broader?

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sky? Yeah, it is. And because it cannot include everything above, because there's also the option of a line all of that, but still broader.

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This one is faster. This one's also broader.

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by the way, when someone's rushing,

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there kind of

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there's a sense of worry. Yeah, there's a sense of worry. But there's also a

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lesser sense of

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awareness of others.

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So this, in a sense, is like lonelier.

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And this one, when you're racing, you're aware of where everybody else's man? I'm like, ahead of all those guys. Yeah. So there's a sense of, you know,

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there's an awareness of others. there's a

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there's a togetherness, even though you're racing each other. There's a sense of I'm not alone. Yeah, right.

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All right. Now.

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I'm attacking people who are believers, not just believers, they are cautious, self protective. Is everybody who's Muslim cautious and self protective? Yeah. No. And then, is everybody who's cautious and self protective, necessarily someone who spends when they're when it's easy and hard?

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And are there people who are cautious, self protective and spend when it's easy and hard and control their temper? Is that even more people or less, or people that have all these qualities together?

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And what about other people that are cautious, self protective, spend easy and hard when it's hard control their temper, and are very forgiving of others? Is that even more people or lesser people, is even lesser people. And on top of all of that, these are the kinds of people that when they mess up, they immediately ask Allah for forgiveness, and they don't exist on their behavior. So the more qualities you add,

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the group keeps getting smaller, keeps getting more exclusive.

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And you're right, it keeps getting smaller. Does that make sense?

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Because the other side, he said it's been prepared for those who believed in Allah

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and His messengers. It's not those who believed in a lion, his messengers and prayed.

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fasted, those who control their temper gave no other qualities, only qualification as what they believed in Allah and His messengers. So so there are there are, there are more qualifications here.

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Right, which makes this harder. Yeah. And that's why the group is smaller. And that's why

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less people make the

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This is like Ivy League. Kinda like Ivy League, right?

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And this one seems like, so long as you're registered,

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you can sign up. If you don't like in a marathon, there are people that come in America come in, I came in 197

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I'm really proud of myself, you're so proud of yourself, because you're still part of the white marathon. Right? But this is like the first four people that made it.

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And this is like, I got I'm still in it. I still in it. So you know, there's these people, there's a difference.

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So, this is

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the, you know, lesser, much lesser requirements.

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So do you think this is more people or less people, more people? This is way more people. Right? But then also look, pay attention and it says, it doesn't say believe in Allah and His messenger. It says, believe in Allah, his messengers, plural, mostly. You know what that means? That means that it doesn't even have to be the followers of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, it could be at the time of Mousavi, salaam they didn't believe in Hamas. I said, I'm the only believed in musasa. So it's now starting to include people of the past. The people of the time of whoosah, the people of time of Isa, the people at the time of New York that people have done Masada, Hunter Haven, all those people

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who believed in their messengers to are now being included. But over here, it was all present tense. So people were talking about their people at the time of the Prophet i right now. So there's lesser requirements, and it includes

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believers in previous times.

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with previous prophets,

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which makes us even more people, people that are around now and people that lived a long time ago, have all been included. So what observations are we making then overall, in Surah, number 57, there's a bigger togetherness.

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And it's, it's a race that's much more included. Then the sky seems to be talking about a broader sky. And then the people are also a broader group of people. And here, things start getting more exclusive. You know, someone who rushes on their own is driven on their own, they don't have to look at someone else to raise their you know, like in psychology, we learn about people that are like always, the only time they get serious is when they look at somebody else. Right? So So for example, let's just imagine that Miriam got an A on her math and you got to be on your math test right? And now your mission in life became to get an A because mme got an A and there ain't no way you're going

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to leave money with that a to give you that look him that look, that look. Yeah, that look, there's no way cuz you know, you're racing. Now you're doing what? racing? But then there's the kind of person who it doesn't, you don't know what mme got or not, you want an A, you're not in a race with anybody else. You're in a race with yourself. You're self motivated, almost like you're not aware of anybody else. It doesn't even matter to you. Right? So there's a different mentality over here is these are lesser people, most people are have a sense of competition. Yeah.

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So this is a broader group to begin with. And these people are being talked about in a more exclusive kind of

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heaven. So restricted, have restricted size, because the restricted group, yeah. And then their qualities are more restrictive. And here, Allah opened it up far bigger. This is like a marathon. A lot of people can jump in. And the sky is God just, it's just everything that lies above. And anybody who believes is a chance to get into this race. Right? So in which one because there's a there's a larger chance for you to make it to heaven and one of them, like, Allah is being far more generous and opening the doors wider to heaven in one of these than the others. Which one

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it's almost like he's opening this one up much wider, isn't he? Yeah, right. So he says it's this is the beautiful part. This is what number 57 he says something he didn't He did not say here. He says something here he says, Valley go for de la UT Hema, sha Allah who will love him, that is the favor of Allah. He grants it

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to whoever

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he wants.

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And Allah possesses

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the ultimate favor.

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Do you notice how Allah has done us a bigger favor in this eye anyway? Yeah, right. And then he adds at the end, that is the favor of Allah. Look at how perfectly the words are.

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chosen between this idea and that idea how everything starts corresponding to the larger point that's being made in two different sources, two different places.

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Yep. And so this is the kind of like, subtle, subtle thing that happens in one place. In the other end. Those of you that are hopeful that maybe sometimes get confused between Allah, God as soon as it sabbir word is hobbyhorse audio, then this might help you, this might help you, you know, remember which which goes where, because you can now notice everything fits together with a set of words here, and everything else fits together with a set of words here. That was our little appreciation of Allah. And by the way, the larger lesson we learned from these IOD is that there are people that want the highest Heavens and the most exclusive rewards from Allah. Right. And those are

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people that are going to rush be driven to rush to to seek that forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal, and then there are people who need a community, they need a sense of motivation, and they need to see somebody else that's doing good and say, Man, they're doing good. I can do that too. Like, some of you will be like, Wow, my cousin's learning Arabic. I can learn to write or you wait, seriously, you didn't know anything. And now you know, stuff. That means I can do it too. So you're joining the race, right? So some people, they're not driven entirely on their own, they need a sense of community and that's okay. And that's a favor of Allah that He provided us that and Allah's mercy

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is, is vast, and he only mentioned so merciful of Allah that He only mentioned faith here. They have faith in Allah and their messengers. Obviously, to get into heaven. You don't just believe you pray also you do good deeds also. But what did Allah do, he encouraged people to work towards heaven by just saying, at least you have faith we do. So you have hope. You have hope get started. And when you when you develop your faith, and you have a sense of hope, and you start learning about the race, then you realize maybe this faith is going to make me pray, it's gonna make me do, you know, leave some bad habits, it's gonna, so you're gonna start taking those steps on your own. And it's a

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mercy of Allah that He didn't intimidate the beginner by adding steps here and the beginning. He just said, so long as you believe. It's not to misconstrue and say, Oh, God, you just have to believe and you don't have to do anything, and you'll make it into heaven. No, you clearly have to do something, because race is mentioned in the beginning. And race means you're no longer where you were yesterday, you've made progress. Right? If there were, if there wasn't a race, then there would be no expectation of actions, you can just believe and sit there not even joined the race. But anybody who joins a race is actually progressing. But it's the mercy that I want you to appreciate,

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is Allah here did not put requirements of these people who truly believe Let me tell you their qualities so you can become one of them. No, just get just have hope and desire. Just have hope that you can make it that you can become of these people. And that's one of the themes inside sorbitol. Hadid is Allah is saying to people whose hearts have become hopeless or hard. And they've distanced themselves from Allah, that they can make their way back to Allah, they have a chance to write. So Allah talks about the elite believers and also the beginners that are making their way back to Allah, both of them in in the sutra. And that's, that's a range that we often don't talk about.

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Because we often think that Allah talks about the best, best, best best people that are going to make it to heaven. And the rest of us are just going to just get barbecued. You know, it's not like that in the Quran. Allah wants to people that are at the very, very basic level, to also have hope so they can work their way up and the gates of heaven are vast, open. Like they're wide open, and there's room for you. You shouldn't start thinking that there's no room for you. But don't. Yeah, and so don't lose hope in Allah's mercy. And then on the other side, when you reach a certain level of maturity, then you know what, why, why just aim to finish the marathon? Why not aim to come in

00:23:55 --> 00:24:35

first? Right? Yeah, it's so it's so powerful that you don't, you don't tell everybody to come in first. You get everybody to at least start. Right? And then when they've got their feet wet, they got a little bit in. Now it's time to say you know what, you have talent, you have potential. Like you kids, for example, right? When you first started my whole job was to tell you, this is not so hard. You guys can do it. My job was to tell you by the way, you're gonna have to learn about motherhood, aka a multi level cover the theme intaki. shelf Java shelf is a muscle. So you would have you know, I was banging my head on the table the few months ago, you would have been doing that

00:24:35 --> 00:24:59

from the beginning. My point in the beginning was to just get you started. But then as we continue, like, you guys are doing pretty good. I think you guys can even become teachers one day. I think you guys are gonna be pretty amazing within a year. And I know I'm setting the bar higher and higher. But I didn't start like that. If I started like that it would have crushed you. Right. There you go. So that's what Allah is doing to Allah.

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Usually taking people step by step by step, and we shouldn't put, like super imposing intimidating goals on someone who's just starting, so they quit before they ever started. Yeah, we shouldn't do that to be we should learn from the sun. novela like there's different ways of talking to different groups of people. You know how stable NASA cadre rucola him you call him a calmer, calm aroma karma kazari they talk to people at their level. And every time in situation has the right words to use. This is what Allah is teaching us here. And it's a remarkable teaching that inshallah helps us become more sensitive to how we share the message of our religion with those around us, Barack aloni

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Welcome So

00:25:44 --> 00:25:49

guys, have a good day. Insha Allah, remember, do your best and I will do the rest. There's always hope

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