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have the phrasing of lots of kind of data and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala sent them. We stopped reverse from sort of medium versus 59 and 60, which will be the base of today's discussion, the Hall of Fame in battling a battle Sonata with devil Shadow Work deeper soulful, and

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it came after them, a group of people began to follow their desires and abandon the prayers.

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For the adventure going to be thrown into the valley, in Jihad Nemo pit inside jahannam.

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As for today's heading that we find related to this, of abandoning the prayers that we find, in vain,

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he will go for casada between persons in the faith, and a fine line between that and shift. And going into disbelief is the abandoning of one's prayers.

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And that's we want to make this this link between falling one desires, falling desire temptations, and thus leads towards disobedience leads forward beyond that towards rejection, and even abandoning one's faith or leaving the freedom. That is a deep inner meaning.

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That sometimes people think that the following of desires or making things doesn't really have an impact, or major principles of faith. But the Quran goes mentioned the opposite, that the more the person begins to follow their desires are the desire to overcome them, and makes them leave code practices of Islam. And we can see around us, how many, possibly young Muslims

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that the falling of the lust and the desires and Shadow Work that we find it makes them to stay away from the prayer and eventually abandoning the prayer giving up the prayer. And for some of them, even questioning Islam.

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So we should be wary of letting desires overcome, as we mentioned the previous hogben that desire, lust and desires can be an illusion, can we individually don't begin to control the lust and the desires in an American the soul.

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The soul is as this inclination at times to go towards go towards bad practices at times, except for a soul which has the mercy of Allah, Allah encompassed or thrown down upon that soul. And as we find that the real impact of Salah we studied the Quran in great detail, it removes desires in breach desires, the continuous repetition practice of coming to the mesh of reading, one shadow one, coming to the massagin, a Southern Baptist Center, the real impact of that Southern should break the desire to break the temptations doesn't give us the time and the scope to get trapped into the desires that the masses of people are involved in. As I mentioned,

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with Optimus sada resigned from the book that was just been sent down upon you. What do you mean Santa Ana, una Shara Shara teen, strengthen yourself by reciting the Quran the book of Allah Subhana Allah wa Optimus salon established a prayer as I said something Tamia Can you call us to say if you want lots of panda to speak to you to read the Quran that's how the person should be engaged with the Quran is speaking directly to me directly to you and your to speak to Allah Subhana Dada establish the prayer because you are between the two hands are in front of a lawsuit

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you're facing a lot of other lies facing as long as you continue to face above your heart turns away and a lot turns away from that individual.

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Then of course founder mentions in the salon

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one of the club by

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the end of the day that we find the beginning of the end of the 20th juice

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in a sedan fashion we'll

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have a lot of founder explicitly mentioned a soda

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prevents you, takes you away from

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from illicit practices. A furnisher will move that takes you away from them.

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This should be the impact of the seller upon the individual that every time they pray they read reassess themselves. The what is the impact is solid inside my life inside my life, a sauna in a sauna, while Jumeirah Juma Ramadan in Ramadan, you find it

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Vedic tradition, one prayer to another prayer, when you move

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to another to another Ramadan

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becomes an expiation for the individual as long as they stay away from the mind. And since this that Salah mentioned, the impact of one prayer leads to the other side of the packet when your module leaves the following diagram whereby the person may begin to weaken, oh, well, the things take over them. But your module awakens the individual. Likewise rubberband is 29 to 30 days. It's just like a blink of an eye. Look how many people return back to their normal life. The impact of Ramadan travels all the way to the falling shadow burn, whereby the human begins to weaken or lose some element of focus towards Allah Subhana. Allah, Ramadan enters once again, but we can see, we can see

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the state of the Muslim woman is nothing hidden about him, that people will rejoice.

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They rejoicing in terms that Ramadan is gone now we returned back but first it should be sudden, that Ramadan has gone look at all of us, we can imagine just a blink of an eye a few days, just went by these days were completely that's the end of it. And then in essence, the reality of a human beings life is just a blink of an eye that all of us can reflect. There are many days we have many years of our life and just gone by. But we still find no no impact of a sudden. I mean, Allah forbid some some Muslim begin to look at other elements spirituality. It's very weird that people look at yoga practices meditation. How can a Muslim look at the elements of finding serenity,

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finding peace, finding tranquility, and how they are Muslim even express something like this. But when Salah is then that we find in the Silicon Valley fashionable move, takes away from evil things. Before that we mentioned that establishing a credit for what I think really

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the greatest thing in front of Allah Subhana Allah is

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that is the greatest thing as a printed element of spirituality that person can find inside your life. Likewise, the sooner

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become an omen, you

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don't let your children and your wealth divert you away from the thinking of a loan. Once again, I mentioned the colonial demand.

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Even the HANA thing, don't let your family members, your children your wealth, your property, don't let them derail you take you away from establishing a southern for only a common cause. Losing individuals, they don't focus upon their Salah. So hey, the problem the greatest Nicaragua is a center and exchanging these ideas about not letting your children divert excetera is the end of soul to do nothing.

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The end of the descriptive nature of the hypocrites they should This in itself should awaken the individual. Why is it lots of parents, including the students speaking about characteristics of alguna Fatone. Why does he Subhana Allah and been speaking about Salah spending one's wealth, like as you make your makeup? Why did the Quran begin the first talk of the beginning speak about the believers three or four iron two or three iron is believable. Then the pages on 11 talk and speak about

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why why does the Quran enter speak about hypocrites and highlight the the the characteristics is the agathonisi display and amusement a person is looks at that now. And the removal of the

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Muslim takes the essence from from the from the revelation, the generality of the words not on the specifics that this refers to

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our nesara NASA or berlina Muslim reads. This is speaking to me, I need to be weary. I need to be worried that these characteristics don't fall into me. Like as I mentioned,

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when I last spoke to move that Instagram must have made that journey with Alexa to Indonesia and Alola Ilana probably

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agree on the one and only Allah Subhana Allah you believe in me, but what should you do? Well, can you select any degree, established a solid to remember me to remember whom to remember lots of data. So as Salah is the key factor, the old the beginning and the end of the Ponyville individual and as we find that the state of our prayers looking at the Quran describes the state of maybe the masses of people because some people they do know they have to establish their prayer. But what is the quality of that setup? What is the quality of the obedience elements that so to Missa

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tee Tomoko Salah, Your Honor.

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So kurunegala didn't come in.

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They they established the prayer kusa. They stand in the prayer in a state of laziness. You don't own a nurse. So the books may be ticked off that so and so is as established a prayer so to come to the masjid, but Allah Agha mentioned the deeper meaning the inner meaning, what are your illa pallida So once this time we

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took this photo

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I tried to conceal what the heart tries to hide. So Allah talks deep into the heart of the individual that Allah knows how many individuals are really remembering Allah and Adam was the study inside of sada and it's a cycle if you look at sort of Nyssa coming in as

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an Easter how many is inside so to speak about a shudder? Would it be Yeah, you live in

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Cracow Serato anthem soccer

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Are you believe don't come to Silla was in a state of intoxication. The intoxication that takes you away from Asana just began with lust and desire in such a diversity number 1991 define your living average 10 on all you believe still in a sauna, or stay away from it.

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When you should really

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stay away from it only therapy practices of the throwing of divine arrows sacrificing on the altar of the stones, and stay away from

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from drinking. Because if you find that drinking alcohol and gambling combined together, it takes you away from Asana Elementary, categorically these things take anything that intoxicates the mind. drugs that we find anything that clouds the mind because I'll hammer

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hammer is anything you got the rocks, anything that shrouds the mind takes away your faculties of being able to perceive it to understand is classified as Hummer. But you know some some musou they like to be technical. They like to act on arbitrary Sharia law to play with the city of Allah subhanaw taala and so when I when I think intoxicant is an overcome my mind, and it doesn't affect me, and had the same Muslim mascara Cafiero. How whatever intoxicating, large amounts, is forbidden small amounts. The Sharia doesn't make this distinction, that it doesn't affect me personally. So I can take her on substance, I can do heroin, I can look at strange women, I can speak to strangers

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because it doesn't affect me. That's not the theory of Allah Subhana Dada, there's a big team that's playing with the deen of Allah Subhana. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, people have no concept of Sharia. I claim, this is the intent, the standard law, it doesn't look at a person entity, a person identity and you are free. There's only one individual that was free from that, that was appropriate, and they should have to serve the freedom that was given to him. Because he was the best of the best of individuals, the most purified individuals. The most one, one thing I love the most. So some element of leniency was given to the population to submit certain matters, that he

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could carry out certain things that were not allowed for the rest of this Muslim woman to do we find ourselves the opposite the law that we play with the law, but lots of Canada. And it's become common practice, unfortunately, even your own and that's how many people we don't want to discuss a political agenda, just to show the world that I'm praying to be televised to be shown. How do you even say, because

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when a dispute took place, and the progress I've mentioned that need these people alone, London is alone, perhaps they pray when it

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will come in musalman

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samim LLC the company.

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They want you to take out these these hypocritical individual.

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He said to the professor, how many people they pray. They say with a term that shouldn't exist inside their heart.

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You know, some Muslims, they're very, they claim to be intelligent individual, they want to show the world because they know that

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the clay Cooper is abandoning the soccer kusa. So somewhere along the line, they need to show the world that we do offer the prayers. Because if we abandon the faith, we show that we don't pray it becomes dangerous, it becomes open. Leaving the press is something that you find is so dangerous, takes you out the fold of Islam, and a great discussion begins to take place about what is the punishment of such individuals. Likewise, in such sort of Toba that we find what

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what are you gonna carry on inside so to Taco once again, nothing great discussions, so to speak about the Burning Man who

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Women, hypocritical men, hypocritical women, when they establish a Salah, in Abu Salah, they come to pray once again in a state of laziness. And they only spend because they're forced to, they're compelled to they don't really want to spend their money. But once again to show the people to show the world showing everyone, the support of a woman aluna can be fine. Likewise, we go back to suta Nisa, in a salata, Mina kita makuta. President prescriber believers are set times, you don't pray when it suits you. These are big phenomena that we find inside the West, I pray when I find time. This is a challenge of living in this environment, that you have to establish prayer at the right

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time to the best of your ability. Maybe occasionally, once in a week, person may be delayed meaning it doesn't go outside the time of prayer. But they still offer their prayer. But if it becomes habitual in your life, every single day, you pray your prayer right at the end. Or you pray when it suits you. Or when you feel like praying.

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Even that would be a weakness of relationship, attachment or loss of panatela that you fit into law whenever it suits you know, the whole dunya needs to stop the pulverizer no one was busier than him. No one was more busy than him. And so many people to meet to see family members, relatives will politics, enemies, friends, war, peace treaties, no one's more busy than him. But when one time walk to Salah everything would stop, the whole world would come to a standstill. And we'll go i mean he's Lord Allah Subhana Allah, we think that we're so busy. We're so engaged in so many different things, that maybe we need Salah to another moment, which becomes dangerous, if it becomes habitual for the

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individual to have such a practice that we find a Salah throughout the middle, from the beginning to the end. The colon is nothing but replete with speaking about a Salah. Some are up to 60 to 85 times you look at various derivatives inside the foreign speak about a seller right in the beginning of dementia there's a bit of a will.

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Those who believe in the unseen those who believe in underseen own Cipolla home yoky Muna sala de stablished a prayer and insha Allah is unseen. The only way to get the keys of the unseen to get the reward of the unseen is to do what inside your life is to establish the prayer you're not going to get gender agenda his

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agenda is from the unseen a faith

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is something which is hidden conceive. It's a forest bush is something you have to enter free to enter inside it does if I'm Jenny Newman, the womb of the mother is called Genie why the Chinese thing with these layers? Jenny's hidden agenda is unseen. The only way to enter into Jana is via a saga as we find it some narration Mr. Jana Salah the key to Paradise is a saga. That is the key that would help the individual to enter into paradise. Likewise, if I continue the journey tatsuta Baccarat rocky was solid.

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Rock me alone, you can't play with any Israeli speech to bunny sorry, walking

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to Salah just for some of us just carry on the Salah. Or at least I pray

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I start Mr. Prayer from the beginning to the middle to the end and

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to have a half $1 salotti God your prayers God them just be even before Salah your preparation, psychologically, mentally, no, just walk into the machine and just raise your hand and just start offering cetera, prepare yourself, prepare you for that you're not going to enter into a center that's even entering to the machine reading to the topic of prayer.

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He sets the mindset programs in mind. Now person is entered into the house of Allah and Adam, everything can be taken away. What took me the miracle

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of making everything wrong. When you say a lot but everything goes out of your mind. Everything escapes your mind. Everything every thought comes out of your mind. From a love of it most of us are the opposite. Every thought comes into the mind. As soon as you say Allah Hawkman everything they want to remember everything they want to organize everything they want to do, every thought comes inside and why? Because a weakness of understanding the impact of Salah inside our lives that we find was to renew our karma

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but he's really bogged down with those who bowed down or have had it based on just this one because we're gonna rock it in a minute to set up the agenda to establish the prayer in Jumeirah in congregation.

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I know for some of the folks I've mentioned that to pray Salah in German is an obligation

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In person to the outside of the congregation, they Salah is invalidated is a minor view, but just to let us know how fuqaha interpreting this discussing a veil, but at least we can say it is highly, highly recommended for a person to pray the highest level, it should pray that Salah in the masjid

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in Juma in congregation, person should exert themselves to do that, in a Muslim country, they have no excuse for them if you can go to such as you say is obligatory for them, because they live in an Islamic environment where they hate the other day the code and the facilities made for him to come to the prayer they have to respond to that when we have a slight excuse. We don't have the honor we're living in another environment. But even in highly highly recommended for a person to begin their day, begin their day with

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begin their day with Gemma inside the machine of Gemma inside one's room. We want family members we want friends that we find common practice become now every other day that just pray Jamal in technicalities. We're co opted in to commend you what is the whole point of establishing massage

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establishing the house of Allah is everybody's free to create a new gym or whenever they want whenever they will feel that this is only out of necessity person has no choice. They go and print in another generic they miss them the machine. We're gonna rock and bow down with those individuals who offer the prayer then against that sort of roster.

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is the added Shame, shame energy and is to be set up to suffer. You know people talk about lofty goals and aspirations and rectifying the world around us look at managing to be somebody who seek aid and assistance by a patient or seller. A seller is what strengthens the individual makes the personality powerful because they relationship with Allah Subhana Allah. This is what will give successes Muslim oma by Avira the inner ring is going to be very harsh, very difficult, very burdensome, except for whom those who are submissive. Those of you inside the

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meaning of love begins when he got

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under the nom de sala de Kashi room. Those are the successful individuals that success. The word worldly success is something good. But the benchmark for Muslim is a

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Muslim in harmony amongst Muslims, they boast about their contention they boast about this boast about the Mahi saloon, they may be good individuals. They may be good personalities might be good people. But Allah Kamala Kamala nice alone. They did good to people. Why? Why, you know, go to Allah Subhana Allah, why are you worried about the people, but your relationship with Allah is flawed. Or we go step further is what leads to go for that somebody think they're highly educated. We don't need we don't need we don't need spirituality. I'm my own person, my own self. I don't need God. I don't need religion inside my life. Quran speaks about his manhood. When he said to

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me, he said to him, does your prayer tell us to live our life to do our personal dealings or business transaction you remain when worshiping Allah just like we find today that people say you Muslim, keep your Salah inside the masjid. Don't bring Salah into the public domain how so that teaches you how to live life. It is a it is a discuss how to live life Salah does teach you how to live life. It teaches you how to discipline yourself, how to organize yourself, what will give people success, those that are successful individuals who establish a solemn who observe it towards Allah Subhana data. Likewise, while we continue to rise to the top different occasion inside the

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speed limit, the impact of solar and obviously we don't have time to go through the whole of our dimension, all the different verses. We speak about cinema we come to the end of the four and if you mentioned from the beginning to the end, for a live mousseline, Allah venum Ancelotti

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for where you live, the

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only place inside the world of innovation individuals who offer the prayer. How is the last rally giving this warning?

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Both to those individuals who offer the prayer and the answer to

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those who either delay their prayers or

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who deny their prayers back to the annual prayer after the end time on the other phone which is mentioned. they abandon the prayer.

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And as we mentioned, that is versus actual remaining to see the relationship of those individuals who abandon the prayer because we learn as well about the fussy romantic wedding feature one way, one way is not just destruction, or punishment or torture. It's been described that way is for monks one of the valleys agenda which is

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Given the title

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that they're going to be thrown inside the evil pig inside jahannam for those individuals that we find that if we study this verse inside sort of married men we began with

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whatever Russia

00:25:18--> 00:25:21

is studied, intercede on this verse, mmm shocking

00:25:23--> 00:25:29

as some 20 odd pages on is one worth discussing in intricate detail about

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the impact of setup, what does it mean to abandon the prayer? And what does it mean the punishment for those individuals who abandon the printer setup? What does it mean that they waste their prayers? I mean, we went and walked in there not to offer the prayer. And it's right time is the interpretation but unlike what

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the student does,

00:25:55--> 00:25:57

Toby, as well.

00:25:58--> 00:26:25

For those, those who delay their praise, Rocky, be sure to be deficient. Inside is prerequisite conditions and to offer the prayer appropriately. We've got the Jehovah Buddha doesn't reject his obligation. We find this unfortunately, so called Muslim thinkers and develop individually they think that our Salah is not something important carry out inside our life.

00:26:28--> 00:26:38

to waste it not to come and pray inside the gym. Another code which is mentioned is beautification of the muscles need to be worried about its intricate designs and details.

00:26:39--> 00:27:00

shocky dimensions all these are acceptable. All this needs to waste all your base design and muscle It is good to have a beautiful machine. But is that the entire intent of setup is to be worried about external, external factors, the internal beauty the chandeliers, the carpet, the environment, that's not the inner meaning of a center. All these put together means

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that a person walks away from the prayer rejects their prayer, there's a focus upon their prayers. When they came after me confirm who these people at the Quran speak about what came after them. Hey, pull him up the posse dimension are they alone, Wonder Sora they abandon the prayer and as we mentioned, no harm image it could be any individual who follows the same phone. As strange statement is mentioned. Among the dimensions

00:27:27--> 00:27:36

that the western people we could take that literally but he's speaking about the west of the Islamic empire we take a look at today, the West, the Western world around us.

00:27:37--> 00:27:40

Asia is a sign that most people inside the West they do

00:27:41--> 00:28:20

they do waste their praise, they do squander they pray they do lose focus towards their prayers whatever chawan they begin to follow their their lust and desire and he begins mentioned upon what is falling into the desire to worry once again about beautiful building worried about what they drive and what their what their What are they writing beast is too worried about their clothing, how good it looks. This is all about Shadow Work to follow the lust and desire that becomes that's all they worried about. What I'm saying is how to dress well and look to the web but we can see how to overcome certain individuals only a life is based upon but the spiritual is hollow within his hollow

00:28:20--> 00:28:33

within they don't focus upon the internal factors of the relationship with lots of Canada and Australia we find the remaining Sheldon Sheldon II will be given to us individually, to be misguided, ultimately will be where they began them in

00:28:34--> 00:28:36

the past and the blood

00:28:37--> 00:28:45

of the people of Johanna is that this way the pit that he will be throwing who don't establish their prayers. There's a funny

00:28:46--> 00:28:53

word in Fiji random in the Hadith is dying but some relevant mentioned and because speak about an affair, that I'm seeing a face

00:28:55--> 00:29:05

back to the population as I'm speaking about something that they can speak from their own mind. That is a is a valley is given to those individuals. And those we find

00:29:06--> 00:29:15

that begin to discuss, just just to awaken us to begin to help us to think about the importance of not to bring them out. And that

00:29:19--> 00:29:23

person leaves the prayer and rejects its obligation that a person has to pray

00:29:25--> 00:29:41

for the mind consensus for what caffeine anybody doesn't pray and rejects the authenticity of prayer questions the prayer that was being prescribed we don't need to pray. Then that person is a disbelieving individual. Below that we find

00:29:43--> 00:29:59

out the how when a person leaves the prayer intentionally lack of laziness by recognize the need to pray. One of the one of the better my regarding this. They mentioned Alhambra capital must've a great debate begins to take place. Is he a believer or disbeliever? Is it true?

00:30:00--> 00:30:25

To be killed as a disbeliever, or one who rejects the law of Allah Subhana Allah imageshack he goes to the view the person who leaves pray Adam laziness for what cancer is a disbelieving individual, even though until that approval gets revealed he takes often arranging all the different evidences amongst evidences that he narrated. A person doesn't pray at all of laziness. But except that they need to pray. He mentioned that we began with in

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between a person's belief and shift and disbelief is a solid takasaki.

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They no need for discussion about the inherent individual. If you really believe in Allah Subhana Allah, why are you abandoning the prayer? Why you forsaking the prayer? Why are you not praying the lady Baden Albanian shalom from interrogate

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the covenant the distinction between us and then is a Sunnah whoever abandons the camera. When you take a linguistic opening, that person is a disbelieving individual who breaks the covenant of not establishing the prayer. Likewise, if I can also lay down

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the coffee.

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There is nothing in the companion COVID-19 upon nothing that we united upon, except for the person who leaves a setup for cancer. And you might have Sahaba that you very rarely find a consensus of the companions referring to something, but they considered anybody who needs the problem is because we're just reading individual

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data Canada moved

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to Montana, and had his Muslim Ackerman w fine. Whoever preserves the prayer gotten for the individual we moved. When a gentleman will be a source of light evidence and success on a genuine One Health garden will be with over 100 will be we'd have

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to set up the routine one who values the foundation is one Heidi is a Muslim, you have to prove that person leaves the prayer who abandons the prayer will be even tougher will be with the leaders of the disbelieving individual for banning the prayer turning away from Allah. Allah because other Messiah discussed

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the person, a person who forgets their prayer for a short span of time, how to make sure that we find what's allowed to offer better Mr. seller, we should be vigilant to understand all these

00:32:29--> 00:32:55

especially Many people ask this question for many years, I haven't prayed what is more more more appropriate to encourage individuals to become more punctual on your daily prayers and be more extra number one, focus on your student rather than to to have this mathematical approach that some people say go back and work out for the last 2030 years that you haven't prayed. And every time you offer a prayer, then repeat that prayer again for that year for that time, even if they are some duration, in

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nature, or somebody's authentic. That means to go back and repeat the prayer again. But what is more, more appropriate, in a sense of the acceptable especially the world that we live in at the moment, to make 2030 years of a person's prayer may have missed or a few years, we just about the compunction about the daily prayer on a daily basis. And just about

00:33:19--> 00:33:35

to go and repeat and to work out all those previous prayers that a person has missed become something sharp, so be difficult upon the individual. Amongst the evidence is one that can present regarding that one just repeats back to lots of Hana data and begins to become more puncture towards the praise and the devotion towards

00:33:37--> 00:33:38

his trait of interest words are not meant

00:33:40--> 00:33:41


00:33:44--> 00:33:50

for those individuals who repent, and believe in Allah Subhana Allah carry unrighteous actions for these individuals.

00:33:52--> 00:33:55

Along with them, enter them into paradise. So this is

00:33:57--> 00:34:05

a great time with those individuals who may have abandoned their prayers who haven't prayed or returning back towards their prayers. Pray for these individuals to

00:34:07--> 00:34:10

be independent and independent. And it's a common practice It's

00:34:11--> 00:34:17

been a while I mentioned those individuals may carry out certain sins, they may carry out if they do carry them out.

00:34:19--> 00:34:53

Adam has been working on the logo for rahima alone, we make them do change, changing they the bad deeds into good deeds. So there is always an element of encouragement from Allah Subhana Allah what has gone past of the individual, the person needs to rectify themselves. Allah Allah the estimates for a person who becomes a Muslim, Allah mentioned categorically that person doesn't need to make up any prayers, that there was a statement of disbelief for an individual to be made up. But as soon as they enter into Islam, that's when they need to be vigilant about their praise and devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah.

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

Then Allah makes the game continuing some sort of medium

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

Allah promised paradise with those individuals. This promise of Allah

00:35:06--> 00:35:07

gives you these individuals

00:35:10--> 00:35:24

who believe in the unseen just began when Allah promised in paradise. For those believing those servants of ease, who carry out the practices that are lost, just to carry on this is a form is inorganic form is that will definitely come to come come to pass that

00:35:25--> 00:35:28

there's no doubt about this subject it will come for them for the individual.

00:35:29--> 00:35:35

The person who carries the focus upon their friend alone will give as you as we began with Nina you

00:35:37--> 00:36:15

don't believe in the unseen Allah will give the due reward to those individual Americana lowly via email. Allah doesn't let your email go to waste, an email of Salah your Salah doesn't go to waste in front of Allah Subhana Allah, no one should think that and I prayed and nothing was given to me or no response was given to me are things become more difficult for me inside my life, whatever it may be. These excuses that we all have human being represented, that person shouldn't leave home, shouldn't despair, doesn't carry on. And then focus a commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah, like when you find somebody fall into the trap that I seen, so I should have prayed. This a great big

00:36:15--> 00:36:30

fantasy person should have fall into that trap. Because all of us in one path make mistakes, is one of the biggest snares of the devil. These beliefs, the deception of devil that I've seen that don't offer the prayer, Mr. Prayer delay the prayer miss one premise another premise.

00:36:32--> 00:37:10

The miss another jumada Miss Tony the praise. That's what shame on once. Because this this is this is a shift away from a loss of paradigm a person sin needs to come back, revitalize the man renewed himself, come back, try to come back to the machine, come back to the gym and come back to the prayer, no finger one sin. Now I need to stay away from obeying the laws of Canada. Likewise, you find that some of us individuals have great shame. But something that we visualize on many occasion that people will flock to the funeral of an individual of a loved one. And we've witnessed it personally. Many times. Many people come to the funeral prayer. And many times we know that in our

00:37:10--> 00:37:11

community will be after

00:37:12--> 00:37:14

the funeral prayer will take place.

00:37:15--> 00:37:54

In a nurse how many people will not pray there. But you can pray the funeral prayer for that individual. She has strangers that will stand outside then to discuss different affairs. And as soon as a funeral prayer begins, they have come in and offer the funeral prayer. What kind of email is this? What kind of money is this, who at least offer the funeral for the funeral prayer is something only recommended. It's only 30 recommendations. If some people carry out this that will surprise the community. Look at us, we have to come to a funeral prayer of a loved one of a dead individual of a close friend, that love and affection that we have that we want to offer that prayer. But the rite

00:37:54--> 00:38:08

of love belongs before that. It should have to present this offer their prayer it shows that everything in our life is modular, our priorities what we believe in, and our focus, the first focus should be for the individual have.

00:38:09--> 00:38:22

The first right is the right of Allah Subhana Allah does even know it has to be the first thing in the morning. First thing, the first thing the first we asked the other day, gentlemen will be

00:38:23--> 00:39:01

will be the prayer. That's it. That's the first thing anyone places that inside their mind and the heart that will awaken the soul. The individual. Yes, there's many troubles many problems that we as a personality as a community, the families that we face, there's no doubt. But if you mentioned was the enemy, somebody was sort of seek aid and assistance via the prayer to uplift that there is there is going to be success. There's going to be successful as Muslims, we should we should visualize that success. We should see that success by our own action. As soon as you make a strong you should show us the symbols of Allah Subhana Allah, even as living in the Western world person should have

00:39:01--> 00:39:05

been should have been shy about their faith about a Sunnah

00:39:07--> 00:39:19

towards goodness, that person should know this is a symbol of a lot some kind of data show that person is a believer will know how to make us sign up to become new Lena Lena inside our grades will be inside our lives when we

00:39:22--> 00:39:59

form a new ally for us. encompass around them becomes a form of protection comes inside our grave as this individual just that he preserved me preserved between the date of doing Islam I'm going to protect this individual and a person isn't God the phrase we find some other mentioned in the prayer comes as a as an evil, evil individual disfigured individually wicked individual said Who are you with foul stench, foul personality? Or we said I am your prayers that you wasted and you're you abandoned and that's why I personally entered some in some degree for amongst the most elements of punished

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

The person's had a great Easter counselor. The meaning of praise leads to punishment inside the grave. Protect us all from that.