Nouman Ali Khan – The Heart of a Leader

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan divulges details on some Sunnahs that are easy to practice and are the small Sunnahs. But some are difficult to follow and one such Sunnah is talked about in Surah Ale Imran that has Ayahs that depicted the situation after the Battle of Uhud. In the face of an anticipated and assured victory, the Sahabas who were guarding the Uhud Mountain began to walk downwards which gave the opportunity for the enemy army to attack and this is how the Prophet ﷺ got injured as his tooth fell off. The imminent victory was squashed just because the Sahabas didn’t obey their leader – Prophet Muhammad ﷺ even as he requested them multiple times.

Special love and care from Allah made the Prophet ﷺ soft, sweet and kind to the Sahabas despite their mistake. Allah says that if you were to make them uncomfortable and difficult, then the situation would have been difficult to anticipate given the gravity of their mistake.

Listen intently as Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan unravels the different qualities of a leader.