Yasir Qadhi – Seerah – 05 Genealogy & Year of The Elephant

In this video, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi elucidates in immense detail the genealogy of the Prophet ﷺ, the incident of the discovery of Zamzam and the Year of the Elephant.

As many as 20 generations can be traced back in the name of our Prophet Muhammad bin  Abdullah bin Abdul-Muttalib bin Hashim bin Abd Manaf bin Qusai bin Kilab bin Murah bin Ka’ab bin Lu’ay bin Ghalib bin Fihr bin Malik bin An-Nadr bin Kinanah bin Khuzaimah bin Mudrikah bin Ilyas bin Mudar bin Nizar bin Ma’ad bin Adnan. Nobody had a more noble and prestigious lineage than our Prophet ﷺ.

Details are divulged of the various generations and special names are highlighted to understand the essence of these names.

The three important events that transpired in the lifetime of Abdul Muttalib are next in the line of discussion. Also, his family is mentioned by way of the names of his children.

The story of the lineage of the Prophet ﷺ proves without  an iota of doubt that something momentous was to follow and every person in the lineage of the Prophet ﷺ provides momentous value whether it is economic or political or monumental discoveries.

A hidden symbolism is also made to ponder on with the protection of the Ka’bah in the context of the story of the year of the elephant and how in all retrospection it was the Prophet ﷺ that Allah was protecting who was inside the Ka’bah in the womb of his mother Amina RA.

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