Nouman Ali Khan – The path to repentance

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The history and implementation of Islam in various countries, including the United States and the UK, have been discussed. The Bible is a statement of love for the person who committed a sin and forgiveness is only given to the person who refuses to admit their crimes. The culture of sin is a consequence of a lack of forgiveness and is a sign of one's worthiness. forgiveness is a step in the right direction to make one's life normal. The importance of accepting forgiveness and avoiding sin is emphasized.
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hamdulillah Latina who wants to know who wants

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to be law he can surely and phocoena woman

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la ilaha illallah wa Ala Moana shadow Mohammed Abdullah he was Zulu. Allahu Allahu taala with Buddha Medina, Leo

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shahida for Silicon Valley he was seldom at the Sleeman tequila America in Costa Rica tabula rasa de Hulu Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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who have

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them he can eat

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him in the Chicago gym in the matoba to Allah in Medina, Medina su Abuja Hello. So Maya to woo them in Korean.

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Ooh, la, la, la La Nina Kima. When they sent it over to the La Nina meluna se yet

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will not call the inevitable well under the name una casa

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furbish actually somebody were silly Emily. Emily Sania

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La Paloma

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also been healthy, whatever. So having never been either mean. So to Lisa is a suit I've given her birth from before. Today inshallah, which I'd like to highlight three is from the surah. And just a little bit of context, as sudo was revealed early on in the life that the Prophet established in the city of Medina, these are Muslims that are now starting to form a community, many of the people that have now accepted Islam are new Muslims. So it's a large population of New Muslims. And there are people that have been Muslim for many years from the prophets, early career in Makkah, but even then, many of the laws have not yet been revealed. So the halachah, very limited amount of that has

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been revealed. And so they didn't really know what the code of Islam is and what a law allows and what he doesn't allow. And actually, you'd be surprised if you do a deep study of Medina, especially early Medina, you'd be shocked to know that it was actually a pretty, pretty liberal society. It was a very open society and people didn't know right from wrong in many occasions. And one such thing was the relationship between men and women nowadays, you know, you have a, you know, non Muslim culture of dating, and relations and, you know, consensual relations and all of that cohabitation outside of marriage, and all these kinds of things are commonplace in what we think is Western

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society now. But actually, much of that was already in place in Medina, when the time of the Prophet sighs when he moved there, this was actually already happening there. And the Quran came to address that society. And this was particularly a problem, especially for young people, young people were needed, they liked each other, they ended up in relationships together, and it was no big deal. It was just what did what they did all along, and nobody batted an eye. And now all of a sudden Islam came. And there were restrictions and guidelines on the interaction between men and women and what kind of relationship they can have. And this was actually a challenge. It was not an easy thing. And

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Solaris addressed the issue of men and women ending up in relationships together, you know, outside the fold of marriage. How are you supposed to deal with that? And what early on the lies Odin reveal that acaba Xena don't go near Xena Don't go Don't don't approach it. And even though it was awkward, mucky and they had already been revealed, Medina was a new society, these people are not been given a lot of time to, you know, really internalize the teachings of the deen. So logical, gradual approach and try and teaching them and even a gradual approach from the Muslim community on how to discipline when that sort of thing happens. So like, as I gave them when the veneziani have been

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come for Azuma, when two of them meaning a boy and a girl ends up in some kind of relationship, and they do something shameless, even all the way. If that happens, then what should you do a lot, you know, this is not the later law, the final version, this is the early law because they're not ready yet. So let's have

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caused them both pain, hurt both of them, no one in the world has hurt both of them mean when you ask us how by determining what this meant,

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is a pretty exhaustive study of this ayah What does it mean when Allah says hurt both of them, and you will think that means tortured them and beat them and all of that actually the vast majority of the companions and the early commentary on this ayah is actually something that are even scold them, yell at them, hurt them by saying how could you You should be ashamed of yourself. And that was actually lecture them. And you know, admonish them words actually. Kalimantan no no physical stuff.

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And actually the furthest narration you find on this is by ignorable. So the Allahumma, who says, first of all, scold them, and then you could take a stick and hit their feet. And this was the punishment for this great crime. And Xena is not a small crimes and is actually the kabyle is from from the major, major sins that alarm soldier warns us about, he puts cotton and Zener on the same platform. He says

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we live in La

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Jolla is known. So those two things are hand in hand, they're very serious crimes. And that was already known. And that's with a lot with a lot of your mighty crimes. But when a society doesn't know much about their religion, and they're just coming into the religion, and these kinds of mistakes happen, then even those with a lie, this is a massive crime, you have to take a gradual approach. So they appreciate the seriousness of it, they can see the seriousness of it just because you immediately say, this is the worst thing you could ever do. There needs to be some, some kind of development, some kind of, you know, it needs to dawn on these key these young people that this is a

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very serious thing. And so let's reveal that that first rumor. And then he adds well in our article on Puma. And if both of them repent, and they fix themselves, they no longer you know, fool around, they're, they're better now, are they right or wrong, they get married, if they do something like that, then

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leave them alone. Don't bother them anymore. Meaning This is not a label you put on them forever and ever. This isn't the case. And by the way, even when such a crime or such such a thing happened, it was actually, you know, the for witness thing was already in place, which I won't talk about now. But just appreciate something, how a lot of talk the community, early community of Medina, to deal with sinners. How do you deal with sinners. And if they've openly said that they're sorry for what they did, that you just leave them alone, you let them be, you don't put that as a label on them that they were the rest of their lives.

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And then on the ads in the law cabinet, the level of human lives always been someone who accepts Toba. Allah has always been something someone who's been merciful and loving and caring. In other words, a lot of doors have not been closed for someone who committed a sin. I wanted to take time and mentioned these three, if this was the first of the ayah, which is considered oneself because the more harsh punishments for such a crime, if it happens in public were revealed. It's a little note. That's that's a separate discussion. But what a lot of soldiers didn't do, he took this opportunity to discuss a sin of grievous sin that does happen that did take place and use it as an

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opportunity to talk about things at large. You know, also, how are you and I supposed to think about sins, you know, this is the month of seeking of less forgiveness, this is the month of us turning back to a lot and actually seeking His help and making changes in our life. You know, what sins you commit, I know what what sins I commit, we have to take an introspective look at ourselves. And really deeply take a look in the mirror and honest look in the mirror and be able to talk to a live this month and really, truly apologize to him, really, truly mend our ways. That's that's the purpose of this month. The entire purpose of the revelation of the Quran is that the human being

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returns back to a lot. That's the entire point. And if we're not turning back to a lot, we're not asking him for forgiveness, we're missing the entire point. All of the worship that we do, all of the doors that we make all the prayers that we make all of the fasting that we're doing, all of that is just there to put us in a better position to ask us forgiveness, that's all. But all all of this so that we are in a better place. So we can apologize to a lot so we can make promises to a law that we're going to do better. That's what the point of all of this is. So what does the law say? He says in the matoba to Allah. repentance and accepting repentance is only something a lot of takes

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responsibility for no one else. You cannot seek forgiveness from anyone else. You cannot turn back in that way to enable the intimate, intimate in the beginning for the sauce for the saw, only and only Allah can accept repentance the way that he does, and he has made it mandatory on himself. I don't want in the matoba to Adam Ah, he's it's something that is taken is promised you is guaranteed it he will accept repentance for who I would like to be a part of that guarantee you would like to be a part of that guarantee. he qualifies it in this ayah Who are the people that will turn back to Allah and apologize to him and repent to him and go back to him in humility. And Allah will actually

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accept their apology, Linda de Luna sua vija, highlighting those who who do sin, who do sin, and they do so ignorantly and they do it out of emotion. This is the part that we really truly have to unpack and understand. First of all you have to do is use the robotic form is used a lot. Yeah, do.

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You got it. means something that happens over and over again. In other words, somebody has been in a habit of saying they've been doing things for a while and they've been

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doing it and doing it and they're still at it. They're still at it. But all this time, what, what happens is their emotions get the best of them. Their temptation gets the best of their time, their excitement gets the best of them. And they keep falling into the same trap, one after the other and some for some people, their their centers become an addiction, and they keep falling into it. And when something is an addiction, your brain stops working. Your rational mind says this is not a good idea. I shouldn't be doing this, but that part of you shuts off and you just do it. You will think about it later. You know. And this is where the word suit would be important to understand the word

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soup is one of the several words in the Koran used to describe sin. And the word soup actually comes from solar, or the word salad or something that means a corpse something ugly and hideous that people get away from, I say is an ugly, evil sin and worshiping do Stefan's job is to take something hideous and ugly and make it look beautiful. was a in a Navajo shavon

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Xena home, Subrahmanyam suwama him there. They're the ugliest things they do, who are made to look beautiful. This is Chapin's job, make good deeds look ugly, and make bad deeds look really good. Make them really attractive, make them How can I stay away, I mean, and so associaton will use every tactic. If you just do this, you'll feel better, man Don't you want to be happy. Happiness is not an ugly idea, it's a pretty good idea. This is gonna feel better. This is you're gonna you know, just follow your whim, your temptation. If you have this, you won't want anything else. Or once you have this, you'll become a better person, I just need to just do this this one time. And after that, I'll

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be good because I'm just restless. I just need to get this out of my system. You know, and then I'll be fine. All these beautiful justifications for saying he teaches and alas has cut through all of that and be able to see that actually sin is at the core of it's something ugly, and it will only bring ugliness in your life. Now celibacy so long ago said to me tunku, since bring death to the heart, since bring bring death to the heart, every time we said there's a more there's more ugliness on our hearts, there's a there's a black patch on our hearts. And we the inner part of ourselves is getting uglier. We think it's bringing beauty into our life, we're enjoying our life when we're

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falling into sin, but we're actually making our own lives uglier, we're making the insides of ourselves ugly, and we're turning into a corpse from within. The Quran describes itself, even the love and kind of hate when it came to warn people that are truly alive. What that means is obviously everybody's alive. We're all breathing. But there's a life inside. There's a spiritual life inside that learning the last book, the guidance of a last book is only going to resonate with people who still have something left alive inside of themselves deep inside themselves. And that's the part of yourself and myself that keeps getting killed off more and more and more and more by sin. And the

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nature of sin. This is serious, you know, we and I wasn't giving you this analogy before. But it's it's important to reinforce some of these ideas. Allah gave us all kinds of abilities, muscles, you know, limbs, eyes, for example, if I don't use my eyes for six months, so I just put a bandaid over my eyes, or I put a fold over my eyes for six months. And then somebody removes the blindfold, six months a year, guess what I can't see. My eyes won't work. If you lie down in bed and you didn't walk around for a whole year, you're going to be able to stand up after that, you know, what, what gives you an ability and you don't use that ability, you lose that ability. A lot. You know, that's

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the nature by which Allah made things the same way. We say Allah has given us the ability to repent. He's given us the ability to feel that and that bad feeling should turn into repentance. That should turn into you apologizing to a lot, shedding a tear, really, truly feeling something in yourself. But if you allow yourself to sin, and that sin again, and again, and again, the ability to feel even, to even feel bad goes away, you're able to even turn that off that that not enough said the woman of color describes the self inside of us that blames ourselves that feels guilty, that's gone. Those of you that are insane ally knows who you are. That's between you and ally, if you're insane,

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and you don't even feel bad anymore. That's a dangerous sign. But if those of you that are insane, you realize you're doing something wrong. And if there's something inside, you're still poking at you, this isn't right. I shouldn't be doing this. I know I'm doing it but I shouldn't be doing it. I shouldn't let my emotions get a hold over me and take over me and allow myself to fall into this time and time again. If that is still there, hope is still alive. Hope is still alive. And for people like that, that let their emotions this is really what Java means. It doesn't just mean ignorance. So there

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People who commit sins because they don't know any better. That's part of the meaning Java. But the other meaning of Java is actually

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the one who can control his feelings, the one who can't control his urges, and it keeps falling into sin. A person like that allows origin is also considering you got overwhelmed, you got overexcited in the heat of the moment you committed a mistake. You did this with Java. And then after you realize I shouldn't have done this, I shouldn't have allowed the animal part of myself to take over. I shouldn't have allowed you to beautify this for me and get hypnotized at the moment and turn everything off every sense of consequence. What's going to happen, I'm going to stand in front of a law all of that's turned off. This is why the prophets Isilon describes is the episodic

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movement, what is designing

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when the when the woman committing adultery or committing, you know, fornication at the time they're doing it, they're not a believer. At the time, somebody's sitting there stealing, they're not a believer at the time, somebody who's drinking alcohol at that moment, they're not a believer, that doesn't mean they left a smell. That means everything that reminds them of a lot of everything that's puts a stop to what they're doing everything that was going to prevent them from disobeying a line, such open fashion, all of that was turned off. There was no human left in the heart. The only thing in the heart was no the beautification of the sin. This is not this, they were just hypnotized

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by this, that was all that was left inside the heart. And then when when that wore off, maybe that you might have came back and then they felt bad. What am I just done? What did I just let take over my heart, there's nothing more valuable you own than this heart. There's nothing more valuable. And then this heart when guidance is removed, when you allow and I allow sin to take over. When that happens, then we have violated the most valuable treasure that we have. So when you realize that violation has happened, what does Allah say, from Maya to Guna, the Caribbean, then, after the sin has been committed, and this sin didn't happen one time, maybe it's been happening lots of times,

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yeah, I'm alone. Then they repent, but they repent soon after. Soon after. This is an important piece of the puzzle. Because chiffon comes to you. And shaitaan tells you, how are you going to face a lot?

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After what you just did, you're gonna pray? Really, you're gonna walk into the mission? With what face You should be ashamed of yourself. And you tell yourself man, I even feel guilty reciting Quran I feel guilty making da Who am I to make go look at what I just did. Look at what I just come in, you understand, you start telling yourself that Allah has shut you out. A lot has closed his doors on you because you violated his faith, you violated so much of what he commanded. And you did such a big sin you let's head on when now you know this. This happens in every one of our relationships, if you really disappointed your father, if you really disappointed your mother, if you really

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disappointed your boss. If you fail the exam, you're not going to show up to class the next day and you're like, I don't know if I can face my professor. I don't know how I'm gonna walk in. Or if you noticed the day you know you're late. You don't just walk in the front door of the classroom and say Salaam to your teacher. Hey, how's it going, professor and sit down. You come in from the back door try to sneak in. avoid eye contact. Because when you disappoint someone you want to avoid. That's what we want to do. Siobhan uses that and says why don't you do that with a lot avoid a lot now You messed up with a lot. You messed up Why would you talk to talk to you? You should just keep a

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distance you don't deserve to talk to you about now. What good is your life? You did this all of this even? What is wrong with you? That's you can't even believe you, bro. First of all you so you have no business talking to Allah. Allah says I have made it mandatory on myself in the matoba terranova then the DNA

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through Maya to bulan Karim, then they make over soon after.

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Then they make the lesson after

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meaning don't wait. Yeah, there's a period of shame. You're embarrassed. How can you speak before Allah but that embarrassment that you feel that is actually a sign your Eman is still there? That is actually a sign you're still a believer. That is actually a sign that your tears before Allah will be accepted. Don't waste those tears. Don't delay that. And he says what would I do to guarantee that those are the people that Allahu stowa level acceptable. mahali makanda la hora, even Akiva and Avaya always known for a while it was always full of wisdom.

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If you wanted you would have never fallen into sin. If I did, you know Allah loves those who commit sin and then come back to him. Allah loves those people doesn't hate those people. He loves those people. Shame convinces you Allah hates me that thought that you get in your head you know after everything I've done I'm bad. Allah hates me alleges gonna burden me. Those are thoughts from chip on from nowhere else, but a lot of his origin. He's just

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Waiting for you to turn back. And you you have you and I have to just turn back in humility, the best, the most important, the most important conversation you are going to have, and I'm going to have with a lot in this month is asking genuinely for his forgiveness. And to do that you have to openly admit and I have to openly admit in our conversations with him, our sense to him are our weaknesses to him, our failures to him, and then do that openly and do it immediately.

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We're gonna love him. But but there's the there are three areas I wanted to talk to you about. These are two of them. This is the last seven, what they set it over.

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And doba repentance is no good. The next group, the first group, these are the people who stopped by is guaranteed I'll give it to them. I've made it mandatory on myself for lessons. But there's a group who still Why is no good. Even if they repent, it doesn't mean anything. I don't want to be from that much. So I better know who they are. They get disqualified when they set a Toba

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for people who keep on doing sins over and over and over and over again, and they really in their head they have Well, I know I messed up, but it's not the last 10 days of Ramadan yet.

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I mean, I still got some time before I make Toba. In other words, you need this? Does that mean curry you made you messed up and you went back to ally mmediately. And the other group, I messed up, but there is a timetable. I mean, when the time comes, I'm hoping I had one of the odd nights and I get my entire record cleared, I'll be good. Or I have I didn't make my booking perhaps this year, so might as well fill in the stack with as much partying as I can, because I'm gonna wipe the record clean anyway when I go to hedge.

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So in your head, like, you know, I mean, life's short, and around the corner robots coming. And you know, this guy will be his most active right before Milan starts. Because most likely, like Oh, man, I can't even walk. I won't even watch TV this month. I'm not even gonna do this or that. One more day. Okay. All right. And then you just tell yourself, let me get really

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an overdrive right before Milan and chitlin is an overdrive right after Avalon ends. Right after it ends. It's over.

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You know, freshly out of chains. And so are you.

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You know, that's not a match made in heaven. That's a match made in *. And then we fall right into sin right after Oh my god, I can't believe I'm free. This is the idea that I got time I'll repent later, I'll make up for or that my good deeds somehow should be able to permit my

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mess up but I do have other good things. So it should balance out should be okay. This is not accounting with a low Hey, let me see your good deeds. Let me see your bad deeds. Okay. You know what you're doing these good deeds, okay. You can do some harm on the side. No problem. It doesn't work like that. That's not how it works. allows me to describe someone who justified justifies a sin. justifying the sin is different than doing a sin. When in your head. You're okay with the sin. You're okay with it? Because you say, Well, yeah, I know, this is a weakness and I do it. But at least I do this other good stuff. But

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this is not a

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fantasy and it's

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whoever earns a sin, meaning they accept they've accepted it. They engage in it openly. Even if it's one thing but you admit you've accepted it as a part of your life and you're okay with it, then that one thing can take over that one mistake and take over everything you do, like us have enough? Those are the people of fire alive are concerned about the quantity of your sins are less concerned about what goes on in your heart in your mind when you engage in sin. And if you engage in sin, are you even feeling bad that that sin happened? human beings Allah says that the Prophet describes a lump sum khulumani

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all children of other children that make mistakes over and over and over and over and over again. It's not like once you make Toba, you're never gonna feel temptation again. It's not like once you made it, you're never gonna miss a prayer again, mess up again. It'll happen but you're not planning on it. You're not scheduling it, just like you're not scheduling. You're not scheduling your sins, either. Well, you know, I mean, last weekend, I messed up and I'm not going to mess up a lot until not at least until next weekend.

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In fact, you've got a planned out already know. Or you tell yourself you know, I messed up I know myself. Probably chances are even though I feel really bad, chances are Next week I'll be doing this again. You tell yourself in your head, you've accepted it. You've acknowledged that you've submitted before something other than a lot someone other than what you submitted before your own. However, you've submitted before your own sin as though it has control over you and it dictates your future then

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is unacceptable to Allah when they started

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notice there's no beija anymore. It's a cry It's not just out of you you got emotional or you have you had a weak moment and you did it in your head it's now a part of you that's just what I do What can I do? I can't help myself made the offer me I don't have to

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just be gone one day alone guy because you know as I am, I just know what I am. I'm just, I'm just a sinner can't even help myself. This unacceptable before Allah, Allah says about people like that had a

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caller in need to learn this kind of a person at the very last moments of their life when death presents itself to them, then this is tapa. Y'all, I'm so sorry. I messed up. I know I'm not ready to meet you. And I apologize for everything that I've done. I feel really bad for everything that I did.

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But when I gather these kinds of people

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who go far and by the way, these people no good there was no God nor is it Pete of people who were never Muslim to begin with, who died just believers, meaning a lot of these people in the same category as non Muslims, non believers who died denied over there in the same category. Why? Because a lead does not want at the very last moments. Okay, I'm ready to go five times. Because you know, we know that if you're alive. And you're, you know if you make Toba while you're alive, and I'm like subset, all previous into forgiven. I'm reminded of someone I knew in New York, a very old fellow used to live across the street from there's a big machine in the 96th Street in New York City and

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uptown as a fellow who lived in an apartment complex across a Hindu old guy, he was 17 years old. And actually at the age of 82. He walked into the machine and took Shahada at the age of 82, and a week later, he died a week later, right and his entire life he's lived and he was a devout Hindu. He lived in chick his entire life his entire life. And now that that one Toba and all of that is wiped clean. We're not talking about that. We're talking about the kind of Toba surrounded

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the water reached over here he's got his armies gone they're all ground already the old guy in his waters over here he's about to drown and he says Fine fine I'm into and

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I'm ready to believe I believe in the there's no god except the one that the Israelites believe in Okay, okay. Okay, fine, fine. Like last minute insurance policy. No, no good. If you and I keep pushing our tea until by actually literally means I feel bad for what I did and I'm promising a lot of making changes so what does it mean I feel bad yeah, a lot of stuff Luca has suffered a loss suffered a lot.

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And then you go do it again. And then you come back again. You suffer like a really bad again. I'm gonna go back now.

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This is not what it is. This is the

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That I mean, for real this time when I got out at home. Those are the people that we have prepared painful punishment for they play with this glorious gift that a legate What does that glorious gift Toba. Last thing I shared with you

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is not something small. You're not just asking a lot to forgive. When a lot accepts your job.

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What happens if a lie except when it's genuine, and you truly repentant for Allah and your heart, your heart will know if you truly repentant or not. That's how you know if it worked or not. When that happens, the moment that that happens, what does the law say? How you went to law who say to him,

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what kind of law?

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Allah says we're not like somebody who's repentance, then let's imagine that your sins were this giant mountain. Yeah. And you would think if Allah forgive it, that means that this giant mountain of sins disappeared? Nope. When a liar accepts your repentance, he turns that giant mountain of sins into a giant mountain of good deeds. He doesn't just remove your sins, He converts them into a good deed in your favor.

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That's the value of the words not just getting your sins forgiven. It's actually turned in. This is the love of Lighthouse for someone who makes them. I didn't do a mountain of good deeds. I may have done a mountain of sins. And because Allah accepts my Toba, he converts it You love the love will say yes to Him. This is the gift of allowance. Why would anybody wants to miss out on that gift? There is no the the key word here that I want to leave you with is mencari ally accepts the dobot of people the repentance of people who do it immediately, very soon after. So don't delay this. Don't sit there and think about it. And what does it mean for you? And this is the last thing I know I'm

00:29:49 --> 00:29:59

taking over my time. 60 seconds that I've done, inshallah, what does it mean that you're making the work practically? Practically, it means there's some things that you and I have to change in our life.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

There are some people that you have to cut off from your life. There are some behaviors that you have to discontinue. There are some things that are going to be emotionally painful, maybe financially painful, maybe physically painful, but you got to do it. That's part of your job. You know what that is? I don't know what that is that's between you and a lot. That's your life. But you have to make that call. You have to be honest with yourself, and you have to do it soon. It's a test of whether or not you want that this thing that you've desired so much that has found a place in your heart or you want that something ugly that's been beautified. You want that removed, and you

00:30:36 --> 00:31:10

want that replaced with the actual thing that's beautiful, which is the guidance of Allah that was the amount of Allah the true love of Allah, Eliza was and give us the emotional strength, the willpower to be able to genuinely make the law and to make the change that we need to make that we know about that only Allah knows about that and we know about me allows me that give us the strength to do that, especially in this month, but to share the interchain that the only battle we have to fight is the one with ourselves will give us the ability to conquer ourselves and submit ourselves wholly before him. barakallahu li walakum Hakeem when finally we are coming again

00:31:13 --> 00:31:22

hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala Mustapha, Susana Mohammed, Mohammed amin, founder and he was actually here in Kala

00:31:24 --> 00:31:28

Buddha ministry converging in the Mahabharata who said do not intervene

00:31:30 --> 00:31:30


00:31:31 --> 00:31:35

all Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Casa de cada Rahim Allah Allah

00:31:38 --> 00:31:39

Allah, Allah Muhammad wa

00:31:40 --> 00:31:41

tada Rahim

00:31:42 --> 00:31:43

Allah Allah,

00:31:44 --> 00:31:47

Allah, Allah, Allah in the

00:31:48 --> 00:31:51

same way when manufacturing will work out

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan implores us to tread on the path to repentance in order for us to savor the fruits of Jannah wholly.

Who are we to judge the sinners and carry on labeling them all of our life? This is all the more true when they have repented to Allah. The truth of the matter is that we are human beings, we are weak and we are sinners and most importantly we seek the Almighty’s constant Astaghfar.

It is our ultimate duty to turn to Allah with sincere repentance as we will have no excuse or escape without turning into sincere repentance. With our mere excuses and manipulations, we are in reality only cheating ourselves and everyone else, not Allah. We are so weak emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and with that Tawbah, we hope to better ourselves for Allah.

We should pray to Allah that He gives us the strength to make sincere tawbah at any cost. May Allah accept our repentance and forgive us for our misdeeds, Aameen.


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