Ending Ramadhan With Fear And Hope

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The importance of giving the setup and cattle feeder to each member of the family is emphasized, along with the need to fulfill this before considered vibe. The success of Islam's teachings and the importance of wiping away fast and giving food to the poor is also discussed. The importance of balancing the season and length of the month is emphasized, as well as the need to avoid losing focus and becoming fatter. The conversation shifts to the fear of Islam's actions and the importance of avoiding double-standing, as well as concerns about a woman named Rosa's poor health and her desire to give money to her.

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Al Hamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah May Allah

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Allah May Allah

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Almighty Allah Kitab Abadi kitabi well actually at Avada Shariati, a mother do follow me la Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. We're here we have our Eva Hey Monica Eden LBT. Where is ma he said Allah will azeem.

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My dear respected elders and brothers

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we are in the last Friday of Ramadan and by everyone's consensus Ramadan has gone very quickly and Alhamdulillah very peacefully and very well may Allah tala except it has been in many ways a very unique Ramadan, we have stayed away for much of Ramadan, away from the normal controversies and disputes and arguments that normally plague our community. And in this Ramadan somewhat comparatively to before there has been less controversy May Allah tala always make it that we stay away from unnecessary futility and controversy. However, as we come now towards the end of Ramadan, there are a few things that we have to keep in mind. There are few responsibilities that we have.

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And one of the responsibilities that we have to fulfill which I would like to lay emphasis upon is the giving of setup

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and set of cattle feeder is a very important part of Ramadan. Allah Allah and according to some of the mother hip like the mother of the family, to give Sarah photography Tara is watching is compulsory. And we must see to it that we give it on behalf of each and every member of our family. And

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the criteria with regard to sericata defeater is very, very minimum in terms of you got just anything extra. It's not like socketable assets, anything extra you got circuit sec sericata becomes wajib upon you and becomes compulsory upon you. So we have to keep this in mind. And we have to fulfill that before it is nivia Kareem Salah Salem has emphasized Jessica Hamer Ramadan, Mubarak.

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Amari Cooper Chen zimny Daria Eid hotel, Gina pura carnac Ileana jelly Kearney Jaya, or Ramos aka costera toll free turkey again, just to show you the importance of circa tophatter

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nbia Karim salsa misurina Hadith that the fast remains suspended between the heavens and earth until Sarah cattle feeder is not given. This past remain suspended between the heavens and earth until Sarah photofiltre is not given in one Hadith in Abu Dhabi Sharif novia cream sauce from said sadaqa to fit to Hosea Minar love we were referred, we're taught not to lil Masaki in that setup at all fitter is a means of wiping away your your grandmother your fast from unnecessary conversations and sins that were committed while you are fasting.

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And it is a means of giving food to the poor before the Mubarak can bless it and the joyous day of it to it serves two purposes set up a Twitter

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Okay, we'll set up a Twitter

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tomorrow for Ischia. Taka, he said to Maria Rosa ko in lava battle or goon our support Chioggia Joe to say Rosa Doran sir said we are a very bokeelia It's a pehla della karaca Samana. So it is a means of wiping away the sins which we have committed during the time of Rosa. And also the means of giving the poor food on the mobile can bless the day of it, so people must try and hasten towards fulfilling this. Another important aspect is, you know, it's a natural thing you know, it's a long month in a way in a while the the month has gone very quickly. And many times people also make mention of this regard to this comment by a girl. So okay, Joanna chromosome pooram puracell Kalia,

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if only Ramadan could be for the entire year. It is not the wisdom of Allah for it to be the entire year. He Allah tala Hickman aka puracell Kelly rossano elettronica Yama Buddha that Ramadan is for a specific in a short period of time. One month out of 12 months is less. So Allah Allah has deliberately made it according to the his wisdom. It is not so short that you don't feel it.

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Here's a certain degree of effort that is there for you to pull through the month. And it is not so long. Kellogg

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is not so long that you've you you become tired with regard to it, and I escaped it the right balance. It's just the right balance. Not too short, not too long a year. I'm a model that and however, towards the end, it could be a possibility that we become and we lose focus. And we say board kiari Pura Pura min ma board qiaquick Aram cara, it can happen that we can become Lex. It may Joby Josie Rama Talalay, so beautifully made mentioned with regard to this point. He said when you see a race, and you see a camel race or you see a horse race, you see towards the end of the race towards the end of the race, the horse doesn't slow down. The horse goes faster. As it comes towards

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the end. He goes faster. Maybe in the beginning he might have gone slow, but he comes towards the end he goes faster. Why I have to finish the race on a powerful note. He said he Josie Rahmatullah they say do not be as more be Don't be as less foolish and be at least more clever and more intelligent then the race horse as you come towards the end of Ramadan. Now you become even more and you exert yourself even more. If the job is chosen to live for Mata Ki makabe man, Daniela GORANI Shani man silky curry pasta to apne koshish choco mazie bajada tired, maybe I say he Karnataka and we still got time we got the 27th night not that it is compulsory that rainbow color is there, but

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what am I have written that it is most likely that it could be on the 27th. So, we have time, let us be let us be on our guard. And remember that it is according to the conclusion of any act that Allah subhanho wa Taala decides on matters. So let us see that our conclusion is based and it is on a strong note. It is not based on something that we become slacking we become lazy. bear this in mind as we go towards the end of Ramadan. Then a very important point with regard to the end of anything before when we come to the end of anything. nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Islam has taught us a method. Islam has taught us an attitude. It comes in a hadith in Sahih Muslim that novia

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Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said on the authority of Abu huraira Allah Who says no meah Karim Sal Salaam said if a believer knows the severalty and the other of jahannam he will lose hope in attaining Jana he will become doubtful with regard to attaining Jana

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Iger Mormon Papa

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Joe one co host

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Janet cages to jump on coke Shaco Jai

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pasa combini Allah tala Kiyosaki Berryman kupatana and if a disbeliever knows about the mercy of Allah, he was never lose hope in attaining Jana. If a disbeliever knows about the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala he will never lose hope in attaining Jana

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even even a disbeliever caffee

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Allah Allah Rama

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so this means that when we end something then we end between bainer hoffy Raja Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah Li is entitled one of his chapters read al Eman bainer. Hope you are Raja Eman is between fear of Allah subhana wa Taala and expecting the mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now why do we feel Allah subhanho wa Taala now The point is, why is the man between hope and Raja? One reason why we feel Allah subhana wa Taala is we might have committed deeds but we don't know whether Allah tala would accept or not

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many times the door of a man or open the door of Kabul yet is not open. Bought samartha hasakah. America there was

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a there was a colony. Sometimes Allah tala can give you the opportunity to make EML but there is no guarantee that this particular one of yours and your ibadah it is going to be accepted Allah subhanho wa Taala therefore the greatest aspect for us is to know whether Allah subhana wa Taala is accepted our deeds or not, we don't know the sequel patani bus hermeto a campus is cartera We must continue making effort we must continue making an effort whether Allah tala accept is in the hands of Allah, we hope Allah will accept we have no guarantee because we don't have guarantee we have fear. And because of that fear, it is such a great fear and that Allah in the Holy Quran has made

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mentioned in the ninth juice in surah and fall. What lolly him never Allah

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Tina fun

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setup I mean have I bow shaytaan Allah tala what to give them the example of someone never.

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Allah gave him his signs and that Allah gave him great amount of favors. According to Abdullah University of Toronto, the verse here in the nine su para refers to Belle Ambien Barbuda. Bell I'm being amber aura was an avid he was a person who did he bought it for 300 years. Teen so Salta Corona.

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And then Allah tala took away his diet. The people forced him to curse he said Mousavi salat wa salam, but he could not curse. Mousavi salat wa salam. Every time he tried to curse Mu salishan at wasallam he's done. Rather curse the people who asked him to curse muscley salat wa salam. Allah Allah says permata lu commissary. He died in an example like a dog. In Tamil Allah yell has attacked ruku yell has and the reason why he was like a dog was that his tongue used to come out. And Lola like how the tongue of a dog was 300 years of Ubud and he died as a disbeliever 300 years and he died as a disbeliever. So we fear Aliamanu mental health, we as your love we have done something we

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don't know whether you have accepted or not. Now because of this fear, it also makes us very careful of not being proud about our deeds. Sometimes it's amazing. You know, we do we do two records extra we feel that we have done a lot in our favor. We may get a bit of effort we feel a little applies to forgive us. Where do we have these type of situations? We have no right to auto demand from Almighty Allah we plead with Allah subhanho wa Taala he Allah you forgive you forgive us our shortcomings, you Allah you accept from us. And in this particular regard, what better example can we give that people are Himalaya salat wa salam

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has it primary salatu salam incident is amazing. Allah tala told him in the Holy Quran, para la hora poo asleep. Oh Ibrahim, submit to Allah.

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Allah, Allah Salam kapa haka. Remember that? Allah Tanaka? Sometimes you think if anyone could have given an answer in the whole history of humanity, if anyone could have given an answer could have been Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, who he could have said he Allah your luck.

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Owner You told me to leave my home in Iraq. I did so Oh Allah you told me to leave my I have to leave and come to Palestine and then come to *a I did so I came to America. You told me leave my wife and child without any one grain of wheat without any food without very vegetation. Forget vegetation, no sign of water. I did so you told me put my put my knife on the throat of my son I did. So now what are you asking me to support? What more do you want me to say?

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But Allah tala deulim submit What did you primaries that was Salam said Aslam to lira bill amin I submit to the Lord of the world. And after doing all of those things, after being prepared to slaughter and sacrifice his one and only Son in any makes dua after he puts up the building of the cover wave here for Ebrahim will cover the middle Beatty way smile, Rob Burnett aka Bellman now we're live except for me in the canter, Samuel Aleem, you are all hearing and you are all knowing, pleading. Not after all of that efforts in your law you have to accept it Allah admits.

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So that is the fear and the man who beno hopefully will jump on the other hand, and we have to keep this in mind. Hades, Hades, kin mana Massa yeah hamara omit or form Hostgator neon are my main only hope this year to hamari Amarna coffee, or ham Sarah Guna hair or hypotonic Allah tala hamari amalco Kabul current Ghana Korea but on the other hand, we have expectations. We have expectations in the mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. They know hopefully what Raja Allah have written, that when you are healthy, when you are young, you must have more fear of Allah Allah, he must have more fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala and when you become old, then you must have more hope in the mercy

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of Allah tala and also with regard to Ramadan, as we come towards the end of Ramadan. While we still have here, the hope in Allah Allah has mercy must dominate. So as we coming towards the end of Ramadan, now we must continue we must not select, we must not become lazy, we must continue our bad but it must be within our our minds in our hearts. inshallah Allah will forgive. inshallah Allah will forgive not that he is anything but Allah subhana wa Taala he looks for excuses to forgive. Allah looks for excuses to forgive

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Hmm laterra looks for excuses to forgive. Or bahala Dante Allah subhanho wa Taala Taki hamari, taka taka, Taka Maru? Amal or una una co mastery. It comes in there many, many beautiful incidents. one incident I would like to make mention of bias. It was Tammy Ramu Lally, by us it was Tammy Rahmatullahi, one of our great scholars, one of our great Sufi is he passed away. After he passed away. Someone saw him in a dream. How did Allah Allah treat you? He said, Allah subhanho wa Taala called me and said by us it clearly.

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What did you bring in front of me? So here's a Rahmatullah. He said, initially I said, I will make mention of all my speeches, all my writings, all my ibaadat and I said, Yeah, this is not enough to put in front of you. What is our budget in front of Allah? One reason also why we fear is no matter how much we buy that you do, it's never enough to put in front of Allah. Allah tala Kalia coffee Kamini Olga Allah tala shanky Buta yoga, it will never be according to the shadow of Allah. It will never be according to the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Therefore, Allah says Allah to set one fusa come don't praise yourself, he knows who is piety. Nevertheless, biosci Babu, Swami

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Rama, tala, he said, I brought all of those things I thought I was saved. And I said, No man, these things are not worth your presenting before Almighty Allah. So I said, your lie brought to heed.

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I've got to heed. I only believe in you. I believe in your oneness. So Alexa says buy as it

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does. Rain at 11am

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don't you recall

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the night of the bulk?

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Now what happened was

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the buyers it was Tammy Rahmatullah had milk. And because of that, he had a stomach ache. So during the course of his conversation, someone said Why have you got a stomach ache? He said the milk gave me a stomach ache. So Latina said, you got to heat. Is this your toe hid? That you said the milk gave me stomachache? The milk make me sick? You couldn't say Allah made me sick? What do he did you bring?

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What do he did you bring?

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So by as he

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said, I started perspiring. How is Allah going to deal with me? Then Allah Allah said bye as it go, I forgiven you. I have forgiven you one day, you saw a hungry cat. And you fed that hungry cat. You did it because no one was watching. But it was a fluke of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala you affected hungry cat. You did it for the sake of Allah tala pleasure, go I forgiven you because of feeding hungry get whatever you brought it for doby? Allah tala found a way and Allah tala forgave him this is a dream. So people can say well what is authenticity of a dream let me give you an example of an incident which may be occurring salsa made mention, and it is related in January

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tirmidhi, Jameel tirmidhi makes mention of the incident of kiffer he felt was a very wealthy youngster in the time of the bunny is someone who was given to a luxurious way of life, someone who has given towards the entertainment, and he used to purchase and he used to give money to fulfill his desire and fulfill his lust and passion. One day he got hold of a very, very beautiful woman, and he convinced her to sleep with him, and to commit Zina with him. For the sake of 60 dinars. Now, I was making some research. One dinner is 4.25 grams of gold. One dinner is 4.25 grams of gold. I did a survey recently with a Brahmin evening open, I spoke about him that according to the wealth he

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had given, he was seven times more wealthier than the most wealthiest person today, on the basis of how much gold he in 60 dinars on the basis of one 4.25 grams is $10,000. He gave a woman $10,000 to sleep with him because of her beauty.

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And then when she came, and she was about to sleep with him, and she came in, in privacy, she started crying

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and said, Why are you crying? I didn't force you. You accepted this offer. You accepted what I've given you. I've given you such a great amount and you accepted it. She said I was forced by circumstances. I didn't want to do it on my own. I did it because I'm poor. I've got no food in my house. My children are in a situation and might be dependent on a situation. Because of this. I have done it. I didn't do it because I wanted to,

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by default felt ashamed

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that I convinced a woman who was forced by

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Circumstances and when we don't look after the woman of the oma, this would happen that they would become vulnerable because of circumstances. Nevertheless, it's a different story and a different incident and a different lesson. Nevertheless, she started crying and Kiefer, also started crying said go, keep the money. I won't do anything, and I will never ever do again something like this. I make Toba. And then when he made Toba, he died that very same night and written on the door of different first no one was supposed to even want to come to his janazah because he said he made so much Guna and son, he was known for it was written on the door of kiefel. chummy with him it is

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required, Allah has forgiven.

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Allah is forgiven even because of his regret. After a dire life of disobedience, Allah has forgiven given. So we have hoped, my dear respected brothers, and let me conclude with a very famous incident of chef sallallahu taala. And as a mighty Shama Tommy Rahmatullah Lee used to make mention of this incident in a very beautiful manner. You know, in the seventh night of Ramadan he used to make mention of this incident. Now, Chef Sadie Rahmatullah is a Persian poet, he made mention of this concern. Now as incidents like this could be true, it could be hypothetical to give an example and to give a lesson. To liquor cake a bit nutty sulkily. tahajjud. Can amass bourbon

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that bourbon bourbon DC for 30 years he made the Haji prayers after 30 years, one day he's making Voodoo after 30 years. And as he's making wuzhou he hears an unseen voice. That for 30 years you made a budget and your tahajjud it was not worthy of presenting before Almighty Allah. Allah hasn't accepted your 30 years of gadget aka T cell t BARDA to Allah tala t Hi, my name, Agnes hatorah saturnia. So he continued making Voodoo the next day he had the same voice. The third day he had the same voice to in the words of mana to Shama

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the third him who was pouring water what aka chata to the Casa de

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de sol, sugar kaboom a way to joke around with that 30 years if Allah didn't accept what occurred, why are you waking up in wasting your time when sleep Allah hasn't accepted to he gives such a beautiful reply.

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He said, Show me where I must go. Show me other door to go other than the door for now.

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there was automotive

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but unless

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there is no other door other than the door for mighty Allah subhanho wa Taala even if I get rejected, I'm gonna come back again and knock at the same door because there's no other door to go to.

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So he said when he said that, the voice chain kabu les agora che una nested can use ma de garde nested that go, that your 30 years of your budget was perhaps not worth your presenting before mighty Allah. But there's one statement of yours, that there is no door to go other than the door of Allah because of that, Allah has accepted your years of tattooing. So, we also end your love we we had no reason and there was no motivation or there was no there was a motivation, but there was no force for us to pursue perform tarawih and to keep Rosa we did it because of some form of demand. But at the end of the day, our small children kept fast upon whom he was not compulsory to give us

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bronners rosarita Dr. Monica

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zaroori near to the old people used to say by iptp for 60 years do you expect me now not to keep

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even if it was not compulsory upon them? So we say yeah, Allah. Because of this, you accept we have we have Raja, we have hope that you will forgive us and you will accept from us. So let us conclude our Ramadan with these two types of attitudes hope and Raja, do not let us lose any one of these. We will have fear but also we will have expectations. We will have expectation in the mercy of Almighty Allah because of Allah subhanho wa Taala as mercy will happen with our