The Benefits of Trials

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And that believes in Allah and His messenger. For the past two weeks has felt an inexplicable weight on their heart. They felt this pain inside of them. When we see the difficulty and the tragedy that befalls our brothers and sisters worldwide and specifically, more recently, our brothers and sisters in federal esteem, and even as recent as this morning at the sacred Masjid in quotes in Jerusalem, Allah Tala uplift them from their oppressors. I mean, this is something of a proof of belief though. The Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim taught us that when the believer sees that the Ummah is going through a challenge or difficulty, that part of the hidden benefit, in even the most tragic of

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circumstances, is that the believer can look within themselves. And they can see, if they feel a sense of sensitivity of pain, then they know that this is a sign of belief being strong in their heart. Whereas ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in the Quran, he describes to us that the hypocrites and when he talks about the hypocrites of Medina, he described that when the Muslims were being tested or tried or put through tribulation, that they didn't feel anything. They didn't feel a single ounce of pain in their chest.

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And the reality is that when we feel these moments, the heart of the believer begins to feel sadness. And then when it's put through enough time, then the person's heart and their mind start to ask a very difficult and very critical question, which is why is this happening? Why does this happen? In fact, this question is so challenging to the heart of anyone with Eman that even the people who have identified as enemies of the Palestinians are actually saying this, if you look online, on Twitter and social media, they're actually saying, Why would your God do this to you? Why would your God put you through such difficulty?

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And when a believer hears this, when a Muslim hears this the natural consequences they start to think to themselves? I don't know. That's a really good question. Why would Allah put people who are praying in a masjid through such difficulty? Why would Allah allow for Muslims around the world to gather and raise their hands in the sky and cry with tears from their eyes, saying, oh, Allah help us. And the next day we wake up and more bombs are being dropped, more orphans are being created, more families are being separated what.

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And this is something that can actually really tear apart the faith of a person to the point where they come to their own realization in their moment. And they say, I don't know if I can believe in this. I don't know if this makes sense to me. One of the greatest arguments that people have about leaving religion is pain and suffering in the world. How could God exist if all this is happening?

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But what we fail to realize when we struggle with that question, is that Allah subhanaw taala beautifully already taught us the answer to why this stuff exists.

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And Allah Subhana Allah told us in the Quran, that this will happen, it's not a question of if it's a matter of when and when it happens. There is a supreme divine wisdom that only Allah subhanaw taala is 100% aware of as to why it's occurring, but there are ways in which believers can process the pain that they see in the eye of that I quoted in the Arabic part of the hook but it comes from the 29th chapter of the Quran. So to Lanka boots translated as the spider, Allah Tada begins Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, Elif Lam Meem has he been Natsu and your Roku and Yaku Munna? Well, hula often very interesting question Allah Tada says, Do people really think? Is it really the case that

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everybody thinks that they will be able to make a claim

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that we believe and now we believe we are believers? Well, Homeline external and they'll never be tested.

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Allah Tala is asking us to think critically about something. Do you think that a statement, a proclamation is going to save you from the difficulties that are part and parcel of this life? Does it make sense logically, that a person can utter one word and all of a sudden now any challenge that they would have would disappear simply because they said one thing does that sound like it makes sense? Allah Tada tells us No. That's not the case. And then he continues and tells us why these tests happen. Why they occur? Well after the fact 10 Latina men believe him. Allah Tada says, without a doubt we also tested people before you you're not special in this regard. This isn't we're

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not targeting

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You, you don't have to think to yourself that no one's been through this before. In fact, when you look at Muslim history, the history of the MBR, the history of the solid ame, and the companions of these prophets, you'll see that the tests that they went through, were not only present, but in some ways even greater.

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And so while we're not saying to diminish the test of any one person, what we're saying is Subhan Allah, when you see the pain that you're going through, and you look back and see that others went through that pain, there is a therapeutic element to that experience. To know that you're not alone. Because being alone being left alone is part of the misery we visit Altoids Alhamdulillah every year may Allah Tada allow us all to pray martial arts, I just like to say I mean, unreal, beautiful experience. I can you can't compare it to anything else. And we go there. And when we visit with Shahab the Nasir myself and the group that we take, we always make it a point to talk to the locals.

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Let's talk to the Palestinians, the people in Jerusalem and learn from them and talk to and hear from them the words from their mouth. So we talk and have conversations with everybody, young, old man, woman, everybody. And subhanAllah. You know, we asked them we say we are Muslims from America, and they're so happy. They say Allah, Allah, Allah was right, the famous Palestinian. It's almost like their motto. Welcome, welcome. Come come come at the end of our conversation after they've served us, Canada and tea and moon and everything. You know what we asked them we say, Do you have anything that we can help you with? Is there anything we can do? Do you want us to fundraise can't

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do anything we can? Do? You know what they tell us? Brothers and sisters, the first thing they say, Don't forget about us. They say we feel forgotten. We feel like the forgotten people that nobody remembers us. Nobody plans to visit Jerusalem nobody comes to pray to Aqsa people are planning their trips, of course, Mecca, Medina, of course. But then after Mecca and Medina, it's vacation everywhere else and they say what about us? Are we not your brothers and sisters? Right? And so you look and you see that the people being tested, Subhan Allah, everywhere, when you find that their tests are happening, they don't want to be left alone.

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They're not saying that our tests are gone. They know the Palestinian people know that we are being tested. But when we ask them, What do you want, they say We want your company. We want to know that you're there with us. We want to be able to see and look around and know that the Muslims have not forgot about us. Because we're here do what we have to do. But will you remember us? And this was one of the beautiful traits of the Prophet SAW sunnah. When he received revelation for the first time, and he went to his wife had he died on the Ohana. Do you remember what she told him when she was trying to reassure him that everything was okay?

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She says what taxi bill do you you take it you take care of those people that everyone else forgets you're there for everybody.

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So Allah Tada presents us these tests as an oma in part because there are moments where we can prove that we are in fact an ummah that we actually care that instead of buying ourselves everything we want this month that eat and hamdulillah we're gonna load up on gifts and you know try to get a house before they're all gone apparently or get that new car we're going to think deeply about what it means to be an OMA that maybe it means that instead of buying myself three pairs of shoes I get myself one and I sent to to the people of Gaza maybe it means instead of having the most luxurious feast for dinner now that Ramadan is over, maybe it means we cut down on our menu here so that we

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can send some food over to Lhasa maybe that's what it means. Allah Tada says well across fatahna Latina amicably him that people in fact were tested before fella Yeah, lemon Allahu la cadena sada who why? What's the point? So that Allah subhana wa Tada can make it abundantly clear to you and to everybody else. Who is telling the truth, what truth? La ilaha illa Allah

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when we make that statement, La ilaha illa Allah, it's a claim. Allah Tata is telling us that when you get tested, your resolve, your strength, your patience, your determination, whether or not you give up in your draw or your prayer, all of that is in evidence. Did you pass or did you fail?

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And if I find myself weakening, and giving up and losing hope, then maybe this claim of la ilaha illallah in my life is not as strong as I once thought. Maybe the beard and the Koofi and the jib been the idea. Maybe those things are not as strong as I thought they were in my heart.

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Well, I elemental KVB

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We will also make known who is lying, who is lying. Brothers and sisters, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, when it came to tests and trials, he never once promised any person in the Ummah, that they will never go through them. He never once told us that by being Muslim, you are now free from all difficulties in life, this was never a guarantee. And so we should never think to ourselves, when we're being put through this, whether on a micro or macro level, why us? But the Prophet SAW Selim said something very powerful. When he said, I Jebin the embedded movement. How amazing are the situations of the believer? That what Embu Kulu Hierro that every single situation hula hula hype,

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it's the best situation for this person. What they said i Luckily, I had an eternal moment. And it's not the case for anybody except for someone who has belief that your Eman makes you see the world constantly in a way that is progressive and optimistic how he says in a saw that tool sonra shut it off. I cannot hide Allah. If good things happen. If Allah test this person with good, because good can also be a test. You can forget about everybody else, when Allah gives you the wealth when Allah gives you the health when Allah gives you what you asked for, you can forget about everybody else. But they remember ALLAH, then he says this is good for them, when Assad but to da Sabat have a kind

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of a level and when they are tested, and they are tried with this difficulty, that they are patient, and this is what's best for them. Brothers and sisters, remember in every test you go through, whether it is in your own life, personally, or whether it is something you see on the news universally. Remember that the way we respond, is ultimately telling us whether or not we have succeeded. This success is not about whether or not the test goes away. If the test stays, that doesn't mean we fail. And if the test goes away, it doesn't mean we succeeded.

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The failure or the success is purely dependent upon what happens in here. Am I closer to Allah or further away? Have I decided to pray Fudger at the masjid or am I going to give up and stay at home? And maybe not even pray at all? Have I given up my draws completely? Or have I become more firm in my eyes? Have I stopped giving sadaqa? Because what's the point? Or have I become more generous in my charity?

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These are the signs of success and failure and test we asked Allah Tada to allow us to pass all of our tests. We asked for less volatile to give us the tools to always be on the right side of situations in life. We ask Allah Allah to grant patience, strength and perseverance to the entire Ummah, no matter where they are, politically, our stuff at Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Muslimeen mismatch Cristoforo in the Hulu

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Ashraful mbi woodmansterne se na Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Early he was Hobbesian Marine, brother and sister. We don't have time for this part of the football but I wanted to give everyone a little bit of homework and that is to go tonight and read the SUTA Youssef chapter 12 in the Quran, Allah Spano Tata sent this surah down to the Prophet SAW sudden I'm literally at the hardest moment of his life, the most difficult time of his life, the year of sadness, the year of grief, Allah Tada sends an entire SUTA an entire story of this Prophet Yusuf Ali Sudan. And he use of Allah Salaam is put through so much difficulty you can't

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believe it, the things he has to go through. And the interesting thing Subhan Allah was as he's being put through test after test, you know what's crazy. He made the right decision every time. He did the right thing every time. But he still got tested more.

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He never made a mistake. Don't tell your brothers about the dream. He didn't tell them they still put him in the well.

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Though the woman who's trying to seduce him he didn't fall for it still gets put in prison.

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The lessons are amazing. What is Allah Tala teaching us that your failure and your success are not about whether or not you have tests, but it's how you respond to the test that you have. Knowing that you passed is the reward. And knowing that you failed is the punishment we ask Allah Allah to protect us. We ask Allah to Allah to forgive us. We ask Allah Tada to cure everybody who has illness, we ask Allah to Allah, to protect everybody from harm and evil we ask You, O Allah, to give victory and to give patience and courage and steadfastness to those Muslims all around the world were struggling or being oppressed, including but not limited to our brothers and sisters in

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Philistine in Aqsa in Gaza and all over the world yada yada I mean, we asked you to purify our hearts Allah we ask you to keep our families United Allah Tada. We ask you to bring our families closer together all Tada. We ask you to allow us to be a united community, one that supports one another one that prefers one

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Another over ourselves and one that constantly will stand with each other in Allahu Allah get to who you are. So do another Nebby Yeah, you live in Amman or Sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Nima Allah Wa Salli ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed came also later on Ebrahim, or other early Bronze infidel Amina in Mohammed Majeed. Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kumar Baraka Ibrahim wa early Brahim for the Amina in Mohammed Majeed in the LA high mobility when a son what you tell your quarterback we enhance the flashlight with monthly budget year in the company I look into the current ottimo Surah