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Dr. Al Islam's work on helping people of a certain age through direct aid is highlighted, as it is important to protect one's intentions and emotions while being mindful of others' actions. The speakers share personal stories about individuals who started their own organizations to provide housing for students and later found themselves in a situation where people were trying to get to housing centers without charging them. The importance of protecting one's actions and emotions is emphasized, and the need to be mindful of one's actions and avoid harming others' emotions is emphasized.

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In Armada Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Silla. Filum be able Boselli Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Rani, he was have you sell them to Steven Catherine cathedra, Hama Babu, my brothers sisters I have enrolled in this

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ailment there'll be a course of

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Shambhala is made and hamdulillah very useful, very beneficial

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as part of the course of the first module, which is on, which is the book called 33 lessons, which is a book for what several calls the new Muslims and the rusty Muslims Mashallah.

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So, in that part as part of the first module, I also had the privilege of listening to a very short or 20 minute reminder about the life of Dr. Chefs of the Ravera Summit, have quit.

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Thanks to my many friends, I haven't quit and many times I've been there and I go there, his name is definitely not something new. But I learned some amazing things and I want to share that with you and then develop this one more now, very quickly about his work about his life itself. He was born in 1947. He died on August 15 2013, he had an MBBS

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medicine from the University of Bath

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and then followed by a diploma in tropical diseases from the University of Liverpool, he had a postgraduate MD in internal medicine and diseases of the digestive system from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, and then

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1974 to 78. He did research in

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liver cancer

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and then he

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also worked in King's College Hospital in London, two years 97 998 So, here is a man who was highly qualified, highly respected top of his profession. And

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so, what does he do, he

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decided to

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dedicate his life

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to working with and helping the people of Africa.

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Quite amazing, one of the stories of his childhood as his growing up and quit, he saw something which if you travel all over the Middle East, you see this practically every country which is migrant labor,

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India's bog standard bandwidth issues and so on,

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who at the end of the day are standing, you know, on the side of the street, trying to get to their housing, which is in

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segregated areas outside the city. And so, he saw this equates his he and his a group of his friends while they were in school, high school, they saw these people and imagine the heat of quit standing in the afternoon, trying to get home. Because you know and so, so what they did was they imagined this is the power of raising of children, how parents raise children,

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of their manners, we estimate and his few of his friends, they collected their pocket money add accumulated until they had enough to buy a second hand car and then they would drive whoever they could fit into this car to their places of residence every day without charging them any money. Now, this is where the internal the heart the desire to please Allah subhanaw taala comes from and as I said, the credit of this has to go to the

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parents of of such children. So this is a very good place to start. So in Africa, he started with Malawi, in what used to be called NASA land, and he started an organization called direct aid.

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Just to give you the numbers, they provided housing for 9500 orphans 95,000 students scholarships, 864 schools for universities 9500 Wells 5700 masajid 102 Islamic centers

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And the distributed 50 million copies of the Quran Al Karim as a result of which they had 5 million robots. And this work was done in Malawi and in another 28 to totally 29 African countries

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should have their estimate artillery passed away August 15 2013, we ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to bless him and to grant him genital fill those

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the life of a person itself is

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is proof inshallah of the acceptance of their life and of

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the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah is pleased with them Inshallah, we asked this for shahada, Rama. And also we ask for Allah subhanaw taala, to put in our hearts, to live lives like this which our lives have significance and consequence, their lives which

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the fact that they walked on the earth

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caused so much of goodness for so many people, this one man

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what he did, by himself

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what he started and of course, obviously, there were people with him, this is his team, his family, his voice was solidly behind him, his children, his wife, but the initiative comes from him, he was the first man to go there.

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This inshallah is evidence that Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with him, inshallah will bring me and as a closing, I want to remind myself anew about

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the Hadith concerning the very important part in all of this, and this is the thing about checkup the estimator waterlily, that he is probably the least known the least famous of the people who work in the field of our office lab. We have a lot of people with a lot of noise on the internet, and so on and so forth.

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You know, making statements and

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giving, give a half an hour lecture or one hour lecture then before that there's all sorts of promotion and isn't that come to my lecture and posters? Here was a man who didn't who did something which is more than probably the collective work of every living die that is there today. And yet, no fanfare,

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no social media, none of that garbage.

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And this brings me to that point, which I'm talking about, which is to protect our class to protect our

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intention to protect our sincerity of our intention, and to avoid seeking fame. Make it easier Oh Allah, do not make me famous, or Allah save me from fame. I make this offer myself all the same me from fear. Let me be completely unknown, except you.

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In addition with the Medusa this I want to share with you, in theory the

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say you had is

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that God Ben Malik, or the alarm, he said, so nice little fella said to hungry wolves sent against a flock of sheep cannot cause more damage to them than a man's eagerness for wealth and prominence, causes to his religious commitment.

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I repeat garb in America, the man who manages that also lives on Salem, said that two hungry wolves sent against a flock of sheep cannot cause more damage to them than a man's eagerness. And man, meaning man and woman eagerness for wealth and prominence.

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demands of what was eagerness for well, the provenance the damage that that causes to his religious commitment is, is

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more than the damage that to hungry wolves sent against a flock of sheep

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cause to their flock of sheep. So too hungry wolf set against a flock of sheep cannot cause more damage to them than a man's eagerness for wealth and provenance causes to his religious commitment, the second Hadith

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not does not have this. This is

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a statement of everyday morality. He said that a sorcerer Selim and he is explaining the Saudis

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in November. They said that a Surah Surah Salam explained that the damage that eagerness for wealth and prominence

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causes to one's religious commitment is no less than actually, it is more than the damage that two hungry wolves would cause in a shipment. And this is quite obvious. If there is sound religious commitment, there cannot be this eagerness. Because once the heart taste the sweetness of servitude to Allah, and love for Him, then there will be nothing dearer to the individual than that, and he will give it precedence over other things in that way. Allah subhanaw taala diverts evil deeds and shameful acts from those who are sincere to Allah subhanho data alone. Ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to help us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from all desire for name and fame. And from our desire to make money out of Islam. Islam came to us free let us make sure that if you're doing without of Islam, the to do it free. Let us ask the word on different Allah Subhana Allah, not from human beings or sub Allah Allah Allah will carry while Ali he was having member Africa all right