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The speaker discusses the use of words in communication, including the use of words to

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ceremony consola

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you know hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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Allah Buddha is that he will General

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has granted miracles to all of the prophets.

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And we know that the greatest of all prophets happen to be hematol Allahu Allah, he was sitting there. And naturally the greatest miracle that Allah Subhana Allah granted to mankind three Prophet was, in fact, the miracle of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now each miracle happened to have a certain tool that allows you to know what Allah used to granted. So for the Prophet Ibrahim, Allah Subhana, Allah Allah told us, that he said to the fire become coolness for the Prophet Ibrahim. So it happened to be the fire that Allah subhana wa Taala rendered miraculous for Moosa, it happened to be the stuff and other things as well. Now for the Prophet sallallahu, he

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was sending them the miracle that Allah is a theologian I granted him, he is the greatest of all prophets. Naturally, he necessitates the greatest of all miracles, and this miracle has to outlive the test of time, because the profits in the long run he was synonyms miracle should be acting as a miracle throughout time. So what would be the tool that the Prophet Allah azza wa jal would use to give him something which happens to be miraculous?

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Allah gave him the Koran,

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a miracle, which became miraculous because of words.

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And actually, because words happen to be one of the most powerful tools that is known to man. Words is what changes the lives of people for the better or for the worse. Words,

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is exactly what politicians use to change the minds of people. Words is exactly what preachers used to bring people closer to their message. Words is what we use if we are trying to get married. Words is what we use if we're trying to get divorced. Every single thing that happens within this world, in fact, the world itself, as a law tells us, is but a word, Allah Subhana, Allah said, Be and it all became. So every single thing within this world happens to be a product of a word. So this is my dear brother, my dear sister, the power of words. The people who are the most powerful of people within this world, are the ones who are most commanding of their words, who are most able to use

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these words in the most accurate and correct way, who know when to say and what to say, who know where to say, and who to say it to the people who happen to have command of language and of words, these are the people who have lots of trouble with Allah, Grant Dominion to these are the people who have win the hearts of others as well. You see, one day, a man by the name of up ignore,

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will happen to be from the earliest of generations. He was a very famous scholar from the Fabien he was a man who even a boss used to praise the person who was known as the subject matter for the person who interprets the Quran. I thought even though the Yoruba was a man who was of great righteousness, he was a great piety. He was a great conduct. He was known to be the Mufti of Mecca. During the time of Hajj, people would call out in a caller would say, No one shall give fatwah in Mecca except for APA, because I thought was the Mufti of a hedge. APA, was sitting, can another man by the name of fun came up to him. He said, Oh, I thought I see all of the people of all sorts, they

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come up to you, and they sit before you, and they learn from you. And there is no problem that anyone has, with what you have to say. It's very hard, by the way, for one man to have the hearts of so many people, no matter who the person may be, preacher, scholar, politician, any person of public status. Normally there are people who like him. And normally there are also people who dislike him. So this man thought, he said that you are about happened to be different because people from

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all sorts of desires and all sorts of ideas. They walk up to you and they want to gain knowledge from you and they want to ask you, I am a man, however, I had a very harsh tongue. Okay, so he admitted his fault. And we should all be willing to admit our faults. That's the first step to correction. He said, I am a man who was very harsh with my tongue. So I thought stopped him right there. And he said,

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Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't become harsh with your tongue or why so he said because Allah subhanho wa Taala said it in the forearm ulid nasty

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SNA say to the people good words, say to the people polite words, kind words and this is a commandment for all people because Allah use the why will Gemma use the wow of plurality? So it's a commandment to every single person. And it is a commandment for every single person to conduct himself with every other person as well. That's why he said Lina, so I thought I said to him, he said, that Allah is talking over here about the Jews and the Christian meaning we should be polite and kind even with the Jews and the Christian. How about the person who happens to be Muslim?

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He's saying this joke on half, that a lot is telling us to be kept dying to every single person when it comes to our words. My dear brothers and sisters, words are powerful. You can make the lives of people through words when you meet a person, he has an awful day. You say a couple of words, the person may walk away, having a beautiful day, you have a person who has had the best day of his life. If you meet someone who gives them a few bad words, he'll walk away and the Hagia evil miserable. And a sorrowful day, use your words charitably. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, I'll tell him to go to further a good word happens to be soda, just as a

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good word is great. The profits I'll send them also told us in a Hadith, he said that we're in the module Allah tala movie Kalimantan. Yeah, we have in it Sabrina halifa. A man would speak with one word, a single word, you may say something wrong, one word, and because of which he will fall within the pits of hellfire. 70 years after the loss of Hannah with Allah to grant us the ability to have polite words Allahumma amin, ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us refuge in Him from every evil word that we bring to other people or that which other people bring to us Aloma I mean, what's Allahu Allah say Ed Nam Hammadi early you have to be me.