Zakir Naik – Signs of the Hour – Signs of the End of the World yet to Appear

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the signs of the end of the world and the signs of the art. They explain that there are 10 signs, but there are different types of signs. The speaker also provides a recap of the signs and their frequency.
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Shakeel, from Bangladesh, how many signs of the art are left to appear?

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The question is on signs of are that Allama to sa in Arabic signs of the art or signs of the end of the world.

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And I'm running a series on the signs of the end of the world are signs of the art and Amasa on my fifth book,

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as far as the signs of the art is concerned, there are two types of sign media sign and minus sign. I find the media sign is concerned unanimously everyone agrees based on added there are 10 major signs. As far as the minus sign are concerned, there is no fixed number of minus sign difference or the given different numbers. And the reason of differences that you know some of the scholars if one Hadith has mentioned three signs, let me contrast one, the others call me counted as three. Some of the scholars said I will only talk about those signs which are from the say Hadith I will not talk about the sign who loves to play for the that the reason the numbers differ.

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And during the series, which started several months back, but before then know from Dan, we just finished the minus signs, and inshallah after Ramadan, I'm just giving a recap on the fifth book, of the reasons that a person should know about the signs than the introduction to the signs. And

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as far as I'm concerned, I have only taken those minus signs, which are from the sciatic. If it's not authentic, I'm not confident. And if there is three signs mentioned one of these icons are three different signs. And if two different Hadith are talking about the sign, which a similar account has one sign, so based on that, in my Facebook post, that totally 87

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minus signs and 10 major signs, the minus signs are divided into two categories. One is the signs that have already occurred and sign which have not occurred in the sign which have occurred. I've mentioned 40 signs. Again, this is just my number. Some scholars may give more some columns may give less based on their criteria based on mileage I've given 40 signs that have already occurred. And the first sign was the Camino Houma salsola

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His birth was the first sign and so on and so forth, time will not allow me to discuss in detail regarding the signs that have not occurred. I have mentioned 47

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And the most important among the minus sign that have not occurred and which will come towards the end is the coming of manual Asana.

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And as I mentioned earlier efficient that the Muslims will rule the world for seven years.

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So minus signs the 8740 have already occurred 47 I'm not Doctor according to my research, the numbers may differ, major signs are 10.

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They may come overlap with the ending of the minus signs and the 10 major signs are fixed. For more details, you can go to my Facebook Zakia Knight and inshallah you will find all the details.

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