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AI: Summary © The video discusses a competition in the Iowa thirteen year old hipster competition. The competition is a general competition in Indonesia with over 1000 participants, and prize money is around $2,000 American the wining will give the sister a chance to receive a prize of 30 million rupees. The video also highlights the importance of holding firm to her principles and deeds to receive the reward she deserve.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah an Indonesian niqab is sister forced to take off her niqab were not in France somewhere but in Indonesia itself and were at a Quran competition going on. When you see the story and watch this video I'm about to show you well Allah He first of all, you're going to become angry. How could they dare at a Quran competition, tell our sister to take off her niqab. And then after that, you're going to feel the sadness when you see how heartbroken she is when she can't take part in the competition. But then after that, you're going to see the inspiration one of the will either was amazing and inspirational stories that you will see when you see what Allah subhanaw

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taala did for her when she took a stance of Eman

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is that

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you see here she's looking for a solution people are trying to make her own cover or face or they're not going to let her take part in the competition so that

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also need this body because

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she's saying that I can put it under my neck I'd like this

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so Ronnie

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see now how sad she is in a difficult situation that she's

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I level who is this sister, the sister Her name is Mesa and she is a student in the College of Cydia in the second year. And this Quran competition. It's a general competition in Indonesia with more than 1000 participants. And the prize money for first place was 30 million Indonesian rupees which is equivalent to a bit over $2,000 American dollars and I want you to pay attention to this number because it's very significant. Very important. And what's going to come in the story inshallah. And this video will allow you to increases your Eman. When you see how our sister believing the hub whether you look at the niqab as being something that's faltered Mr. Habit sooner. That's not the

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point here. You see a true sense of Eman that I have principles. I have something I believe in. I believe in the niqab and I'm not willing to compromise when it comes to my Deen. And what happened after this competition. One lie is something truly amazing. And it shows the truthfulness of what our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when he said man Taraka che and Allah, our the hula halen Minho that whoever leaves something from a law or law will give him back better and return. Immediately after this competition. People were enraged. How can a Quran competition try to force a Muslim woman to take off her niqab? People called in who is this sister? How can we help or

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how can we support her whether it's a word of support, we're behind you, or even others who want to send her gifts and give her money to support her. And this shows you the beauty of this ummah, that even at the time of weakness, they're asleep. But at hamdulillah they're not dead. And we see this time and time again, where the Muslims when our brothers and sisters are in need, that they stand up to support them. And a couple of days after this event, a local TV channel we saw TV and I did a TV show with them when I was in Jakarta in 2017 was on May Allah bless the brothers there. They had the sister come on the TV with their father and they gave her a gift What was that gift 100 million

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Indonesian rupees a three times what she would have got if she had come in first place in the Quran competition itself.

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Not only does she get rewarded financially, but something even more amazing when it comes to the edge of the reward that we saw. Let's have the same TV channel may Allah bless them. They made a numerous Avoca no competition, and this competition is going to be next year 2021 And it's in the name of our sister Mesa, not just for memorizing the Quran, but for the HIV and also for the tip seed of the Quran as well. One loi the story is so inspirational when it comes to holding firm to your principles and holding firm to your deen that Allah will give you better return shall butanna and just that the the there is the honor that I have, when I hold on to what I believe in, even if I

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if I go through difficulties in this dunya or I lose out on something I wanted to gain the satisfaction that you gain from that is of an honor of holding on to it will lie this is the halau there's the sweetness of faith that there's nothing better than that. May Allah bless our sister Mesa and make her an example of goodwill for all of our sisters around the world when it comes to the hijab to realize that the hijab this is a bad this is honor this is video this is my happy that's what I believe in as a Muslim

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And, and I'm not willing to compromise on it for anyone. And even non Muslims when they see this, they realize that hey, this issue of the niqab, this issue of the hijab, it's not the Muslim, you know, oppressive men forcing these women to do this. This is something that they believe in