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The conversation is a reflection on the idea that everything is short and that death is not a distinction between rich and poor. The speakers discuss the importance of preparing for death and keeping certain wealth and resources in case of death. The loss of unexpected and violent deaths, including unexpected and violent deaths caused by unexpected events like heart attacks, cancer, and accidental events, is also highlighted. The importance of protecting people from these events is also emphasized.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah.

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Allah the Almighty Allah kita kita me when I study at Avada Shariati Amanda

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Miller was

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a no matter who you'd recommend mode. Welcome to

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my dear respected elders and brothers Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has made our life in this world very short. We might regard it as long but in reality, it is very short. I recall reading a statement

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and a saying of look man the voice and what a beautiful statement he said in the dunya

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Omar aka Fie Fie, Fie Haqqani luminol kalila

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Cali lumen karela

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Our life is very short our life first before that he says this to Nia, this entire phase of this material world compared to eternity

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compared to the accurate and compared to from the beginning of time if ever there is such a concept till the year after and Jonathan janam. this dunya is very short.

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Our life in there is even shorter than that.

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And the remainder of our life is given shorter than that.

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The entirety of the world is short. Our life is short and what is left of our life is even more shorter. is gone. Jamar is in the keyboard.

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Look Manali Serato Sam Kate markkula sorry Simon Cowell Jude accurate. Or Hamish Kiki makabe. Mutasa. hamara Zindagi is set him of

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course, he was in the key back here, who set him back matassa.

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Now what does this mean? It means very few that life Allah has given you

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because this life is so short valuate because the time is gonna come when the owner of this life is going to call you

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when the owner of this life that whom life and everything belongs to he's gonna call you towards himself

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in the academy on arsenio melleray Buffy Allah will gather you and there is no doubt with regard to it. So Allah Allah is going to gather us and going to call us before that time comes value your life. I have narrated many times the incident of US Embassy.

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US Embassy Rahmatullah Lee. One day read the verse while asleep under the law taking an oath on time and he said, Why does Allah take an oath on time? He Allah tala walked over cuca some kata to say when a person a guy went to the bazaar, I saw a person selling a block of ice and that person was saying, Oh people

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have mercy upon me

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sumali my merchandise is melting away if you don't buy from me after one hour, I will have nothing to sell. I got only one hour to sell this ice afterwards and there was no refrigerator there was no freezer. So he said now I realize where and attalla is taking an oath on time. Our life is like a block of ice every moment small pieces growing and growing and weighing it will never be returned. This is our reality of our life. And therefore before that time come in a national animate Allah calls you make the most of this life. Many times people use this phrase. We only live once. So enjoy yourself.

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That's that's a you only live once. So go and enjoy yourself. Go and do whatever you want to do. Hope Masato civic matava Jeannine is in the game. I say that that is a very reason why you have to live correctly. You don't have a chance to make a mistake. geikie martaba Georgina mclubbe A masala

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so he says in that he goes, if you only go to live once they make the most of it. Don't go in you utilize this in a wrong way. is in the geeky Malika salsa Pele, up namaha Saba Carrera Chai come up nacinda de casa Cara kilka Bulava, Allah tala Ravana it is definitely going to come and that is a reality with regard to it. That one day we are going to leave this world if there is anything that humanity agrees

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Upon if anything that humanity agrees upon across the board,

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whether he be whatever type of felucca he comes from amongst the Muslims, whether it be a Muslim, Christian Jew, whatever it is, everyone agrees upon one thing, and that is everyone agrees that we are going to die. Everyone agrees that everyone is going to die couldn't have seen that. There is no Estella. There is no difference of opinion in that. The moment you die, there is difference of opinion. The moment you die is difference of opinion what's going to happen to you after you die? The moment you die the difference of opinion, but the fact that you are going to die, everyone agrees upon this. And that is a reality we have to prepare ourselves for. Maybe a creme de la wa

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sallam on this reality one day to Lavasa Abu sir What a beautiful advice yeah bizarre jet that is Safina

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Oh boozer prepare yourself for the journey of the year after four in

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the ocean is very deep.

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Prepare yourself for the after the ocean is very deep, the ocean is etc.

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for in a safari

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or Mozilla taken a lot of Zod that means in our parlance to make it easy, take a lot of purpose. The journey is very long.

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For inessa ferrata wheel, the journey is very long. And all our travel lightly. Don't take too much dunya with you the peak is the peak is very steep, the mountain is very steep, the peak is very steep. And then what did he say? Do things sincerely in this world?

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The one who is going to examine your deeds he examines very correctly suhara that has repeated yeah bizarre object that is Safina final Bara make or boozer prepare yourself for the journey of the year after because the ocean is very deep. Oh boozer

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take lots of good deeds, because

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the journey is very long. Oh opposer take very little from this world, because the peak is very steep. And what was maybe a cream sauce and I'm told him, Do think sincerely this world in a naka de basura because the one who examines your deed, he scrutinizes very, very well, my dear respected brothers mortiser reality. And it is such a reality that everyone agrees upon. One thing that unites humanity is a certainty of death. It makes no distinction between the rich and the poor. You know, in other particular situations today the distinction when you are wealthy, there are certain you'll be staying in a certain place people who are poor will say stay in a certain place, you will travel

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differently, but there is no distinction between rich and poor in depth. The same molecule mode is going to come and take your life, whether you are poor or whether you are rich. It makes no difference. It makes no distinction. Even the greatest of personalities are going to go through this wama Mohammedan ihlara soul cut a ferret Minh company comedy hero soul fit man.

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Mohammed is a soul. If he is the previous MP Alamo salatu wa salam have passed on he is also going to pass on now via cream sauce. You know, the disbelievers used to say that you know by you passing away what what have you achieved, you know we're so

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no human being is going to stay forever alpha emitter, if you Oh prophet of Allah is going to die who is going to stay forever? Jeff Novick was the only one.

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If anyone if anyone in this universe was to remain forever, it was worth your remaining forever. It would have been our Navy. If you also live this world, where are you going to leave? Where are you going to stay in this world forever. And this is a thing that comes sometimes

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snatches away the lover from the beloved.

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And it is something that sometimes death make headlines, certain people's death make headlines, you will find it in the newspaper headlines. Sometimes you will find certain depths that will be referred repeatedly mentioned in the social media, other peoples that don't make headlines, maybe you will have a small announcement, which is in the social media or in the announcement of the janazah or those people who have groups which inform people about genocide. They will make mention of it. We die for a variety of reasons. Some people die of cancer, some people die of heart attacks. Some people die of, you know this accident some people die violently. Some people die unexplained.

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Sometimes people die suddenly and I will make mention of that before the end of my talk. And the end of the day we die off for a variety of reasons but why we die is because Allah subhanho wa Taala said each and every one will die. And Allah had said either

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one or yesterday morning to the time when it comes for you to die. Allah will not bring it forward one moment Allah will not delay it One moment. Sometimes people do get very sad when they are unexpected or they are accidents that happen. But remember one thing, it was the allotted time, that time was there. If a person didn't die from this reason he would have died from another reason. When Allah tala granted molekule mort the responsibility of taking away souls. He said your loved people are going to hate me. People are going to hate me. Why are you giving me this responsibility? I will be taking away the lovers from the beloved I won't be taking a people's near and dear ones from

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them. Allah told him Oh Malik como Don't worry, people will not refer it to you. harpsichord.

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Her aka ki Johanna. Your heart attacks a Mara. He has a semara october two qui kokoshnik. People won't refer it to you people will say he died because of this but in reality, it was his time. That is a reality with regard to it. A major difference.

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Morty has taken insanity in computer.

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coding is McCoy still often in a mirror hurry. Smith has named Mr. Mr. K metalliferous bobblehead the carousel party a ketchup time on Bulava kawakawa to Hamid Jana Chai Chai ptcb as Bob Aki CP cassava.

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And the one aspect that I think I would like to make mention that the great difference between us as believers and other people in terms of our understanding of death is this. Many people from those who do not believe they regard mort and death as the end of life. At the end of existence. He is in the data. Hi, Maria m Woods indika catonian. Our life hasn't ended.

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Well bathy Battle mode we believe in life after death. So for us death is not the end of existence. It's the beginning of another existence. And that existence is greater than this existence is more just it's more perfect is more complete. So therefore one way of telling people who have lost near and dear ones, that your beloved or someone who is near is not going away.

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Bhatia. Yes. Zindagi katusa Mara Mara, it's another phase of life. If I can use it in a phrase. When we die, we go from one room to another room.

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When we die, we are going from one room to another room. That is the reality. We see death on a daily basis. We see death on a daily basis. But yet at the same time, we are oblivious and we are neglectful about it. Which doesn't make sense. It is something that we see death on a daily basis. But yet we do not make preparations for it. It's something that is devoid of intellect and a human being cannot be like that many see death on a daily basis. Yet he continues an anemone immune for it is never going to happen to me. Yeah, Allah.

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Yeah. Yep. mod con yd narodna prusa Rafi una de

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novia cream sauce MC Pooja Jia, Kwanzaa. apne sepsis, Jada Coleman Hey, Mia Karim salsa for Maya joxer mod ko yakata or scalea appname. Amal set a ricotta via Karim sawston was asked, Who is the most intelligent of people? So maybe a cream sauce himself?

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You know, the one who remembers more the most? What is their data limit and he prepares for death? How are you going to prepare for this? We don't prepare for death only by making your will. You don't only prepare for death by making your Worse yet, that is death as an end of life which we don't only believe in, we believe in death as the beginning of another phase, the proper care and the proper preparation for death is to prepare for that particular phase. When we go for a holiday, what do we do? We see to it that our bookings are made. Wherever we are going. Our bookings are made. So in a similar manner, make your bookings for the year after now. Your bookings for the after

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is not going to be made after you pass away. It's going to be made now

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Source limited adonia Morocco Lila Farah dunya is a sewing ground for the after, prepare yourself. It's amazing how we can actually be neglectful with regard to it. You know what they said about Alexandra The Great. So Alexandra was from Greece. So he conquered most of the world at that particular time. And he came and he didn't pass away in case he was on his way back to Greece. And he wanted to die in Greece because he wanted to be given a hero's welcome. And then he realized that he is very sick. And while he was going back to Greece, he was very, very sick. And he realized he's not going to make it so he made three was here is very popular. You go on Google, you see, so he

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said, main three was here. So he said, the people who carry my coffee must only be doctors. Only the doctors must carry my coffin.

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The second thing he said all my wealth, through it on the on the path on the way that is towards my my grave, keep all my particular wealth on this particular path. And he said, The third thing is keep my hands out of my coffin out of my coffin. So he said, Give this three was here, two people asked him, Why are you making these receipts? So he said, the first thing is to show no one can prevent death, even the doctors who let the doctors carry my coffin. The second thing he said, All my wealth was being on the road to say that this particular all my efforts that I made to accumulate wealth, I'm not taking it anywhere. I'm leaving it in this world. And he said, The third thing is my

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particular hands are out it is it is empty. To show people I came empty, I'm going empty.

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This is a reality with regard to our life. You know, balloon balloon was amazing person Babu leg masuka. So I don't know Rashid used to call him in his in his gathering. And I remember she used to sometimes speak to him, you know, and he used to sometimes make jokes. And people never used to regard him as very, very smart. He sometimes used to say great words of wisdom, but people never used to regard him as smart. He used to be regarded as a simple person. But sometimes you say very, very great words. So one day in an act of just hammer Rashid gave him one small piece of stick and said balloon, you are the recipient of the most foolish, or the most ignorant person I have come

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across you keep the stick. The day you get someone who is more foolish than you, you give him that stick at the moment you as recipient for this. So but Who took it? He didn't say anything to Russia on his deathbed, but who came to visit him? So berhanu told him

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you are on your deathbed, you might not make it Have you prepared for death? Have you prepared for death. So head on over she said I have not prepared for death. So barrel told him you will use to go from one city to the other used to tell that city I am coming prepared for my coming. And you saying you are going into the year after you have not prepared it. I haven't seen anyone more foolish than you take the stick you are capable of it. You keep the stick. You told me I'm the most foolish you ever prepared for death. You keep it

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mahmudullah she hasn't received brother when his death made me just an amazing dog. He said Oh Allah, you have a kingdom that will never ever perish and diminish. Have mercy upon one whose kingdom is diminishing.

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One now you have a kingdom that will never diminish. I am the king today I am the halophyte guy have mercy upon the one whose kingdom is diminished. This is a reality My dear respected weathers and therefore we need to be prepared for this evening why Rahmatullah Lee was a muhaddith. So someone one day asked him a question as many valamar question, what will you do if this today was the last day of your life? What will you do is today's the last day of your life? So it made no this evening nor am replied, I won't make one change in my routine. If I know that today I'm going to die. I won't make one change. People were surprised by the answer. He said, What do you mean? He said, I am

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living my life for the past so many years, as if every day is the last day of my life. What is a cream sauce Lim said cream sauce was asked once give us advice. Give us advice and naked short short. Let me start since it's so loose.

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Oh people. Oh people read every namaz as if it is your last.

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Read every seller, as if it is your last. You don't know whether you are going to get another opportunity or not. And then let me conclude with us that today we are seeing in our situation. Many events where people are dying suddenly

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and people

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Dying by accidents. No recently we read that whole particular in social media in one week 16 people died unexpectedly one week 16 people, some murder some different ways. So this is a reality that we are seeing in our country and people die and suddenly people dying unexpectedly. Now this is a sign of kiama Nivea cream sauce limited. In the meantime, Amara tissa t Hara motile Pooja among the sign of Tiamat would be that people would die suddenly, and in South Africa perhaps it is even more than that. So, we finding that situations where people die suddenly. Now what do we do with regard to this? Firstly, there is a Why is Buddhism that the pious people used to make dua Allah Maha Nana

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will become immortal for Giacomo tillbaka Allah I seek your protection from unexpected and sudden and violent deaths. So make this draft From today onwards inshallah and make dua for our children. Our law, you protect our children from unexpected and sudden and violent deaths. It's a reality but you make dua because the pious people used to make dua against sudden or unexpected deaths. But that doesn't mean that unexpected or sudden deaths are bad. No, no, it happened. allama Muhammad Ali has written that many Ambien mo salatu wa sallam died unexpectedly and died suddenly a mammogram coolala is written that they were Ambien mo Salatu was Salam who died unexpectedly and suddenly has an ICER

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of your mouth.

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And this is, you know, made mentioned that someone came in the presence of Nivea cream sauce and said Yara Sula, my mother died unexpectedly. My mother died unexpectedly she died suddenly. So sometimes it happens that you die unexpectedly and suddenly. So, you know, then,

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if my mother had a chance to live, and she would have died after an illness, sometimes to have a long illness is also good because it gives you a time of reflection, expansion of sense elevation of status, but Allah knows, it doesn't always happen according to yawns and Nanos, why unathletic, someone unexpectedly suddenly, sometimes quickly, sometimes it happens after long sickness, these benefits in all of this, so, so this person came to say the other Sula, my mother died unexpectedly. She if she would have been alive, and she would have died after sickness, perhaps she would have made sadaqa in charity, and she would have given wealth for the sake of charity. Now she passed away

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unexpectedly Can I make charity on her behalf?

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It definitely makes it a

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charity on her behalf. So it shows that people died unexpectedly. And sometimes people die very amazingly. You know, let me say towards the end of this is a very many thing. He a channel Johanna mortar harvest it I'm working

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on a Navy occurring sauce lab named kochiyama kina Shani karate iron or unaka Malibu Banda, who Santa Monica de Licken here a channel mod McCoy de cambiar Sally Hindi who said was ram toe this happens. There's a very interesting incident of chef furry to dinner.

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For it became one of our greatest movies in our history. But he wasn't a very pious person initially. He was a very big businessman. And he had an attachment you know today we find everywhere we go we get perfume shops. So you go into the airport, you go into f 23 you get perfume shops, you go into the airline The first thing that we see in the in the books is only perfumes, so free to teen attire at that time. It's such a famous perfume shop that people used to come find why to come see his perfume shop. That's why he was known as a car. So one day a person came to his shop and he was very poor. So furry routine looked at him perhaps looking down upon him and said such a simple

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person came to such an exclusive shop. So he started telling me to dig for it. How are you today?

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You got so much wealth that you are so proud about your shop? How are you doing today? You got so much love for this word, how are you going to die? So he totally mean you know, in baby perhaps in the same way I will die the way you will die. What are you telling me how much you're gonna die your children die, I will die that way you will die. So he said I was die like this. I will die like this. He laid down on the floor he read calibre and he died

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for a car was shocked. He was shocked. He left all his shop business and he went out and he became a Sufi.

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So sometimes these things happen, sudden death happen. So in this regard, there are two things I would like to say. Because in number two, we'll have a team. So because

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according to the last moments of our life,

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strive when you leave home because we don't know what's going to happen to us.

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When you leave the home leave what do ha Bismillah Alhamdulillah Allah quwata illa Allah in the morning and evening make to our Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa

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Salatu was Samuel le, get into the habit of making your mornings and evenings when you leave the house. Two things leave, withdraw and strive to leave with a good deed.

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And don't leave the house fighting with the house people leave the house with a smile with your people at home. Because of the frequency of Southern deaths, two things I would do three things I would say when you leave the home, leave with some good deed. If you can report a carcinomas just say some zeker when you leave the home, because our last moments if it is good, Allah will resurrect us like that. Don't Don't leave the home fighting with the people of the house must not be a cause of regret. leave the house with a smiling face. May Allah tala tofik May Allah protect us from unexpected and sudden and violent deaths. And may Allah Allah make it the day we leave this world

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that has lived with him Allah Allah is the law

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and make the year after and the time after that better than the one that we are dealing with.