Nouman Ali Khan – The path to repentance

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan implores us to tread on the path to repentance in order for us to savor the fruits of Jannah wholly.

Who are we to judge the sinners and carry on labeling them all of our life? This is all the more true when they have repented to Allah. The truth of the matter is that we are human beings, we are weak and we are sinners and most importantly we seek the Almighty’s constant Astaghfar.

It is our ultimate duty to turn to Allah with sincere repentance as we will have no excuse or escape without turning into sincere repentance. With our mere excuses and manipulations, we are in reality only cheating ourselves and everyone else, not Allah. We are so weak emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and with that Tawbah, we hope to better ourselves for Allah.

We should pray to Allah that He gives us the strength to make sincere tawbah at any cost. May Allah accept our repentance and forgive us for our misdeeds, Aameen.