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In this video, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi elucidates in immense detail the genealogy of the Prophet ﷺ, the incident of the discovery of Zamzam and the Year of the Elephant.

As many as 20 generations can be traced back in the name of our Prophet Muhammad bin  Abdullah bin Abdul-Muttalib bin Hashim bin Abd Manaf bin Qusai bin Kilab bin Murah bin Ka’ab bin Lu’ay bin Ghalib bin Fihr bin Malik bin An-Nadr bin Kinanah bin Khuzaimah bin Mudrikah bin Ilyas bin Mudar bin Nizar bin Ma’ad bin Adnan. Nobody had a more noble and prestigious lineage than our Prophet ﷺ.

Details are divulged of the various generations and special names are highlighted to understand the essence of these names.

The three important events that transpired in the lifetime of Abdul Muttalib are next in the line of discussion. Also, his family is mentioned by way of the names of his children.

The story of the lineage of the Prophet ﷺ proves without  an iota of doubt that something momentous was to follow and every person in the lineage of the Prophet ﷺ provides momentous value whether it is economic or political or monumental discoveries.

A hidden symbolism is also made to ponder on with the protection of the Ka’bah in the context of the story of the year of the elephant and how in all retrospection it was the Prophet ﷺ that Allah was protecting who was inside the Ka’bah in the womb of his mother Amina RA.

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Today will be, as we said a rehash of one of the first episodes of the Sierra. And that is the genealogy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And we began by talking about really the entire Arab race, because this is how the books have zero begin, who exactly are the Arabs, and there are many theories. And the fact of the matter is that there is nothing that is quote, unquote, scientific. These are all legends that the Arabs have basically transferred down, generation to generation and this is the standard narrative.

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The standard narrative goes that the errors committed can be divided into two broad categories. The first of them are the extinct Arabs allowable by either they're gone, the extinct Arabs, and these are also called the ancient Arabs. And these were the earliest civilizations known in the land of Arabia, the earliest human civilizations known. And the Quran mentioned some of them such as, such as thermowood, and add, and there were other tribes as well. And so these civilizations they no longer exist, obviously, and their progeny according to the majority and dominant opinion and we'll come to another opinion has been completely exterminated, that Allah subhana wa, tada basically

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exterminated all of them. And these civilizations flourished five to 6000 years ago, ie from the earliest Dawn of the recorded civilization, and some of them were destroyed by Allah subhana wa tada such as odd in the mood and others were forced to evacuate or wiped out by war. So the point is, these are called the ancient Arabs, and they're simply in the textbooks of history. The second group of Arabs are called the remaining Arabs allowable back here, those who remained. So we have the extinct Arabs, the ancient then we have the remaining Arabs allowable about here, and these Arabs are divided into two categories. Okay, so these Arabs are divided into two categories. The first of

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these are the allowed arriba or if you want to be in English, the pure Arabs, the Arabs, who are pure Arabs, and the second allowable moustache Riba, the Arabs who became out of the Arabs who learned the Arabic language. So far, so clear. So you have the original out of allowable algebra. Then you have the Arabs who became out of the Arabs who took the Arabic language out of almost arriba. And there are two figures that are Legend says are the founders of each of these. These two figures are not brothers obviously they're two separate categories. The first of them allowable, Atiba, they say they are primarily they say this is passed on, or some say his son. Yeah, rube. And

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from that they say we get out of the out of those who were the descendants of Yahoo. They became out of and they say, yeah, Rob was the first who spoke the beginning of Arabic. So they say yeah, Ruby spoke the language. They called it. Yeah. And his, basically, people were called out of the from this person, he out of the son of athon and they're also called Pattani Arab. So his father's a thorn. So they say this is a thorny Arabs. And these Arabs, primarily were found in southern parts of Arabia, such as the ancient Yemeni civilizations, the ancient civilizations of Yemen, who was often baton was one of the descendants of Sam, who is Sam. Sand is the sum of North and from Sam, we

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get the English term Semite Semite. So from Sam, we get these people are Semites now, common legend biblical and even for an Quranic and even Hadith, there's a hadith that some scholars have said is authentic, some said is not authentic. There's a hadith and Timothy are processing them said, Sam is the father of the Arabs. And the office is the father of the Romans. And ham is the father of the Africans. This Hadith is intimidating. And legend. Even the Bible has the exact same thing that that that no had basically, eventually there were three sons and these three sons from them. All of the races came Sam. Yeah, fish and ham. And Sam is the father of the Semite, people. The office is the

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father of the Romans. And ham is the father of the Africans. And this is the standard biblical narrative. And it is also the standard Islamic narrative as well. Of course, modern science does not accept any of this because they have their own theories. Having said that, by the way, modern science does say that

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MIT people have a certain gene. So there is some evidence but obviously, modern science does not all this to be true. So athon is one of the Semites. And of course,

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Ibrahim is also one of the Semites. Eventually, Abraham and Pathan are both descendants of Sam, Walton and Ibrahim are not brothers or contemporaries. We don't know when on lived, but photons ancestry Ibrahim's ancestor are both

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Sam and therefore both Ibrahim and Katana are Semites.

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However, of course, the lineage of Ibrahim because in a more pure our processing came from that, in that sense, it meaning the sense of Ibrahim alayhis salam. Now, some people say that this man, Pathan was actually one of the descendants of the ancient Arabs and out of Alba either. So he wasn't just a total stranger wandering in, but rather that some ancient Arabs remained, and one of these people was on, and he flourished at a time and a place we have no idea anything really about him, other than Southern Yemen, basically, and that his children were called the pure Arabs, because his son is the founder, let's say of the Arabic language. Yeah. So yeah, he is the founder of the Arabic

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language. Now.

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As I said, we do not know when Botswana flourish By the way, a mama

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mama poverty said that Sam has two different branches, one of them goes to Ibrahim and another goes to pot on. And other people say other scholars say that Python is of the descendants of houde alayhis. Salam

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who and of course, who it also is one of the ancient out of arriba. But the point is, we don't know when he lived, and most likely photon was predating Adnan by many centuries, who is Adnan, that's the second category of Arabs, and these are the out of almost tatoeba, the Arabs who became out of Okay, so, once again, two large groups, the catani Arabs and the adnani Arabs and all the Arabs are familiar with these two big branches. These are the two mother branches. The bottom line is, are those who lived in Arabia, from the ancient times after the destruction of the first Arabs clear, very ancient times, but not from the earliest times that are out of Alba either, so that who are the

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aerobicized, Arabs, the Arabs, these Arabs are of the descendants of ismar. In

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one of the descendants of a smile, Allah knows how many generations down his name was Adnan. And Adnan. Obviously, where does his lineage come from? It goes back to Israel, the son of Abraham, and where was Abraham living in Arabia? No, where was it but on him living?

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Iraq and Sham

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Iraq and Sham and Philistine now, right, Ibrahim is from up there. So they say therefore, that these Arabs had none, basically, almost it but they acquired the Arabic language because Ibrahim was not speaking. Arabic, he was speaking ancient Semitic language, which is the mother of Hebrew and Arabic, some language that is neither Arabic nor Hebrew. It's some ancient Semitic language, however, most likely it is closer to Hebrew than it is to Arabic, most likely, this language that Ibrahim spoke is closer to ancient Hebrew than it is to Arabic. So where did Arabic come from? The authentic Arabs, okay. And so when the descendants of isma, he basically lived in the Arabian

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Peninsula, they obviously had to adopt and take in the Arabic language. Now, obviously, human psychology and sorry, human linguistics and knowledge tells us that they must have added to the language as well. Every time a civilization comes, you also add to the language so the IDE nanny Arabs and who is Adnan, one descendant is Mary, how many people between identitas Marion, we'll come to that but very simplistically, we do not know and Adnan is a direct descendant of our Prophet Mohammed Solo Solo. So our processing is an ad nine out of not a patani He is an admin he has to be adnani, because I've done is

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of the sons of Ismail alayhis salam, and our prophets of Salaam is the 20th grandchild of Adnan. So between our processes and Adnan is exactly 20 generations

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by the way for the Arabs here, so I've done one of his great great, great, great grandchildren was mobile, and his brother was. So mobile and Robbie are the two main branches of had none. footnote here, there is an entire science of classical Islam, which is one of the rarest sciences alive that to this day. And that is the science of animal and sub, the science of lineage that people literally memorize every one of these branches and trees and whatnot. And that is a science that the Arabs prided themselves on, and anybody who was knowledgeable of unsolved was considered to be

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What we would consider a well educated man, he's read all the classics. In those days. What are the classics is the unsub is the lineage lineage and genealogy. So our processing is of the descendants of Adnan one did not live. I did as much research as I could find here. There's a report from evenals khalaby. And LLB is one of the greatest odema of unsub di 204 hijiri. Very early scholar and one of the founders of the history of writing genealogy classic allowed him like even a shaman is half there's also even it's going to be even that can be said that mad the son of Adnan lived contemporaneously with Jesus Christ.

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So I've done is one generation before Jesus Christ. Now, I calculated this out actually, it's very accurate this this seems very accurate. Why? Because typically 100 years, exactly 100 years exactly is how many generations typically

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253 years Exactly. The year is 2015. Go back to 1915 in your own family, and who was flourishing at that time?

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Great Grandfather, not grandfather, great grandfather, think about it, flourishing and being at the prime where you are right now of your life. where you are right now. It's your life. This is your great grandfather, right? My great grandfather died 1918 By the way, pretty much exact 1918 he passed away relatively young, he was in his 40s and basically is exactly what I'm going to be in a few years as well, but inshallah hope I don't die in a few years. But the age is pretty much the same as shallow down. The point being that if you do the math, if you do the math, when did what was the time difference between ERISA and our Profit System quickly, everybody should know 505 170

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because our processor was born when 570. So we have exactly 570 divide 570 by 20. And you get around 3132, which is basically exactly right. How old are you when you have your son or daughter in your early 30s? Typically, right, that's the timezone typically the average right? And therefore if you do the math, so we can pretty accurately date when did Adnan live? He lived 30 BC,

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because his son Mark was contemporaneous to a 70 million clear. So I've known the founder of the adnani Arabs, is roughly contemporaneous two G's are the pre Jesus Christ, and athon we have no idea but probably a few 100 years before him because upon predates had none. How do we know this? Because it's married marries into the Jerusalemites. That is one of the branches of baton. Clear. So the pattern has to predate Edna. So with this background, the lineage of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is divided into three categories. The first category we know for sure without a shadow of a doubt without any difference of opinion between him and Adnan. This is set in stone. Everybody

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agrees? How many generations 27 Stone everybody knows everybody agrees, memorized. The second category is that we can try to glean some knowledge from pre Islamic sources but we don't have anything concrete. And this is from Atlanta is Marian from Atlanta is married. Now, we cannot have any information from the Jewish and Christian sources about this period. Why? from Atlantis, Mario, why?

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Jesus, Okay, how about the biblical sources?

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What in Canada?

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The word it's not mentioned, why is it not mentioned?

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Exactly. They don't care about us magazine niche.

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The Bible does not mention at all. It's my his lineage. By the way the Bible mentions that there's going to be the sons of Kadare, Kedah, and one of the descendants of Ishmael is Qaeda either read the Bible mentions go look it up, if I'm not mistaken, as in Genesis, from not mistaken sentences where

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it's made, as mentioned, and Allah says, I'll make a great nation out of him. And I also mentioned the sons of k k, er, and fader is one of the sons of is married and one of the ancestors of adna. So Qaeda is mentioned in the Bible. But that's about it. So where do we get this information from from Arabic folklore and Arabic folklore has not been preserved that well. So a poverty for example, mentions seven opinions about the lineage between Iran and a smile. And in one opinion, there's seven people and another eight and another nine another 10 in another 41 people,

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between Adnan and it's my in the end of the day,

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Have no idea. So big question mark? What are the names of the ancestors and how many ancestors between Adnan and it's my age? We have no idea whatsoever, even though To be frank seven does not seem enough because if you do the math is married is not living just 200 years before Jesus Christ. seven generations would be 300 years that's not enough. And it probably the 4041 seems closer to the truth. In any case, we don't know. So that's the generation or that's the Clay's case. We have no knowledge about then from Israel to Adam, we have one source. Was that source?

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the lineage of this material to Adam?

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We have a source, what is our source?

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Where do we look up a lineage from is married to Adam?

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The total, the Old Testament, can we rely on the Old Testament?

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No. So that's our only source of information. And if you look at some of the charts printed in them in the Muslim world, and we find them in our houses, you'll find a lineage of processes all the way to Adam, you see, must have seen this. It's also online and whatnot, right? This this chart is half fact, half myth and half fiction. That doesn't make sense. One third, one third, one third, okay. As for the fact it is between us and between a process and Adnan That's a fact. from Atlanta to smile, somewhat of a miss, then from is my ear to Adam, this complete, we take it from the Jewish Christian sources, we don't have anything in our tradition, about the lineage between the from is married and

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Ibrahim all the way back to the Prophet Adam, Allah His setup. And if you look at this chart and count the numbers, you will find exactly 55 generations between Adam and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And this fits in perfectly with the Jewish calendar of around 6000 years, because the Jews and the Orthodox or the fundamentalist Christians, the Orthodox Jews, and the fundamentalist Christians believe that we have been around for how many years 6000 years, and this genealogy kinda sort of fits in perfectly to that narrative. Of course, this is highly problematic in light of modern science, in light of archaeology, in light of human remains, in light of cave

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paintings. I've gone into this tangent multiple times, right here from this platform, I'm not going to go into them again. But the fact of the matter is that we can, carbon 14 dates humanity pretty clearly for 10s of 1000s of years. We have paintings in France, we have aborigine structures going back 30,000 years in the minimal 30,000 years. This is like, literally set in stone carved in stone. That's not a pun. We have carved in stone images, we have a handprint of a famous cave that was uncovered in France, the artist left his handprint on there. And it was the cave that was basically blocked off. And it was discovered a few years ago, famous in the National Geographic documentary

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about this, he left his hand printable for there, you can carbon 14 date, the cave was cut off because there was an avalanche. And it was sealed completely. Then it was discovered a few years ago, you go back, you see the remains of the fire, you see the remains of the painting the carvings, the animal show no longer exists in the world. Right? So it's a bizarre, amazing, this goes back 30,000 years, these are homosapiens These aren't some Neanderthals or some cro-magnon, these are Homo sapiens, our us the hand, even the the guy who was there literally put his hand there. And he showed this is the same size as us everything. The point being that clearly 6000 years does not make

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sense from a scientific perspective. And I've said this before, I'm not going to go into it now in a lot of detail. But we as Muslims do not have to believe the 6000 year timeline. Our tradition does not tell us to believe in 6000 year timeline, we have no problem extrapolating back 20 30,000 years as long as science tells us and if we were to do this, then we have to say that this lineage that is shown between are done and this married and between this married and Adam has to be wrong, because there must be more people cannot just be just this small lineage. And there are evidences to this as well. Mr. Maliki when unece was told about a human being in his time, who could trace his lineage

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back to Adam alayhis salaam, and Mr. Malik said, and how do you How does he know who told him this lineage? He denied this and and he said that How about to his mind and Mr. Malik said even this I doubt that it's not how would somebody know his lineage back to his smile alayhis salaam and there's also a hadith in it. Hadith regarding this and more generally Kavita with avani

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which has some slight lists in the chain, that the Prophet system heard somebody saying his lineage back to the Prophet nor in which the Prophet system when he heard this lineage, he said, katha vanness bone.

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These people who are putting this lineage have lied.

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The genealogists have lied, then he recited the verse in the Quran, sort of for one, I believe, was rownum baneasa de Kakashi era. And there were cassiel many generations between them.

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So it is as if now the Hadith is slightly weak. If we say it's authentic, for historical reasons, meaning when it comes to history, we can be a little bit laxed and accept incidents. But it's not authentic as a singer, the processor, but it makes sense to be honest. Allah says in the Quran, Waka rownum baneasa, deca kathira. There were many generations between and Allah is mentioning past generation past nations. And Allah says there were many generations between them. If Allah is saying many, in my humble opinion, this is not 10 1520

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for a lot to use the word Cassia.

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It doesn't mean in my opinion is just like, it doesn't make sense that this is just seven people between a done and a smile or 10 people between it seems to be a little bit more than this, right? And this would fit in perfectly with modern science as well, that there were many, many, many generations. And there are other evidences as well, that indicate that 6000 years doesn't make any sense whatsoever of them is the process that I'm saying, we're through on our soccer team, that I end the day of judgment have been sent like these two fingers, meaning the difference between these two fingers is how little how little is the difference? I and the Day of Judgment have been sent

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like these two fingers, meaning the Day of Judgment is right after me. Okay, so the since the beginning of man until the process of is this finger, and then the beginning of man till the Day of Judgment is this finger. So how much is the difference this little? Okay, we are now in what year of the digital Who can tell me?

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People have opinions about which year we are under the age of

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1437 1437. Now, Marshall, our young brother is right 1437. So 1437 years have gone by and we're still not here. And we don't want to be alive when this year comes. Right? So if this little amount is 1000 years, how about than the rest of the finger? Doesn't it kind of make sense to stretch it back to more than just 6000 years. And there are other evidences as well of them is the Hadith in Sahih Muslim were

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illustrations subhana wa tada created the children of Adam and Adam was there and he saw a bright light amongst his children. And he was amazed by this light. And he said Who is this? Oh Allah. And Allah said, this is your son. Tao ood

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This is your son Dawood, who shall live towards the end of times. Ah, heroes, man, hold on a second. Who is our heroes demand?

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What does that mean about us then?

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If that would who lived maybe three 4000 years before us, right? law knows how many if that would? Or sorry, not three 4000. but less than that. But still, if that would is accurate, man. Where does that leave between him, Adam and doubled how many generations? If we were to go according to the biblical or the 6000 year period, that would would not be acid, that would would be a little bit after half.

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Right? So for a lot to say this is your son that would who will be fee as it is a man. So why am I saying this, by the way? Because, in my humble opinion, the evidences are very clear for me. But these are not certain evidences. They're not either one, that the 6000 year timeline is not Islamic. And this is one of those things that people bring doubts about Islam, look at your 6000 years. You don't you know, you don't believe in evolution, for example, what not, and I have given entire lectures about that, not the time here to get into it. We're not restricted to 6000 years, we can extrapolate Mashallah to particle as long as science tells us to, because we don't have any

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timeframe. And perhaps these evidences seem to suggest that there were plenty of there were plenty of generations between our processes and Adam, for you. With that. Now, let us get to the actual lineage of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is Mohammed ibn Abdullah Ibn Abdul methodic, Eben Hashem had been Adam enough to say, even Caleb had been more raw, even alias even more, even call him even. Even Malik. Even another hibben kwinana even hoceima even modelica even alias even madora even izhar even mad even Adnan This is the exact 20 Okay, that is his lineage as has been agreed upon. These are exact 20 and we do not have

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much information about all of these 20. However, we do have a little tidbits here and there about some of them. And in particular, our process that I mentioned, some of them in his ancestry, this hadith is insane Muslim. And so let's look at this hadith and we definitely have to analyze the people that he mentioned, that are process that have said in the law stafa kena. netta, meanwhile, is married. A lot chose Kenan from all of the descendants of his married was tough Operation minkee Nana, and he chose Quraysh from Kenan was for farming operation bunny Hashem, and he chose W. Harsha from the kurush was the funny min bunny Hashem and he chose me from the Banu Hashim. So we believe

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that the lineage of our Prophet system is the best and the most noble lineage ever, that nobody had a more noble lineage. And this was very important, especially for the Arabs of his time, because for them, everything depended upon lineage, everything, his status, his nobility, the any cause he was fighting for everything depended upon his lineage. So our Prophet system was chosen to be of the best lineage and this is narrated by the Sahaba themselves, when Jaffa near the party was speaking to the new joshy So what did he tell them in a joshy? And I've gone over the story before as well. So Allah sent a messenger to us we knew his lineage out of Nana Saba who and when and Mohit I've

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been assured of a stood in front of Yes, the job the last emperor of Persia. What did he tell us there? The last emperor he told him about Allahu Elena Rajan ma rufen nadie una Sabu NASA who was 94 which one Molitor who, for algebra, hydro albina Sabu hydro has there been a way to album Oh boo Tina wakatobi led to who? Hiroo acaba, Elena wahoo happiness he can Ohio kind of a Runa so in this Hadith, he's basically saying, Allah sent us a man, we know his lineage and we know where he came from. And his land is the best of land and his lineage is the best of lineage and his house meaning his, his immediate Kabila is the best house, and his tribe is the best tribe, and he himself is the

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best of us. So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has the best and the highest lineage now, pause here for a quick second one of my quick tangents here. There is a lot of misconception amongst our Muslim Ummah, about the concept of shut off of lineage of nobility of lineage. And people really get confused and messed up. Because I guess we have not done the job of explaining properly we meaning the scholars and students of knowledge have not done the job of explaining this properly enough. Listen, doesn't matter who your father was a law xojo will not cause you to enter gender or gender based upon your father. That's clear. Your lineage is irrelevant when you stand in front of a

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law on the day of judgment that much is clear what our family out to be another archenemy. And whether they appeal to us whether they're out of Allah, Allah Jamila taqwa there's no problem about this. But this does not mean that NASA and shut off and has said is irrelevant to a person stature in this world. Rather, the world universally acknowledges lineage as something to be acceptably proud of if it is done within a reasonable amount. If it's taken to an extreme, then it becomes Fokker and it becomes haraam. But there's nothing wrong with taking some amount of happiness and mobility and status confers this nobility upon people. So even in America, which is one of the

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places where lineage has almost completely been destroyed. Because America by and large, is a land of immigrants, even unlike Europe, where lineage still carries some weight. Even in America, if your last name happens to be Kennedy, or Rockefeller, you're going to go places, and doors will open up for you. Whether you like it or not, this is the reality of the world that we live in. Right? It doesn't matter if you're the most ignorant, uneducated person, if your last name is Bush, you might end up winning with us, I'll go there. But the point being, that it doesn't matter. You know, this is the reality of the world we live in that parents, grandparents, tribes, they do establish some

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type of respectability and precedent. And there's nothing wrong with accepting this as long as it doesn't become a racism or a mark of pride. And what did we expect Allah azza wa jal to choose our process and accept the best lineage in the history of mankind, the best lineage in the history of mankind, and this goes back to the shut off or the honor given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is why that is why and this is a very controversial point that many Muslims balk at when they hear but this is something that is very clear in the Sunni tradition, at least

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that the tribe of the prophets or some kurush has

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Certain blessings and the LL beta have certain privileges. We believe this as soon as even though we say the Shia have gone to an extreme, we assume these confer privilege on the island bait is that not the case? Even though we say the lol bait will not enter agenda if they're not righteous? A person who is not righteous of the children are the process and that's not going to cause them tend to agenda but in this world, do we not respect them or do we not prevent the cat because the cat is not appropriate for them. We don't give them as a cat because the cat is not given to it's not it's it's it's demeaning to give Zakat to the note the children of the profit, the little bit of the

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profit of the lower cylinder and we have other accounts as well. So the righteous amongst them have a double reward and a double respect and the unrighteous amongst them, their lineage is not going to cause them to enter gender. So the LL bait and the Qureshi as well are processing them said immature men koresh the leaders of my oma should always be from the courage This is a heady and that is why for the bulk of this oma the buses and the omegas and the bulk of the up until the 1500s. See, basically for you know, 1000 something years, our whole of our from the courage and the the whole of our rashidun and debate, Abdullah bin is obeyed. And then the Obama years and then they are buses,

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they're all from the college. And that's a majority of the Sunni world basically accepted this reality. The point being that our Prophet system was from the best of all lineages, so he said that from the children never smile Allah chose who,

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who for the children this Mariela chose Kenan. Okay, before we jump to Kiana let us talk one sentence about Moodle. Moodle is one of the ancestors as well of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It is said that Moodle was the first of the Arabs to train camels and to use them in a way that they can basically traveled in caravans and he would also have camel poetry. What is camel poetry? So it's like what you say to the camel to get it to go. So to train the camel to go faster and slower and to do that. So it is said that Maduro is the first person to do that. As for Kiana Canada.

00:32:16--> 00:32:59

The name means that the pouch that you put the arrows in this is what cananda means the nether and that's not his actual name, he is called kwinana. Why was he called Katana because he was known for his bravery. He was known as being a repository of freedom, of wisdom of, of knowledge. It is said in the books of history, that people would do Hajj in order to meet with Kenan of Hajj Of course, since the time of his married, so kwinana to meet Kiana became an honor and people would have a double Neo and doing Hajj. That not just to come for the Mk under under Hajj, but to also meet Katana people would literally travel Canada lived a very long life and he was a repository of

00:32:59--> 00:33:21

knowledge of wisdom. And he has certain sayings still recorded in classical Arabic about wisdoms and method method, parables or statements of concise wisdom. These are recorded from Kenan so Canada was a legendary Arab up until the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Then he said, and from kena, he chose

00:33:23--> 00:33:36

coresh from Kenan he chose courage, okay, I just quoted you the lineage of the process of there is no man called correlation there. There's no man called Porsche, who is courage, lots of opinions. And it appears that

00:33:37--> 00:33:49

the there are three people who can be called Porsche, and some scholars have said there's the big Porsche, the middle Corporation, the small Porsche a correlation Akbar correlation is such an operation.

00:33:50--> 00:34:05

So, three people have this title, but two of them are the real contenders. And that is, number one is failure. And number two is another failure and another going back to the lineage, Mohammed Abdullah have now been more productive. Now, she will

00:34:06--> 00:34:12

not have the manifesto saved, he cannot have an immortal even a cabinet even in law, why do I even call it a bin failure? So, number

00:34:14--> 00:34:14


00:34:16--> 00:34:59

11, a 12 number 12 fit, fit, even model even another or number 14. So either 12 or 14 one of these two is aurash. One of these two is correct. And they say that another is the big rush and failure is the middle of kurush. And also a who has five generations is the minor kurush. So three people had a founding role in the tribe of courage, but the actual descendants of Cora ish, sorry, the actual tribes of kurush all of them combined at fear and fear. It is the 12th

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

12th so the stronger opinion the one person who combines all the tribes of production one simple fact here. That's

00:35:09--> 00:35:12

the 10, who were promised Jenna. We're all kurachi.

00:35:13--> 00:35:52

They're all quarter sheet. Who is the one ancestor the closest ancestor is fed the 10 people who were promised Jenna, Asha MOBA, Sharon, if you go back to their lineage, you keep on going, going going. It's actually fed where they all combine. So the 10 people combined for help. So therefore, it seems to be figured is the person who is Porush and all of the tribes, of course, how many tribes of Quraysh were there at the time of the process of them? Probably around 12, or 13 sub tribes. So you have the blue Harsha, the blue hora, the buruma, zoom, all of these tribes we've kind of talked about here and there who may or may not have the shrimp, these types, they're basically around 12 or

00:35:52--> 00:36:07

so tribes. And they all go back to fair. So kurush? What does it mean, therefore? This is a lack of a nice name. It's not is it's a title, not a name? What does Porsche mean? A number of opinions once again, one opinion is that

00:36:09--> 00:36:52

courage comes from the term to trade. Because the chorus we were involved in trading, another opinion is that ratio crucial comes from gathering together. Because the aurash, we're in different areas, and one of their ancestors combined them and moko will come to the store very briefly. And a third opinion, which is narrated in a property that orange comes from conquering, because there is a story, a long story where one of the kurush basically conquered or you know, long story, and then they say, this is why he's called courage that courage will conquer other tribes, whatever the point, whatever the meaning is, this was the laptop that stuck with fear. And so the descendants of

00:36:52--> 00:37:29

fear are called oroshi. And therefore, all of the tribes of orange go back to failure who is 12 ancestors back from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So now let us begin very quickly about the immediate ancestors of the prophets, Allah sent him whom we know a little bit more about beginning with Jose, and then abdominus, and then Hashem and then abdon won't let him that will be our rest of the article for today, what we know about these people, and then we'll stop before the birth of Abdullah Ahmed and the story we already have that inshallah so we'll go, you can go back to that online, it's already been done. So today we'll just finish up with a story of, we'll say,

00:37:29--> 00:38:15

abdomen of Hashem and Abdulmutallab. And as for the marriage of Abdullah nomina that's already been recorded and done. We'll see how many generations I want everybody to memorize at least up to say, at least up to foresight. So come with me Come with me. Number one, Mohammed ibn Abdullah hibben have the mo palate Eben Hashem, Eben abdominus, even Jose came memorize this at least this much everybody should know. Okay. So Jose is the star of the courage. That's why he's called the minor courage he did. He really started the immediate ascent of the crush, so that when the process of them came the courage or at the pinnacle of their power, okay, so Jose is the one who began. And

00:38:15--> 00:39:04

then five generations later the process of them comes. And of course, he then takes it to an international level. So what did he do? And when did he live? Was I lived around 400 ce, around 400 ce, ie 170 years before the birth of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So what did I do many things, the most important thing he did, he wrestled back the power of the political city of Makkah into the descendants of the kurush. Well, who was in Makkah at the time, there was another tribe of the descendants of Adnan but not of the descendants of fair or not a quarter sheet. And this was the tribe of Hosea. So who are the Hosea? They are another smiley is not what I say smiley, I don't mean

00:39:04--> 00:39:52

that is smiley. is Mary the meaning of the descendants of his married right, another branch, not the descendants of Pharaoh koresh. The Hosea or another branch of the descendants of is married. And the Hosea I had taken over the city of Makkah, who did they take it over from from the ancient Arabs that is married had married into and that is what it is made marry into Durham, Durham. So it's my marriage to Durham Durham stayed for a while, they began doing bad things over taxing the people. So the Hosea overthrew them and kicked out everybody, including failures, descendants, ie the original koresh. So where were they living? They were living in small encampments in small dwellings outside

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

of Mecca, ie not in the city of Makkah, but traveling distance from Mecca. So also a close

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

In a long story mentioned by even his hop

00:40:05--> 00:40:16

managed to win over the tribal cozaar, the chieftain of the tribe, how did he do so, by a very smart tactical move, he married his daughter.

00:40:18--> 00:40:32

So the chieftain of Hosea, he had sons, he had daughters. So I managed to marry one of his daughters. And he then demonstrated his skills over and above the sons even of the chieftain of Hosea.

00:40:33--> 00:40:41

And therefore, when the father died, now he's in the family, he's a son in law. The people wanted Jose over the sons.

00:40:43--> 00:41:28

And because of this, he managed to actually go to war with the other tribes. And he called in the descendants of fair, ie the other kurashiki tribes. And this is now the gathering. Some people say this is what correlations called correct. Some people say this, he gathered together, the tribes have been unfair. And he fought the tribes of Hosea. And of course, they're very distant cousins, obviously very distant cousins. But he fought them and he expelled them. So he took over maca. So the great great grandfather, six generations back was the great, great, great grandfather of the process, Adam reclaimed maca for the Cornish or I should say claimed it because before the time

00:41:28--> 00:42:09

until the time was mag, there was no so Quraysh When did they start the rise to power? And the time? Of course, right. Now, what else do people say do or say was the one who built the doubt or najwa, which was the parliament, he was the one who instituted this concept of everybody come and voice your opinion, then he built the structure that the process on himself, exact same area, I'm sure it was not the same building, but the same area of doubt and najwa. We have mentioned the de novo so many times, who was the one who built it, it was pulsate, he also took custody of the Kava, and he assigned responsibilities that trickle down the responsibility of water, the responsibility of

00:42:09--> 00:42:50

hospitality, the responsibility of of the air for guests the responsibility, the keys of the cabin, he was the one who made a list of responsibilities. And when he was alive, he had it all. Then amongst his sons, it was distributed until the days have been too harsh and where each tribe had a certain responsibility. And as we know, even at the time of the process of them, one of the tribes that had the key one had this one had that so this, all of these responsibilities, or say was the one who began it. And this also indicates that Jose was the one who began the institution of taking care of the project, so that a judge would get free food and water. That wasn't there before. Now

00:42:50--> 00:42:57

this is frankly, he's probably a good guy. I'm a no but nobody's denying that he is also a good politician. Because to be a good politician, what must you do?

00:42:59--> 00:43:39

So make the people happy. There's nothing wrong with being a good guy and a good politician. I know. It's rare. But that's so close. I was one of those people that he wants to please the people, and he's a good person, hospitable person. And therefore, He instituted the entire concept of free hospitality for the judge when they come, they are our guests. And every Haji would stand and do a fundraiser. And he would say, oh, people have Porush. Allah has given you the blessings of taking care of the his house, and the people are coming. And these pilgrims, our guests have a lot and they deserve our hospitality. So they will donate money and food and water. And he would then provide for

00:43:39--> 00:44:23

the for the judge. And also Jose would facilitate the actual hedge rights as well. He would like to fire for the Hajaj in was that if they could then use that fire to take their own, you know, to the local tents. He dug a well, to provide water for the Hajaj. And this water was needed because we've all done this before. But I'll just reiterate. There was no Zamzam in the time of full sight. Why was there no Zamzam in the time of Jose go back 1000 years or however many years that we talked about cozaar taking over from Georgia home. So when Hosea attacked mcca we're talking Allah knows how many genders centuries ago we don't know when this happened.

00:44:24--> 00:44:38

This is probably we're going back a little bit after the time of Jesus Christ. I mean, this is like 400 years before the process and we don't know roughly when when Hosea attacked your home and your home realized they're going to lose. They did a very dastardly deed.

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

they bury the well of Zamzam. They destroyed it and they buried it. And no matter how much was that I tried and they tried and tried and tried and tried. They could not find the well they just keep on digging and nothing is happening. They could not find the will of course Allah will they will not find it. So for over 300 years, at least

00:45:01--> 00:45:38

The people of Makkah were forced to get water from other sources. Now they cannot leave this is the house of a lot. They're also accustomed to living there. Once you become accustomed to living, then you bear with it right. So they cannot leave. So they had to dig wells far away and bring the water in, they would have mountain collecting, what ways to do that. So they they had a very tough time, but they eat out in existence without without water. And of course, they also have the things that he did. He was buried at June and June is the famous graveyard of Makkah. He was the first person to be buried over there. And to this day, her June is really one of the most famous graveyards of

00:45:38--> 00:46:24

Makkah. He was the first brand he's still buried there. To this day, his son optim enough, his actual name was was more zero and minus means that which is raised so they would give other names to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Adam enough was known for his handsomeness and his his leadership skills. He became famous even in the lifetime of IBM enough was handed many responsibilities and he was beloved to the people. His son Hashem is of course where we get bundle Hashem from, and Hashem is not his name. It is his title. his actual name is Amara, his name is Ahmad. And Hashem comes from hashomer, which means to grind, because he would grind the barley and pray and present food to the

00:46:24--> 00:47:10

pilgrims. So his name was Allah. And he was called Hashem because of his generosity. And it is said that Hashem never ever ate food alone, that if he was ever eating food, he would just call anybody to eat with him to show his generosity, he was never a person to eat, alone. And Hashem did perhaps the most important thing to raise the economic level of the courage. So his grandfather per se, raise the political level of courage by capturing maca. Harsha was the one who began the economic, if you like, raising of the horizon, and that is He instituted the letter, she thought it was safe. He was the one who thought of the idea. One particular year there was a very severe drought.

00:47:12--> 00:47:13


00:47:14--> 00:47:52

people were dying. And quite literally a man would take his family and build a a grave in the middle of just because there nobody else is going to build a grave and just wait for death to come because there was no food. And Hashem just thought this is just too much something has to be done. And he came across the idea that why don't we Institute two journeys, one in the summer and one in the winter. So in the summer, we go down to Yemen, and it was sorry, and we go, we go up to Rome, and in the winter, we go down to to Yemen, they had a shooter, he was safe. And they would go to

00:47:54--> 00:48:40

the city of Basra, Basra, we talked about this and it is still the remnants of that city are still, to this day, visible, the very city of Basra, which is outside of Damascus by 80 kilometers or so that the karate Sham began going up there and down to Yemen. And this really was a stroke of genius that of course Allah blessed him with and there have been entire books and articles written in the English literature by non Muslims about this, this this reality because it truly is, I mean, all of us who are doing business here, business is all about location, location, location, right? Where is your business? And what is it catering to location? And he came across the very simple idea that

00:48:40--> 00:49:20

everybody's coming to us. In hedge. Why don't we give them stuff that we have? The market is all here in front of us. The people are there. Why don't we sell them the merchandise they'll need? Where do we get the merchandise from? Well, we got to get connected to the world trade routes. What are the world trade routes? Well, you want Indian stuff and African stuff? Well then you go to Yemen and in Yemen you will have the ships from India coming Indian spice Indian this you'll have African stuff coming in to Yemen. So we'll go to Yemen to get the Indian and African stuff. And we'll go up north and to get the Roman and Persian goods because there is the Silk Route right. The Silk Road

00:49:21--> 00:49:59

ended I shouldn't say ended it it went through Damascus and Basra. So boser was on the road of the on the on the on the Silk Road. So the Silk Road, as we all know, is the most famous road of caravans, so he just hooked up to the Silk Road. Right? And he made a lifeline all the way down to Yemen and smack in the middle is maca. Right? So McCabe came on the grid is connected now to the lifeline. And so Hashem became extremely wealthy. That's why he could feed the people. That's what he could known as Hashem. He became extremely wealthy because he fed all of the pilgrims because he was the one who is

00:50:00--> 00:50:25

instituted relative sheeta it was safe. And Allah mentions to the kurush I blessed you with this, the whole surah is revealed. Lee Laffy Porush, either for him a cheetah he was slave for Yabu rob the huddle bait a lady, a majority woman, woman hope I am the one who gave you the money so that you're no longer hungry so that you're no longer fearful. I gave you the protection of the Kava, it is also said that Hashem

00:50:26--> 00:50:33

understood that because he's from the Quran. And because they are the neighbors of Makkah, nobody would harm them.

00:50:35--> 00:51:15

And so he took advantage of the fact that in a lawless society, him being from Korea, and Makkah actually gave him protection. Nobody robbed the caravan because you can't possibly rob the caravan going to Makkah Can you write even the pagans felt a little bit of like, these people are too holy for us. So Allah says, Lee, love your courage, this honor this sanctity, this custom, Who gave it to you. And it is also said that he struck a deal with the kings of Rome and and Yemen, that to basically, you know, protect them when they're in their lands and to give good deals. So basically, he's a businessman, and he struggled and of course, Allah bless him with this. Because again, look,

00:51:15--> 00:51:51

per se did the politics Hashem did the wealth, and then abdomen, did the prestige and the the sums of all of this every one of the ancestors of the process of change the course of the history, and of course, is building up because what is prestige of lineage other than what your ancestors have done, right? Why a record Rockefeller and Kennedy famous because of what people have done one, one generation after the other, if they didn't do it, they wouldn't be Rockefellers and Kennedys. Right? They just be like Tom, Dick and Harry after that, right? So how is the prestige or the lineage built, it's what the ancestors do. And in the case of our processing, each and every ancestor is

00:51:51--> 00:52:37

doing something that is absolutely amazing. And Hashem was extremely wealthy. And he was also very generous. And of course, this wealth, it created jealousy, especially amongst his brother, our chumps and his nephew, omega omega, open up the shops. And this rivalry between the bundle omega and the bundle Hashem would continue up until Islam and post Islam with the ibises and the Omega as well, that rivalry was established in his time. And Hashem married a number of women, actually, almost all of these, of course, to marry multiple women was the norm. And in fact, almost all of the answers through the process have had multiple wives. Hashem also married multiple women, one of his

00:52:37--> 00:53:11

wives, and the great grandmother of the process of them was from yesterday. And this was without a doubt, something that a lot as a widget, of course, had planned. Why would a person from MK marry somebody from yesterday, so that three generations from them, the processor would have distant third cousins, amongst the onslaught of what you put inside each one of them? Right? So he would have distant cousins from the unsought so Hashim married from yesterday, and he died on a trading trip to the zoo. Our facility brothers know this very well. And there is a much to to this day called

00:53:13--> 00:53:59

must you to say you're the Hashem obviously, and that is why Russia is sometimes also called closer to Hashem See, to this day, it is because of the famous was the famous was Gaza. Hashem is buried there, has Hashem is buried there. And the city is called the house of Hashem. To this day, it was there to Hashem, and as much it is over there. So he died far, far away, and his son, then, because his father had died, his mother took his most important son to her hometown of yesterday. And so the Prophet systems grandfather was raised in the very city he would migrate to, and this is of course, without a doubt allas other a loss plan. Otherwise really, yesterday when maccha don't have those

00:53:59--> 00:54:03

strong types, and of course the processes grandfather, what's his name?

00:54:04--> 00:54:28

Abdulmutallab, but it's not his name. His name is shea butter hemd shea butter unhemmed shaybah is whitish hair that old people have I'm getting it right now. Mashallah. devata cola. Okay, I'm beginning my shaver right now. shaybah is the white tissue some of you martial law? My shoulders about a cola right? I'm not at that level yet. Others of you are hiding in martial arts about a girl as well. Okay. And others of you don't have to worry about anything.

00:54:31--> 00:54:59

You're the smartest ones Mashallah. So shaybah is the whitish hair that you have when you're old. And of course, some people some kids are born or some kids are just born. So he was born with a whitish streak. So they said this is the shape of praise shea butter. So they called him shea butter. And this was his name shea butter. He grew up in yesterday because his father had passed away. And when and his mother actually didn't even tell him

00:55:00--> 00:55:00

His his,

00:55:02--> 00:55:41

his uncle's that she was pregnant because she was worried that the child will be taken away. So when she was pregnant, her husband died, she went back to yesterday. And then the child is born there. Now she's happy. Let's say because you know, in those days, child custody goes to the stronger and coronations the stronger. So she went back she lived a quiet life. One day it is said that the uncle of shea butter, and his name is mo polyp. His name is mo Padilla, the uncle was visiting yesterday, and he saw shea butter hemp. And he said, This is my blood. Now, it's very true actually, that in those days, and even now, they had this gift of recognize this is not yet rebuy, this is not an

00:55:41--> 00:56:20

unzip. This is a quarter sheet, they found out turns out Oh, this is the woman that my brother married. So he realized this is my nephew. And so he concocted a plot long story. And he basically literally abducted the child, like their relatives would not have let him go. And he coaxed the child that your ancestors, your ancestor and so so you have a great lineage. You will you will, you know, you will reclaim Reclaim Your Honor. Some say that even the mother was convinced others even the mother did not know. But definitely the uncles did not know many of the uncles in yesterday, and he took the child and dashed away on the camel, and he rushed back to Makkah. And when the people

00:56:20--> 00:56:30

saw him with a young lad, they assumed the young lad was a new slave he had purchased. So that is why they called him Oh, this is methodical has an Abba Abdulmutallab.

00:56:31--> 00:57:11

Metallic is his uncle Matata is his uncle and the name stuck. And therefore he is called Abdulmutallab and Abdulmutallab initially had a bit of a struggle with some of his uncles and cousins because his father had died, and his uncle's had taken the lion's share of the wealth. But Abdul Matata proved himself with his own uncles, and inherited his father's share of the grandfather's wealth, and managed to carve out for himself an entire legacy. And we're going to just quickly gloss over the story of ultimate budget, even though it is very important. But this is a story that has been told and retold so many times. I'll just quickly mention the three main things

00:57:11--> 00:57:30

that happened in his lifetime. And the details. Unfortunately, I will have to just gloss over for this lecture because we do not have time. Actually I'm condensing two lectures into one because we did two different lectures and they were not recorded. The three main things that happen in the lifetime of optimal budget is number one, the rediscovery of Zamzam.

00:57:31--> 00:57:44

Number two, his vow to sacrifice Abdullah and number three, the incident of Abraham the elephants, and these are stories well known to every Muslim, right, but I'll just quickly gloss over them especially details we do not know.

00:57:46--> 00:57:50

So we understand why Zamzam was uncovered was was covered up.

00:57:51--> 00:58:22

And how therefore did Abdulmutallab discover Zamzam that he saw it in a dream, a lot showed him in a dream, that if you go to such and such a place next to this idol between that stone, stone and marker because there was idols around the Kaaba, if you go to this place, and you dig, you will find them initially, he ignored the dream, but he kept on seeing it, seeing it, seeing it, until finally he realized, this is from Allah. And so at the time, he only had one son how to and how to fix his oldest son, and so as quickly as

00:58:23--> 00:59:03

possible. And so he took his one son, and himself, and he took a shovel and an axe and began digging. And, of course, I'm walking him, you think you're gonna discover sometime after we haven't found it for three or 400 years, and he kept on digging, digging, digging, until he struck something far more precious than gold, far more precious than oil, he struck water. And as we all know, the story when the water began bubbling up the court, I surrounded him, his own relatives, and they said, this is our property now. And he refused. And he said, No, I discovered it, I have the rights. Now again, it's not as if he's not going to give them water. But there comes power, and there comes

00:59:03--> 00:59:44

prestige by claiming this, both power and prestige. And he knows this, and they surround him. And war is about to break out. This is a civil, not a war. But I mean, you know, a scuffle that might lead to death. And that's when he makes a vow to a lot that a lot. If you ever give me 10 sons to defend me, then I promise I'll sacrifice one for you. That's when he does this. But they don't want to fight him. And so they agree. They agree to go to a fortune teller, who is their priestess, so of course their religion is paganism. Who is their share? Who is their elder? It's a priestess far, far away. That's the senior most pagan, you know, whatever you like, you know, the Hindus out there,

00:59:44--> 00:59:50

pundits, whatever. So they have their hierarchy. So they agree they will go to such and such a lady and

00:59:51--> 01:00:00

on the way there, on the way there there, they get lost actually, and they're about to die on the way there. They all of them. They're all

01:00:00--> 01:00:20

cousins and relatives, they're all they're about to die. So much so that oblem will pop up says each one of you should dig his own grave because we're too weak to bury the grave to bury each other. So they dig their, their own graves. And as Abdulmutallab is digging his own grave, he strikes water again.

01:00:21--> 01:00:37

And so his cousins and a distant Christ said, this is a sign from Allah, that the water is yours because this water saved us. So without going to the priestess, they then come back and they voluntarily gave the rights of Islamism to

01:00:38--> 01:00:44

move past it. And of course, as we all know, eventually had been well thought it has how many children how many children is up in front about

01:00:50--> 01:01:36

1516 1818 1818 he has 18 children, eventually, with Mashallah five or six women. And so he has 12 sons, and six daughters, 12 sons and six daughters. And and to be honest, he probably had more than 12 son six, six daughters, because in those days people, kids died in their youth, but 12 sons who live to become adults, and six daughters who live to become adults, and the ones that we are most familiar with. We don't really know much about most of them to be honest, they died even before they come into the process. And because remember, Abdullah Abdullah was one of his youngest, not the youngest, but one of his youngest sons, right. So had his actually died,

01:01:37--> 01:02:19

actually died in the life of the mother. And the majority of his sons died because they have lived almost to the age of 100, almost to the age of 100. He lived that's a very old age, especially for that time when the average age is probably 30 4050 years old. So he lived almost to the age of 100. So he had it was his eldest, and then zubaid Abdullah, and I will pardon from the same mother, zubaid Abdullah and I thought it were from the same mother, then I bust under or from another mother, then Hamza and mocha woman hedger from another mother, and then Abu lahab, all by himself from one mother. So Abu lahab is by himself, and he has six daughters, Sophia, and of course, Sophia

01:02:19--> 01:03:03

is the only one who is also accepted Islam. As for the other ants, we only know of Attica, who was alive when the process and began preaching, and then she simply disappears from the Syrah. We don't know whether she accepted Islam to be frank, most likely she didn't. That's what seems to be the case. And then we have Omar Hakim, and then we have omega. And omega is the mother of Xena vintage ash, her cousin that he married Xena vintage ash, how was she a cousin through oma, so she was his father's sister's daughter. Okay. And then we have outwash and Barbara, these are the six Daughters of mocha. So we all know the story, I'll quickly gloss over it that when all of these sons reach

01:03:03--> 01:03:39

adulthood, he tells them to vow and he says, Look, I'm a man of my word, Allah bless me. And I have to give one of you up to Allah to sacrifice you. And that's when, as you know, he took up the law in front of the Kaaba and the courage, you cannot do this. He is the most beloved he was probably Abdullah was probably 17 at the time 16 or 17. And so they said, You know what, why don't you go to such and such priestess or another of their elite priestesses and see if there's a way out. And that is when the 100 Campbell's was instituted. As you all know, the story, I'll quickly gloss over that one. And this is when the life of a person became equivalent to 100. camels, which is still the

01:03:39--> 01:04:15

shediac To this day, that if you do a manslaughter or accidental murder, or accidental manslaughter, or intentional murder, you have to pay 100 camels as blood money to this date. And if you want to do the modern equivalent, you literally calculate the cost of a camel in US dollars. That's what the *ty I will say. And then you didn't put that price and say that's the cost of a, a person's life if you accidentally kill somebody or whatnot. Where did this 100 combos come from? It comes from this incident that the shediac came and then confirmed it that this is the price of one man 100 camels. And then the third and final story, which is the story of abre.

01:04:18--> 01:04:37

And our quickly final story shot lo tada and that is that abraha was the governor was the governor of Yemen under the joshy. So no joshy not the same the joshy as the one that the process from Sahaba immigrated to but his father that Nick joshy had conquered some areas of Yemen.

01:04:39--> 01:04:59

And he had sent his governor and his governor, his name was abraha. So Abra How was the governor of the Najafi in Yemen? And he saw his people every year. go north. So he said where are you guys going? So they said we have to go to Hajj. We have to go to Hajj. He said why what is there so there's the house of Allah

01:05:00--> 01:05:41

So he said, I will build you a house that is far better than any of your houses, and you will come for Hajj under here. So he built a massive Cathedral because they were Christians. And it was out of glass and out of can you imagine in Arabia to bring stained glass because they had access to these architects and whatnot. And he built a cathedral in Yemen, the likes of which he thought would become the biggest Temple of Christianity in the entire Arabian peninsula. And He then said, all of you have to come over here, rather than going to up north to the Kaaba. And when one of the bedrooms heard this, he went there, but he went there to relieve himself, number one, and number two, right?

01:05:41--> 01:06:15

And he went there, and he did that. And he became so angry abraha that he said, as revenge, I will destroy this house, so people must come to my house. And that is why he gathered together his army, and of course, because they were from Abyssinia, so they had elephants otherwise elephants did not live in the Arabian Peninsula as natural beasts over there. But because he was from Africa, so he had a group of African elephants. And of course, the people of Africa had trained the elephants to be instruments of war. And this was when he marched

01:06:16--> 01:06:32

to the Kaaba, and he went with his army of around, they say, some say eight and some say 20 elephants. And the chief elephant. By the way, his name was Matt mod. Muhammad was the name of the chief elephant. And

01:06:34--> 01:07:20

it is also said that he hired a Arab guide to take him to the Kaaba. And this guide, his name was abou Hall, abodo Hall, and abodo Hall became infamous for treachery, because to trade, your honor for money and to lead abraha through the ways to get to the Kaaba. And so there's an expression in Arabic, which I don't think the Arabs still use, they say, more treacherous than aboral I don't think you have this anymore, right? Okay, so this was common at the time of the processor and will later on this was a classical address a more treacherous than a Buddha Hall, a lot of others this person from that example. And abraha came with a with the entire army as you know, he when he got to

01:07:20--> 01:08:00

Makkah, he captured the livestock of Abdulmutallab, over 200 camels and sheep, which by the way shows up is a rich man now. Times have changed for the Horus Mashallah money is flowing in. And you all know the story that abdomen positive came. And this is where we read the description of abdominal polyp that he was a tall man, six foot tall, maybe a huge, far taller than any of the other Arabs. And he was handsome and admirable. And there's no denying, and this is scientifically proven as well, that those people who are handsome or women who are beautiful, they actually get leadership positions. This is a scientific study called out of Alaska, which you just automatically

01:08:01--> 01:08:41

give respect or whatnot to people who are looking better and abnormal. But it was one such person, very handsome, very strong, very tall, he looked like a leader, so much. So it is said when he entered into the tent, that abraha was an all of this man, so tall and handsome, he actually stood up from his chair, and sat down on the floor with a bra as a matter of respect that Abra had the chieftain of Makkah has come. And he said, as you all know, the famous story of very go quickly over it, that he said to abraha sorry, he said, I have no problem with you. You just get out of the city, and I'll destroy your house. And I have no problem with you guys. There's nothing personal. I just

01:08:41--> 01:09:16

want to destroy your house of worship. It's nothing against you. And that's what I've done with it. I've said, I didn't come to you to talk about the house. I didn't come to talk about the Kaaba. I came to talk about my camels. And this is one of the how lost all respect for our mortality. And he said, I have come to destroy your holy house. And you're coming to talk to me about your camels. And by the way, this shows us some handler that even though Abdulmutallab didn't come back with the right with the right punch, he didn't come back with a one liner yet. But what is the show? When you stand up for your principles?

01:09:18--> 01:09:56

People will respect you. Even though both of them are different religions and pagans but still abraha thought of the method is going to argue about his house. And so he's honoring him, then what is that what my camels said I lost all respect for you. That's what a bra that's what I've done with and it gives the the one liner punch there, the upper right cut, and he says that it's not my business, the house has the Lord who will protect it. And the camels have a lord and it's my job to protect the camels. Right. So because of this one liner abraha gave the camel's back. And that was when the courage left the city after making lots of our Abdulmutallab is pleading in front of the

01:09:56--> 01:10:00

caliber of our law. We cannot fight this army. There are too strong things

01:10:00--> 01:10:39

They have these elephants, they have these 1000 men, whatever, you take care of it, and they then left to the mountains. And this is when they faced my mood to the the Kava, and they are telling him to go and go and go, and he would not go even if they whipped him, they beat him, they bled him and the camel or the elephant would not move. But whenever they turned him in any other direction, he would move in that direction. And that is why in the Treaty of Abia, when the process of his camels stopped, what did he say? Don't get angry at my camel. The same one who stopped the elephant from entering Makkah has stopped my camel as well. There's a wisdom, right habits the habits will feed.

01:10:40--> 01:11:24

So Allah stopped the camel, the elephant from entering and as they're debating what to do, that is when large birds came on suddenly it him Byron about Bill taught me him the hedgerows a Min Soo Ji. So stones from Johanna imagine stones from random in this world, they're coming. And in front of their eyes, every stone hits an animal and a person and he literally dissolves, his skin dissolves and he becomes a pile of broken and molten flesh in front of the eyes of the people of courage. And it is said that abraha himself suffered the worst fate. And they carried him back and his skin is dissolving the entire way. And he dies right before reaching his home in in Yemen, so that he

01:11:24--> 01:11:30

suffers the worst punishment that he's just about there. And then he dies. And He is buried over there. And

01:11:31--> 01:11:48

it is mentioned that the traces of the elephants still were there when the process of them was born. And one of the Sahaba His name is bobath had been a Shem holebas. Even a Shem has a very famous narration in sunanda. Timothy, where

01:11:50--> 01:11:54

is it? medication. But what are the Omega calories? One of the early wave caliphs asks him that.

01:11:57--> 01:12:07

Are you bigger or the process is bigger, meaning an H and M rasulillah. system, and he means in age. So Oberth says

01:12:08--> 01:12:56

a rustle so I sent him a borromini. One a son Newman, who the process is bigger than me. But I was born before him. Meaning don't say are you bigger or not? The process of is bigger than me. But I was born before him. Why? Because I remember my mother taking me and showing me the deprecations of the elephants that had withered and become yellow. I saw the elephants and their dedications when I was a young boy. So he's chairing, and of course the processor was born, was born in the year of the elephant, the fact that Obama remembers this. So he's saying I'm older than him. How did he prove he's older, I remember my mother showing me the remnants of the elephants. And she mentions and

01:12:56--> 01:13:35

recalls that when she was a young child in Makkah, she remembered seeing one of the guides of the elephant that had come from Yemen, who had been blinded, and was living as a beggar cursed obviously to the end of his days, and begging the people for any morsel of food. So she says, I remember one of the guys he must have been a young man at the time. Now he's an old man about to die, and he's still begging for food. This is punishment. Obviously, this is the worst punishment that you're now blinded and you have no other means. So I remember seeing that to conclude. So the story especially of our lineage of the process of it proves very clearly that something momentous is about to happen.

01:13:35--> 01:14:10

Every single person in the lineage of the process of them establishes something of momentous value, whether its economic, whether its political, whether it's just the discovery of water, and clearly therefore, when we now understand why the prophets Allah sent him was chosen by Allah, and Allah chose his lineage in this manner, that nobody in the world has a more noble and prestigious lineage. And that is when the Battle of her name What did our process that I'm saying, and an OB EULA Caribe, an urban Abdulmalik? I am the Prophet, there's no doubt, I am the son of Abdullah.

01:14:11--> 01:14:53

So he is invoking his lineage here, because the coresh were still new in Islam. And he's telling them I am that grandson of the person you are so proud of. And can you imagine the prestige of optimal positive that it is under his leadership, he makes the art to Allah. And Allah sends the birds about being and he discovers something. And so this prestige of optimal padding, there was no chieftain in all of Arabia, as prestigious as admirable but it not just because of him, but because of his father and grandfather and great grandfather. And so to be born to the most beloved Son of Abdulmutallab, that's Abdullah to be born to the most beloved Son, and to be raised by him for eight

01:14:53--> 01:15:00

years. So all of this is of course a preparing for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and also

01:15:00--> 01:15:25

So, we have over here as well, the fact that two of the ancestors of the process are more ransomed off and saved. The first is the beginning of the chain is married. And the second is the end of the chain Abdullah. So both the beginning and the end were ransomed off by Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is clearly an indication that a lot of xojo, this blessing, this ancestry, and the fact that there's also some,

01:15:26--> 01:15:36

some hidden wisdom here, some semi mystical wisdom here that we have a Christian attacking a pagan abraha attacking.

01:15:37--> 01:16:28

And the carrabba is the subject of attack. And neither of them is able to defend In fact, the one is attacking and the other cannot defend. And Allah defends the heroine and who was living in the harem at the time, Amina and she must have been pregnant with our Prophet system. So quite literally, because he's born in the same year a few months later. So this means Amina when the incident of field takes place, our processing them is literally in the womb of Amina. So there's a huge symbolism here that Allah Himself protects not just the Kava, but what else our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is it is as if to indicate that the Messiah recon could not protect the

01:16:28--> 01:17:04

Kava they're not worthy of the Kaaba. So Allah subhana wa tada destroyed those who attempt to to harm it, because there will come now somebody who will be worthy of the Kava, the forests have not been worthy to the level they deserve. So somebody will now come and that is our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who purified it of his idols who made it the Tabler and who returned it to the glory that it was, and that is the initial house that Ibrahim alayhis salaam built. And with that we come to the conclusion of our quick summary of 200 cars in sha Allah Tada.