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For the very first time food insecurity where they have to make a choice whether or not they feed themselves, or their children, they have to make a choice whether they pay their cell phone bill, or they use whatever money they have to purchase food, they have to make choices that they never had to make about the types of food that they would purchase. And subhanAllah you have people that because of the hardship that they are in, and because this is so new to them, will not go to those that they know will not go to their local community centers will not go to their places of worship will not go to their close circle of friends, but would actually prefer to drive out to a food bank far away

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where they know that none of the volunteers will recognize them will actually be afraid of a camera that is taking a picture of the lines of cars now that are every single feeding station. By the way, this is something that we have to be very conscious of that many times in our desire to show good efforts, people will snap a camera, we'll take a camera, I'll take their phone out and take pictures of some of these feeding stations. And you'll notice that that person that's rolling down the window maybe for the first time in their lives, to get a plate of food

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is trying to keep their face away. And we have to be conscious of that we have to be aware of that. I wanted to talk about this from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that is narrated in our body and with another variation and that's in Anasazi, a very powerful Hadith about people and asking, he says sallallahu alayhi wa salam Lacell mosquito lady, Tarun who a Tamara with Tamra tan. Well, look, Matthew will look my tongue. The one who is poor is not the one who leaves when you give him a date or two, or give him a small piece of food or morsel or two. And then one narration el tofu hounding us he's walking around the people with his hand down asking for something

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here asking for something there. He said in melanoma, skin and water if

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he said the one who really is poor, is the one who holds back out of sinus. And he says, Call in sick to leave us alone and NASA al halfa. Read, if you will, they don't ask the people for anything. They don't beg of the people at all. And the prophets like some is speaking to the higher he's speaking to the sinus that a person would have that they don't want to give up their dignity, in the process of asking that their shine that they don't want to be in that situation of asking someone for help. No one wants to be the receiving hand everyone prefers to be the giving hand. No one wants that to become a normal to them. And that's why there's so much emphasis in Islam, on what on

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smiling when you give charity on the way that you look your body language on the words that you say coning my roof, right? To say nice words to say things that are not harmful. Because if it's sadaqa, Tetbury, other, if it's charity that's with harm, then the person who you give charity to would wish they never asked for charity, they would wish that you never gave them anything, keep your food, keep your keep your help keep your loan, keep all the money, keep the assistance to yourself, if you're going to degrade me when you give it to me. And in reality, society should be set up in a way that people don't have to ask that people don't have to come forward and ask but they are actively

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being surveyed, they're actively being sought out. That instead of the homeless person walking up to your car at an intersection and hoping that you'll roll down the window that you're going out and looking for them. That instead of the brother or sister that used to come to the masjid that now is afraid of being asked questions that might be lowering their head in some sort of shame because of some hardship. They're undergoing that people in the masjid that their own community is saying, are you okay? Hey, I haven't seen you Is everything okay? Can I help you? How is your work life going? Are you covered? Or is your income okay? Or is your family okay? Anything I can do to help you and

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actually not probing to be nosy probing to be helpful by showing concern, do you need anything?

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Because people are going to struggle now that have not struggled before. And it's going to be important for us to expand our thoughts to expand our concern to expand our asking and to think about what the prophets lie Selim is saying here about those who don't ask because they're shy. They don't like that feeling of wanting to ask or needing to ask, and they need people to go look for them instead. And Subhan Allah, this is the difference. A subtle difference in the Quran, pay attention in certain marriage. Allah has talked

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about those who fulfill their obligations and Ladino, whom Allah salatu hinder him on. Those who make sure to pray on time and obligation. I know salata whom you happy lon and obligation they guard their prayers, and how does Allah refer to their charity? Was he am Wiley him? How can Nyssa How can maloom Lissa everyone my room and in their wealth there is a known right have gone not alone and established rights Please, Sir Any well in my room for the one who asks, and for the one who does not ask for the one who's forbidden from asking.

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There is an obligatory right and this refers to your as a cow. This refers to the obligatory charity, that is do out of your wealth for those that are in need, and suited that he adds, which is not too far away from the marriage. Allah talks about a different category of people, or people that have moved beyond just establishing the obligatory prayer and their obligatory charity. Allah subhanaw taala mentions we're bill as Hari hyung yesterday rune worthy and worthy him happened. This certainly will my room. Allah mentions that they spend the nights they spend the nights seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala meaning what

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they pray camelid they pray to hundreds. They pray the night prayer. They stand up and petition their Lord and pray to their Lord. When other sleep they don't have to do that. The arm is not an obligation