The Snow is Falling

Abdurraheem Green


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The speaker describes a snowy, cold winter outside, with a heavy rain and ice formation. They encourage people to play in the snow and create a snow game. The speaker describes the process of falling snow and the effects of rain on the surface.

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I look outside through the trees. The snow is falling.

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I boil the kettle. It's warm inside. But I strangely feel cold.

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The snow is falling

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the kids are playing in the snow.

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Ice is forming on the streams.

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Water is falling twigs are frozen

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life seems to go slowly. The days are shorter. The clouds are darker snow is falling

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I've never seen ice like this. It seems to cling to all that exists

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the kids are playing the snow is falling. Outdoors is calling. Let's have some fun in the snow. Let's slide on the ice. Here we go.

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And soon enough, this will all end

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but for now we're having fun

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on the ice we're crawling

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the wind is blowing.

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The snow is falling

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indoors is calling