Yasir Qadhi – EPIC Umrah Masjid-e-Nimrah November 28, 2019

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a history tour of a cemetery where a woman is found in a small village. She explains that the cemetery's history is still there, and they will be taking pictures of the grave. The tour also includes a description of a tree and a walled area, and they encourage people to visit the cemetery's history.
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Hello, we are now standing outside Masjid.

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Masjid Namira is the location that the Prophet was camped with on the Day of Arafah. And then you walk to Jabba Rama we will be tonight. So he stayed here in Masjid

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messages is now one of the largest in the world, you have, I think, 400,000 people.

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And it's you on one day of the year.

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Others is closed, because nobody. So for one day of the year, they built this massive masjid. And on that day, you will think there's not one without

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the fact that our promises stayed here, and you said, I have stayed here, and

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but all of our alpha is exactly the same. And this is the wisdom of our Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he wanted us to know. Obviously, he has to live in some body has to spend the night in some quarters by the day. And no one should think that that's what is the only spot you can come to all of Africa is equal when it comes to baking, and having your device accepted. So you don't have to come to this point. And that's the wisdom.

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It was at this spot, and Rojava between these two places, that the promises and

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in fact, it wasn't just one sermon, it was generic adviser, he gave me two or three of these things, and within a day and a half. And so later scholars have summarized it as one. But it wasn't like one particular sermon that he gave, as well it is invested in where the promises and and also the laser beams that are standing in this place. They give the famous book but an hour, right this is where

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it takes place. Historically speaking, this is where the prime of the continent gives the talk. So the grind will clean up the kingdom.

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Because the story

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was given by the grandmother

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as well, the domestic of Namira it is called Namira. Because in the days of John Helia, in the days of Jahangir, there was a small village and occurred close by to this location.

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So this is called

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after the village which no longer exists, it doesn't have any significance or meaning somebody asked what is the meaning of it's just any village. And since that time has been called the masjid of Nanda, which no longer exists to this day. So this is the masjid that we are coming to. Tonight, we're going to be coming back to Java. And I'll give you a talk about a little bit more about the significance of tonight at 8pm. By the way, we have to be in follows at 8pm. We are now going to be heading two to three other sites. However, I've been told that the buses cannot stop there because of the new construction. The first site we're going to be going to is of course the most iconic of

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all, and that is what is the most iconic of all of

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God, it has that iconic mountain where Allah azza wa jal said to breathe, and if Quran was revealed, and we're going to be passing by that I have asked at least we stop and take pictures from the bus in the very least, if we find parking will get off because you will see they're constructing the road there. And so it's difficult to park there, we find parking, whatever bus finds parking, you might be able to get off otherwise, I've said at least stop and take pictures from one side of the bus. So that's going to be a note that we're going to be moving on and passing by a cemetery. Please keep your eyes open. I hope the bus drivers as well announced I'm only going to get one bus, that

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cemetery is called more cemetery in more Isla cemetery is very, most famously are these are the logline. That is where Felicia is very as well after McCauley and others of the famous people who died in Makkah, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that was the cemetery of that timeframe. And of course, because it has those historic graves, it is still there to this day. So that is the more I love cemetery, we will pass by that. And if you are able to

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the cemetery, the right hand side, if we're able to see the very left corner within the grave when you're facing the grave. The very left backbones, there's going to be a tree and there's going to be a bit of a cement that is the grave of Khadija. Okay? You're gonna see a tree and you're gonna see a bit of a walled off area that nobody can go there. That is going to be the grave of Khadija.

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Okay, right after the cemetery, literally one road is going to be the cemetery one road a small messages

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Okay, that must be paying attention to it's not massive like this one. It's a very small message.

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And we have a very big microphone.

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This is what we're talking about. Okay?

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Okay, so after a German one

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after another, after cemetery of my loved one, the cemetery, we're gonna see a small Masjid. That Masjid is not again, listen, we'll have to be clear. We're looking at a historical tour, not a blessed tour. We don't go we're not people who go and drop things and get Baraka. The only thing we do that from is what the prophets have told us and that's what do we do for that? The Blackstone, otherwise we are not people who go and pick up things and take them back home and think that there's going to be blessing No, this is history tour. We see what happened and we are inspired, and we remember what happened. But we are not people of superstition or myth. We are people of Islam, and

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only Allah benefits and harms us so we will pass by a masjid that is interest

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