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The conversation discusses the negative consequences of killing people and the comparison between their lives. The speakers explain that the comparison is based on the experience of the people who have died and the comparison is based on the comparison of the lives of people who have killed. The importance of praying for the Prophet's and following fasting schedules is also discussed. The goal is to apply the light to the behavior of the person who killed a person in a social media post and to consider the reward of their actions.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim wa salatu salam ala Uttar La Nina, you know, have you been on Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was happy he was Sunday my mother and yo Hey Asha missionary Jumada hola Alfa Romeo was an alpha to our own and was quickly city Dashami Sheriff national

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phenoix when she was ill there is an activity Mobarak day with Allah subhanho wa Taala and nobody caffeine now if you manage our level when you have a feral and as Allah to me for a little while if you have either a Jetta who feel alone again. So today inshallah we will continue from where we stopped last last class on Monday, I guess.

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And if you remember, it will carry me was talking about the offset for the cattle, the evil consequence of the cattle and the murder. What happens, you know, what kind of corruptions and harm that is generated, you know, because of this evil evil act. So, he recited the idea of pseudo termite. I mean, he literally took a turn now, I'd have an ISA ILA and no hormone Catella NAFSA. Right. And I've seen all of a sudden hit the target and Mr. Katerina's Jamia, I guess we talked about this idea last week. So insha Allah Today we continue from where we stopped in sha Allah. So he says what could ash color farm ohada Allah cathedra meanness or Carlu alumina and if Makati made

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it in our more in the law I mean if Mikati Linux in wide in locker room says some people they found it difficult to understand the statement of Allah subhanho wa Taala among certain innocent but they never seen *a and Nima, Catarina Zinnia. They said Allah subhanaw taala says if you kill a person without justification, as if you are killing everyone, as if you cause everyone to die to lose his life. Women have forgotten Nama and as Jamia and if you participated also in causing a person to survive given him slot given him alive, you know, as we mentioned last class in the examples, if you are the cause, and the reason why somebody survives a lot smarter sees as if you are giving life to

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everyone on Earth. So you kill one person is like you're killing everyone. So some people said How does it work? Because we know if a person kill 100 people, you know, he is not equal to somebody who kill one person. That one's greater. You know, but how I was the last one to says, if you kill one person, as if you're killing everyone, and he didn't say the same thing, you know, in the Sunnah of the Prophet Salla sama concerning somebody who killed 100 people. So he says well, myeloma and efma cartella meeting other Magdala Himan ethnio Katya nevsun wider. So they said everyone knows that if the sin that is given to the person who killed 100 people, is greater in the eyes of Allah subhanaw

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taala than the sin that is on the shoulder of somebody who can only one

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color one color or endeavor or two men one name and Nitish P. B carry out b Knocknarea. L if Morocco will love the limit Allah Allah had, they will call him says the problem these people have is because they think that Allah subhanaw taala is making a comparison between this and that, you know, in relation to the sin and the punishment, you know, claim says no, the statement is not talking about this. So remember we're talking about the offset that is generated after the assassination of somebody when somebody murdered another person, what kind of evil consequences are we going to have? So this is where the comparison lies and Ukraine is going to give a very nice analysis concerning

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this matter and draw our attention on the place where the comparison is based.

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So he says, well love the lead Allah Allah had, what is the mintage be Hey che che che Alpha herbage Amelie alchemy, it look at him says no, it is not necessary. And also we have to understand that just because you are making a comparison between two things, it doesn't mean they look alike in every everything. You know, you might take one dimension and compare them, you know, compare between them based on that dimension, but it doesn't mean they're alike in everything.

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Allah subhanaw taala says under whom yo Morona Helen Melba fu Illa shaitan ow the HA HA HA you know Allah subhanaw taala says, you know, morning or evening

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When the people work out from the grave, they will see the life in the dunya is like one day or even lesser than that.

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But it doesn't mean that

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the dunya the actual life, the dunya is exactly like that. That allows me to make this comparison he equated with that, right doesn't mean they're like literally.

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You know another place Allah smart Allah says Can Gnomeo Morona my you are doing the lemon Babu enlasa minha someplace Allah Subhan Allah says when they see that which Allah smart Allah promise them, they will conclude that actually the life in the dunya is just like one hour in the day, you know, a period of time in the day, not even the whole day. A period of time like an hour

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Hello daddy calendula, Nahum, lebouf, Dooney and an Eleuthero. And for dunya in nama can have a look that look it says it is unnecessarily that they are staying in the dunya is just like that. Everyone knows that it is not.

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But this is the language and this is also the best impression. I'm sorry expression to tell you how small and short is the period people are living in this industry.

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So that people like you and I and everyone will understand the fact that this dunya is temporary. We're not

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record depend on it so much, you will perish in a way it perishes for those people who became a predecessor as well Carnaby salatu salam and Salah Shafi Jabba if I can never come and it's for Lady Omen, Salah al Fajr, Rafi, Gemma Africa and NEMA karma lader Kula

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Whoever prays Isha in the GMR as if he prayed for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala have overnight so if you pray share in JAMA as if you're praying to Allah subhanaw taala half overnight you spend half of a night praying to Allah subhanaw taala with no no stop

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and it says woman salon photography Java and whoever prays further in Java for can never come in later cooler as if he prays for the whole night.

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I am Alisha gamma Jaffe loving it together with that with Aisha so if you pray isha

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and you pray for you, you know Angel Ma.

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They call

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wasn't the only one who is dead of dharma. So is that yeah.

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Okay, so the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, when sondland fregean aphasia ma when Salah al Fajr fija Mark Farrakhan, nama kama Laila Kula, whoever prays Fajr in jemar As if he stood up and prayed for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala the whole night so you can pray a sharp you pray fragile in Gemma is like you spent the whole night praying to Allah subhanho wa

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ne are we going to say that if a person prays he shot and he does the camera laid for the whole night

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is equal to that person who only prayed Asia and and

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nobody will say this you know, so the process of assembly making a comparison and equation but it doesn't mean they are having the same reward. You know, the effort also is is counted. It will claim says we're Astra caminhada called who sallallahu alayhi wa sallam among sama Ravana too much about who sipped a bunch of wild animals sama Hora Kula,

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for example that is clearer than all of those given by cayenne is the following Hadith where the prophets Allah Azza wa said masala Ramadan fomat bow who Sita Misha wa alpha and gamma

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Sumit Kula, wherever first Ramadan, and then he follows the fasting Ramadan with six days of Chawan as if he is fasting for the whole year

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Subhan Allah, as if you spent 360 or 65

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days fasting for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. If you fast Ramadan one month, and you follow that fasting, which six more days so last minute 35 or 36 days of fasting is equal to fasting for the whole year.

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What called Hussain Ali Salam another example which is very clear is the Saint of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam when Cara aku Allahu Ahad *a and NEMA Cara throughfall Quran

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Allah Allahu Allahu Allah the Quran whoever recites called who Allah had, as if he reside a third of the book of Allah subhanahu wa

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equilibrio came while my alumina NSR buffer in a heavy Asha, lie a blue with Arbor Masha bahagi

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fire Kulu Khartoum.

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colocado Homosassa coloca Cateura Thorpe is our lamb Michael Lee masala and Aisha olfactory Gemma attend fakie me Lady Monferrato and Leila Tabby, one NASA.

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It will call him says everyone knows that the reward of somebody who does that is far greater than the reward of the one who just recited kulula What if a person finished the Quran has no way for the person who recite Quran, Allah who had three times to reach.

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So the comparison, you know, between the two things is not to say that they are equal in every in everything in every aspect, you know, but there are there has to be some areas and last ones I want to focus on. That's why he's making the comparison.

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So he says everyone knows that it is not like that. Otherwise, who is going to read the whole Quran?

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You know, there are some group, you know, who deceived themselves, you know, they believe that they have different way of reciting the book of Allah subhanaw taala, other than what we do,

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you know, through the briefing, you know, they breathe, and then they think this is also you know, they have their own invalidity or fanciful, you know, relic, which makes them to think that they have certain way of reciting the book of Alaska hotel that is better than our way and much easier than our way person can finish Quran in less than a second.

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So imagine this hadith is supposed to be understood, by the way, some people understand what we do have some people who understand that yes, I just read well, Allah, I'm 30 times and then I get the reward of reciting the whole Quran and equal to somebody who recited the whole Quran, no, doesn't go like that at all. For the wise, if this is the reality, then who is going to read the Quran? Then?

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Who will? And what is the difference between the one who read the whole Quran and the one who read only equal equal law?

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What is the difference? That will be no difference except that that one that person tied himself, you know, and reached a situation or the status of fatigue for no reason? Because there'll be no reward to that which he is, is doing, you know,

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last minority that grant is good and Tofig. So that's the reason why locating says that's wrong, you know, thinking and understand it can lead a person to make a wrong. Conclusion.

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Kadoma OTA, I hadn't bothered Imani Africa Vala middle for him and Allah wa Sula, he will daddy Carrefour de la Hilty him Aisha and nobody gets any blessing after Iman that is greater than the farmer and Allah He was really he Swan Allah, there is no blessing from Allah subhanaw taala after Iman. That is greater than understanding what Allah subhanaw taala is sending us understanding the divine revelation. You know, the greatest blessing the nearby that Allah spot is given a person you know, the best and the greatest one is the one that is based on you being given the ability to understand what Allah subhanaw taala is trying to tell you. So you have the Iman and you have the

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ability and the clear understanding of the why of Allah subhanaw taala that's the greatest thing ever after the

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and that's why you came to see those ones they were wrong because they have that wrong assumption.

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For incluida

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for a year che in Wakata should be obeying petalinux In Wahida walk

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It didn't ask me.

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You know, you know Allah subhanaw taala says if you kill one person it's likely kill the whole, the whole, the whole vertical dunya if you kill one person is equal killing one person is equal to killing everyone on Earth.

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Allah is making a comparison between what and why the equation is between what and what it will claim says that comparison is based on the following number one, Kyla, Kedah, Danny Kathy, would you hint Madeira and Nicola min Roma acid Lillahi wa rasuluh he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam California Amber he or methodically or covertly, he says

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there are several things to be understood here when Allah Sparta made that comparison. Number one,

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this killing one person and killing more than one person or everyone on Earth, the murder of one person and the murder of everyone on Earth. They both share something in common which is get in the sin, call them no mass. Each and every one of them is called a sinner. They are disobeying Allah subhanaw taala and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they go against the law of Allah subhanaw taala and the law of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam and each and every one of them has placed himself in the position of the Kuba you know each and every one of them might receive a punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala or coolamon Houma kebab and cutter we mean Allahu Allah ality, and each and

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every one of them has received an anger from Allah subhanaw taala and occurs from ALLAH spirit, Allah, each one of them got the curse and the wrath from Allah subhanho wa Taala was to happen, Hulu, Divina and both of them deserve to remain in hell forever. We're at the Vemma and each and every one of them Allah smarter prepared for him a great punishment. We're in the matter of how to feed the Rajat and so they they both share all of these

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mentioned you know, they both share all of these in common, but only different between the two is the level of the punishment, the capacity, the quantity of the punishment, the nature of the punishment, the one who kill one person will not be equal to the person who killed more than one.

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Felisa if moment Catalina BG in our environment. I didn't our lemon yet moral NASA Bill Christie if memang Catella Mala you Oba Hello malaria Ebola lo mein ahead in us

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he says killing a prophet

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or killing a scholar who is commanded and people to do righteous deed or killing adjust ruler will never be equal to

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the killing off somebody who nobody cares about about him

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sorry let me just finish this part

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I guess the management

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said Aliko

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Okay, let me just finish this part and then I guess we stop the class in sha Allah I plan to get a good connection before tomorrow inshallah inshallah and I hope it will be better than those before

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so even claim says killing one person I'm sorry okay in a profit or as call or adjust roller

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after this notice when we go to the question

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so it's a kilowatt killing a profit, or adjust ruler, or as color, you know, or

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yeah, these three he mentioned, he says will never be equal to killing somebody who is counted as an lay man in the community. Everyone knows that this is common sense.

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Yeah, so he said that is a difference between this murder and the other murder in terms of the quantity of the punishment, the nature of the punishment, the way Allah spatula is punishing, but in terms of receiving the anger and the curse, and each and every one of them deserve to be punished, they're all equal. So, the comparison between this one and the one who kill 100 people is based solely on the one who kill everyone on Earth is based on is based on this.

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So, this is one dimension, this is one

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one damage with Fannie and Norma. So, on Vista Hickok is happy enough see, and the second

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base is that both of them are equal in terms of they are both equal in terms of

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I mean, is happiness. Either they share something in common, which means this one killed somebody and the other one also killed in although this one killed more, both of them if you look at them, they share something in common which is the fact that they both remove or cost the death of somebody

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or you look at it in the sense of punishment, both of them deserve to be killed. If somebody killed 100 people and the other one killed only one you know, we're going to apply the crosshairs on both and each and every one of them is going to be killed once you cannot kill a person more than more than that. So this is another room also for for the comparison with families and the whole Massa entre jurati Allah self kid DeMille Hara by nomenclature enough sun, Baddest, QRP radius the Falcon Belimo geratol photography or the after the hour the Ask the Maliki for in who at Jericho

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editor Anna Cassidy, Cooley, manvantara be unkind kind of home for home adding Lenovo insanity.

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It says one of these bases of comparison is that each and every one of them has the courage, you know, and the gods you know, to go and shed the blood of a Muslim and whoever can take a weapon and kill one person, he has the same mentality. Or this will be I mean, we can trace the possibility of him also going beyond that if you can kill one, then he can kill everyone. It's like Allah subhanaw taala is telling you that the person who did not have the shyness of ALLAH SubhanA did not. I mean, if you shall have Allah subhanho wa taala. And person did not, you know, who did not feel Allah subhanaw taala and then at the end of the day, and he went and kill somebody with no justification,

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this person also could be found killing everyone on Earth. If you don't have a shyness, to kill one person, you can also kill everyone. The prophets Allah Allah Silva says it LM tester he has now mush it and I'm the one who got into one interpretation, the one who doesn't have this modesty and shyness. You can find him doing whatever he wants. So these are some of the rooms that immune system is using to teach those people who think that there is something missing in this comparison that Allah subhanaw taala is making between the person who kill one person and a person who kill everyone on Earth. And in sha Allah be the light to Allah on Thursday last month and I wish I will compensate

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you when I get a good collection in sha Allah Rahman I had to stop here.

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Let's move to questions if any if not then I see you in the next class Ciao

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she was asking what was the reward

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she was asking what was the reward for

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the work for winning with it give the reward typically at home

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yeah, she would get better than that. Maybe the light Allah. If you read the

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system is this she will get you get better than that be the lighthouse soldier, you know, restatement of the privacy law. So it's very clear if a woman prays at home, it is far greater than praying in the masjid whatever somebody will get in the masjid and

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have a sister will get when she goes to the masjid

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the one who prays at home she get better than that. Okay, that one will be counted as if she she prays for the whole night and this one, she will get the reward of following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam which one is bigger for sure the one who follows the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah sama is greater Yeah, so this is how we should look at it otherwise a person will be demotivated you know yeah sister should always look at what was that given to her by masala Salah sama he said Pray home so to pray at home is better than what you will be receiving if she is to go to the masjid.

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To lock

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someone sets a try

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so let's set the directory to do

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the complete reading in a month and read

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before sleeping let's say that the person hasn't been completed

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to the person that hurt is reading the juice. Good so

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he needs to choose between the two.

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Unfortunately, Abdullah and your voice is so big. She said if somebody set up a target to finish the whole Quran.

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Yeah, they have the target to finish the book in a month

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by reading one day, okay, so now the day has come to an end.

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And they're about to sleep. We also usually with the milk and salts

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to sleep. So now they have a choice between drinking that to be able to complete

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the whole month more read through and see which one the group

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read the sorbitol milk and the Sajida because that was what the prophets Allah Soma was doing almost every night. And if she has some balance of time, then go for the rest. Because if he is comparing between finishing and certain multitask means what left is very little. So I will advise that to combine between both to do and the certain will consider and also to go for the completion of the book of Allah Sparta if possible. If she couldn't then titillate until tomorrow, but don't miss that sunnah of the Prophet Allah Azza if she is already doing it

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I think there's no question Okay.

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Kids is akmola hair and wax and Allah He they can fit duniya with Astra

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please do for us in Eduardo succeed in what brought us here in sha Allah today

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it will be done be the Allah so put us in your last Mahalo to Allah grant us Tofik and success

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radical avec

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they said okay

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question questions

00:28:45--> 00:28:57

she's asking about a question which was asked in the previous class the F A person event may find the person he owes money after giving the money in charity

00:28:59--> 00:29:06

what should they do? If a person find a I mean you give the money to charity and then you found the person right?

00:29:08--> 00:29:09

You pay him the money so

00:29:12--> 00:29:21

if he asked for tell him what happens if he says no, I want my money back then you have to pay him the money then the reward will go forward or go to you inshallah he's

00:29:28--> 00:29:38

going to good and Tofik in the whole village a million Kafeel Subhanak Allah Morbihan digger shadow Allah stuck for about to be like a Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh