The Endless Forgiveness of Allah

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Al Hamdulillah Holika God middle Adam, would you have a new demeanor coulomb are mostly just subliminal

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some will Kaito but the island near them. Finish Kuru adult masa AB Manish Kuru who

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want to Salia Allah rasool Allah hill across the Shadowfell a sham Eva noodle,

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while kita will

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walk ml in the beginner will heart and say Ed well at the Adam Elizabeth Sharabi here is happening William whether Olivia said he he Ibrahim alayhis salam Hina can I offer all color AWT lehle Muharram masala Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He hated Omen a Latina Baraka Allah will be him catheter nurse a lot of Birmingham well Ajahn

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hamdulillah allottee let me attack it well done. Well let me Aquila who shall reconcilable with me Aquila, who will human Dooley What a beautiful tequila. Well hamdulillah Allah the NS Allah Allah Abdi Hill kita Abba, well let me I love whoever well hamdulillah Latina do who want to start you know who want to start Pharaoh or not mean Obi Wan Allah, Allah Allah He want to be let him and show Rudy and fusina woman CEO Dr. Molina when you have the Hilah who fella mobila woman you're the little fella howdy Allah. When a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hula Cherie color. When a shadow Anna Mohammed and Abdullah he was solo of Salah Hola Hola. Hola, Bill Hooda Wadi nil Huck, the youth

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Hara who Allah Deen equally he waka Fabula he Shahida are sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira and Cassia Rama bad, but in that historical Hadith he Kitab Allah will highlight had he had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in the shahrul Ohmori manga to her were in the setting with Wirkkala with it and voila Wakulla Bala lesson for now.

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Allah Allah Allah azza wa jal Fickett me Hill Kareem an Akula bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim in the heart, Willa you buena. Jayla, we are on our home Yeoman Saki la la mala Charlemagne home. proficiently Saudi were silly Emery looked at and melissani of Cali Allah Azza Bittner and the multi V La Ilaha illa Allah, Allah how much Allah Mila Latina omen or hamilo Saudi hurt whatever. So be happy with Allah sub sub Mirabella Alameen. I'd like to start by saying that I feel incredibly honored and grateful to have the opportunity to address you here at ISNA, Canada and especially that I feel out of place because my dear teacher and our father to this community and to the larger North

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American community, Shahab Allah Teresa sitting here in front of us and I felt the moment I walked in, I was reminded of the old Arabic saying, I don't know Salah and Elissa, that when the morning comes, you don't need a lamp. So but a regardless, now that I am in this place, I would like to share with you just some reminders about some things that I've been thinking about in terms of my own study of the Quran interactions that I've been having, particularly with younger Muslims from around the world. And they have to do with guilt. So where I want to start today's hot button, in our discussion is something about our deen and what we should feel guilty about and what we

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shouldn't feel guilty about. So obviously, you know, Allah azza wa jal has given us a set of expectations to here's some things you're supposed to do as a believer, here's some things you're supposed to stay away from. And we all know them, they're, they're clear as day to everybody, there's a certain way you and I are supposed to be with our parents. So if you lose your temper with your dad, you're supposed to feel bad about that. You're there's a, there's a way you're supposed to be with your mother, if you if you raise your voice towards her, if you didn't respond to her if you ignored her, if you hurt her feelings, there's there's a guilt that's supposed to come with that.

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Similarly, if you didn't fulfill the rights of your wife or wife didn't fulfill the rights of the husband, you're supposed to carry some level of bad feeling some level of guilt that's supposed to be there. And that's actually something Allah put inside of us, to help us do the right thing. This feeling of guilt actually, is something Allah created inside of us. It's part of the mechanisms that help us steer us in the right direction. In fact, this feeling of guilt is so powerful that Allah even quote, swears by it, whether auxin will be enough Salawa I swear by the self that keeps blaming itself that feels guilty that keeps on feeling guilty. So guilt is a necessary emotion. However,

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guilt in the wrong place can actually be destructive. And I'm supposed to and you're supposed to feel guilt towards Allah. That's the first thing that I want to remind myself and all of you have, we're supposed to have guilt towards Allah. And even if I did something wrong to one of you, you said salaam to me

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I didn't say why they call was Salam to you, I was arrogant with you. I was I was unkind towards you, or I, you know turned away from you, etc. I was rude to you in some way. I feel I should feel bad towards you. But actually first and foremost I've committed a crime crime against my club. I'm reminded of this place in Surah to newer remarkably, where people are talking and Allah describes a scene where people were talking about I shot with the Allahu anha and I shot with the Allahu Allah when she was being talked about. Not everybody was slandering her or saying bad things they were just discussing, Hey, isn't it so bad? What's happening with her? Isn't it wrong, that people are

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saying this and that about her? excetera they were just talking. And even that just talking crew, you know, it creates a new ripple, the conversation stays alive. So even if you're not saying something bad, you're still keeping that negative conversation alive, right? So Allah azza wa jal revealed in Surah, to newer among the many ayat he said, you know, the moment you heard it, how come you didn't say, you know, and then you're supposed to say, Subhan Allah, you're supposed to say, Subhan what is Subhanallah have to do with this conversation? You know, the point of mentioning Subhanallah Maya kulula Anna and Nicola muhabba. The reason you were supposed to say that is because

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actually Subhan Allah is said, when I commit a crime against Allah, actually, when people commit schicke Allah azza wa jal reminds us Subhanahu wa Taala and Maya coluna Alou and Kabira Subhan Allah he I mean you'll see phone, Allah is too perfect. Above and beyond the things they describe him with the things they say about him. So the test be of Allah then Z hola Hiya, Malaya loco to describe Allah in a way that is so perfect and to remove from him everything that isn't suitable to say about Allah. That's actually what we're saying. When we say Subhan Allah, I know that in South Asian cultures, when you see something nice, you're like, oh, subhanAllah Burton, Miotto burden. Mia

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Tamia, Subhan Allah right. So we have our own way of using SubhanAllah. But the ancient Arabs, the way they use Subhanallah originally, and the way the Quran is using it, on many occasions, is actually on, at instance, instances of blasphemy. When somebody said something so inappropriate about Allah, then the reaction to that is what Subhanallah and in fact, even the angels, when they questioned Allah and they said, Can you are you really putting a human being on the earth that's going to spill blood and cause corruption? He's going to make all these problems and Allah azza wa jal told them in the ilevel mela to Allah moon. I know what you don't know. Right? That's what he

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told the angels. So the angels also felt like maybe they crossed the line, maybe the hours to to stuff have to inappropriate have a question to Allah. They crossed the line with Allah. So they said Subhan Allah Allah Allah Madonna Illa Allah Antara you are too perfect Yara, we have no knowledge except for what you taught us. So the term was being used in that context. Now the reason I brought this up now is because here you are talking about somebody they were talking about, I shall do whatever their intention even if good intentions, but you were supposed to recognize that hurting someone else or talking about someone else that they wouldn't want to be talked about, is actually

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not a crime against that person alone. That's a crime against Allah. That's actually a crime against Allah. Right? So that's why Subhan Allah was mentioned in that ayah. And now with that in mind, what I want to share with you is where does guilt go? My guilt is supposed to go first towards Allah subhanaw taala. And there's a huge difference between the guilt I have towards Allah and the guilt I have towards a person. And let's understand that a little bit. I'll give you practical, realistic examples. Like for instance, we have the case of Jacoba alayhis salaam sons in the Quran, right? So his sons messed up pretty bad. And they hurt their father for many, many years. They abused him,

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they called him insane. They taught their children to call him insane. They caught they taught their wives to call him insane. In fact, they weren't even home. They were with Yusuf Alayhi Salam. And when Jakob Alayhis Salam heard the scent or smelled the scent of use of shirt, you know that the story right, he wasn't home alone, he was with his daughter in laws and his grandchildren. Because the sons were not home. They were elsewhere. And he said Lola and Tiffany Don. He said in the law, he duty her use of Lola and Tiffany, he said, I can scent I can smell the scent of use of despite the fact that you people, who's the you people, that's his daughter in law's and his grandchildren.

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You people think that I'm insane? Where did they learn to call him insane from his own sons. And these are the sons that know that their father is in fact a prophet. They know that. They actually know that they know that he's the son of his Hawk, who is the son of Ibrahim alayhis salam while he was salam. So he they know all of that and yet they committed these horrible crimes inside of the family is one thing that you owe the best to your father because he's your father. On top of that he's a prophet

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To sow the level to which they messed up cannot be undermined, there is a pretty serious degree of crime here. But at the end of it all, at the end of it all, the Quran seems to indicate that they felt bad about what they did. When they were finally confronted when they were finally humbled, they feel bad about what they've been doing. And they come towards their dad. And they say that you should, you know, please make us that fall for us, please pray for us, which is a way of saying, by the way, you cannot pray for someone if you hate them, or if you have a grudge against them. Right? So they're saying two things in one, they combined, forgive us and pray for us all in one statement,

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because you cannot pray for you. He cannot pray for them if he hasn't already what we're given them right. So when they said, you know, can you make us that far to your rub for us? Then, at that point, they're asking Him to forgive but he's a human being. And Yahoo by the salon has cried so much that he's lost his sight for a long time that Allah brought back because of the shirt. So it's not an easy like, it's not all this one time you hurt my feelings. This is years, years and years and years. And not only did they hurt use of Elisa RAM, and their father, in fact, use of, you know, full brother, Binyamin. They kept abusing him too. They kept hurting him too. So this is this is a

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long history of crimes. So just one saris not gonna cut it. That's not good enough. So even their father turns to them and says sofa staford. Welcome, Robbie. He says, I will not just yet. So the sofa some of us who don't comment here, you should elect here. There's a little bit of a delay. He's saying, I will get there. I'm not there yet. I'm not ready to forgive you yet. So they're feeling guilty towards their dad. And they're saying sorry, to their dad. And their dad is saying, I'm not entirely ready to pray for you yet. I will. Hopefully, I'm not there yet. The reason I wanted to bring this up, is because we have to understand the difference between the human ability or

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inability to forgive right away. And the difference between that and who Allah is. Allah forgives right away.

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Allah forgives, right? You can be committing crimes against Allah for years and years and years. Sins on top of sins on top of sins, knowingly and unknowingly. Y'all Allah I knew I had to pray. I still didn't pray. I knew that was wrong. I still did it. I knew that was haram I still earn money that way. I knew that was wrong. I still lied about it in court. I still did this I still did that. I did hurt this person because I was angry. I did this because I didn't care about it. I did this good because I just didn't want to hear anything else. I was selfish at the time. I was drunk on my own emotions at the time, whatever it was, and you can have so many crimes against Allah for so so

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so so long. And at the end of all of that, Allah just says just make dough by just make us the claw right? And he says in Allah you're filled with the noble Jamia?

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Yeah, but the Alladhina slothful Allah unfussy him that Rahmatullah he in Allah here, Jamia my sleeves that have been crossed, that have done been done crossed the line, I just, you know, they went past the line and they've been going past the line, they've lived a life of crossing the line. Don't lose hope and Allah is loving care, Allah will forgive all sins. Just come back just make us so far. Right? But then the then that sounds too easy. And because we only we know that when you ask somebody else for forgiveness, they don't forgive that easily. So what we do is something that we don't realize we're doing, we do something in psychology, they call it projection. So we project,

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the human inability to forgive right away, because people are not forgiven. So you start assuming that Allah is also not immediately forgiving. How can ALLAH forgive? You know how much I messed up? I mean, I know I've heard the ayat about a love forgiving, but bro, seriously, I did some Olympic level stuff. Like my stuff is the GM another level. So I don't think you understand how, how far off from forgiveness. I particularly am. I cannot begin to tell you how many people write to me Tell me, I know Allah is angry with me. I know Allah hates me. I know Allah hates. It's an incredible volume of Muslims that believe that they are beyond forgiveness. They're beyond redemption. They are beyond

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that. And what I want you to know is first of all, guilt is a good thing. That's where I started. Guilt is a good thing. But the wrong kind of guilt. The wrong kind of guilt is what Allah will never forgive me. I'm too far gone, you know, who believes Allah will never forgive him? IBLEES

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he actually believes that. And if I share that belief with him, that I've joined the wrong team.

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I cannot believe that about myself. You cannot believe that about yourself that Allah will never forgive. You cannot do that. You can't do that to you.

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Self. The other thing that's tied to this that I wanted to share with you is we say things like Allah is angry with me. Allah hates me. It's remarkable that in the Quran even though Cara and Cara here, and yeah Cara, who the verb is used to hate is used, but Allah doesn't use the word hate for himself for people.

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Like, Allah doesn't say in Allah. Yeah, Cara hookah Dawa. Allah hates so he says in Allah, Allah you have

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is Allah doesn't love. Allah does not love he goes that far. He says he does not love certain kinds of people. But he never says he hates certain kinds of people. In fact, when Allah does mention hate with himself, he mentioned some kind of action with it. So curry Hallahan. Beata home for example, Allah, Allah hated that these people should come along. So he'll mentioned an action that he hates, but he doesn't mention people that he hates the farthest he goes in the Quran. He says he doesn't love certain kinds of people. He doesn't his they stop qualifying for Allah's love. Which brings me to the next opposite extreme. On the one hand, there are people who have so much guilt, Allah will

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never forgive. On the other hand, there are people that go further than even Christians. God is love man. Allah forgives why you gotta feel guilty about it all the time. Allah will forgive Allah understands. Allah gets me like you don't get it. I have this special connection with Allah. He gets my situation, Allah will forgive. ALLAH has unconditional love. I love this phrase, unconditional love. There's no such thing. It's not even in the Quran. But we like to throw it around because we've heard it in a movie or somewhere. And we think that it applies in our religion. There is no such thing as unconditional love. That isn't the case. If that was the case, Allah would say the

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same for the people who commit crimes who kill who murder, who he says in Hola Hola, hypovolaemia, Allahu Allah. Allah doesn't love the lolly mean. And on the other hand, he says, Allah hippopotamus washing, Allah loves those who tried to do their best. So he's describing some people that he loves and some people that he doesn't love. Clearly there are conditions. Clearly there are conditions you cannot say it's unconditional love. Allah loves no matter what Allah provides. Allah shows care, Allah shows love. But there's a level of love from Allah that you have to qualify for. You have to meet certain conditions, I have to meet certain conditions to get there. And one of the most

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beautiful ones among them is in the law, your head with the webbing, where your head with Matata hitting. Allah loves those people who keep coming back to him, they feel bad, and they come back to him. They fix course they correct their ways. So I know as you're listening to this, many of you might have tons of questions about your own personal situation. I'll just tell you one, one or two things, it may well be that I have wronged somebody, and they're not ready to forgive me. They're not ready to forgive me. That's fine.

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But you know what? You cannot take the next step. If if, for example, I'm not ready to forgive someone. I cannot say by the way, on Judgement Day, I'm going to tell Allah what you did.

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I am going to I will Allah will ask for me.

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That is an extremely arrogant out of place thing to say. It's out of place. Let me tell you why. Allah describes judgment that he says lie attack Allah Moon Ilam and as in Allahu Rahman nobody will speak on that day except the one or Rahman gave permission to except you apparently will say excuse me Allah, this guy over here one day at a Tim Hortons you see culturally relevant so Tim Hortons? You know what he said to me? I want to deal with that for now you're not going to be in a position to talk about anybody else. So this idea that you have that somehow judgment day is when you get to get your Allah will say no, let me hear your complaints. First.

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Let me get your situation out because you have special VIP status on Judgment Day. This is an extremely arrogant, and almost blasphemous thing to say that we say Oh, Allah will never forgive you. Really? I have the right to say about someone Allah will never forgive them. Where did I get this email from? What why he came to me that Allah will never forgive them. Allah told Musa alayhis salam, that maybe frown can earn forgiveness, Allahu Akbar when Yeshua maybe if Iran can turn up but you apparently know for a fact that your mother in law is going to hell. The you know this for a fact. So

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so there is a we have to fix certain things. First of all, if you if you can't forgive someone, don't assume Allah won't forgive them. And this brings me to my last problem. This is actually a real problem. Somebody brought to my attention. They said, Well, I don't forgive this person. But they may Toba. And they've tried to apologize and they've tried to fix things, but I still can't forgive them. Fine. I can't forgive them. I have a problem. What's the problem, brother? I feel like they're praying and they've been

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He, Toba and maybe Allah will forgive them and they're gonna be in Jannah. And I don't want to hang out with them and Jana, because I don't I didn't forgive them.

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Why are you here? I am, like, finally made it and I hate this guy and he's next door like, hey,

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like, why would Allah let them be forgiven if I haven't forgiven them? And that's actually some people carry that with them, like, this person doesn't deserve forgiveness. One of my anxieties is what if Allah forgives them?

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So the problem with this kind of thinking, is first and foremost, we forget who Allah is, sometimes, Allah is not going to do things based on our feelings. Allah will do things based on his Rama and of course, on justice, my concept of justice, this brain is very small. It's very small. And in my head, there is some definition of what is justice and injustice. I cannot go to Allah and say, Yeah, Allah, let me tell you what justice is. This guy should not have a house in Jannah. There was a mistake in the calculations bring back the angels, we need to do a re re audit of his hisab because he shouldn't.

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Because you know what's happening now you are questioning Allah's divine wisdom. If Allah decides to forgive someone that's in the hikma of Allah in the knowledge of Allah, and I have to humble myself and not feel like unless I see them burning, I won't be satisfied. I'm I can guarantee you, you will, they will not be your concern. When you get up on Judgement Day, I can guarantee you, they may be a huge concern for you right now. They are not going to be a problem for you on Judgement Day. In fact, people forget people you hate people you love you won't care about on Judgment Day, you're going to be worried about who, yourself, you're not going to be worried about anybody else. And

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there's one last piece of this problem. When we are resurrected. When we are raised again, we are not raised the same way we were now when as I know Matthew will be human. The human will will then we will pull out any bad feelings they used to carry inside of their chests.

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Were going to pull them out all of the ill feelings that were that used to be carried inside of the chest. They're going to be pulled out Jana, we are almost a new species. We're a new existence. How can Africa actually we're a new creation altogether. In fact, even among the Sahaba, sometimes there were conflicts. And Allah described in the Quran, in Hawaiian and Allah soloed him with a Tavi lien brothers sitting on couches facing each other. You ever been to a party, you're sitting in front of someone you don't like them? The party gets that food doesn't taste good anymore? Why is this guy here,

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you want to go somewhere I want to go in the backyard. Or even if it's snowing outside, you're just you're gonna use your samosas outside. Because you don't want to see that guy's face. You can't face people you don't like. But the Quran describes one of the one of the remarkable things in Jannah people, even among believers, when they had conflicts with each other, all of that will be removed and removed, and you will actually be facing each other happily. That's one of the one of the remarkable and renewed things that are going that's going to happen in Jannah. So guilt, place it in the right place. Don't let somebody else guilting you turn into Allah won't forgive me. Don't do

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that. And don't allow I shouldn't allow my sense of justice and think I can impose that onto Allah and then decide or decide for Allah how judgment is going to work. Imagine if that's how it works, then my if my feelings are so valid, then the next person's feelings should be valid too. And the other person's feelings should be valid too. Because they all have feelings. You know, lace, IBM and EECOM reality is not based on your wishes. It's not going to work according to your wishes. Allah azza wa jal is Al Hakim, Aladdin, he will make his decisions based on wisdom and once we have faith in that we can find some comfort in that. May Allah azza wa jal give us a a true sense of comfort in

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knowing that the best judge is in fact Allah azza wa jal May Allah removed from our hearts the desire to see somebody else punished, that desire itself. It takes away space from your heart that should be taken up by my desire, my own desire to be forgiven. There's enough things for me to worry about for myself and now worried about somebody else should get punished. Let Allah deal with that. That is what Allah lets you know that there are moments with Allah. But my almost moved me I have to, I have to send for myself may Allah azza wa jal make a self aware and remove these ill feelings from our hearts and especially allow us to be in the company of better people than us in Kiama and

00:24:44--> 00:24:51

and beyond. That we can face each other with joy BarakAllahu li Walakum feel Quran Al Hakim when a fat anyway er combine it with the grill Hakeem

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam O Allah everybody Hill Athena Stouffer who said Allah of Bali him will hurt them in the beach.

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Mohamed El Amin while early he also had been here, all along with Delphi Kitab al Karim

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bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. In Allahu wa Mala e Quetta who you saw Luna Allah Nabhi yeah you live in Amman Solu Allah he was suddenly moved to sliema Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad gamma Zuleta Allah Brahim. Well, early Ibrahima Phil Alameen. In Nikka Hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Anwar an early Muhammad Kamal Baraka Ebrahim, rather early Ibrahim, el Amin in Mohammed Majeed about Allah Rahim Allah it took Allah in the La Jolla moto with an ugly relation with evil CORBA we didn't have an infection you will make up all of the crew Allahu Akbar Allahu Allahu Madras in our own upcoming Salah in the further attack and mini Nikita Makuta.

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but the format is solid but the format is solid

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hadn't done in Europe belie and me in a rush Myrna Rahimi man in Kenya woman Dini kind of moved away yeah kind of standing in a slop and then was stepping email see law common Latina and I'm telling him why he didn't melt all the ice him whether or

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either work out in working like he said he worked or it Huck

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off your bottle off either Jatin Bora we're both setting jiba and Ubers like ernet have

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to as well

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Latin means well

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what Connie loom Meenan speedy

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Hamdulillah he Robin and me you know

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what he me barely Kenya homie de cana and Bowdoin II kind of staring at you know sweet Lachlan and most stepping email see rock on lady Nina and then him wandering behind him Why not on

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will be my wacky

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noodle. We're in now who will help us Amal La La Munna are we in now? Hola

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KD be kita

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make known lemma soup Oh in little mocha

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FOB hadn't had easy to

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you known why TGI Luna is awesome and Nikon toolkit The Boo

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said mid kumara not too long Law Center. Calm well rock metal law

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I hope you guys enjoyed that video.

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