The Majority of the People of the World Worship Idols – Are they All Wrong & Misguided?

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When, you know I traveled more than 55 countries, and Quran and Hadees they prohibits the idol worship, but you go you other religion, Christianity, this one, Buddhism, and Chinese religion, Jainism, all other religions, they have idol worship, and You know, Muslim, maybe they are 15 to 20% in this world, total, percentage wise and so other people are wrong, you know, Christian, one mill, any Anglican church or Russian Orthodox or Greek Orthodox or Catholic or Protestant, you know, Chinese they have the big statue of the God. So all they are wrong? Well, that's a very good question. He's saying the Muslims approximately 15 20% Some say 25%, whatever do you say? 15% 20%.

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I've got no problem. So he's telling that Christians, they divide live worship, and I agree with you.

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He says that Buddhism, great big statue, what do you think they're wrong? Brother? The majority doesn't win in Islam. And Islam, the truth prevails. The majority people a couple of 100 years ago said the world was flat majority. We know that. majority of the people few 100 years back said The World Is Flat is the world flat with a marriage.

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So majority people can be wrong. In Islam. Allah says in the Quran in Surah Surah chapter number 17 verse number 81. But who is john Martin? In the law Tila conasauga say the truth arrived and false would perish for false hood is parts which are bound to perish therefore in Islam majority never wins. If you go to America, in America, pornography is legalized. We will even know so many. No, no. Do you believe in warning everyone? We know very good, very good human being. I congratulate you. But the majority people in western world believe in pornography. So will you believe in pornography? Will you see pornography?

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worldwide one See, you are close to the truth. So majority never wins. As far as you think in Christianity, idol worship is there in Christianity. It is not the Christian do idol worship, like some Muslim do wrong things. If you read the Christian Bible which you have read the Christian Bible, I'm sure. It's mentioned in the Bible. In the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number five.

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Verse number seven, eight and nine. Thou shall not have any graven image of me, Almighty God. He's telling in the Old Testament, thou shall have no graven image of me of anything of any likeness in the heaven above, in the beneath and the water beneath the earth, Thou shalt not serve them no bar on to them for I die God the Lord is a jealous God. Same missus repeated in the book of Exodus

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chapter number 20, verse number 305, that thou shall have no graven image of me of anything of any likeness, in them and above, in the beneath, in the water beneath the earth, Thou shalt not bow down to them, not serve them, for I die, God, the Lord is a jealous God. So according to Old Testament, idol worship is privated

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and Jesus caspio, who said, it's mentioned the Gospel of Matthew, chapter number five was number 7020. Think not that I have come to destroy the law the prophets have come not to destroy but to fulfill. Whosoever shall be one of the least commandments.

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And teach me to do so shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven. And whosoever shall keep the commandments shall because getting the kingdom of heaven unless your righteousness exceeds the rushes of the scribes and the Pharisees, in no way shall you enter the kingdom of heaven. That means if you want to enter the kingdom of heaven upon to jfks peace be upon him, you have to follow each and every law, the old testament of Moses, peace be upon him know making images of Almighty God yet the make why all the Christian don't make the party still don't make your knowledge of Christian is a bit less you're a student, yet.

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The Catholics they make, they make a statue that there is in the protest in the protest. What you're doing is wrong.

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So according to the Bible, you should not make images of Almighty God, I agree with you. Most of them do they do. I love worship. And I quoted earlier Nazi but the master of that God, there is no prathima there are no images. There are no sculptures, there are no statues, whether you do it worship,

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I am doing No. But you're not following the VEDA. Because I believe in all religion, all that we all the better. God knows because you know, God knows this all religion, whether if you're believing in all the religions, that means irrespective whether you're following other religion or not, you are not following Hinduism, brother. You're not calling him but I'm telling you, God is sleeping now. He knows everything he created all the end everyone, so he knows every religion has their own place.

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Like Islam, brother, let's ask one question at a time. There's a big queue there. I will answer your next question. After that go beyond the queue. You are most welcome to ask your friend, you are the is God sleeping? I like is this answer in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was number 255. Allah says, Allah Allah Allah Hi, Eureka, you, la una de wanna know that Allah is eternal, absolute, he says subsisting he does not require to sleep.

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No slumber can see them not required. You and I are required to sleep. You and I require rest. God is not required to sleep. Allah clearly says in the Quran, if he wanted, he could have made each and every human being except Islam, submit to the will. If you want it very easy, just confirm cool, but this is a test for thereafter. God is testing you. God is testing me. If God wants, he can easily make you known to idol worship, but there is a test. The test is God has given you the rules. Now, do you follow the rule or not? You say if you follow all the religions, you're not following Hinduism, you're not following Islam. You're not following Christianity. You're following Sikhism,

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you're not following Buddhism. Buddhism caught me any reference from dhammapada. From any Buddhist scripture, the Buddha said make a statue of me He never said that.

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When he say that,

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tomorrow suppose tomorrow, if any Muslim makes a statue of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. If he makes a statue and call the Muslim, I say is wrong. The Prophet never said a mega statue of him. For just because someone diverts under the wrong thing, were they the minority majority that does not become the

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Buddha never said make a statue of him someone is against the Buddhist sculptures. They're helping the Buddhists follow the religion.

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For just because they made a big statue of Buddha, that does not mean the following Buddha. Therefore I said if you want to understand religion, don't look at followers. resumes Don't look at me. Look at the scriptures. Look at the Quran. read the Quran, read the VEDA, at least what is common follow what does not come in. Keep it aside. If you say you follow all the religions, you're not following Hinduism. You're not following Christianity. You're not following Islam. Leave aside all I am requesting you at least follow what is coming. What is not coming you can discuss later on you are not even following what is common leave aside following all the religions for the day you

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stopped doing idol worship. Then I can read these the following one major part of all the religions the day you believe in Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him at the last messenger then I can say you're following the two major pillars and most of the major religions answer the question