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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My beloved children, he is around the corner. It's called Riedel filter, which means the day of happiness connected to the breaking of the fast the ending of Ramadan. So now we are not allowed to fast on the day of eat, it's Haram, you're not allowed to fast on the day of eat. So why does Allah gave give us aid?

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We fast during Ramadan, we try hard. We obey the law. We stayed away from prohibitions, meaning from what was wrong, we didn't swear, scream, yell, shout, and so on. We stood in prayer in tearaway or extra prayers, we did a bother we gave charities we reached out to the poor, we tried to do so many good deeds for the whole month. So Allah says, at the end, when you're finished those days, the whole month, from the moon, from the sighting of the moon to the siting of the next moon, that's a whole month, sometimes 29 days, sometimes 30 days. At the end, you're not allowed to fast on the day, which is the first of chawan so Ramadan is a month in the Islamic calendar, then you have Sha

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one. Sha one is the next month after Ramadan, the first of Shawwal is always the day of Edo filter. haram too fast. You cannot fast on that day no matter what. So if someone asks you

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are there any days when it's haram to fast? You say yes, there are days when it's haram to fast What are those days, they are legal filter, and you don't have how the read connected to the breaking of the fast after the end of Ramadan. And secondly, the read that is connected to the sacrifice of the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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At that time, it's not just one day, but it's that day, and another three days Subhan Allah, amazing because the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says those days are known as the days of tertiary and tertiary. Or in the days of tertiary You have to eat and drink. You have to eat and drink and remember Allah. That's what the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says so he will have her there. It's more than one day and it will fit is just one day. Okay? Now when you've done a lot of good Allah rewards you, He gives you goodness, he tells you eat and drink, enjoy and praise Allah. So what do we say?

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On the day of read, we say

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we repeat the greatness of Allah to kabiru law, which means you must say that technique, what is the technique? Allahu Akbar? Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar willing Nyan hump. You know, some people read it with three Allahu Akbar, is it the beginning, and some people read it with to Allahu Akbar is at the beginning. Both of them are correct. So listen to this one. Allah Akbar Allah, Akbar Allah Akbar, na in a in Allah, Allah Akbar, Allah, Akbar guanine, he'll hum the amazing, I'm sure you will hear that on the day of EAD. So we're going to prepare for that we're going to learn that in sha Allah. And we're going to read that on the day of EAD and inshallah we'll

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all try and go to where the IID prayer is being fulfilled. Now, if you have a lockdown or restrictions and you cannot go, then you're excused Subhanallah then you're excused. If you have your own small communities better to be in smaller groups where you can actually do the rain, that's permissible, it's okay. But if you really cannot go out to do your eat Salah because you're not well or because of restrictions, and you're not allowed to go in, it's fine. Allah will not hold it against you.

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So remember that, but on that day, what should I do the day of read? I should get up early. Don't be lazy.

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Have a shower or a bath, clean yourself. Make sure you have blue. Wear your best clothes. It does not have to be new clothes, okay, but your best clothes, put a little bit of perfume in Sharla meaning clean yourself properly.

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And make sure that you're happy congratulate each other read each other as salaam alaikum. So the Islamic greeting is what? It's a salaam aleikum on the day of its Assalamu alaikum when Ramadan starts As salam o Alaikum. On a Friday, it's a Salaam Alaikum the Islamic greeting is always a cinema.

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They come after you say As salam o Alaikum. And the person replies, when you can say eat mobarak you can say Juma mobarak. You can say Rama, man Mubarak, after you have greeted the Islamic greeting, but don't replace the Islamic greeting with another greeting, whether it's the day of read, whether it is the day of Joomla, Friday, whether it is Ramadan, don't do that. So what we should do is first use the Islamic greeting that was taught to us by Allah subhanho wa Taala by the angels by the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. You say a Solomonic come you can add warahmatullahi wabarakatuh someone reads while a coma Salah Miranda to live about a cattle then you can say Saba hi or you can

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say any other local greeting like you know you have Hello Hi, good morning. How are you? First you say a Salaam Alaikum then you can use anything else that's probably cultural or whatever else. The same would apply to the mobarak you don't just meet a person on the DVD and say a MOBA because you're a Muslim. You're supposed to say a Salaam Alaikum. So these are some tips. And then on that day, try and find your friends and family and congratulate them for having fasted in the month of Ramadan and I wish them a happy day and inshallah everything will go well, you might want to have a meal together depending on the situation in your countries. You might not be able to have a meal

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altogether but no problem. You can find people you can contact them you can video call them, your family, your friends. If you cannot get together. Please be responsible, whatever you do, and shoreline Have a lovely lovely day. It's still coming but when it does, may Allah bless you, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.