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recently and probably for the last few 100 years, I don't know, there's been been a great fit, you know, great thing that people think that aqidah is something, okay? It there is something that if you cover a course in art either if you if you cover, you know, some some books and some courses and God's gonna do some discos, whatever nakida, then your image is gonna get stronger and stronger and stronger is true. However, there is a problem that has occurred in the last few 100 years with this whole concept of al Qaeda. What is our Qaeda? Al Qaeda is a set of dogma. It's a set of beliefs, our tenants, our faith, things that have to do with believing in Allah, believing in the messenger,

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believing in the angels believe in the books, believing in the akhirah, believing in color, and so on. All these things related to all these things, and staying away from deviancy going towards the truth, how to become a problem Mustaine what kind of beliefs to have, what beliefs makes you a prophet Muslim, what beliefs makes you a, you know, a Muslim, that leaves the faith of a Muslim that is, you know, on the verge of leaving the faith, all these things are good to study and we need to study them. But one mistake and one big problem that has happened with these aqidah courses is they have become courses of knowledge

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but not a faith.

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Now let me repeat this they become close of knowledge so they give you like 10 things to believe about Allah seven things to believe with a personal awesome three things to believe about your Eman, four things to believe here. And these become parts of knowledge. But what happens is your actual Iman doesn't increase your Eman doesn't become weightier. Why because you're not relating the archy that to real life.

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When the Quran see in the whole Quran, you will find that Allah azza wa jal has talked about Eman.

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Okay, and talks about Eman, he links it with actions.

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It's a practical world where your knowledge and your aqidah and you believes in the real world they join together and it turns into some practice some form of practice that is what real Eman should be. So what has happened with these courses is that they will teach you all these things for example, they will teach you okay you know, one of the things about Iman is that you depend on Allah azza wa jal we depend on Allah, we do talk Coonan Allah, and they'll tell you a whole hour or half an hour about Turaco. And they'll give you is from the Quran. And they'll give you a Hadith from personal lonesome to explain what Tawakkol is, and how you depend on Allah. And it's beautiful to

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listen to all of that. But that is just the beginning part. What's supposed to happen is

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when Rasulullah sallallahu has been taught about telecoil. And he talked about Subbaraj, there was a real life going on, where he made sure that they did their power, cool. And they depended on Allah in the crisis that they were in that they showed their support. And they showed their patience in the midst of the problem that they had. So it wasn't just knowledge, it was in a real life or all of these things were happening. You guys you guys understand what I'm trying to say? Right? So for example, they had the Battle of hurt and the battle over her they had losses, they had a lot of losses.

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And at that moment, if you look in Surah Ali Imran Surah Al Imran has the story of ord in it. So Surah Al Imran says the beautiful thing about it is that the Sierra, if you study Sierra, then you will only study what happened at that point of the profit and loss of life. Okay, so you study about Sierra, you study, but you know, the Battle of Earth. So if you go into Surah Al Imran, what you'll find is you'll find that Allah talks about what happened to the Sahaba when they left the province of Laos and um, what happened to the Prophet Allah and when he got wounded and other Sahaba you know, there's a whole battle I'm not going to go through that. But what I want to say to you is the

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Quran Subhanallah when the Quran deals with it, it will give you everything in one go. It will throw to you a lot of things at one time. It's not just giving you a story, no way. If you look there it is making me think so for example, when he talks about battle of erode and the loss that they're making, just listen to this. Allah azza wa jal is talking about the story and he says,

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em sizcom Karahan *a demoiselle cow go Mercado hung me through. If you have, have faced

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a tragedy

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In the battlefield, and you trace you you face some some root you you've been wounded, then the other nation has also been wounded. What Haleakala Yamanaka will have been a nurse, and we're going to see we're going to exchange these days between yourselves that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. And then it says, Well yeah, LM Allahu Allah Dena Iman the reason why the tragedy happened is so that Allah can make it clear who the true believers are. When women come shahada so that he can take from you certain martyrs he can create certain mantras from among among you, Allahu Allah, your humble Solomon and Allah azza wa jal doesn't like those who are cruel or who oppress while you

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are his Allahu Levina Iman and so that Allah azza wa jal can clear the hearts of the believers where am I fit in? And and you know, he can deal with the with the with the disbelievers in certain way. Now, all of this is in surah, number three and number 140141. Now what you can see is the story is being told, but many reasons are being given those same reasons the believers are now taking in and thinking wow, Allah wanted to test my Eman. Allah wanted to make me make my brother who died a sheep. Allah wanted to make sure that he makes me understand that today I might win. And tomorrow I might lose but I shouldn't lose my Eman. Okay, so there's many different lessons that have been been

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given. Then he talks about, for example, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. You know, the fact that you know, some some of them tried to flee from the battlefield because they thought that he was the he will you know, he had passed away in mid battle. So Allah azza wa jal now look how he puts the IR because there's many things that are thrown at the believers to absorb and to take in. Allah says, Why Muhammad Allah Rasool Muhammad is no one but a messenger or the Khaled mean copy Rusev message many messengers have gone before him, meaning that he's a messenger Yes, but many messages came before him and they also passed away so he's gonna pass away as a matter what about if he does pass

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away? I'll Cotulla What about if he becomes a Shaheed and he becomes a martyr martyr in Allah to Allah aka become you're going to just turn on your on your heels and you're going to turn your backs on Islam because the Prophet you know died in battle battle. Well my young Kalevala debate well if you decide to turn your healed it turned turned back on your heels and turn away from from the deen Fela jandola Allah Shia, such a person will never cause any harm to Allah never cause the least harm to Allah. Now look how much has been thrown that if something happens that is bad, are you going to now turn away because of the conflict that was there? Look how much look at the email and the email

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is not just knowing that the Syria happened? No, the email is not knowing. Look at the next part of the verses were said Zilla who shakin in Allah will reward those who show gratitude. The email is not sitting in a lesson sitting in a class and saying, Oh, we've got to do shoukat of Allah, we've got to you know, thank Allah, that's our either our key that tells you to do Shuker of Allah Aki that tells you to believe in Allah sera will tell you to know about the story of Earth, okay, there's two different departments. But that the way Allah did the therapy, and he molded the Sahaba was with many different elements all around, each of these verses came down, and the verses told

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them how to act and how to behave. So if you look at the end of Allium Ron, the last verse, verse 200, Allah says, Yeah, you're Latina, I'm unwell, you believe it Spirou Have patience. Saburo tell others to be patient, rob you too, you know, make good tie yourselves to Eman make yourself strong, what duckula La la come to flatiron and have the awareness and the consciousness of Allah so that you may get to success. Now Allah has said one after the entire story, after so many verses, Allah says is Spiro you know, Ephesians you know, you lost. So what have patients show patients now. So I want to say this to you, brothers and sisters right now. And this includes obviously, all of us,

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including me, that real southern real miracle real, something you know, of our key that you learn cannot ever be a thing that is detached from my real life. And that is the problem that a lot of Muslims have have faced, because Muslims lead their lives. The aqidah is in books, the aqidah is somewhere in the knowledge of the brain. But it hasn't been absorbed in the heart. And it hasn't manifested in the in the limbs, and it hasn't become something that they're able to deal with with real life. So and that is really a man that is what Allah azza wa jal wants us to do. And that was the way that the Sahaba dealt with, you know, with Eman and they became the individuals that they

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became. If you're wondering today why why why

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Muslims like the way they are today, and why they're so shallow because we've separated all these departments. So when it comes to my social life is separate from my Iman. And the Quran says your social life is not separate from me, man. When it comes to my dealings and my Mamilla that I'm dealing with money, I sometimes think well, it's alright for me to quickly just do this deal. It doesn't matter how that's separate from me being a believer. And the moment you do that, what you're doing is you're you're actually affecting your email because email is directly linked to all of this. The sufferer curriculum covers all the Islamic educational needs of young Muslims today in a

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fun, simple and engaging way tried and tested for over 15 years at one of the UK's leading methods the curriculum has been adopted by hundreds of institutions around the world and makes your child's journey in seeking knowledge easy, meaningful and dynamic. This innovative and comprehensive curriculum covers on earning did read Islamic studies do ours and Surahs as well as Arabic in an integrated and structured way visit suffer publications.org To find out more