Nouman Ali Khan – The Next Generation Pays The Price

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of religion and its people is discussed, including those who believe in Islam and those who believe in Islam but do not want to be seen as one of them. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to be conscious of their emotions and beliefs, develop their love for Islam, and not give the impression that bleeding doesn't break everything. The importance of learning about Islam and its history is also emphasized, as it is a way to develop one's love for Islam and respect for people. The speaker also discusses the "back to the future" movement, which is a way to stop the "back to the future" movement and address the importance of civil conversations with conservative people.
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Rubbish actually sorry we're silly Emily Waterloo Dr. melissani of koko de la masturbator en de la TV La ilaha illallah wa la Madame la mina Latina Amano Amina Sally heart, whatever Saville happy, whatever so many people, I mean,

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it's summer vacation time, and a lot of our kids are off school. So I'm expecting that in our congregation and maybe even those that are watching online, a lot of their kids are going to be watching also, and hopefully parents as well. So the next couple of goodbyes, inshallah are dedicated to ourselves and our children, our kids. And I'm going to start with the parents generation, the older generation and some of the things that a lot tells us that are pretty scary about our responsibility, not just as individual parents, but as a people all together. The place that I've chosen is rather not very obvious, meaning you wouldn't think that this has to do with

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ourselves and our role as parents, and the example that we're setting for our next generation, but it does a lot as Odell describes that. And in order for you to, you know, get a little bit of background before I talk about this, I think of the religion of Islam as something that Allah has given since Adam alayhis salam all the way to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's the same religion in Medina and the Lucha Islam. And when Allah described, for example, the Israelites, that people before us people usually you know, consider them Jews or the Jewish faith, that's a different religion, but actually the original sons of Israel. They said one afternoon a whole Muslim moon,

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that we are Muslim only before Allah, those were words that came from them in the Quran. The Israelites said, We are Muslim before Allah. And later on in the Quran, we said, Netanyahu Muslim moon, we are muslim for Allah meaning the religion that they had is no different. It's the sources the same as ourselves. And that is that describes our religion as Islam goes from Ibrahim Valenzuela, Ibrahima, or Moosa, where Isa Ibrahima with Milo is harkaway Akuma. With a smart woman, udia musawah. Isa will never you'll never be him. All the profits, everybody has always had Islam. Now, why am I bringing that up, because of course, there are differences. There are differences. No

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Jewish law, and the law even given to mousseline Salaam is not the same as the Sherry are given to Muhammad Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam, they don't have the five prayers like we have them, they don't have faceting. On the days that we have, they don't have a lot of the rituals that we you know, we commit ourselves to. So there are differences too. So now there are two things one, on the one hand, it's the same religion. On the other hand, there are differences also. So how do we understand that Think of it this way, the the base, the foundation of this faith is exactly the same, the roots are exactly the same. But that same one tree, one set of roots, one bark, but there

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are different branches. But each of those branches goes back to the same roots. Now, the thing is, if one branch cuts off, the tree doesn't die. Another branch cuts off the tree doesn't die, what dies? What what, you know, how does a tree die if you attack the roots, the roots have always been the same. The roots of all of these faiths is always the same. There are some principles, some values that Allah has always expected from all human beings. And those are the common denominator. That's what brings, you know whether you take this fruit from this tree, or this fruit or that fruit, all of those fruits still belong to the same tree, because they were all fed by the same

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roots, you understand. So the problem happens when people look at this fruit and they compare it to this other fruit and say, oh, they're not the same. This one's a little more colored. This one's less color, this one's gone old, this one's still fresh, etc. and they start arguing about these differences. Well, actually, the first thing to understand is that they were both being fed from the same origin. Now this is, so what is that common route? That briefly I want to mention? What is a common route that Allah azzawajal gave? He describes it in different words. But basically it boils down to two things. Do it being honest, and being grateful, and being sincere to Allah,

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and then being good to humanity. It boils down to one of those two things. You have to be do right by Allah and you have to be sincere, and humble before Allah and you have to be grateful before Allah and you have to admit mistakes before Allah. That's always been there in every single prophets teaching. And you cannot do wrong by people. You cannot cheat people in business. You cannot mistreat children. You cannot mistreat parents, you have to take care of your neighbors do right by people. Those are the two pieces that have always been part of the root of this religion. Now what happens? Our religion isn't just those basics, it's many things. Like for example, if you study the

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prayer, how to pray, there are several dozen, you know, Solon and wotja fuqaha. will mention of the prayer. This is the compulsory part of the prayer. These are the hours you can make in the prayer. You know you can see some Hanukkah lahoma will be hum Dakota Baraka smoke, whatever

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Several other dollars you can make at that time, here are all the different things you can say in record, then there are differences about where you can hold your hands. There are differences about, you know, what you can say, when you sit in guru and where your feet are supposed to be. Those are all additional details. Those are all extra details. And those are important details. But you know what happens sometimes when the religion has that many details, some people become very committed to their understanding, and their version of the prayer. And they become very critical of somebody else's version of the prayer or their preferences in the prayer. And they define others as basically

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practically non Muslim because of the way they hold their hands, or, you know, deviant or not acceptable before a law because of what they don't do or doing the prayer, or what they hold, you know, one sub branch of the religion, one issue where there's a disagreement, disagreements always going to be there, even though there was even disagreements among the companions of the Prophet. Well, the Aloha marine was Allahu alayhi wa sallam their disagreements were always there. But this is I'm not talking about disagreements, because they're always going to be there. But when because of a disagreement, you consider yourself you know, right and you consider yourself so wrong, the

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other so wrong, that they're bound towards *, or they don't even belong within the Muslims or stay away from them because this they do this, this or this, you understand? And that actually is called you know, tougher rock. The Quran is the word tougher rock and rock, meaning you decide that you are this group and somebody else is a different group. And there's a clear distinction between you you don't see yourself and them as Muslim. You see yourself as them one group the other group so if somebody comes to you if you're if you're really obsessed with this kind of thinking, then when they see you in the masjid, they'll say so what are you and you say Muslim? Yeah, I know but what

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what Muslim? Like what which which kind?

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Not What do you mean? I mean, the kind that believes in Allah and His Messenger so Alexa, obviously but you know which school of thought which book do you follow? Which shaped which book do you follow? Let's see Quran. How about the son of the prophet SAW Selim? Yeah no, no, I get that but which Federica is it which month is it? which must look is it which school of thought is it which and until you identify yourself with this and the moment you name a name, either you're going to have it or you're going to *?

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The moment you name it, okay? So people want especially because being Muslim is not enough. being Muslim is not enough. In this ayah What does Allah say sha Allah community in my wasabi, no one will have the ohana. Like, what am I will say NaVi Ebrahim our musawah Isa Anak mo de la hora poofy. Allah has mandated for you from the religion the same thing that he counseled to do the same exact thing that he inspired to you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and what we inspire to Ibrahim and Musa and Isa, meaning what Allah has mandated in the religion, the roots have always been exactly the same. Establish the deen and don't cause factions don't cause groups inside of Atlanta

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for coffee, don't become different groups that hate each other within it. Allah even says that you shouldn't even consider yourself a separate faction for Musa alayhis salam who said he was different. He wouldn't even allow us to say that. And Ibrahim alayhis salam who has not even given dietary laws, and no one is around who wasn't given the five prayers that we've been given. These are different prophets of different times. But Allah says based on the route being the same, you are the same religion. And don't consider yourself some separate faction and a few Medina without data for a coffee. And this focus on the roots, it changes the perspective of a Muslim and how they think

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of fellow Muslims of other Muslims. I wanted to highlight this to you today, because a lot of times our attention, our focus, and by the way, the way I pray, some of you don't pray the same way behind me. That's a reality. That's absolutely a reality. The way I my opinion on which day is the start of Ramadan, which day is the moon is not the opinion of some of you. It's not I have a certain opinion about what's halal and not halal meat. And some of you have a different opinion. yet we're all praying in the same machine. We're all praying in the same machine. We're praying this to the same God, we can have these disagreements, but that doesn't make you corrupt in dvn, and me right or me

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corrupt, and you're right. We can have our disagreements with each other. We may even be able to discuss them in a civil way. But you know what, those kinds of conversations are not the subject of this place. The member of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is not to be used to discuss things that create disagreements. The member is to remind people of the root of what brings people together. This is why the hood buzz of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the majority of studies

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All the sermons that he gave the majority of the sermons that he gave, he was actually quoting and citing the Quran. Why? Why does the movie have Lila Jimmy? And why la quwata tarraco?

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Hold on to Alice rope don't fall in, don't fall into factions. What does the Quran do? It brings people together. It makes them stop thinking about these different disagreements. But then there are what happens, unfortunately, is before I'll tell you the story of you know, I'll tell you my own story, a little bit of my own story, or the theory I'm sharing with you is based on my own story, when I didn't know a lot about Islam, I just wanted to know more about it. Because I become interested in Islam. I want to know more about Arabic. I want to know more about the Quran. I don't want to know more about the Sunnah about the history of Islam, I want to know about these things.

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And before I knew a lot about Islam, anybody who I knew that knows more than me, or doesn't know more than me, one of the first thing that happens to you when you want to take your Islam seriously, you just develop this increasing love for any Muslim.

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And you especially develop this kind of admiration and respect and appreciation for people you see in the masjid. Because you know, you're coming to Ella's house and these people are coming to Alan's house, and you already have a respect for them, because they're going out of their way to take time to come and worship Allah, or they're attending a HELOC or they're coming early to the Juma prayer. You just as someone who doesn't know much, you look up to people like that. Look at this person reciting Quran look at this person reciting so beautiful look at this person teaching something, look at all these people learning something, you have this humility towards them, then you start

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learning some more, and depends on who you're learning from and what you're learning. You start learning a lot about what makes this understanding the right understanding, and everybody else is wrong. I used to live in New York City, and depending on which machine you go to in New York City, they will tell you which other places which other massages are calling people to the hellfire. Okay, so why are you going to that you which one? Should you go to that one? Oh, hey, you gotta you gotta be careful. You got those people? Hello. I do not have enough. You know, those people are, you know, feeble Alamo beam. You have to watch out. And so most of the conversation in Islam was as you learn

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more, most of the conversation is about how wrong somebody else's. That's most of the conversation how wrong this group is how wrong this group is how wrong this one is, how long that one is, why are they wrong? What are the evidences that they are wrong? What are the reputations of each other? There's an obsession with refuting someone obsession with refuting someone. Why? Because you know what refuting? does it create stuff or rock.

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And what's crazy is the more people learn, the more people learn, they use what they learned to justify more the hardrock.

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Allah says about the nation that came before us, while matter for Roku in the majha. When

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they did not fall into different factions. They didn't fall into different groups, and obsessed themselves with being the right one and obsessed themselves with criticizing the other groups that are not like them. They didn't do that. Until in Lombardi, my job a homeowner him until after knowledge came to them

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until after much after knowledge came to them.

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No be clear about what I'm saying. Is it possible that somebody is saying something absolutely wrong about Islam? Yeah, it's possible. It's certainly possible. Not too long ago, somebody told me I you know, I mentioned some some books that I've read, or some people that I learned from and some you know, I said, whatever resources you guys have, you know, benefited from Tell me about them. And somebody mentioned the shame. I don't mention names. Somebody mentioned the chef. And somebody else says, well, that chef is we should warn people about him because he has deviant ideas. You should, you should be careful not to listen to the chef.

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And I can tell you, that's one of the people even though I don't disagree with every I don't agree with everything the scholar says I don't. But that's one of those people that listening to him was the first reason I started praying.

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It was the first reason I started praying.

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And he's one of the first people that I heard that I said, Man, I wish I knew Arabic. I started learning Arabic because I listened to him. And I have some very strong disagreements with some of the things he said, This is not about names. But the point is for somebody else to come along and say be careful, don't listen to him. Be careful. He's deviant. Because of one disagreement you have with him. All of the good, you know, for a fact a level that take any of the good that he does, or any of the teachers are and they're wiped out, they're gone.

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They're gone. This is the fourth book. And the idea becomes the more you learn, the more you become obsessed with who's wrong and who's wrong and who's wrong. Allah says this is not a new virus. This is a disease that happened with a nation that came before us. Well, montefalco 11 by the magic of millennium, they the people the Israelites before us. They didn't fall into these factions and groups and contentions with each other until after knowledge came to them, meaning they use knowledge to justify their contentions. No crazy thing about religious knowledge is

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When you become my teacher said this to me once it was so profound, he said, Be careful of learning more. I said, why I want to learn more. He goes, when you learn, you know, people that learn more, they can justify anything.

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They can justify anything. They can turn anything into justification for what they do. And they can turn anything else into a refutation of what somebody else does. They can twist anything for their agenda. And how does Allah describe that, but him being at home, this is out of an urge to dominate that they have between each other. It's not actually about serving the lesbian, it's actually about feeling superior to somebody else, making somebody else feel beneath you. And it's a power struggle. You know, how companies compete with each other. Businesses compete with each other athletes compete with each other. Sometimes these factions become competitors. They become it's just about one

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winning over the other. This isn't about serving the lesbian. By the way, if it was, let's hypothetically say that they're sincere, people that do that are sincere, if they were sincere, when you have a disagreement with somebody, when you have a problem with somebody in our religion, it's a very fundamental teaching, when you have a problem with somebody, what should you do? Should you publicly humiliate them and tell them, here's my disagreement with you, and here's why you are wrong, you go to them privately. And you don't speak to them to correct them, you speak to them out of concern for them, because they are your brother in faith or your sister in faith. So you speak

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with them privately, you point out what you think may be an issue. And you know, what you people before us used to do when they have strong disagreements, they would make dua for the person they're disagreeing with before they would state their disagreement, then they would state their disagreement and they would genuinely make the offer them after their disagreement, and they would not publish their disagreement online.

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So by the way, I even made the offer him

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when you have to make the offer someone publicly that's not making the offer anybody. If one of you got up and said, Hey, bro I make to offer you may Allah guide you.

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That's actually not making the offer me that's insulting me. That's telling everybody else man, you are so messed up. I hope that fixes you. Because you're beyond look like other than divine intervention, you're a lost cause. Right? That's not how you correct someone. If this is sincerely correcting, then the way we do that is the same way you would correct your son, or your daughter, or your friend or your neighbor, you wouldn't do it publicly. You wouldn't do it in front of others, you wouldn't do it in a way that embarrassed someone, you wouldn't do it in a way that's dismissive of someone. And you know, what the fuck does? Oh, I know this group. I know what they're about,

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really, you know, every single member of this group. And you know that all of them think exactly the same way. And your criticism of one of them is the same as the criticism of all of them tell me Are people always thinking the same? We are each individual is different, aren't they different? But you know, what the group does, it lets you make sweeping judgments about an entire group with one statement, I know what they're about.

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And in your mind, that's the other fun thing. People call these groups and these names. And a lot of times the people you're calling that name, they don't even identify with a name. Like you made me a member of this club. I never even heard of it. You just you sign me up for it on your own. You know, Allah says William Bina, and Allah considers this a crime. Because we are here to serve the word of Allah. We are not here to serve loyalty to our group. We're not here for that.

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And so he says, Well, I will I can imagine SOHCAHTOA Rebecca de la gente masa mala cobia Bina had a lot not declared that there is a time where these people will be punished for what they do. their decision would have been made immediately meaning they would have been executed and they would have been taken to Hellfire immediately. But Allah says no, I'm going to let them get away with it for a while.

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But you know, that's in the aka, what's going to happen that's in the next leg, what's gonna happen in this life. In this life, something terrifying happens. We're in Medina already full Kitab I'm in the him Luffy shacman home with him. This is why this was about our generation in the next generation. Allah says, when the first generation the earlier generation is obsessed with these kinds of disagreements, they're obsessed with these kinds of arguments, this is what they do. Then you know, what happens in the next generation. In the next generation, you have a you know, they come up and they say, Man, my, my elders and these elders in the machine and these elders in the

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these these guys that give talks, all they do is hate each other. All they do is fight each other. All they do is talk about this one's going to * this one's going to *. This one's going out. I don't even know which one's right anymore. What should I do? Who should I follow because this one says this one's wrong. This one says this one's wrong. So you know what i this religion thing is way too confusing. I don't think I want anything to do with it. Because even the people who learn it can't agree.

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So how Who am I don't even know much so I don't think this Islam thing is for me. You guys can do your fighting. I'm not into it. I'm back in a way. The Next Generation comes along and actually distances itself from the religion and thinks if the religion was such a uniting force, if this was a truth that everybody can come under the shade and how come the people

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That are more knowledgeable are the ones that fight the most. How come they're the ones that disagree the most? How come they're the ones who create the most divisions? If that's the case, then you know what there must be something wrong with the religion.

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And so the ayah says that those who inherited the book after them are in doubt about it. They are in the next generation starts doubting the deen itself. That's a punishment of Allah, for the people who create these kinds of factions and disagreements. That's, that's a punishment of Allah for those people. And then, if the word shock was enough, Luffy shock him in tangkula. There is no doubt about it. What Allah has left, you check him in who marieb and Marie was Mata MD, which means not only is the next generation confused and doubtful, they start sharing their doubts. They start posting about their doubts, they start posting about their skepticism. Why I don't pray, why I don't follow a Sam,

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why am no longer Muslim, they start saying these kinds of things. And when they see these kinds of things, their doubts spreads to others. marieb actually means a doubt that makes other people fall into doubt.

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So they, you've created a problem that's going to multiply now the fish are coming home with

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the Fisher cumin homonyms, Allah, what a terrifying conclusion for becoming obsessed with disagreements. How do we stop that from happening? The way you and I can stop that from happening is understanding something the public discourse, public learning is about the roots, the values of this theme that allows that Richard teaches in his book, that's the public teachings of this theme. That's what the platform for whether it's online, whether it's at conferences, whether it's in, you know, lectures and holebas. That's what's supposed to be talked about. But then the other, you know, branches and matters of this religion that are some more specific details. Those are for a

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classroom. Those are for a private conversation for your own learning. And it's okay if you believe in this position or that position, you study and you arrive at your conclusion. But once you arrive at your conclusion, your job is not to grab a mic and convince everybody else the conclusion I have reached is the right conclusion. I'll leave you with one quick story. Just to put this in perspective for you. I was I first came across a story by a person I consider a mentor and a teacher, a doctor Akram nadwi. And this was in the time of Khalifa Harun Rashid Rashid was the you know, the meaning of the time he was the head of state for the Muslims. And back then the head of

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State's responsibility was also to lead the people in Friday prayer. Okay, the whole book, the prayer is led by this the head of state because he's a religious figurehead too. And he had taken his you know, the abuse of he had taken him for as long as it's more alim for hedge. So he went ahead and you know, how in how do you have a teacher with you, who's gonna walk you through all the rituals, his teacher was one of the pioneering scholars of the Hanafi school of thought

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so he's you know, leading the prayer or he's about to lead the prayer it's like our prayer and he's going to lead and he realizes he doesn't he wants to get cupping done you know, cupping when you when you draw the blood. So he got that done. So now his blood and their position in the his teachers position, if you believe your will do is broken.

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So now he's in the front row at the Kaaba and he's about to lead the prayer. But officially his will do is broken. And you have to walk through 1000 rows back towards the water and because he's the head of state everybody's gonna want to say Salaam and originally he says, Can you please make law for me? And some have some requests because he's a VIP. So by the time he goes back there and causal comes all the way up. It's gonna be awesome time.

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So he stuck. Next are the abuse of Mr. Malik is there

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Mr. Malik different school of thought? And then Mr. Malik school, if you believe your will do doesn't break.

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And hold on her, she knows that. So he on purpose asked him on Monday Ks mobile, okay. I just had to, like say, Yes, of course. It's okay.

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You can lead. And he led the prayer.

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And everybody, the whole at Aqaba, everybody prayed behind Hollywood, Haruna Roshi. And as soon as the prayer was done, this the * of his students have come to us have come running to the show. You just let him pray. He didn't have bled. How could you? He said, anybody who doubts that prayer is from the average meaning the people who left Islam.

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The people, why did he say that? Why did he pray behind him? Because he understood something. When the routes are the same, this route and this route we can disagree. But this is what to the best of my understanding. This is the best of their understanding. I don't believe this to be the absolute truth. This is as far as I find the most convincing argument. The most convincing argument to me is that bleeding breaks we'll do the most convincing argument for Mr. Malik is that bleeding does not break will do. And you know what Allah knows best. So I'm going to be humble and not say

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I know the absolute truth that the I have the absolute truth. And because I make law for him, and in fact, if this is what what the leader has decided that I'm going to give benefit of the doubt, I'm not going to tell my followers, you better repeat the prayer. I'm not going to do that if you do that, then you're no longer Muslims, you left the religion or the extremists who left the religion. This is how the early people understood differences. Compare this to how we think about differences. Compare this to how easily we kick someone out of Islam. We drop someone out of Islam, you know, just because they don't pray, they don't stand the same way we do. You see somebody holding your

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hands here, you're lying.

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Somebody, somebody else is holding the hands, oh, my God, and if somebody's holding their hands like this, Oh, forget it.

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You know, that's the end of it.

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And if we do if we keep this up, and we keep this kind of discourse up, and we make that public discourse constantly, then the price will not be paid by us. The price will be paid by us in the afterlife. This world, the price will be paid by the next generation who will fall into doubt about the religion altogether. That's a guarantee from a lie in the Quran. We're in the livina autism kitanomine back to him. Luffy shocky min humulene. So come back to the fundamentals are meant to be my answer. Holloman kitabi will mentally add in avena Come come back to the set the source, I believe in what was sent down from Allah's law, from Allah His book, and I have been commanded to do

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justice between you then I'm aluna when Akuma Monaco we have already do you have yours?

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You know, la Vina Nabina calm, there's no reason to argue between you and ourselves. Allahu

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Allah is the one who will make us united and to Him, we have to go back. Let's not debate this. It's just, it's fine. You do what you do. We do what we do. We know our evidence is good enough. leave this alone. This is not this is this is only gonna create fitna there's only going to create contention. Don't make this the point of contention. And if we can stick to that in the way we teach religion, the way you teach your children prayer is going to be different from other people who teach their children prayer. Well, if they grew up thinking that those people who pray differently from them or kuffaar, or a bond and mobile, they're misguided, deviant, corrupt, and you have

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created you have done a disservice to your children. Because this is more this was it nullifies their prayers, it invalidates their prayers, if they become people of Iraq, may Allah azza wa jal mucosa people that cause unity between the hearts and not the Farooq milazzo, Jamaica is committed to the truth and committed to our values. Just last qualification that I want to mention to you. I'm entitled to my opinion. I'm entitled to be convinced of what I'm convinced I have met with other scholars, and I tell them right flat out I respect you a lot for your work. But this this thing that you said makes absolutely no sense to me. I think it's utter nonsense, but I'd love for you to

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explain it to me, but I don't do that in public. I do that in a private conversation. And when we're done doing that, we eat together and we go to each other's homes and that's okay. Because if I can have that kind of a conversation with a Christian with a Jew with an atheist, why can I have civil conversations with Muslims? Why am I not capable of that? The oma has lost its ability to show mutual respect only because of some disagreements. If the love has turned into tougher rock if the laugh is okay, but the Farooq is not me, Larissa Wouldn't that make us that people have to fork and affections barakallahu li walakum Anil Hakeem when finally we accompany it with the Kentucky

Nouman Ali Khan delves into the meaning of the following Ayah from the Qur’an:

“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided.”

Surah Ale Imran, verse 103

Our attention and focus deviate from being Muslims first to fragmenting ourselves into groups and sects. Do not be obsessed with criticizing other groups for their choice of thought regarding the Shariah, but instead focus on being obedient to Allah, earning His Happiness and being good and respectful to humanity. Otherwise, we will be heading for a Fitnah of sorts and do not make this fragmentation a point of contention amongst each other.


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